Spirit Vessel takes place in a mysterious world. There are cultivators rebelling against the heavens and beautiful elegant women with endless grace. There are peerless experts reincarnating into the world and formidable ancient beasts. Beneath the earth is the Yellow Springs; above the heavens many saintly palaces float. And there are the seven spirit vessels.

Don’t forget about the heroic man with an indomitable will, Feng Fei Yun. This Demon Phoenix Emperor will take you through a wondrous story with dramatic and gripping tales.

Even if I die to a poisoned rose, I would still choose love.

Translator’s summary:

A demon phoenix cultivator died in the hands of his beloved and was merged with a young master with the same name. Their souls were fused and now, the new Feng Fei Yun is struggling to become stronger and survive in the human world.

Will he meet his lover once again? Will they reconcile even though she is now a Goddess and he a mortal human? And what is the Spirit Vessel that took his soul to this world?

#1 ranked on It is a more subtle narrative with foreshadowing planned by the author which will create some inconsistency and questionable actions at first. Not everything given by the narrative is correct and it is more of a Wuxia in terms of plot.

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Xianxia

Associated Names:
Ling Zhou ,
Linh Chu,

Jiu Dang Jia,

Spirit Vessel Chapter 213

Spirit Vessel Chapter 213 “I am the guardian of the Immeasurable Tower’s first floor, Gu Man.” Suddenly, a flare flashed in the midst of this endless dark space. With this flare, one could then faintly discern the surroundings. At this moment, Feng Feiyun was standing on a boulder that was suspended in the sky. This boulder only consisted of a square area that spanned for three meters. No matter the direction one chose, walking further than three meters would cause them to fall into the abyss. Below was a foggy nothingness without a discernable bottom. Death was guaranteed once one

Spirit Vessel Chapter 212

Spirit Vessel Chapter 212 “Feng Feiyun, I didn’t expect to see you here at the Immeasurable Tower!” Ji Feng’s injury had already healed and his aura seemed to have improved along with his cultivation. “You are still unconvinced after your loss and you want to try again?” Feng Feiyun smiled and responded with his eyes wide open. “Hmph! I have cultivated seven divine intents now, and this is enough to freely control my Full Moon Heavenly Gaze. My battle power didn’t increase just ten times. If we fight again, I’ll defeat you like you are nothing.” Ji Feng confidently declared.

Spirit Vessel Chapter 211

Spirit Vessel Chapter 211 The Immeasurable Tower was one of the towers in the Wanxiang Pagoda. Having a higher cultivation did not necessarily mean that the person could reach a higher level. This was meant to be an aptitude test for cultivators. Having greater talents meant that one would be able to reach a higher level. Almost every cultivator who came to the pagoda would try to climb the Immeasurable Tower at least once. If they could reach the seventh floor, then they would win the attention of the upper echelons. Maybe a character of the Tower Lord level would

Spirit Vessel Chapter 210

Spirit Vessel Chapter 210 The Spirit Treasure Tower was among the top ranked towers in the Wanxiang Pagoda. The spirit energy here was dense and vast, three times higher than that of other places. Training here allowed for one to improve at an amazing speed. Of course, in a real secret training ground of the Wanxiang Pagoda, one’s training speed would be even more terrifying. However, only heaven-defying geniuses on the Pagoda’s Hundreds List who had great contributions to the pagoda would have the qualifications to enter these locations for cultivation for a few days. “First water, second fire, third

Spirit Vessel Chapter 209

Spirit Vessel Chapter 209 In a distant place at the Grand Southern Prefecture, the Evil Woman stood on a high peak with her cold eyes blinking towards the horizon. She reached out with her finger, and a beam of light appeared like a shooting star soaring across the sky. On this day, many cultivators in the Grand Southern Prefecture saw this spectacle in the sky. A beam containing a world-destroying power shot through the horizon towards the northern region. “Bang bang!” This beam of light was accompanied by rolling thunder. It soared all the way through the Trinity County for

Spirit Vessel Chapter 208

Spirit Vessel Chapter 208 His pupils were like two burning comets. The cries of a phoenix could be heard from a crimson divine bird that was reincarnating with its flames before finally soaring to the nine heavens. Are these still a pair of human eyes? The Heavenly Phoenix Gaze had reached its next step, the Profound Level! Of course, this was far from the apex of the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze. Although Ji Cangyue still had the appearance of Murong Ta — pale and unshaven with linen robes, her body had now become tense like a readied bow. Feng Feiyun’s eyes

Spirit Vessel Chapter 207

Spirit Vessel Chapter 207 – Peak God Base Feng Feiyun’s body was as bright as the moon on a river’s surface. He sat cross-legged over there while emitting a transcendent aura. At this time, he gave off the feeling of a deep and unfathomable sea. However, the inside of his body was not as calm as this. His blood was churning as the God Base inside his dantian burned like a sun. Mist escaped from his pores, creating a strange sensation as if he was a moon hiding behind the mist — mysterious yet illuminating. A countless amount of mist-like spirit

Spirit Vessel Chapter 206

Spirit Vessel Chapter 206 – Refining The Body With A Spirit Pill On the iron order were nine spirit stones to show that the owner was a ninth rank Treasure Seeking Master; there were very few across the entire Godly Jin Dynasty. Zuo Qianshou’s name was carved on the back using the divine intent of the owner, so no one could create a fake order to steal his identity. The Tower Lord took the iron order and became a bit startled after seeing the name on the back. She suddenly stood up and asked: “He is your master? Where is he

Spirit Vessel Chapter 205

Spirit Vessel Chapter 205 – Spirit Treasure Tower Lord Walking inside a mountain through flights of stairs made from old hard rocks… They had walked for a very long time and traversed countless steps. Eventually, the old guide stopped. “Tower Lord, they are here.” The old man bowed and said. “Yes, you may go now!” From within came an old woman’s voice. The Tower Lord was a woman, and judging from her voice, her age must not be young. Entering an empty stone room with walls ladened with a faint golden light, one would see a one meter wide True Mysterious

Spirit Vessel Chapter 204

Spirit Vessel Chapter 204 – Heaven’s Emergence Cemetery “Brother Ji Feng, I heard that the Death Spirit Children in your Ji Clan are all heaven-defying geniuses. All of them have an extraordinary cultivation, right?” A little sister wearing a white daoist robe stared at Ji Feng and asked with a soft and delicate voice. “Of course, our Ji Clan has four Death Spirit Children, I am one of them.” Ji Feng calmly and leisurely responded. His answer caused a group of apprentices to scream. After all, the Ji Clan was a top tier clan in the Grand Southern Prefecture. Being a