Associated Names:
San Jie Du Zun
Tam Giới Độc Tôn

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, Seinen, Xuanhuan


Jiang Chen, son of the Heavenly Emperor, unexpectedly reincarnated into the body of a despised young noble, thus embarking on the path of the underdog trouncing all comers. No one has the right to call himself a genius in front of Jiang Chen, as no one has a better understanding of the heavens than the son of the Heavenly Emperor. Genius? He who adheres to me shall ascend, those who oppose me can find solace in hell!

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 397

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 397 – Unexpected Betrayal, Unexpected Face-Slapping “Tang Hong, your potential and strength were the most underestimated in this selection. With your strength of heart, you have great potential in assailing the origin realm in the future. It’s a pity that the sect you’re in did not fully tap into your potential and didn’t develop you according to your aptitude, wasting your time before. I hope you join the Purple Sun Sect as I see in you the same potential I see in Lei Gangyang. I guarantee at least sixty to seventy percent chance that I’ll


Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 396

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 396 – Top Sixteen, Selection of the Geniuses Chu Xinghan had suddenly disappeared without a trace, with no clues of his whereabouts left behind. Master Shuiyue furrowed her brow. “None of you saw what happened?” Everyone had been watching Lian Canghai’s match just now. No one had bothered to pay attention to Chu Xinghan, whose condition was unknown. Therefore, no one responded when Master Shuiyue asked her question. Long Juxue’s glowering expression swept around but she too came up empty handed. She smiled faintly, “The honored master need not grow enraged. That person cravenly clings

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 395

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 395 – Others May Forsake Me, I Cannot Give Up on Myself However, the difference between strength was oftentimes not something that could be bridged by passion. Setting aside the fact that Chu Xinghan had no intention of detonating his own spirit ocean, even if he did do as Master Shuiyue had commanded, he probably wouldn’t have been able to fight back against Jiang Chen. This was because Jiang Chen’s defense amongst his peers was absolutely heaven defying. His soft armor had been combined with the Redscaled Firelizard scale, and he’d trained the “Nine Transformations

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 394

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 394 – The Fight After Comprehension Liu Wencai’s victory made him the first among Jiang Chen’s group to enter the final sixteen. Next to take the field was Tang Hong. He faced candidate number 24, a female disciple from the Flowing Wind Sect. It was obvious that her strength was far from Tang Hong’s. His battle strength had grown even more wild and ferocious after being changed by the Redscaled Firelizard’s blood. The female disciple wasn’t able to put up a fight for long before she was defeated. Just as Jiang Chen had expected, Tang

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 393

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 393 – Thoroughly Trouncing Iron Dazhi The halberd techniques of the Iron family were renowned within the four great sects. Iron Dazhi had indeed poured in his life’s blood in practicing them. He’d attained great achievements in this area. He turned and rolled the halberd. Ripples spread throughout the air as if dragons and fish were dancing. There seemed to be boundless carps bounding through the river waters beneath the setting sun. His aura and momentum were quite impressive. The most frightening was that this Bronze Dragon Ironthreaded Halberd was an eight times refined weapon.

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 392

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 392 – The Second Round of Matches Begin It was said that nothing was more lamentable than a dead heart. Chu Xinghan suddenly felt that he had been turned into a pawn in the Shuiyue faction of the Purple Sun Sect, and the one who’d done so was the master who he’d always looked up to. The path of martial dao was one of defying one’s fate. No one was born to be the pawn of another. That wouldn’t do, not even if the one casting the pawns was one’s own master. Seeing that Chu

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 391

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 391 – The Two Biggest Wild Cards in the Final Matches Long Juxue stood at the most eye-catching position like a proud peacock, unconsciously showing off her position as number one genius. Although Lei Gangyang was the type to hold his plans close to his heart, Long Juxue’s blatant provocation still enraged him, but he couldn’t afford to explode in front of all the sect elders. He wasn’t Ceng Shi, not someone to accept his fate that easily. He had borne the glorious halo as the first genius amongst the younger Purple Sun Sect generation

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 390

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 390 – The Arrival of the Final Match Jiang Chen laughed coldly when he heard these words. It looks like although Long Juxue enjoyed all the resources and fortunes of the Purple Sun Sect, her brains hadn’t improved at all. She was as arrogant and idiotic as usual. He didn’t even want to exchange verbal barbs with her. “Long Juxue, go and take your time being a harlot shrieking in the streets if you wish, I’m not interested in keeping you company. Your plan does sound quite vindictive, but I have to remind you that

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 389

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 389 – Long Juxue’s Mind Games Long Juxue had made an immense show of her strength, as if she were a sovereign descending upon the sky quadrant. One had to say, she had succeeded in her goal with that performance. Her strong breakthrough had given birth to a deep feeling of resignation, of being unable to compete with this enemy within the top geniuses of the four great sects. It wasn’t that they were doubting themselves, but that everyone knew that once an innate constitution broke through to the sky spirit realm, none of their

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 388

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 388 – Long Juxue’s Breakthrough Liu Wencai was honest and loyal, whereas Tang Hong was good-natured and honest. When two honest folks were put together, it made for a rather interesting sight. They actually got along fabulously. After drinking a few cups of wine, Tang Hong suddenly thought of something and slapped his thigh. “Boss, I almost forgot. I’m here to remind you to hurry up and move. If you miss the move out time and delay the other person moving in, you could get docked points if they tattle on you.” Jiang Chen smiled.