Limitless Sword God Chapter 101

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Chapter 101 Vicious

Yet again, he did not receive the help supplies, so Su Yun felt that he was thoroughly out of luck. But wasn’t it the same when he entered Martial Bone Mountain?

Looks like he has offended a great deal of people from the Su Family. Although each time it was not him who initiated, all the troubles that went his way, and he could not hide from it even if he tried.

Half an hour later, the convoy went on their way.

With a total of sixty five men, the convoy consisted of thirteen inner sect disciples, while the rest were outer sect disciples.

Due to the disturbance caused by Su Huang Ming at the parade square, all of the outer sect disciples maintained a respectful distance from Su Yun, and no one dared to speak half a sentence to him. Everyone could see that Su Huang Ming had something against Su Yun.

Although Su Yun became infamous due to the slaughter of Su Kuang, it could not justify the reason. Why should Su Huang Ming find trouble with him? Su Yun could kill somebody by himself, after all, it was just one person, and Su Huang Ming had so many inner sect experts around him.

What’s more, Su Huang Ming was not Su Kuang, He was a famous individual from the inner sect, and was one of the highest ranking experts, who was not afraid of one on one combat, let alone Su Yun.

Therefore, Su Yun followed behind the convoy alone, one man riding on his Spirit Stallion, and left the Su Family.

The journey was dull, uninteresting, and tedious. With the Spirit Stallion speed, to get to Tai Qing Lakeside, would take at least fifteen days of time.

It was less than a day since he left the Su Family, and Su Huang Ming had a piece to get off his chest again.

As everyone got to a fork on the outskirts, Su Huang Ming got down off his Spirit Stallion and turned to indicate everyone to stop.

Everyone pulled on their Spirit Stallion and the horse shoes bustled in chaos.

Su Yun looked up to this scene and his heart was filled suspicion.

He saw Su Huang Ming pointed to the right side of the fork road and shouted in a high voice: “This mission involves the reputation of my Su Family. We need to rush to Tai Qing Lakeside as soon as possible. As such, we will be taking this road to arrive at the destination as soon as possible!”

“This road?”

A disciple of the Su Family outer sect was stunned: “This road seems to lead to jaded clause forest. I heard the jaded clause forest homes several jaded clause wolves. If we take this road…will we meet the herd of wolves, young master.”

“Hahaha, the last time I heard the jaded clause hungry wolves appearing was three years ago. How lucky can we get to meet such things? Don’t fear, don’t fear!! Let’s go!!”

With that, Su Huang Ming rode towards the right side of the fork without considering the opinions of the majority.

Su Yun noticed and, unknowingly, his brows knitted.

Logically, those headed for Tai Qing lakeside would all choose the road on the left, as the road was smoother, wider and led straight to Tai Qing Lakeside. On the other hand, though the right side of the fork was a shortcut, this road was bumpy, and had many ferocious beasts. Adding up the time needed to fight the ferocious beasts, it might not be shorter than the time taken to travel the road on the left.

Su Yun secretly kept it in mind, as he felt something was wrong.

Very quickly, the Su Family and the horses marched into the jaded clause forest.

This forest was no ordinary forest. All the trees were at least 100 feet tall and were dense as though they were the pillars of holding the sky. Little sunlight managed to shine through. The people who were hurrying on felt their vision field were dark and dim. Without looking carefully, they would not be able to make out the road in front.

“What is young master Huang Ming doing? There’s a road for us to walk smoothly, yet he chooses to walk such a difficult path?”

“Who knows! Be careful, don’t confront those jaded clause wolves, or else we’ll be dead.”

“It’s not that bad. There’s so many of the inner sect disciples, and the team is led by young master Huang Ming, so what do we have to be afraid of? I heard that young master Huang Ming is an expert in the seventh level of the Spirit Intermediate Disciple realm. His power is considered mighty in the inner sect. He must not fear the jaded clause wolves, and thus, he would lead us this way.”

“Seventh stage of the Spirit Intermediate realm? Geez, he is so strong!”

The inner sect disciples who were walking at the front gathered and gossiped softly. They continuously let out a series of gasps and sighs.

Su Yun, who was riding on the horse with his eyes closed, heard the gossip and opened his eyes slowly.

Seventh stage of Spirit Intermediate Realm? He was indeed an elite in the inner sect.

He would not be easy to deal with.

Ka cha.

This time, a low horse shoe sound rang from both sides.

Su Yun looked over to see a few of the inner sect disciples whipping the horse to increase the speed to catch up to Su Huang Ming, who was right at the front. Su Huang Ming face turned solemn and muttered something to them. After which the disciples of the inner sect dispersed.

Amongst them, someone sneakily peeked over to Su Yun. Although it was just a fast peep, it was enough to let Su Yun sense that he was in danger.

Could it be that Su Huang Ming is going to attack me?

It was impossible. There were so many people here. If he dares make a move, he would definitely invite trouble for himself as well. He needs to find a reason to do so.


At this time, a wolf cry sound filled the entire forest, one cry after another, leaving fear and panic in people’s hearts.

“Jaded clause wolves!”

An outer sect disciple cried out in alarm.

Unexpectedly, they had such bad luck as to encounter the hungry wolves.

Everyone was trembling in fear, and panickedly packed their Spirit Stallions together, cautiously and carefully screening their surroundings.

Su Yun saw what happened, and immediately shouted: “ Everyone do not be afraid, I remember there is an exit in front, I will go ahead and check on the road!!”

Once the voice was heard, he whipped his horse to dash forward.

“Su Yun! Quickly return! Without Young Master Huang Ming’s orders, You shouldn’t act on your own!”

A inner sect disciple at the side hastily yelled, but he did not fall short, as Su Yun went out of control like a wild horse, fleeing deeper into the forest, very quickly disappearing.

“Did he catch on?” Su Huang Ming was stumped, squinting both of his eyes, he waved his hands: “He is but just one person. Wu Yang, you all continue forward. Once you’re near him then take action, do not let anyone find out!” (EN: If you make it so goddamn obvious, anyone would figure out, dumbass)


The inner sect disciple at his side responded in a low voice, increased his speed, and gave chase towards Su Yun’s direction.

Horse galloping sounds….

Heavy hoof beats from the horses running resounded through the forest, it was exceptionally ear piercing. Once he fled into the forest, Su Yun dismounted from his horse, and hid behind a huge tree.

Behind him were two inner sect disciples who had lost sight of Su Yun, and slowed down.

The surroundings was extremely gloomy, as the tall trees blocked off the sunlight, and the forest was very cold.

“Where did this brat run off to?”

“Did he find out about Young Master Huang Ming’s plans? How we are attracting the jaded clause wolves, and then are going to destroy him?”

“I don’t think so! But no worries, even if he found out, he is still going to die. No matter how he tries to rejoin the convoy, Young Master Huang Ming can simply accuse him of desertion and kill him. So, no matter what, he is dead!!”

The two inner sect disciples viciously discussed.

As expected, they were planning to kill me.

Hidden behind the big tree, Su Yun’s face tensed.

“Hey look, that Spirit stallion! It is definitely Su Yun’s!”

Right at this moment, someone screamed in fear. The two who found the Spirit Stallion left behind by Su Yun, rushed over immediately. One of them sacrificed a piece of lotus green magical weapon and sent the Profound Spirit Qi over. Instantly, with the Spirit Stallion as the core, its surrounding  emerged a very subtle Qi.

This Qi was very fine and thin. If they did not rely on this magical weapon, no ordinary man could sense it.

The end of this Qi was where Su Yun stood.

It was a tracking type of magical weapon.

Su Yun’s face was concealed. He looked at his surroundings and saw that no one followed him before he took out the sword sheath and the death sword from his storage ring. He carried them on his back and stepped forward, walking out of the forest.

The Spirit Stallion was stained with his Qi, and the magical weapon would probably follow the Qi emitted from the Spirit Stallion to track his whereabouts. It was pointless hiding.

But right at this point, there was not a need to hide anymore.

“Zhen He!”

The disciple who was still instigating the green lotus magical weapon muttered to the person beside him. With a change in his gaze, he looked at Su Yun who was walking over.

The two set their gazes on him.

Su Yun actually had the guts to walk out. The two were confused and shocked.

Their eyes met and they both took out their magical weapons stealthily and rode their horses towards Su Yun.

“May I know what you seniors are looking for?”

Su Yun asked nonchalantly as he took out Thousand Deep Sword from his sword sheath.

His moves were blatant as he had no intention to hide it.

Seeing his face solemn and without much anxiety, as if he had no fear, even when confronting two inner sect disciples, Su Zhen He and the other one were confused and shocked.

The two shivered when Su Yun pulled out his sword.

What was happening? Could it be he did not fear us?

Su Zhen He’s heart was congealed.

“Su Yun, what are you doing here? Aren’t you going to return the group soon?”

Su Ye said. The two stood, one on the left, the other on the right, and looked at Su Yun carefully as they got nearer and nearer to him with the intention to kill shown.


As they were not close to him yet, Su Yun lightly tapped on both his feet and suddenly jumped forward. With the sword in his hand, he waved abruptly and threw it towards Su Ye.

Su Ye hurriedly dodged the sword in shock.


The glimmering long sword changed its direction as it was nearing Su Ye, and it was about to pierce through his heart.

Su Zhen He’s reaction was not slow. He shouted in anger and pulled out the treasure blade from his waist and chopped towards the thousand deep, which was flying towards him.

However! As his blade was nearing thousand deep, the Pure Divine Spirit Qi on top of the Thousand Deep Sword shook and left the sword, forming a separate Qi sword.


The Thousand Deep sword flung the treasure blade away.

The Qi sword did not wait for Su Zhen He to react and pierced through his chest straight. Although it was deviated from the heart’s position but it pierced him to the ground. Fresh blood was spewing from his sword wound and he was injured badly…

“What?” Su Ye glared with his eyes wide opened. He saw Su Zhen He lying on the floor, unable to get up, and his expressions changed drastically: “What is this weird Profound technique?”

He saw Su Yun take a few steps forward again and dash toward Su Ye at a high speed. Su Yun leaped into mid air, jumping toward him.

The flying sword, instigated by Su Zhen He, spun in mid air before it flew back towards Su Yun and landed straight in his hands. It then followed Su Yun’s vicious movements and chopped viciously towards Su Ye.

Dang! ! ! !

Su Ye raised his own weapon Red Leaf Wind Flintlock to withstand the sword.

Utilizing his entire spirit Qi, he was still incomparable to Su Yun’s power.

With this sword, he clenched his teeth tightly and, with difficulty, received the attack.

But Su Yun’s attack was not finished.

He used one leg to step on the Spirit Stallion’s head, using his hand as a fulcrum and plunging Thousand Deep Sword downwards.

Thousand Deep Sword released yet another purplish Qi body from its tip, with a powerful might pouring downwards.

Boom! ! ! !

A violent sound from the Red Leaf Wind Flintlock fired off.

The gun body blocked of the strike of the sword, but Su Ye felt his both arms trembling like crazy, his whole body shivering. This sword strike, had power amplified by a huge number of times as compared to the previous sword strike.

The Spirit Stallion neighed, his four hooves randomly swaying, as it could not handle the power.

Seeing that, Su Yun used his leg to kick the Spirit Stallion in the head.

Taking the attack, the Spirit Stallion immediately stood up, and started to continuously sway.

Su Yun took this opportunity to drop down, while Su Ye, who was still riding, could not. With his current arms being numb, he just could not control the reins of the Spirit Stallion.

At that moment, the spirit stallion lifted its front hooves and straightened its body.


Su Ye could no longer control. He screamed badly and fell off the horse.

Right at the moment he fell off from the horse, a ray of chilly light flashed.

Frightened, Su Ye subconsciously raised his pike.

But it was all too late.

A strong and formidable sword with an unbeatable force came through. Right when the sword slashed, he was sliced in half. Even the floor beneath him was sliced with a deep crevice. Su Ye’s blood gushed out from his internal body and into the deep wound.

The third sword of Thousand Deep Sword!

Su Zhen He, who was holding onto his chest, was completely stunned.