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전장의 화신

Recommended for those who like fast paced, reincarnation stories. Muyoung is a badass and the world is cruel. Although Muyoung doesn’t think like a normal person, everyone who has lived long enough in the Underworld is NOT normal. He also was the ultimate assassin for forty years before he died trying to kill people who manipulated him against his will.

Author’s Synopsis:

Amidst the war between 72 Demon Gods, humanity was defeated.

Muyoung steps into the past to fix their mistakes.

Myoniyoni’s Synopsis:

Humanity was on the brink of destruction. Muyoung, an assassin from the Forest of Death, fell to his knees. There were corpses all around him. For years, he had worked for the Forest of Death and had finally been able to eradicate them. Now, he, himself, was about to die. He closed his eyes as he felt his heart stop beating.

Suddenly, Muyoung opened his eyes. By some miracle, he was still alive. He then realized that he had actually gone back 40 years in time. Join him as he decides to fix humanity’s past mistakes and fight against the 72 demons of the Underworld.

The King of the Battlefield Chapter 88

Chapter 88: God Hand Bartas (1) Muyoung wrinkled his forehead and confirmed the direction Barca flew towards. ‘There was a time when the Three Pickaxe Sack Alliance had been greatly reduced in the past.’ ‘God Hand Bartas’, the lord of that place, was a dwarf who played an active role even 5 years from now. When the Sun guild, Alexandro Quintart’s guild, was roaming around the Demon God’s Territory, they would find traces of him. Afterwards, many eye-widening equipment were released and the existence of ‘Bartas’ came to light. However, even the Sun guild and Alexandro were unable to keep Bartas

The King of the Battlefield Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Three Pickaxe Sack Alliance (End) It was a great battle they fought after creating the territory. It would be a lie if they said there was no damage. About 4,000 dokkaebis died and about double the number suffered critical wounds. They acquired larger land but they didn’t have enough numbers to occupy the space. They couldn’t be sure that a situation like this wouldn’t happen again. He needed to make sure that defending troops were always on call. Even if they were to block trespassers as efficiently as they could, there was a limit with their current number.

The King of the Battlefield Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Three Pickaxe Sack Alliance (3) Muyoung laughed quietly. He made Baltan and Seohan go to Ogar and ask for his help but there was honestly only a fifty-fifty chance. Compared to other fire tars, he was definitely someone who knew honor and friendship. However, since Ogar had already helped him once, Muyoung wasn’t sure if he would help him a second time. However, Ogar dropped whatever he was doing and ran to help Muyoung. It seemed the help Muyoung gave in solving the problem with the Poom Tree was still effective. Due to Ogar who suddenly appeared, the

The King of the Battlefield Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Three Pickaxe Sack Alliance (2) It was impossible for different types of species to live harmoniously from the beginning. That was why it was necessary to divide areas and completely acknowledge each of their territories. Fortunately, the one who placed great influence on the others was Kalmooh. He already knew different forms of buildings depending on the species and reconstructed them outstandingly. It took around 2 months for the open land to develop into territory-like form. It was truly a busy time where everyone had to rest in places with low walls. A castle of Muyoung was also

The King of the Battlefield Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Three Pickaxe Sack Alliance (1) A cerberus was a top ranked monster that could handle water, fire, and lightning. However, its opponent was bad. Death knights were undead monsters that were acknowledged to have no rivals. It was comparable to a lich, and a well-made death knight was known to have the destructiveness of a dragon. To be exact, the Evil Spirit Predator was not at that level. However, he was able to developed boundlessly and had the qualifications to be a sovereign. That meant, in some ways, the Evil Spirit Predator was better. Even during the fight

The King of the Battlefield Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Star of the Absolute (End) That wasn’t the end.   <An amazing artwork has been created!> <Your skill rank for the ‘Art of Death’ skill has increased from C to B rank.> <You have reached 65% conquest rate of ‘Asura Path’.>   The Art of Death skill, that stagnated after it had reached C rank, rose a rank. By having one of the sovereigns of Asura Path come out, the conquest rate greatly increased. However, there was definitely something strange. Even though he used the Art of Death skill to create him, orders didn’t work on it. It

The King of the Battlefield Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Star of the Absolute (7) Oloness’s expression hardened right away. He instantly opened his 3rd eye and got ready to attack Muyoung. He also realized that he could instantly get attacked if he was to engage half-heartedly. Oloness raised his hand as he opened his eye half way. Numerous hands appeared from the floor to hold Muyoung back but it was useless. Blaze! The flames that soared from his whole body refused the hands of the specters. ‘The Cry of Fire’ had the basic property of rejecting darkness. ‘Shadow Teleportation and Acceleration.’ And Muyoung knew that Oloness became

The King of the Battlefield Chapter 81

Arc trolls were mutant species. Their white skin made people think of albinos. Also, mutant species could never mix into their group. Normally, mutant species were abandoned and would die in the wild but due to certain circumstances, a very few of them survived. And those mutant species that survived possessed a stronger strength than their counterparts. It was the result of their struggles. One was able to exhibit the power of more than five. On top of that, there were times when monsters with ‘arc’ in their names had strengthened inherent abilities besides their resistance to darkness and light.

The King of the Battlefield Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Star of the Absolute (5) <As a penalty for intruding, you have lost half of the onz you currently possess.> <Living armors have appeared. You will be imprisoned for 3 days.>   It was against the rules to interfere with an ongoing battle. If no penalty existed, there couldn’t be a fair fight in the arena. It seemed they were lenient since it was his first time. However, it couldn’t be helped. ‘To be 100% certain of my victory, I need to save them.’ Muyoung found the way to win against Oloness. Bug and his colleagues possessed the

The King of the Battlefield Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Star of the Absolute (4) ‘Very good.’ After putting on the equipment he purchased at the market, Muyoung nodded in satisfaction. He was overflowing with strength the moment he put them on. He could easily sense that he had become stronger. He hadn’t expected much. The arena was helping Muyoung develop beyond his imagination. ‘This isn’t all.’ He was on the 4th floor. He didn’t know what new opportunities awaited him on the lower levels. Including the sword Muyoung was holding, he took another look at the new equipment he purchased.   Name: Kneeguard of Fresh Blood Rank: