Limitless Sword God Chapter 102

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Small Cheap Tricks

Ka cha.

The guy drew out the sword from the body in front of him, and looked straight at Su Zhen He.

“Su.. Su Yun… you…you dare to kill a inner sect disciple… you.. You want to die??”

Su Zhen He’s whole body was shivering. Enduring the pain, both of his legs gave way. He could not stand, and used his four limbs to crawl away, wanting to keep a distance from this crazy guy.

But he was clearly thinking too much.

“Su Huang Ming sent you two to come and kill me?”

Su Yun walked slowly towards Su Zhen He and asked.

“That’s right… No, no, no… that’s wrong, that’s not it. Young Master Huang Ming did not plan to kill you…I… we are here to advise you to rejoin the convoy.”

Su Zhen Ke frantically yelled nonsense.

Fresh blood was sprayed on the floor.

“I will return to the convoy shortly.”

Su Yun smirked, a hint of cold was seen in his eyes, he raised his sword and instantly struck at Su Zhen Ke.


A miserable yell rippled out.

Faraway on the main path of Jaded Clause Forest.


The slowly advancing Su Huang Ming appeared to have heard something, hurriedly raised his hand to stop the advancing convoy.

“Young Master, what was that sound?”

The person next to him asked.

“Not sure, but it was definitely a man made sound. Jade Clause forest is a desolated place with very few people entering, I’m afraid it was from one of our guys!”

“One of ours?”

The surrounding people jumped in fright.

“Could it be… They met with the hungry jaded clause wolves?”

Someone asked carefully.

“Hungry jaded clause wolves?”

Su Huang Ming lightly groaned: “I just sent a few of the inner sect disciples to scan the surroundings. Even if they meet the hungry jaded clause wolves, how can they not be able to fight them? Even if they cannot win, at least they can run away right? I’m afraid… That sound was caused by a person harming them!”

Harmed by someone else?

From the way he spoke, the rest of them knew who was Su Huang Ming hinting at.

Other than Su Yun who left without permission, there was no one else.

But, was Su Yun that brave? Even if he was brave, did he have the capabilities? It was two inner sect disciples they were talking about!


Su Huang Ming called the eight of the inner sect disciples over, and softly said: “I’m afraid Su Yun already knows what I planned to do, when he comes back later, immediately take action. I will bear all the consequences!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

The convoy people shouted.

Su Huang Ming squinted his eyes, with a sinister expression: “Who do you think you are, Su Yun? Heh, I want to see your capabilities.”

“Young Master, do we then continue moving forward or wait here?”

Someone asked.

“Continue moving!”

Su Huang Ming waved his hands, and shouted: “After we leave this jaded clause forest, if Su Yun has yet to return back to the convoy, he will be treated as deserting the mission, betraying the Su Family rules, and will be treated as a traitor of the Su Family, to be killed without discussion. Understand?”

“Su Family traitor? Isn’t that going too far?”

A few of the outer sect disciples felt that it was too severe a punishment.

“I will bear the consequences!”

Su Huang Ming spoke indifferently.

After hearing that, everyone knew what Su Huang Ming was doing, and did not dare to speak up, as no one dared to go against Su Huang Ming’s decision.

The convoy carried on moving forward.

While all these were happening, a quiet man donning a pitch black blademaster robe and a broken mask, was staring down at the convoy from high up in the tall trees.

“Su Huang Ming is in the seventh stage of Spirit Intermediate Disciple realm, while I am just barely into the sixth stage, I can only fight by relying on [Limitless Sword Arts’] weird abilities. in addition to the Spirit Essence and it’s power, my Profound Spirit Qi can catch up to his, and winning against him is not difficult. It’s just that the number of inner sect disciples around him will be troublesome.”

Su Yun calculated, while striding on the branches, following the convoy.


At this time, the melodious wolf howl sounded out again.

The people in the convoy froze, and became cautious again.

Su Yun was distracted by the sound.

Hungry Jaded Clause Wolves?

If he could attract the Hungry Jaded Clause Wolves to attack the convoy, he could seize an opportunity in the mess!

Su Yun lowered his head and went into deep thought. Shortly after, he immediately jumped down the tree branches, and ran towards the wolf howls.

Hungry Jaded Clause Wolves were in the first stage of the Spirit Intermediate realm, and there were few who were of the second stage, and existed in a vicious pack of at least thirty wolves. They only thrive deep in the forests of the Jaded Clause Forest, and, if one was to stick on the main path of the Jaded Clause Forest, it was hard to encounter any of the hungry wolves.

But with just one encounter with a hungry wolf, it would attract countless wolves to gang up and attack.

But how can he attract the wolves? That was the question.

Since they were hungry wolves, they would naturally be famished and thirsty, thus being attracted by any smell of food.

Su Yun suddenly remembered something, abruptly turning his body, and rushed back to where Su Zhen He and Su Ye had died.

Approaching the two corpses, he saw two spirit stallions who had lost their minds running towards him.

Seeing that, Su Yun immediately took out Thousand Deep Sword and proceeded to slaughter them.

The Spirit Stallions were easily killed, and fresh blood was everywhere.

But Su Yun did not care about them, slowed his pace, and carefully walked towards the two corpses.

Since the Spirit Stallions were scared, it meant that there were other animals nearing the corpses, and the fresh blood from the corpses could easily attract the hungry wolves. If he did not guess wrong, the two bodies were already surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves.

Su Yun leaped upwards, before jumping to another tree, and carefully advanced towards Su Zhen He and Su Ye’s bodies from above the trees.

After a short moment, the scene before him left Su Yun completely stunned.

All he saw was a patch of bloodied grass, as head after head of skinny and bloodied hungry wolves fought over the two corpses. They were originally Su Zhen He and Su Ye, but their corpses were mutilated, broken, and mashed into smaller pieces, by over thirty Jaded clause wolves. The scene would only leave people numb in fear.

This amount of meat, how could it satisfy the entire pack?

Su Yun focused his heart and mind, eyed a limb being taken away by a large Jaded Clause Wolf, and suddenly jumped down from the tree, with the posture of a flying kick.

The Jaded Clause wolf was merely in the first stage of Spirit Intermediate realm, and as a sixth stage of Spirit Intermediate realm disciple, he did not use Profound Spirit Qi. Simply using his strength and agility was already much stronger than the wolf.

Adding the fact that Su Yun launched a sneak attack, the usually unmatched, vigilant, jaded clause wolf was too intoxicated with the food in it’s mouth did not notice the figure that was flying down on it, and was immediately sent flying by a kick. Su Yun picked up the piece of meat from god knows what body part it was, and immediately turned to flee.

With the food being forcibly taken away, the Jaded Clause wolf was naturally enraged, but once it saw a new, moving prey, its eyes turned from green to red.


A mournful howl resounded, and after that, a herd of wolves rushed forward and started chasing after Su Yun.

Su Yun ran like mad. As he passed by the two Spirit Stallion corpses, he punctured the Spirit Stallions’ arteries, drawing out a lot of fresh blood, and smeared the blood over his body, turning red. After that, he picked up the two Spirit Stallion’s heads, sliced into them with his sword, and continued rushing towards Su Huang Ming.

Seeing the two bloodied Horse Stallion bodies, the Jaded Clause wolves went crazy and started feasting.

Being greedy creatures, and as they were famished, the two huge stallion bodies were quickly finished, but still could not satisfy the wolves even a little. Being so hungry and having a bit of the horses made the wolves feel even more intolerable, and one by one they went crazy, rushing after Su Yun.

A trail of blood attracted many wolves, and in a short period of time, there were close to a hundred hungry wolves chasing.


Su Yun took a breath, and moved like an ape on the tree tops.

Very quickly, there were sounds of of the Spirit Stallions galloping from a distance.

Few and scattered conversations could be heard.

They’re near!

Su Yun grasped the Thousand Deep Sword tightly, his whole body releasing Pure Divine Spirit Qi.

Hu! A man rushed out from the thick and dense tree branches, and rushed forward, towards the main path.

Hua la! The tree leaves rustled, The people in the convoy who were rushing, one after another, took a side long glance, towards the direction of the sound.

“Who’s there!?”

All they saw was a man dressed in black swordmaster clothes, and donning a half broken mask. The inner sect disciples were scared, and one by one took out their weapons, warily staring at the man approaching.

They saw the man rush to the exit of the main path, and throw the two Spirit Stallion heads on his sword towards them.

Pu dong pu dong pu dong….

The spirit Stallion heads dropped into the crowd, and rolled a few times on the floor, blood spilling everywhere. This caused everyone to panic and retreat, naturally afraid of the filth and the chance that it would get onto their bodies, it became a mess.

“Who are you?”

Looking at this man dressed in full black and wearing a mask, everyone was suspicious of him, and one of the inner sect disciple shouted.

For no reason, this person suddenly appeared in front of them at a place like this, and even portrayed some weird actions, how does it not make people doubtful?

Su Huang Ming had a gut feeling.

Is he Su Yun?


But that person did not have any thoughts of lingering, and as soon as he threw the heads of the Spirit Stallions, he immediately jumped upwards, hopped onto a branch, and turned to leave.

“Stand still!” A shout was heard, but he did not stop.


Su Huang Ming was stumped for words. He did not wait for a reaction, but heard, from a distance, a rumbling and rustling sound, and it was getting louder and louder, bigger and bigger.

“Everyone, do not panic! It is just two spirit stallion heads!”

An inner sect disciple shouted, trying to control and calm the convoy.

The crowd, which was in a mess, became calmer, but those who were nearer to the Spirit Stallion heads were still grossed out.

“Everyone just calm down for a bit!”

Su Huang Ming calmed his mind down. His face was dark, and he looked around, carefully scanning the surrounding.

No one made a sound, and no one quarreled, Everyone felt that something was off, and took out their own weapons.

The rustling sound caused Su Huang Ming to notice something, his face suddenly looked like he found out the reason, squinted his eyes and laughed: “Oh, so it’s like that!”

“What’s wrong, Young Master Huang Ming?”

The inner sect disciple beside him saw and curiously asked.

“It’s just a small, cheap trick!”

Su Huang Ming laughed like he did not care, and then he waved his hand and shouted: “Everyone gather, prepare to fight!”

“Prepare for a fight?”

Everyone was stunned, but they did not dare to doubt, and immediately huddled together, raising their body Profound Spirit Qi, looking formidable, and prepared for a fight.

Sou Sou Sou Sou…..(sound of the wind)

At this time, a huge wave of shadows dashed out from the forest, and when the Su Family looked, they could not help but feel shivers going down their spine. It turned out to be a herd of hungry Jaded Clause Wolves!

“Oh…Oh god! It’s a wolf pack!!”

Someone screamed in surprise, as his whole body trembled in fear.

Su Huang Ming shouted: “Do not be scared, these are just level one Spirit Intermediate realm beasts, kill!!”

As the sound resounded, he kicked his Spirit Stallion, and spearheaded the assault, killing his way through.

A long blade, as pure white as snow, was summoned from his storage ring as he slashed down on the closest hungry wolf’s head in front of him.


The hungry wolf died.

The massacre between the Su Family and the hungry Jaded Clause Wolves erupted.

From a distance, Su Yun stood on a few branches and watch the scene unfold, took a deep breath, extended his hand, and caressed the jet black sword behind him….