In his previous life, Yang Chen was benevolent, but he was bullied all his life.

Reborn, Yang Chen chose to become an Executioner, settling all gratitude and grudges with the executioner’s blade, beheading the common people on the Immortal Executioner Stage.

Behead men in the world of men!

Behead demons in the world of demons!

Behead devils in the world of devils!

Behead immortals in the world of immortals!

Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, Xianxia

Associated Names:
Beheading Immortal,
Immortal Executioner,
Trảm Tiên,
Zhan Xian,

Ren Yuan,

Zhanxian Chapter 175

Chapter 175 – If You Want It, It’s Not Impossible Mad with rage, Cheng Wencai never thought that, if he had won the bet, he would not have let Yang Chen and Gao Yue off lightly. But he did not ponder over this much, just thinking that his humiliation could only be washed away by the death of the other party. Yang Chen and Gao Yue hadn’t expected that the matter would develop in such a way. Although Yang Chen detested Cheng Wencai, he only wanted him to apologise to his master. He wouldn’t have made him kowtow to himself

Zhanxian Chapter 174

Chapter 174 – Return of Gongsun Ling Elder Wu’s strength had already reached the realm required for ascension a long time ago, but because of some unfinished business, his ascension was delayed. Just recently, he had passed the Wind tribulation with his formidable cultivation. So his time of ascension had finally come. When a YuanYing stage expert rises to the Da Cheng stage, he could trigger fluctuations in spirit power within several hundred mile and as long as one was a cultivator, one could sense it. And when a Da Cheng stage expert ascended, the anomaly could be sensed even

Zhanxian Chapter 173

Chapter 173 – Trade Can Also Increase Cultivation Since Yang Chen had returned, he had been engrossed in refining the second wood flying sword, but now that the flying sword had been completed, Yang Chen could finally mention his request to his master. At the time of the bet with Cheng Wencai, Gao Yue had promised one request to Yang Chen. When Yang Chen had killed Lin Chenghe, he hadn’t raised that request, but had instead delayed the matter, afraid that she would not accept his request. Now, a few months had already passed, so Yang Chen reckoned that his

Zhanxian Chapter 172

Chapter 172 – Second Wood Flying Sword Completed This trip to annihilate Lin Chenghe had brought great fame and fortune for Yang Chen. Regardless of what happened, in the end, Yang Chen’s name was still written together with those Da Cheng and YuanYing stage experts, even though it was only written in the last place. In the end, Gui Shanyou, the expert from the Pure Yang Palace, aside from looking weaker in front of others, still had his name spread far and wide. Pure Yang Palace’s Eccentric Hall’s hall master had not only accurately discovered the position of Lin Chenghe,

Zhanxian Chapter 171

Chapter 171 – The Matter Of Dao Companionship Was Not Concluded The only people on the scene were Yang Chen and Gao Yue, as well as the Foundation stage disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Suddenly seeing such circumstances, apart from Yang Chen, both others were intimidated. “With so many people chasing to kill you, you still want to flee through this road?” Yang Chen sighed in his heart: “For every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor, this is a sin which you yourself have committed and you will have to pay for it!” Immediately

Zhanxian Chapter 170

Chapter 170 – Surround And Kill The Devil Numerous YuanYing stage experts had their destined magic weapons destroyed and had sustained injuries. The other YuanYing experts who didn’t have a destined magic weapon also had their most powerful magic weapons destroyed by the Yin Fire, which had greatly lowered their strength. But unfortunately, at this frightening time, in front of them was this frightening devil, who had just passed the Yin Fire tribulation. The fact which made the situation even more hopeless was that two of their most powerful experts had been turned into his cultivation resources. The only remaining

Zhanxian Chapter 169

Chapter 169 – The Attackers Become The Nourishment Since last time, after she had performed the pair cultivation with Yang Chen, she had started avoiding Yang Chen with the excuse of refining his flying sword, because she was afraid of meeting Yang Chen. But this time, in the campaign against Lin Chenghe, Gao Yue feared for Yang Chen having an accident. She knew that Yang Chen had the tendency to invite disaster, so she had been sticking to Yang Chen’s side, sternly and carefully looking after him; in short: trying to avoid having Yang Chen harmed by anyone. But when

Zhanxian Chapter 168

Chapter 168 – Betting For A Kowtow Although experts from every sect had surrounded the area in a radius of a hundred miles, all of them were lying low and had concealed their presence, waiting for Lin Chenghe to trigger the heavenly tribulation. But while all of them were hoping, this was just their wishful thinking. Yang Chen knew that, not only would Lin Chenghe survive the tribulation and enter the Da Cheng stage, he would also take away the cultivation of those Da Cheng stage experts and would only then die from the backlash from absorbing too much spirit

Zhanxian Chapter 167

Chapter 167 – And The Pure Yang Palace Had Been Mocked Among appreciation and criticism, the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Method continued to spread for another entire year. Within this year, countless people were able to take their revenge with their increased cultivation, which also helped spreading the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets. Meanwhile, the dispute between the cultivators of both paths had never stopped. One day the disciple of a dao sect discovered a deeply hidden devil cultivator and chased him to kill him. That devil cultivator had concealed himself quite deeply: he had been an officer within some

Zhanxian Chapter 166

Chapter 166 – Grand Disciple Will Settle Great Master’s Bottleneck The entire Second Wood flying sword’s body was the same color as the Blood Phantom Vine and it was also long. Although it was a little flexible, it was extremely tough. The master root had turned into the sword hilt and the master vine had turned into the sword blade. It was a long sword blade, around six feet long, but one of its edges was the edge of a blade. From this it could be seen that this second wood flying sword was more of a saber than a