Limitless Sword God Chapter 100

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The First to Take Action Gains the Advantage

Within the elegant courtyard.

Bang, bang, bang…

A series of explosion rang within the courtyard.

From afar, a loud voice broke the silence and all the slaves working in the courtyard got a shock. One of the slave who was carrying firewood in his arms even dropped them to the ground and darted his eyes in all directions in fear.

But, nothing happened in the surrounding.

Not only that, nothing in the courtyard moved. Not even a speck of dust was lifted up.

A person who wore a jade crown and donned with a jaded green robe. On one hand, he held a sword. The edge of the sword pierced through a pseudo rock. The sword shimmered like the spring waters without piercing the inside of the pseudo rock. Instead, it just touched it lightly.


Hua la.

The wind blew and the pseudo rock immediately turned into powder and fell to the ground….

The slaves who stood at the side stared in shock.

“Sword explosion technique! The Profound Spirit Qi was suppressed within the sword. With the use of Qing Gong, the Qi was pushed out of the sword and into the target’s body, resulting in the explosion of the Profound Spirit Qi . But this explosion did not result in any wreckage yet it had a shocking ability of slicing. Every kind of explosion could elicit nine thousand nine hundred and eighty one slices, tsk tsk tsk, this power is astonishing!”

A handsome man with a plaited hair clapped as he stood one side, he was smiling ear to ear as he complimented.

Su Dong Fang who was wearing the jaded green robe released the sword in his hand. Without changing his expression: “This sword explosion technique may seem shocking but to attack the bull’s eye is no easy task. If not used correctly, then it would be of little value.”

“With Master Dong Fang’s power, why do you have to insult others? When your sword is aimed correctly, it’s also enough to give a hard time to the opponent! I believe within a few years, Master Dong Fang will be able to enter the main house and become the successor of the Big Clan elder!”

Su Huang Ming, the man in plait stated.

“My father the big clan elder holds the duty as a patriarch with responsibilities, and it cannot be passed down. I know what I am capable of!”

Su Dong Fang kept his sword and waved his hands at the slaves so that they could clean up the area in this place. After that, he walked to the pavilion and sat down to pour himself a cup of tea.

“Huang ming, why have you come here?

“Oh, it’s nothing big. Yesterday, I sent three outer sect disciples to announce the mission of the Tai Qing lakeside, but they were all beaten up by an outer sect disciple!”

Su Huang Ming walked over and poured himself a tea as well. He drank up his tea before saying a word.

Su Dong Fang did not mind either, he said blandly: “Outer sect disciple? Do you know which gang did it? They are quite gutsy.”
“Gang?” Su Huang Ming shook his head: “Not a gang, the opponent is only one person!”

“One person?” Su Dong Fang was stunned. The cup in his hand trembled and the water spilled over.

One outer sect disciple beat up three inner sect disciples? This was shocking.

“Yes! Just one person!” Su Huang Ming smiled with his eyes: “It is the one who killed Su Kuang, Su Yun!”

“Oh?” Su Dong Fang laughed: “It’s that person again? Sigh, I didn’t expect he would offend our Master Huang Ming this time round! How outrageous is he! I wonder how you, Huang Ming, would like to deal with him?”

It’s not like as if you don’t know how I work. But I’m a tad worried as this time it is a person from the Su Family!” Su Huang Ming said.

“Aye! What’s there to worry about?”

Su Dong Fang placed the cup down and waved his hand: “Just do what you have to do, if anything happens, I’ll deal it for you!”

“If I kill that little rascal?” Su Huang Ming asked slyly.

Su Dong Fang fell silent after hearing, after which he then laughed: “That, I can settle too!”

“Looks like I didn’t waste my trip here!”

Su Huang Ming stood up, turned and left.

“Su Yun, ah Su Yun, you’re too careless. You even dare to offend anyone!” Su Dong Fang shook his head, stared at Su Huang Ming who was leaving, stood up and left for his personal room.



Three days later.

The Su Family inner sect mission.

Venue of the mission: It is located one thousand three hundred miles from the Tai Qing city at the shore of the Southern China Sea. This place is well loved and protected by the people of Tai Qing.

The plaza at the outer sect of the Su Family.

All the chosen disciples came to the plaza and gathered together to wait for the inner sect disciples.

Su Yun stood at the back of the crowd alone. Ever since he killed Su Kuang, he was completely isolated. Everyone knew he offended Master Dong Fang. feared being dragged down, they kept a distance away from him. Even previously those who would greet Su Yun dared not speak a word with him.

After half an hour, an uproar broke out within the crowd. The inner sect disciples led by Su Shi Long walked towards the plaza.

The outer sect saw the uproar and started gathering around the plaza. The scene was splendid and crowded.

Su Shi Long stood on the grandstand of the plaza and silence filled the plaza.

The disciples of the inner sect wore bright clothes as they stood behind Su Shi Long. lined up, they looked impressive. As compared the outer sect disciples’ simple living, they seemed like world’s apart.

Su Yun studied the inner sect disciples and did not find Su Xin Yue or Su Xing Yang’s presence. It seemed like they were on a mission.

There was no peace in the inner sect since he got in. Neither was there time for him to cultivate. Most of the time was spent on carrying out the missions of the inner sect. Only after some time was he fully accepted and nurtured by the inner sect.

Su Shi Long’s scanned the plaza with dignity and his gaze fell on the Su Yun, who was standing behind the crowd. He snorted before opening his big mouth.

“I believe all of you know what the mission is for today, right? Yes, it is to help all the sects to exterminate the Heavenly Scale Fish King at Tai Qing lakeside!”

“Heavenly Scale Fish King is the ultimate demon at Tai Qing lakeside and has a cultivation of at least eighth rank Spirit Soul Disciple realm. It has been sleeping in the lake for close to a hundred years. Recently, he has been stirring up some trouble. The Protector of Tai Qing passed away close to thirty years ago, and the current Protector lacks experience and the capabilities to deal with the Fish King. Thus, he had asked for help from everyone!

“The Fish King stirred up trouble and had cost the lives of many. Up till date, there are three cities and seven counties that had been converted. Countless common people are missing. This is a chance to fight for honour for the Su Family! All of you have to give your all in this fight, to ambush and kill the Fish King to gain honour for the Su Family. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Master!”

All of them shout unanimously.

But everyone knew that this was all just talk. The Su Family is only one out of the many households. Their main objective was to flourish and leave a legacy. Those knight-errant, emergency relief heroic acts to save the world were all done by the sects. The Su Family merely wanted to be named after this time, otherwise, they would not send so many outer sect disciples out.

The spirit intermediate disciples and spirit core disciples are fighting a Spirit Soul Disciple? That would be a laughing joke of the world!

Su Shi Long nodded his head in satisfaction and, thereafter, he raised his hand to wave it slightly. A man with plait emerged from behind.

The man had a yellowish colored, long face. His gaze was powerful and, between his brows, emitted a strong Qi, like an arrow ready to be shot out.

“Su Huang Ming!”

Su Shi Long shouted.

The man immediately wrapped one fist in his palm and saluted: “Master, Huang Ming is here!”

“This time, you will take care of leading the group! Remember, you have to ensure the safety of the Su Family Disciples! Do not disappoint the Su Family!”

Su Shi Long instructed.

The man respectfully said: “Huang Ming is determined live up to Deacon Master’s expectations, and will be responsible for my Su Family’s trust!!”

“Very good! Once you all have packed your supplies, immediately depart!”

Su Shi Long nodded his head before turning to leave.

“We respectfully see off Deacon Master!”

Everyone shouted loudly.

Ten outer sect disciples carried the mission in boxes and walked over to give one to everyone.

The box mainly contained healing medicine, rejuvenating Qi pills, and some other lower ranked hidden talisman to help keep lives. Although it was no expensive but it was useful.

The people who received the box all opened the box eagerly. The outer sect people gathered together and peeped at the inside of the box curiously. Only the inner sect people did not care. They had seen much pricier things in their daily living.

“Who has yet to receive the box?”

A disciple of the outer sect shouted.


Su Yun shouted at him.

He saw Su Yun and brought a box over.

Su Yun stretch his hands out, ready to receive the box.

But at this point of time, a hand suddenly stretched out from the side, snatched the box, and took it away.

Su Yun was startled, turned to look, only to see the owner of the hand was the man who was previously standing on the stage, the plait haired Su Huang Ming.

“Ah, Young Master Huang Ming!’

Someone hurriedly called.

Su Huang Ming ignored him, his eyes carried a bit of laziness and arrogance, staring at Su Yun, the box in his hands continuously swaying.

Su Yun frowned, wrinkling his brows, his eyes looking straight back at Huang Ming.

Su Huang Ming had walked to confront Su Yun and set his gaze on Su Yun to study his body features. Su Yun’s head was taller, leaving Su Huang Ming to be half a head shorter than him, and, adding on Su Yun’s well proportioned physique, gained a sense of prominent superiority.

But Su Huang Ming had a group of inner sect disciples as followers behind him for backup, and practically all the inner sect disciples were under him. To talk about power, Su Yun was practically losing by eight thousand ten hundred miles.

“You are Su Yun?” Su Huang Ming opened his mouth.

It was as if he was smiling on his face, but his eyes squinted.

“Is there a problem?” Su Yun asked.

“Three days ago, you beat up Su Xin Zhen and the other people. According to regulations, I cannot give you the supplies!” Su Huang Ming said arrogantly.

“When did Su Family have such a regulation?” Su Yun asked with his brows knitted.

“There wasn’t in the past. But now we do!”

Su Huang Ming threw the supply backwards and said: “And this regulation is set by me. Why? Do you have any objections?”

As he was talking, the other twelve inner sect disciples gathered their power and encircled Su Yun. All of their faces were calm and their fists clenched tight.

Were they trying to pick a fight?

It did not seem so simple. These people all held anger in between their brows. If they only wanted to help Su Xin Zhen vent anger, they would not be like this.

Su Yun thought. He knew Su Huang Ming was not friendly to him and so he kept all the anger to himself and kept calm: “No.”


Su Huang Ming patted his shoulders and muttered: “May you have a safe journey!”

After that, he patted Su Yun’s shoulder again and left with his face beaming in a smile.

Su Yun stared Su Huang Ming’s back as he left, his heart turning cold.

“Don’t tell me Su Huang Ming would really kill me for those people? They carried such great killing intent in them. I’m afraid they only wanted an eye for an eye. I couldn’t care less. Whatever reason they have, at least… I have to be the first to take action to gain the advantage.”

Thinking to this point, Su Yun finalized the resolve to kill them in his heart. He then turned and left.