Limitless Sword God Chapter 106

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Guan Hai

The people of the Su Family all got down their horses. Some of the outer sect people of Su Family rushed over hastily to pull the outer sect disciple who was screaming in pain. They checked his wounds crudely to see that his injuries on the abdomen were were still spiralling with bursts of ‘gold’ elemental ‘Wild Sword Qi’. This Qi was like a small current, spiralling the flesh on his abdomen, pulling his intestines and internal organs. Although the Qi was not considered strong or fatal, it could inflict unbearable pain on him.

“All young masters!”

The outer sect disciple pleaded the inner sect helplessly.

The cultivation of the outer sect people was low, and they would not be able to withstand this ‘wild Sword Qi. The only ones who could were the people from the inner sect.

But the plea was not answered by anyone. The inner sect people all looked towards the inn. Only Su Guan Hai got down his horse and walked over to check on the outer sect disciple’s extent of injuries before he instigated his Profound Spirit Qi around the abdomen to decrease this power.

The other disciples of the inner sect rode around the entrance of the inn. Many of them surrounded the inn’s entrance once they saw the situation. Su Yu Kong, the disciples of the inner sect shouted towards the inn’s entrance: “Which dog will recklessly touch our Su Family people??”

The disciples from the inner sect were usually prideful and arrogant in the Su Family and would not tolerate any humiliation. Although they were not interested in standing up for the outer sect disciples, they would never allow anyone to brush away their reputation.

“Where did this group of dolls came from? Bicker, bicker, and bicker, what’s there to bicker about? Do you believe that I will send all of you out of Snow Tang City?”

A crude and coarse voice rang through. Then, a group of Spirit Cultivators wearing brown coloured armours walked out of the inn’s door at the entrance.

This group of rascals all had a strong build, be it a male or female. They all looked very proud, and each of them had an extremely huge blade hanging either around their waist or behind their back. Some of the blades were extremely wide, close to two metres. The heavy blade laid in a blade sheath. Just by looking at it, one would know it was not light, and was powerful. It could suppress the Su Family’s people.

“Who are you?”

The disciples from the inner sect trembled while Su Yu Kong asked in shock: “Are you from ‘Relentless Heart Pavilion’?”

“Oh? You have foresight!” the leader, a strong and robust man, Jue Xing Shi sneered. He was bald, and fierce-looking. His body swelled and the naked arms looked like landscape dotted hills with hillocks.

“What exactly happened?” Su Guan Hai had removed the ‘wild Sword Qi’ on the outer sect disciple’s abdomen, and asked the disciple whose face was pale as a piece of white paper.

“Captain…I…I entered to ask for the rooms, but this group of rascals didn’t allow… they… they said they wanted to reserve the entire inn and asked me to get out…I…I said I was from the Su Family and, in the end… they beat me up…and said they wanted to beat up the people from Su Family…” the outer sect disciple sobbed in grievance.

“Your bullying is too much!”

“Are all the people from Relentless Heart Pavilion so crazy?”

The outer sect disciples were angry.

Su Yun peeked at the situation, which was getting out of control, from the back, but had yet to say a word. He stood alone at the back and observed.

“From the token rings on their waists, it can been seen they are probably the inner sect disciples from the Relentless Heart Pavilion!”

“Inner sect disciples? All of them?”

Su Yu Kong was frightened.

The inner sect disciples all nodded at the side.

These twenty odd Relentless Heart Pavilion people were all bustling with activities, were all actually the inner sect disciples. If the two sides clashed, the Su Family would be at the losing end.

“Hey, I said!” the leader from the Relentless Heart Pavilion, Jue Xing Shi yelled again: “I reckon you group of dolls better get out of here. I’m going to reserve this inn. You better go find some other inns. If you dare come again, I will beat you up so badly that your parents will not be able to recognise you!!”


The group of Relentless Heart Pavilion laughed heartlessly.


Su Yu Kong was trembling all over.

Su Guan Hai had yet to say a word. No one knew what was his decision.

“Let’s go. We shall get some drinks inside!!”

After Jue Xing Shi laughed, he waved his big hands.

“Go, go, go!”

“Senior brother, I have to make you drunk tonight!!”

The disciples of the Relentless Heart Pavilion laughed as they said.

This group of people despised him. As a disciple of the inner sect of the Su Family, Su Yu Kong was fuming with anger. They gritted their teeth, face twisted and trembling all over. Finally, Su Yu Kong could no longer hold on and, with a roar, he jumped down from his spirit stallion and rushed towards Jue Xing Shi.

“Relentless Heart Pavilion, you bastard. Don’t look down on others!! Watch my move!!”

With that, Su Yu Kong gathered his Profound Spirit Qi in his fist and pounded on Jue Xing Shi as though it was a canon.

The disciples whose arms were around one another’s shoulders, laughing with Jue Xing Shi seemed to know the Su Family would make such a move. Their Qi immediately released in great amounts as they snorted with a smile. With a turn, they pulled out a punch on him!

The golden “Wild Sword Qi’ engulfed Su Yu Kong’s fist and crashed into his body. The power of the fist caused a stir of the wind, as though the lions were snarling. The power was extraordinary. The fist they pulled out had yet to land on Su Yu Kong, but its power hit on his body.

Su Yu Kong face changed and hurriedly altered the direction of his fist, directly hitting Jue Xing Shi’s huge fist.

Booom ! ! ! !

Both fists met.


Jue Xing Shi’s body did not move an inch, the power of his fist gave rise to a valiant wind behind him, moreover, dispersing the force of the strikes. But for Su Yu Kong, it was totally different. His body involuntarily shook, face becoming pale white, and all the Qi around his body was frantically scattering. In the end, all his Qi was dissipated, but Jue Xing Shi’s energy in the punch started to move through his body, and in the next moment….

Whoosh! ! ! !

Su Yu Kong’s entire being flew out, violently crashing down on the floor, face covered in ashes and mud, looking like a sorry figure.

Su Yu Kong’s expression became angry and he tried to stand up. But before he could completely stand straight, his throat gagged, and he spat out dark red fresh blood.

Seeing the situation, everybody knew of the disparity of powers between the two.

“Trying a sneak attack from the back but still failing! Our Senior Jue’s abilities are unpredictably powerful!

“Ha ha, This group of Su Family small brats only have so much talent? Even depending on sneak attacks, yet are unable to hurt Senior brother half an inch? They are really very weak, aren’t they?”

“Speaking of which, what did these group of brats come here for? Don’t tell me they are here to join the Meeting for the fish hunt ?? No way? To rely on them?”

“You guys should just rush back to your Su Family and drink milk!”

“Professional losers!”


The group of Relentless Heart Pavilion laughed out loud, their laughs filled with disdain and ridicule.


The Su Family people were thoroughly infuriated.

But no one dared to come out.

As an inner sect disciple, Su Yu Kong held power of the second stage of Spirit Intermediate Realm, and to lose to Jue Xing Shi in a move, could only mean Jue Xing Shi held the power of third stage spirit intermediate disciple or higher, and there was no chance of victory for the outer sect disciples to match with Jue Xing Shi. the majority of the inner sect disciples would not hold a candle with against him.

“If only Young Master Huang Ming is here!”

“He held a seventh stage in the spirit intermediate realm. Isn’t he a match for Jue Xing Shi?”

The disciples of the inner sect tightened their fist and said angrily.

The atmosphere was extremely embarrassing. Some by-passers stopped to look into what was happening. They discussed ferociously. Several spirit cultivators recognised the identity of two parties, and sat back to watch the show.

“My friend from the Relentless Heart Pavilion, I think you have taken it too far?”

Suddenly, a voice sounded through.

Everybody turned to look to see the one speaking up was the captain of the Su Family, Su Guan Hai.

“Who are you?”

Jue Xing Shi snorted: “Furthermore, we, from Relentless Heart Pavilion will never make friends with the weaklings. Don’t try to worm your way into being our friends!”


Su Guan Hai walked over slowly, a tinge of anger floated between his brows.

Su Yun, who was standing behind, observed him quietly and could not help but think.

Speaking truthfully, Su Guan Hai gave him a feeling that he was always peaceful and had always stood aloof from the worldly affairs. If not for Su Yun’s recommendation of him, he would not want to be the captain of this troop. But his relations with people were pretty good, be it with the inner sect or the outer sect, so they all accepted him.

Su Guan Hai had a composure that seemed like he did not feared Jue Xing Shi. it could be seen that his powers were not much different from Jue Xing Shi.

“If that’s the case, then allow Su Guan Hai consult senior Xing Shi for a few moves!”

Su Guan did not waste any words. Instantly, he made clear of his intention.

Jue Xing Shi heard and snorted, hugging his chest. He reached out with one hand, and pointed at Su Guan Hai with his finger, moving it in a hooking maneuver: “Come on!”

Thereupon, Su Guan Hai made a move.

His speed was not fast but his Profound Spirit Qi was not the kind of ‘Swift Wind Spirit Qi’ on su Yu Kong’s sword.

Jue Xing Shi’s ‘wild Sword Qi’ had an astonishing destructive power. Su Yu Kong’s collided with the fist face front and suffered a great loss. Needless to say, and Jue Xing Shi’s cultivation was higher than him but even if his cultivation was of the same level, he certainly would not gain any advantages.

But Su Guan Hai went over swiftly like the wind. His footwork was firm, steady and well balanced between the right and left. Using the geological folds as his tracks, he orbited and approached.

“Phantom God Steps? This is the highest and most mysterious foot technique in our inner sect!”

The inner sect disciples exclaimed.

“I never thought that captain Guan Hai would actually show such a mysterious technique.”

Although Su Guan Hai’s foot work was light and swift, his body shook and split open to layer upon layer of mirage. Jue Xing Shi could never catch where he was.

“It seems like he has some tricks up his sleeves.”

Jue Xing Shi grunted and fixed his attention at him, pulling a punch right at him.

The extremely violent ‘Wild Sword Qi’ spiralled noises like of powerful army in bursts.

He predicted that this fist would hit him!

Ba da! (Splatter)

Right when the fist swung through, a palm hugged his metal fist abruptly.

Everyone was in shock.

The palm actually came from Su Guan Hai.

“Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi!” The audience roared.

The Qi power between them was very small, almost similar, and for the powerfully violent ‘wild Sword Qi’, although the best counter for it was wood attributed Spirit Life Qi, but the ‘Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi’ was not too bad either.

To use softness to conquer strength, he directly dissipated Jue Xing Shi’s ‘wild blade’ fist without a trace.


Peng! (Bang!)

A palm slapped onto Jue Xing Shi’s chest. The ‘Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi’ between the palm stirred currents on the chest as though it was what Jue Xing Shi had placed upon the outer sect disciple earlier. Jue Xing Shi felt an excruciating pain on his chest and took a few steps back.

No one thought that Su Guan Hai’s profound power was weak, but he did not reveal it. The inner sect disciples were especially shocked.

“I never thought that Su Guan Hai had such capabilities. I’m afraid he is a fifth stage of Spirit Intermediate Disciple… He is not simple.”

Su Yun observed Su Guan Hai’s movement quietly and his face turned solemn.

To exchange blows with an expert and get involved with so many exquisite and outstanding techniques would benefit him if he could learn a thing or two….