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He was the continent’s strongest and most revered alchemist, Ye Zifeng. He was under one person and above millions. However, due to an unpredictable event, he had died. After his rebirth, he had become the supertrash of the Ye family and suffered disgrace. To make matters worse, he had an argument with his fiancé that led to the break off of his engagement. In this second life, he will work to change his own destiny. He vows to return to the peak of the world, trample on those who laughed at him and rewrite his legacy!

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance ,Xuanhuan

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Tối Cường Đan Thần,

Pure Feathers,

Chinese Novel

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 180

Chapter 180 – They have my protection! “Go Go Go. Let’s catch up to them!” Rong Fan called out. Under Rong Fan’s command, everyone on the Rong clan’s team immediately moved towards the entrance. “Hold on. Don’t act blindly without thinking….” Xiao Mu started to warn them. Rong Fan looked over at him with disdain in his eyes, “Xiao Mu, don’t think that you can hold me back just because your brother left you here! Rong Fan waved his hands and yelled out, “Let’s go!” “Hmph….They’re beyond redemption…..” Xiao Mu angrily snorted. It’s true that he dislike Ye Zifeng but

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 179

Chapter 179 – To threaten and bribe One life saving medallion, one monster core and the materials to set up the formation. All that to kick everyone in the Xiao clan out. Now this is a value play. Instead of having to worry about four teams, he only has to worry about three now. …… When Ye Zifeng walked back to where Xiao Mu and Liu Yige was, Xiao Mu stared at him in shock, “Ye Zifeng! What did you do?!” Liu Yige had an excited expression on his face, “Young master Ye, what’s the situation?” Liu Yige had changed

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 178

Chapter 178 – Skillfully and Easily Beams of white light appeared from the sky. A few elders joked around as they pointed towards the white light. “One, two, three, so many people actually used their life saving medallion!…… It seems the the people from the Ye clan came across a demonic beast!” One of the white robe elders sighed. “Right. But it makes sense. They don’t have anyone in the 9th stage of qi refining and their team lack manpower. It’s already not bad that they were able to survive until now.” However, when the light finally disappeared, the faces

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 177

Chapter 177 – Retreat. Xiao Ying’s eyes turned red. Punch after punch. Strike after strike. He furiously attacked the invisible wall. It seems likemYe Zifeng didn’t plan on fighting Xiao Ying face to face at all. It’s not that Ye Zifeng can’t win but there was no need to waste his energy on someone like Xiao Ying. Fighting against someone in the 9th stage of qi refining will use up a lot of energy and isn’t easy at all. It wasn’t worth it. “Great. There’s plenty of qi now. I guess that it’s finally time.” Ye Zifeng looked up and

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 176

Chapter 176 – Thanks for everything. To Xiao Mu, his big brother was his biggest hope right now. He knew that Ye Zifeng had used a mysterious formation technique to separate all of them so he can attack each of them one by one/ However, his brother will definitely be fine. The Xiao clan will get the last laugh! …… In another area, Xiao Ying stared at the person in front of him. “Ye Zifeng! It’s you!” His expression changed immediately. Xiao Ying had seen Ye Zifeng before during the heavenly clan gathering. After watching Ye Zifeng take first place,

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 175

Chapter 175 – Reading the opponent like a book. Splitting up was the best decision that they can make. There was already some tension between the two teams and if things kept going the way it was, their alliance was going to fall apart sooner or later. “What do you guys think?” Xiao Ying turned around and asked everyone else. “It makes sense. Aren’t we just looking for the right path? It’s faster if we split up.” “Yeah. This place is too damn hot. I don’t want to stay here any longer. Let’s just go with the fastest method.” “Young

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 174

Chapter 174 – Borrowing power to triumph over others. “Young master Xiao. What happened? Why aren’t you talking?” A few Xiao clan members looked at each other in confusion. What was Xiao Mu doing? “Motherfucker. Am I seeing things? All of you come over here!” Xiao Mu looked over at Liu Yige and then called everyone over. “Let’s go. Let’s see what’s going on.” Even Rong Fan’s expression changed and ran over to where Xiao Mu was. Everyone looked at where Xiao Mu was pointing. Clouds made of flame surrounded the area. Mist filled the air. This was the Blazing

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 173

Chapter 173 – The Fox Exploits the Tiger’s Might! The Overhanging Wind Cliff. The Blazing Eagle’s dwellings. The mountain path that the two groups walked on is very steep with many twists and turns. In order to reach the Blazing Eagle’s nest, they must go through this path. One the way, Rong Fan was very happy. For second generation nobles like him, they loved having absolute strength. Now that his group had teamed up with the Xiao clan team, this made him look forward to the hunt this time. He was feeling confident. “We’re still not there? I can’t wait

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 172

Chapter 172 – Determination to achieve Ye Zifeng calmed himself down and sent a strand of his soul’s divine sense towards Elder Shen as well. When Elder Shen felt Ye Zifeng’s divine sense enter his head, he started to yell immediately. “Ye Zifeng. What the hell are you doing in the middle of the night?!” “Ah! Who’s voice is this!” Ye Xueyi couldn’t help but yell out after hearing this voice. Anyone who hears a stranger’s voice in their own head would definitely react like this. She was startled for a bit and then looked at Ye Zifeng. “Brother Zifeng.

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 171

Chapter 171 – Battle on two fronts “To be exact, just two people. Not ten.” “Two people? Are you kidding…..” When Liu Yige heard this, his face paled and his mouth started to twitch. Ye Zifeng chuckled, “RIght. Of course I was kidding. Did you actually believe me?” “Shit. You scared the heck out of me. I knew that it was impossible. But…. You’re always able to do things out of people’s expectations…..If your combat strength is also like that, then what are other qi refining stage disciples compared to you?” “Alright, let’s not waste time here. You should leave.