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서울역 네크로맨서

[You have entered the dungeon at Gwachun Station’s 1st Exit.] “What is this?”
A necromancer had returned to earth after 20 years, and the subway station…No, it was a dungeon.

Bow down to the splendor of the one man as I begin to ravage the world.

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 117

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 117 – Alandal’s State of Affair (2)  [This is a breaking news. Fifty seven Korean Politicians with ties to the missile terrorist attack in the US has been identified.  The Roused Kahng-woojin has suppressed and eliminated these individuals.  The fact that these politicians had intentionally caused the Dungeon Breaks, and the extent of damage caused by them was revealed. The anger of the people….] Jung-minchan let out a sigh as he looked at the news. “When’s the president arriving?” “He’ll be here in 30 minutes.” Seoul station wasn’t too far away from the National Assembly.  The news


Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 116

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 116 – Alandal’s State of Affair The fire alarm went off, and the people started to pour out of the building. A wall of soaked people was blocking the entrance. “Hey, get outta my way! Why are you guys standing there like dumb asses!” The greedy Choi-taeoh’s will to live was extraordinary.  He pushed as people fell, and he was finally able to exit outside. “All right.  I’m alive.” He didn’t know if it was a small or large fire.  However, wasn’t it prudent to move to safety first?   He couldn’t just stay behind.  He didn’t

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 115

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 115 – Hearing (4)  Alandal’s guild master Kahng-woojin and the President of Korea, Kim-byungmahn, stood in front of each other.  The President raised his hand. “I’m President Kim-byungmahn.” “Uh? The comedian?” “Hahaha.  We have the same name.” Woojin was being rude, but Byungmahn glossed over it with an affable laughter.  Woojin smirked as he shook the President’s hand. “I thought all politician were shady.  You are ok.” “Huh? If you get to know me, you’ll find out I’m a pretty shady guy.” Woojin shook his head from side to side.  His soul wasn’t clear like Jiwon’s soul,

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 114

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 114 – Hearing (3) Soonghoon, who was grabbing on to the steering wheel, was feeling nervous. ‘I might become part of history now.’ He really thought it would happen. If so, it would be great if he was remembered honorably…. Soonghoon glanced into his rear mirror, and he caught sight of Woojin looking out the window with his arms crossed. “Are you really not going to shed any blood, president?” “If you ask me that one more time, I’m going to flip out.” “Huhp.  Understood.” If he asked the wrong question, he would just be suffering a

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 113

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 113 – Hearing (2) Woojin exited the Seoul Station’s 1st exit, and he was greeted by Soonghoon. “You are back?” “Yes.  Where’s Minchan?” “He went to the airport to greet her.” “I guess he’ll be here soon.  Let’s head to our office.” “Yes, I will guide you there.” He had spent a brief time meeting his family and Jiwon when he wasn’t at his Dimensional Domain. However, the rest of his time was focused on building his Domain.  This was why Woojin had never seen the new office yet. Woojin stopped after following Soonghoon for couple steps.

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 112

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 112 – Hearing Woojin sat on the throne, and he surveyed the buildings he was able to build. He would be able to build farms and mines as a means to gather Bloodstones.  There were also grocery stores, restaurants, and cafe for the residents of the Domain…  There were several dozen commercial shops one could build.  There were also guard towers, observation posts, and even military facilities where one could train one’s forces.  There were a lot of variety of buildings. “I thought one’s forces had to be bought through Energy?” <Barracks – Military Facility>  – 1,000p

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 111

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 111 – Second Alandal (2) Woojin looked at his mini-map, and he saw a orange colored dot not too far away from the Domain’s border. “What is it?  Is it a person?” He got close enough to see the presence of bipedal creatures.  Woojin got closer, and he realized they weren’t humans.  They were one of the Beast race.  There were of the Ho-in race. Hoooong! The Wyvern landed as it created a gust, and Kiba’s Phantom Wolf appeared not too long after. [Ggoo-roo-rook. What is your business with Alandal?] Kiba grabbed his axe, and he asked

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 110

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 110 – Second Alandal  Woojin ordered Minchan to finalize the negotiation for the real estate near the Seoul Station, and he ordered a move to that location.  Then he immediately tried to head towards his Dimensional Domain. <The Return Portal’s recharge isn’t complete.  Would you like to recharge it using Energy?> “What the heck.” Woojin had no choice, but to hitch a ride to the Seoul Station.  It wasn’t far away, so he didn’t feel the need to waste his Energy. “You are here, president?” The Alandal’s Guild employees had already been dispatched to the 1st Exit,

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 109

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 109 – Vampire Hunt *Inside a dark alleyway.* A man was embracing a woman wearing a miniskirt. “Ah ah.” A moan leaked out of the woman’s lips, and it sounded as if her strength was being leeched away.  After a lengthy time, the man and woman separated from each other.  The woman fell to the floor, and the man wipe the blood from his mouth as he laughed. “Koo koo koo. Is this place a paradise?” Humans with fresh blood was overflowing in this place. He’d never seen a dimension with this many humans. He had already

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 108

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 108 – Duty (3)  It was a hospital not too far away from the Sahdahng station. The roads weren’t fixed yet, so it was probably faster to run there than to ride a car. When Woojin opened the door to enter the hospital, the inside of the hospital was filled with people.  It was so packed that he didn’t have a place to p[lace his feet. “Hmmm.” There were several times more injured people than casualties. The elevator was pretty much paralyzed by the number of people trying to use it.  He bypassed them, and he ascended