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Official Description:

Young Chen Xiang had a fateful encounter with a goddess & demoness and received their peerless heritage, divine pulses, ultimate martial arts, and transcendent alchemy techniques, which gave him an easy ride in his journey of cultivation.

When hungry, he refines some spirit pills to eat as snack, when lonely he flirts with the goddesses, when bored he teases those martial artists who came to beg for spirit pills, when tired he let his beautiful wives massage him.

Synopsis by xianxiaworld:

Chen Xiang had been struck with misfortune, he was born without a spiritual vein so he cannot practice martial arts. However it was just his luck that he had a fateful encounter with some mysterious beauties. This made his life take a turn for the better down the path of cultivation and alchemy. This new and exciting world is filled with immortals, devils, gods, and mystical heavenly beasts. As he starts his lifelong adventure, he comes across many secrets and mysteries hidden in this world. Explore with our hero as he contemplates these tantalizing and profound

mysteries and reaches the peak of the martial way, while he flirts with women, makes friends and challenges the lords, immortals, and devils of the martial world.

Associated Names:
Ngạo Thế Đan Thần,
Prideful Medicine God,

Ji Xiao Zei,
Solitary Little Thief,

Chinese Novel

World Defying Dan God Chapter 377

World Defying Dan God Chapter 377 Hero Assembly officially began. The crowd of experts discussed on how to jointly seal that rift and destroy those Evil Demons later. Naturally, Chen Xiang who was still inside that quiet and dark passage had no way to know. What made him a little worried was that he might encounter some danger. “This place should be enveloped in a powerful restrictive spell, otherwise, it would not be so firm!” Su Meiyao said. Chen Xiang also gave it a try, but no matter what he did, he could not budge a single piece of stone,

World Defying Dan God Chapter 376

World Defying Dan God Chapter 376 Indeed, it had nothing to do with Gu Dongchen. When Chen Xiang disappeared, everyone had witnessed Gu Dongchen obstructing the White Tiger couple who had suddenly appeared right before them. That White Tiger couple abruptly came and abruptly left, which also puzzled everyone. Everyone believed that Chen Xiang had escaped using some secret technique. The one thing they were completely sure was that the fog had been released by Chen Xiang. “That brat indeed has the ability to escape. However, I still can’t figure out this martial technique which can leave so much water

World Defying Dan God Chapter 375

World Defying Dan God Chapter 375 Many of the Nirvana Realm martial artists whose cultivation was relatively low happened to have a change in their complexion upon listening to the furious tiger roars that kept on coming continuously. Although they, too, were Nirvana Realm martial artists, facing this level of White Tiger, their only choice was to escape. “White Tiger Family!” Gu Dongchen dispiritedly said. At this moment, the entire soundproof barrier has already been destroyed. The birds and beasts inside the forest all seemed to be fleeing in fear. The sky above was full of varieties of birds as

World Defying Dan God Chapter 374

World Defying Dan God Chapter 374 That Chen Xiang could even escape didn’t even cross Gu Dongchen’s mind because it was absolutely impossible! That was why he especially selected the elite disciples in the sect in order to let them learn the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise. The experts of other three sea domains brought their proud disciples for the very same intentions! “Seniors, Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise is very abstruse. Although I had memorized it, my comprehension of it is still nothing but superficial! If everybody wants to understand its abstruse principles, you must first know the backdrop

World Defying Dan God Chapter 373

World Defying Dan God Chapter 373 After realizing some of these things, Chen Xiang wasn’t that angry. Now, he must calm himself down in order to properly face this sudden matter. He absolutely could not be taken away by these Nirvana Realm martial artists, or else, they would resort to all kinds of threats and inducements in the future to make him hand over the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise. “Gu Dongchen only promised them that he would hand you over. Now, Gu Dongchen has already fulfilled his promise. As far as he is concerned, whatever happens next is none

World Defying Dan God Chapter 372

World Defying Dan God Chapter 372 As the blue-robed old man appeared, Qin Zejun’s complexion turned ugly. This was totally outside his expectation. Previously, he was quite sure that the experts from other sea domains would not be arriving to participate in the Heroes Assembly. Subsequently, other people landed on the square at the summit of the mountain one by one. Over a hundred or so people, consisting of males and females of varying ages, from old to young, were all present. Chen Xiang was left stunned upon witnessing this, because he knew these people were all extremely powerful Nirvana

World Defying Dan God Chapter 371

World Defying Dan God Chapter 371 Those who were angry at first, after hearing Lian Yingxiao’s words were slightly trembling inside. “Lian Yingxiao, don’t spout nonsense, martial arts law and will of martial arts way are all bullshit! I have never believed in that stuff, I toiled hard to reach where I am now, I have obtained my power through my own efforts, anyone or anything else is completely unrelated to it! It’s just that heaven is jealous of us. Only when our power reaches a certain level will it lower the Nirvana Tribulation! It wants to kill us.” Qin

World Defying Dan God Chapter 370

World Defying Dan God Chapter 370 If Gu Dongchen had said that something was going to happen today, then it will not be simple. If the Sacred Light Temple does not agree to help, then were they going to leave? And will Gu Dongchen not do anything either? In Chen Xiang’s opinion, the Sacred Light Temple – at today’s Heroes Assembly – would certainly force Chenwu Mainland to surrender to them. They would completely dominate the entire eastern sea as a pretense for the great cause! But of course, he still could not determine what disaster would befall on his

World Defying Dan God Chapter 369

World Defying Dan God Chapter 369 Chen Xiang noticed that many tables only had two to three people each. The Devil Sect Deans were dressed in black robes and had their heads covered in their hoods as they sat on their own sectioned-off tables. While everyone was feeling quite bored, a golden light as dazzling as sunlight shone over from far away. Immediately, everyone glanced over. Chen Xiang knew even without looking that it was definitely people from the Sacred Light Temple. Many people on the tables suddenly stood up. Besides the sects and clans of the Chenwu Mainland, the

World Defying Dan God Chapter 368

World Defying Dan God Chapter 368 As the Hero Assembly was going to be held tomorrow, the entire Extreme Martial Sect currently has too much on their platter; everyone was extremely busy. Chen Xiang looked for Yun Xiaodao and the group, and after having chatted with them for a while, he returned to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard and moved all the spirit herbs in the herb garden into the invisible ring. Even living beings could be stored inside the mystical ring, and not only that, they could also live inside for a long time as if it was carrying