Limitless Sword God Chapter 105

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Snow Tang Inn

“Su Yun!!”

One person looked and, instantly, his gaze became dull.

The person who rushed out was not the person they were expecting to see, Su Huang Ming. Instead, it was Su Yun, whom they were so sure would die.

What happened?

Where was Young Master Huang Ming?

Several inner sect disciples were shocked, and they looked at each other hopelessly.

“Su Yun! What are you saying?”

An inner sect disciple eagerly shouted: “What did you just say? What happened to Young Master Huang Ming? What happened to him…?”

“He’s dead!”

A few tears rolled out from Su Yun’s eyes, which he wiped away with his hands and continued to say in despair: “We met a huge herd of hungry wolves. Amongst them were many leaders of the wolves. There were too many hungry wolves, and there was only Young Master Huang Ming and I. It was not enough to withstand all the hungry wolves. We were both surrounded by the herd of wolves. Young Master Huang Ming was injured and could not escape from the herd of wolves. For everybody’s safety, Young Master Huang Ming covered me as I attempted to make an escape. As such, I could escape from the mouths of the wolves to report to everybody to quickly retreat and leave the jaded clause forest immediately!”


With that, everyone was stunned.

Nobody would have thought the person who was in charge of this mission, Su Huang Ming, would die in the hands of the jaded clause hungry wolves.


An inner sect disciple said gloomy: “The jaded clause hungry wolves are merely a spirit intermediate disciple with a cultivation level of first rank. Young Master Huang Ming is a spirit intermediate disciple with a cultivation of at least the seven rank. In between, there are six ranks of difference. How is it possible the jaded clause hungry wolves killed him? You’re obviously lying!”

“There were more than a thousand hungry wolves, and there were many leaders of the wolves. Young Master Huang Ming is made up of flesh and blood, so how could he fight with so many terrifying hungry wolves??” The person had just started interrogating and Su Yun started crying with sorrow: “Young Master Huang Ming must not die in vain, everybody please leave this place immediately!”

After listening, the person shut his mouth.

“You said there were thousand over hungry wolves, so why did we not hear a sound of the wolves?”

Another person asked.

“The distance from here to the herd of wolves is quite far, so of course you won’t be able to hear a thing. Everybody, please make a move to leave soon. This bloody stench will lure the herd of wolves here sooner or later. If we don’t make a move now, the consequences would be bad!”

Su Yun said again.

“Impossible! What you’re saying are all lies!”

The inner sect disciple seemed to be persistent and shouted another word.

“Why won’t any of you believe me?” Su Yun seemed to be in sorrow as he asked back.

“Because…” just as the inner sect man was about to say something, but it was stuck in his throat.

None of these inner sect people believed that Su Huang Ming would cover Su Yun as he retreated to withstand the herd of wolves alone, because Su Huang Ming’s intention in bringing Su Yun was to kill him. To save Su Yun? That was impossible!!

The people of the inner sect did not know how to explain. Afterall, there were so many outer sect people present. If the news travelled out, they would have to bear the consequences.

These inner sect people were all Su Huang Ming’s. Su Yun knew what they were interrogating about, but he refused to admit it, so they could not do anything to him.

“If that’s the case, then let us take a look at Young Master Huang Ming’s body!”

Finally, someone pointed out a crucial point.

If they could see the corpse, then the truth will be told.

“The corpse might already be in the wolf’s stomach!”

“Then let us experience this herd of hungry wolves!” the disciple of the inner sect seemed bitter. He snorted: “I don’t believe it. Why would so many hungry wolves appear for no reason? We need to look into this to see if it’s true or not, and not merely just based on your words!”

“Yes, we need evidences to prove you’re not lying!! There are so many of us, even if we do meet up with the hungry wolves and we can’t outdo them, can’t we just run away?”

A few of the disciples from the inner sect shouted.

After hearing, Su Yun did not object instead, he nodded: “Since everyone thinks this is just my words, then I’m speechless. All of you who wants to go, please go forward. But I’ll make myself clear, you can go, but I’m not following you. There’re so many hungry wolves and my, Su Yun’s, power is weak. I’m not their opponent, and I’m leaving this forest right now. I’ll be waiting for all you masters from the inner sect just outside the jaded clause forest!!”

After saying his piece, he turned and shouted to the other outer sect disciples: “What about the rest of you? Are you willing to follow them deeper into the forest to see if there are any jaded clause hungry wolves? Or will you follow me and wait for them outside the forest?”


The people of the outer sect hesitated.

Usually, they would listen to the disciples of the inner sect without an ounce of hesitation. But right now, it concerned their lives. It was not a small matter.

“I…I will wait outside the forest. I…I do not want to see the hungry wolves anymore!” A disciple who was hurt shouted first.

“I…I am going too!”

“Young masters of the inner sect. Your strength is outstanding and your bodies are well trained. As for me, I am not enough. Therefore, I’ll just leave the forest.”

“Me too!”


The disciples of the outer sect started to express their views one by one. No one wanted to accompany the people of the inner sect to explore the forest. They did not care if Su Yun’s words were real or fake. It was a fact that Su Huang Ming had yet to return, and he was most probably dead.

Why would the disciples of the outer sect risk their lives for a dead person? Su Huang Ming had no place in their hearts.

Seeing the disciples of the outer sect rejected the proposal one by one, the people of the inner sect started to hesitate.

If the outer sect people were willing to go, they feared nothing. After all, there would be many of them in total but now, there was only ten over inner sect people. If what Su Yun said was true about the forest clause wolves, then they would be dead.

One to over a hundred hungry wolves? Even if they had the powers of Su Huang Ming, it would be tough.

Noticing the situation, the people of the inner sect hovered around.

Finally, the majority chose to give up.

And so, it was deemed that Su Huang Ming died in the hands of the hungry wolves.

One of the inner sect disciples rode back to the Su Family with a horse to report this news, whereas the others continued their journey towards Tai Qing lakeside.

After the death of Su Huang Ming, there was a need to choose someone to be the person in-charge. Su Yun could take over. Even though he was not an inner sect disciple, his powers was witnessed by everyone ever since he defeated and killed Su Kuang ‘accidentally’. It was enough to dignify him and win the hearts of many.

But Su Yun did not want to be responsible for so many things, nor did he want to be involved in too many things either. At such, the most powerful disciple in the inner sect was Su Guan Hai, and he was placed in-charge.

Of course, Su Guan Hai’s mission was to garner Su Yun’s support. Afterall, amongst the disciples of the inner sect, he was someone who did not had a deep relationship with Su Huang Ming. Now that Su Huang Ming was dead, he did not have to offend Su Yun for Su Huang Ming, and the rest of the journey would be more peaceful.

If Su Huang Ming died in the hands of the hungry wolves, there was nothing they could do. But if he did not and was actually killed by someone, then there was a story behind it. The other inner sect dared not provoke Su Yun any longer.

No one brought up this matter anymore.

A few days later.

The Su Family’s army was finally nearing Tai Qing Lakeside. The journey from Snow Tang City to Tai Qing Lakeside required half a day of travelling.

“Captain Guan Hai, the Meet for the Fish Hunt starts the day after tomorrow. Many towering sects from all over the world would gather at this meet. With Tai Qing’s commander as the bait to lure the fish out, everyone can attack together. We’ve got nothing to do at Tai Qing Lakeside if we get there now. Why don’t we rest in Snow Tang City for a day before we head towards Tai Qing Lakeside to join forces with the rest!”

At this moment, a disciple of the outer sect rode his horse to get to Su Guan Hai and said respectfully.

Su Yun raised his eyes to see a man who looked like a monkey was actually Su Kang. Su Kang’s cultivation was not high, but he was street smart. He gained some reputation at the outer sect. Rumours said that he had a deep relationship with Su Qian Ge and had always been taken care by Su Qian Ge.

After hearing that, the disciples of the outer sect all thought it was logical, and so, they backed him up.

“Captain Guan Hai, Su Kang’s right. Let us take a rest here!”

“I’m afraid there are too many towering figures in Tai Qing monastery right now. If we head over to Tai Qing monastery, it might be inconvenient to find an inn to stay!”

“Let’s stay in Snow Tang City for the day and rest!”

The people started to say.

Several disciples of the inner sect were not used to the disciples of the outer sect shouting incessantly, a few of them started to look dull. One of them shouted: “What’s there to shout about? Whatever next? What are all of you? How dare you be the right hand man of our leader? Shut up, all of you!!”

The disciples of the outer sect immediately shut their mouth once they heard it. Nobody dared to say another word.

If they offended the inner sect people, there would be endless troubles.

Su Guan Hai never said a word, pondering with his head held low.

Actually, he also understood why the outer sect disciples would say such words. Tai Qing monastery was so dull and tedious. How could it compare to such an interesting city like Snow Tang city? It was a rare chance they got to leave the Su Family, and they had been through the bloody fight in the jaded clause forest. Everyone was exhausted and wanted to take a break.

But the people of the inner sect liked to keep their pride in front of the outer sect. If he promised them, they might feel embarrassed.

Su Guan Hai seemed undecided.

“Let’s rest at Snow Tang City for a day!”

Instantly, a voice rang.

The inner sect disciple who shouted loudly looked dull. He turned to look to see who had such courage and audacity to rebel at this time?

But once he saw that the person who opened his mouth was Su Yun, the inner sect disciple face swelled up immediately like a pig’s liver and never said another word.

Su Yun was not an ordinary outer sect disciple. None of the ordinary inner sect disciple could match up with him, so how would he dare to offend Su Yun?

The inner sect people sunk as the disciples of the outer sect cheered. One by one, they started to worship Su Yun.

For a person from the outer sect to push the people of the inner sect to such limits was not easy.

But Su Yun did not think the same way. He had been pondering on a question throughout the entire journey, so he did not notice what the people of the inner sect were discussing. He merely overheard Su Kang’s words when he was distracted and said his piece.

He came hastily and he did not have a plan that could allow him to attain the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye successfully. Hence, he needed one more day of preparation and planning. The people of the Su Family from the outer sect had no stocks in their shop. The Snow Tang City was considered a prosperous city, and there were Heavenly Sun auction house branches. The things that he needed would be readily available for purchase. If they went to Tai Qing monastery, it would extremely hard to prepare.

The people of the inner sect looked at one another, each had a tinge of frustration in their eyes yet one one said a thing. Su Guan Hai nodded his head casually and said: “Alright, since Su Yun had said his piece, then let’s take a break at Snow Tang City for a day. Throughout the journey here, everyone must have used up the pills and supplies. It’s good to have everyone go pick up some pills in Snow Tang City for the fight coming up!”

“Yes, Captain Guan Hai!!”

The people of the outer sect shouted in joy as they hasten their speed and walked towards Snow Tang City.

Once they entered the city, it was indeed lively. It was already in the evening time yet the number of people on the streets of the city was innumerable. The small stalls on the roadside, the shops were busy like a marketplace with bustling businesses. Many farmers of medicine, hunters all brought all sorts of body parts of a beast to sell off. There were several Spirit Cultivators auctioning off some of their treasures which was of no use to them anymore.

“Let us first find a place to rest.” Su Guan Hai stated.

“Hey hey, captain. I’ve been to this place and I know of a pretty decent Spirit Cultivating inn. Why don’t I bring you there?” Su Kang said with a smile on his face.

Su Guan Hai nodded.

Su Kang then led the way, hastily.

Very soon, the Su Family’s army was in front of the inn…

“Hao Family Inn?”

Su Guan Hai looked at the golden words on a signboard hung right at the front door of this luxurious inn and frowned.

“Ah, this name sounds like it is good to take advantage of!” an inner sect disciple who was standing aside snorted, then ordered the outer sect disciple beside him: “You, go and arrange the rooms for us!”


The outer sect disciple dared not delay. Immediately, he went into the inn.

The majority waited outside of the inn and muttered in low voices. The women discussed about the bright treasures, and jewellery while the man discussed about the cultivation or any female cultivators they had met before with a dishonest look on them.

About half an hour later.


Right at this moment, a low voice rang from the inside of the inn. Followed by a shadow flying out from the inn and fell outside the door…


The man fell hard and rolled on the floor. Blood oozed out from the corners of his mouth. His body trembled in pain and he could not stand.

Shocked, the people of the Su Family all looked over to see the man who flew out was the disciple of the outer sect of the Su Family who had just entered the inn not too long ago.

“What happened?” Su Guan Hai asked in shocked.