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서울역 네크로맨서

[You have entered the dungeon at Gwachun Station’s 1st Exit.] “What is this?”
A necromancer had returned to earth after 20 years, and the subway station…No, it was a dungeon.

Bow down to the splendor of the one man as I begin to ravage the world.

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 149

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 149 – Planet Jaku Nigal’s body turned gray as it disappeared.  Several Dimensional lords had followed Nigal with their monster subordinates. Kee-kee-keek. In a flash, there were only laughters of the Skeletons left on the battlefield. The party gulped in bewilderment when they saw a slaughter happen in a blink of an eye. Woojin approached them as he spoke. “We’ll separate into three groups as planned.  If something happens, contact me.” “Yes, hyung-nim..” “Understood.” Sunggoo wouldn’t be a problem. He would be moving separately from Woojin, but Sunggoo’s goal was to train instead of hunt.  Moreover, Woojin


Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 148

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 148 – Expedition (2) People were gathered like a swarm of bees in front of the Seoul Station’s 1st Exit. There was a food cart, and a ring of reporters around it.  They kept a distance of 10 meters from the food cart.  It looked as if all the media outlets from around the world was there. There was only one person in the world, who attracted this many reporters. The sounds of the camera shutters were going off continuously, but no one was able to approach any closer. Woojin was eating an oden stick in front

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 147

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 147 – Expedition It was as Minchan had predicted.  Woojin had already returned to Alandal. It took him less than five minutes to travel from London to Seoul…. It was where the Dungeon, which may be last bulwark of civilization, was located at. “I came here to fulfill my promise.” Blanka puffed out his chest as he entered the president’s room, and he stood in front of Woojin. Minchan and Soonghoon had entered together with Blanka, so Woojin asked them a question. “Why are you guys coming in together?” “We met him at the entrance.” “Hmm.  Everyone

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 146

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 146 – Doctor Toppler (2) “My goals align with your goals.” “Do you mean the defense of earth?” Toppler nodded his head as he smiled. “I’m a proponent of everyone being able to protect their own planet.” Jo-ro-ro. A milky-white tea was infused when the hot water was poured on top of the tea bag.  Woojin took the cup in front of him, and he took a sip. “How long have you been on Earth?” “If you are asking for my age, I’m 45 years old.” “Are you fucking with me?” “I am serious..” Woojin glared at

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 145

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 145 – Doctor Toppler “Ah.  It is an abbreviation for the ‘Saviour of Eyes and Ears’.” “Saviour of Eyes and Ears?” “Yes.  It is a group that follows Kahng-woojin-nim.  All the reporters you saved last time have gathered…” “…….” Woojin looked at the reporter with a dumbfounded expression on his face.  The reporter responded with a proud expression on his face. “If you need something, we’ll act swiftly to help you.  You just have to ask.” “Hmmm.” It was a party of reporters. If an organization decided to follow you, how was one suppose to react to

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 144

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 144 – Colonies (2) The monsters had spread out with the colony at its center.  However, Woojin didn’t need to run all over the place to catch the monsters that were intent on killing the humans. He was going for a straight rush towards the colony! The monsters were under the control of the Dimensional lord.  Their foremost goal wasn’t to hunt down humans.  It was to defend the colony. The colonies on the planet were basically like Dungeons. It was like Rashmode’s Summon Magic Circle.  Instead of subway stations, these were artificial Dungeons built on the

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 143

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 143 – Colonies The Colosseum was seized. Several dozen Dungeons broke nearby, and the monsters gathered around the Colosseum.  It was a very important historical site, so the government hesitated in sending in their armed forces.  They wanted to protect the site. Roused subjugation teams were formed, and they carried out mission to lure and annihilate the monsters.  The plan worked pretty well. Whatever plan they carried out they had to do it before the colony was completed.  After a day, the large tree that had grown inside the Colosseum started letting out a light.  Until that

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 142

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 142 News was coming out from the large tv inside the meeting room. -Before the Dragon infesting Namsan died, it is theorized that it had summoned a meteor.  It has been a week since that event.  You can see on the screen that there is a big hole was created in Namsan, and any trace of the old tower cannot be found. Namsan was burnt to the ground and countless buildings were destroyed.  The roads were destroyed without leaving a trace behind.  It was hard to think this place was Seoul, but the shock felt by

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 141

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 141 Gwah-gwah-gwahng! The aftermath of the explosion was incredible. Several dozen Skeleton Mages were swept away.  Woojin was hunting by himself, so fortunately, soldiers and his familiars weren’t by his side. Hooooohng! The wrecks of the leftover buildings were swept up into the shockwave, and it was dispersed into the surrounding.  When the dust settled down, Woojin retracted his barrier then he approached Jaenis. “How does it feel being released from the seal?” [Do you think I had fun during the time I had lost?] Woojin shrugged his shoulders.  He’d never experienced being in the Room

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 140

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 140 “I see you are really dedicated to your studies.” “No, I’m not asking, because of that….” “Stop trying to rush me too much. He’ll be coming out sometime today.” “No.  I’m not trying to rush you….” Sunggoo had wanted to ask if the Lich was needed in solving this current situation. “I’ll make a guarantee.” Ah. Sunggoo felt uneasy. “You just have to survive.” Woojin put his hand on Sunggoo’s shoulder. “Then you will become the best Flame magician.” “Hyung-nim….” He didn’t get why his life be threatened just from learning magic…. “Go rest a