Associated Names: Beheading Immortal, Immortal Executioner, Trảm Tiên, Zhan Xian, 斩仙

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, Xianxia

Author(s): Ren Yuan, 任怨

Description: In his previous life, Yang Chen was benevolent, but he was bullied all his life. Reborn, Yang Chen chose to become an Executioner, settling all gratitude and grudges with the executioner’s blade, beheading the common people on the Immortal Executioner Stage.

Behead men in the world of men!

Behead demons in the world of demons!

Behead devils in the world of devils!

Behead immortals in the world of immortals!


Zhanxian Chapter 195

Zhanxian Chapter 195 Not everyone can successfully fuse different types of flames. Before one’s cultivation had reached a certain stage, it was a dream within a dream. Pure flames had the benefits of pure flames. The fire’s quality was high, and controlling it was a matter of ease. Furthermore, it would not become chaotic. But its weak points were correspondingly clear. The strength of pure flames were not constant, and depended on the cultivation of the cultivator. Moreover if someone has only one kind of flame then it may not be usable under certain circumstances. Furthermore, controlling fused flames was

Zhanxian Chapter 194

Zhanxian Chapter 194 Presently, Yang Chen was trying to cultivate all ten attributes together. Right then, all were at the third layer of foundation stage. However, for other people, it was very strange, Yang Chen was of fire attribute, but he could still cultivate other attributes. Since his cultivation was low right now, other people didn’t care, but when his cultivation rose higher, other people would certainly start raising questions. In terms of spirit power quality, fifth earth spirit power was the most formidable at the moment. Using True Fifth Earth Secrets as a cultivation method and fifth earth True

Zhanxian Chapter 193

Zhanxian Chapter 193 Before Yang Chen entered seclusion, he was called in by Palace master Zhong Jiao. The reason for calling him this time was none other than Yang Chen’s four servants reaching foundation stage. Among the inner disciples of Pure Yang Palace, how many were servants? It was not like servants who had the benefit of a long cultivation period and good guidance from their masters could not reach foundation stage successfully, but, these kind of servants are very rare. Moreover, servants with inferior aptitudes who could reach foundation stage within a short twenty years belonged to Yang Chen

Zhanxian Chapter 192

Zhanxian Chapter 192 Great master Wang Yong had already begun to refine the qilin horn flying sword. After returning, Gongsun Ling had also headed back to that valley. As long as she could thoroughly understand the illusion spell, combined with the two top grade spirit stones provided by Yang Chen, it would certainly end up being a life saving treasure for her. Moreover Gao Yue also had begun his meditation to cultivate the water attributed cultivation method. During this time’s pill concocting, he would not be able to see his master much for at least ten years, therefore Yang Chen

Zhanxian Chapter 191

Zhanxian Chapter 191 – He Lianyun exits the stage “Uncle master Zhu!” Yang Chen’s goal was naturally Zhu Chentao. This hall master of Medicine Hall had always supported Yang Chen from the time he entered Pure Yang Palace. This time, it was Yang Chen’s turn to return the favour. Regarding Yang Chen’s arrival, Zhu Chentao was greatly astonished. Frankly speaking, in the outer world Yang Chen was renowned as a famous pill concocting master, but inside the Pure Yang Palace he had never once entered the Medicine Hall. He was trying to think of why Yang Chen had come to find

Zhanxian Chapter 190

Zhanxian Chapter 190 – I will assist you in dealing with him Once these words left the mouth of black tiger, immediately the few experts of the Beast Taming Sect present on the scene were stunned. For several years, they had tried to find the reason of the problem, but they hadn’t been able to find it, but no one among them had anticipated that the black tiger himself knew the root of the problem. However, what they didn’t understand was why hadn’t the black tiger informed them even after knowing the cause of his constituent spirit dissipation. Perhaps, because the

Zhanxian Chapter 189

Zhanxian Chapter 189 – Favour Drops By Voluntarily Earlier because of the great calamity of devil cultivation, nearly all big sects were in chaos and didn’t have the time to discuss the matter of Yang Chen’s dao companion. Afterwards he was under the pressure because his reputation was being tarnished by He LianYun and that clan, so this matter was pushed to the back of his head. Originally the Palace Master had intended for this matter to resolve itself, but since Yang Chen himself had taken the initiative to raise the issue, the Palace Master had no other option than to

Zhanxian Chapter 188

Zhanxian Chapter 188 – How To Resolve The Fairy Shi Situation “Fellow daoist Yang, whatever kind of spirit beast you want to use, choose without any hesitation! This place has the largest number of spirit beasts in the entire spirit beast market.” Su Mosheng enthusiastically guided Yang Chen to the place where the spirit beasts of the Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion were displayed: “They don’t have any of the ox family, but choose whichever you find suitable!” Yang Chen smiled and nodded his head slightly and then began to look at the highest grade spirit beasts of the Ten Thousand Beasts

Zhanxian Chapter 187

Zhanxian Chapter 187 – Wanting To Restore A Constituent Spirit Su Mosheng hadn’t concealed his gaze from the start. Yang Chen and Gao Yue could see it clearly. Even Gongsun Ling could see the lust in his eyes. However, Yang Chen and Gao Yue didn’t say much. Gongsun Ling’s natural talent was brilliant. Even the entire Pure Yang Palace approved of it. Even many lower disciples wanted to get close to Gongsun Ling and had the intention of forming a dao companionship with her, but Gongsun Ling never paid heed to such intentions. Clearly Su Mosheng had either made out Gongsun

Zhanxian Chapter 186

Zhanxian Chapter 186 – Clan Extermination The status of these people was absolutely clear, especially from that clan’s cultivation method and other things within their qiankun pouches there was no more doubt. The clansmen surprisingly had the intention of killing Yang Chen and Gao Yue. It was not appropriate to go back to Palace Master Zhong Jiao and explain everything him. Just because of the fact that they intended to target Gao Yue, they were already destined for doom. Although the experts had died, those qi layer disciples were still alive. Seeing that the events were far from encouraging, each and