Limitless Sword God Chapter 110

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Two Guys in the Same Room

Su Yun was not afraid of Relentless Heart Pavilion. To be exact, the strength of Relentless Heart Pavilion was no match for the Immortal Sword Sect, and they were just a bunch of inner sect disciples. What was there to be afraid of?

After exchanging hands with the Relentless Heart Pavilion, he went straight back to his room to cultivate. After dinner, he walked out of his room at a fast pace to the market in Snow Tang City to buy a few ingredients needed for tomorrow.

He always did things alone, and never tried to make a conversation with the disciples of the Su Family deliberately. Their curiosity of him began to grow.

Disguised as joining the Meet for the Fish Hunt, it was truthfully just a ruse. So many people came just to challenge a monster of the eighth level Spirit Soul Realm. Although the eighth level of a Spirit Soul Realm was enough to sweep away dozens of experts from the different sects, with so many towering figures, it was a tad exaggerating.

But if he took part in this mission this time round, he could help salvage his sect’s reputation slightly. There was quite a number of benefits. Since there were benefits, why not just put on a show?? Anyway, he had nothing to lose.

To obtain the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye was not an easy matter. The Heavenly Scale Fish King was in the eighth level Spirit Soul Realm. How rare was this high level monster? Its body was covered in treasures, and every sect could gain a part of its body as compensation. Something so important, like the Fish Eye, everyone would be snatching for it, so how difficult would it be to obtain it?

Su Yun pondered and hatched a plan in his mind.


With his current cultivation level, he could only obtain the treasure during chaos.

Then, how should he create chaos?

If it was simply just creating chaos, at most he needed to bewitch a few of the Spirit Intermediate Disciples of a lower level. If he met up with the fifth level and above Spirit Intermediate Disciples, then he might not be able to bewitch them. He was not sure if an almighty Spirit Soul Disciple would appear. If such a being appeared to obtain the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye, then the chances of him snatching it would be very low.

As Su Yun thought, he started going back and forth in the market.

After going around, he bought a few items he could use and went back to the inn.

Although it was night time, the disciples of Relentless Heart Pavilion were still sitting in the hall, drinking and gossiping. The Su Family was nowhere to be seen, as if they were lazy to share a room with them, and so they all went back to their own rooms.

Su Yun passed by the hall and all the people of Relentless Heart Pavilion stopped their discussions and movements. They looked at him anxiously, and no one dared to say things loudly, as if they were afraid of this temperamental being wanting to attack again.

Su Yun felt it was funny, but he said nothing at all and went straight back to his room.

Once he was back in his room, the chatter in the hall started to recover slowly.

In the room, Su Yun took out the ingredients he had bought one by one and laid them on his bed. At the same time, he took out a map of ‘Tai Qing Monastery’.

On the top right hand corner, was a marked region. That was Tai Qing Lakeside. The distance from Snow Tang City to Tai Qing Lakeside was merely just an hour’s journey. In between, there was a huge mountain, and beyond that, the field could be seen. In the middle of the field was Tai Qing Lakeside.

Su Yun studied the map for about half an hour and thought about it for a long time before he kept the map. He then started preparing all the ingredients he bought.

There were many different types of ingredients but they were all ordinary and not exquisite. Except for two items which are demonic in nature, and was rather problematic.

One was the skull of a  ‘Nine Evil Tooth Beast’. The ‘Nine Evil Tooth Beast’ was considered to be one of the lower level demons in the Demonic Continent. They had a cultivation of the fourth level in Spirit Core Disciple. It was available in many places, but was rarely seen in Sky Martial Continent. It was not easy to find it.

This skull of  a ‘Nine Evil Tooth Beast’ came from the black market and had a price of Twenty-three hundred thousand spirit coins.

The other item was ‘Devil Ape of the Canyon’. It was invaluable, and he spent nineteen thousand Spirit Coins.

The spirit coins he dug from Su Huo Yu previously, had all been spent.

But if he could secure the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye tomorrow, then all these purchases would be worth it.

The two demonic items had such thick Demonic Qi that Su Yun could only rely on the [Limitless Sword Manual] to cover them up. Although Sword Elder was unwilling, as he said the Qi almost seeped into the sword manual, Su Yun seemed to not care about it so much, and had placed him in a difficult situation.

Next, he settled the rest of the ingredients.

He peeked to the sky outside. It was already dark. Even though Snow Tang City could not be a night city due to the sects stopping by to rest but far from here, it was still pitch black.

Taking a deep breath, he started to get busy.

Another hour passed by.

All the ingredients were prepared. Those that were to be combined were combined, while those that required additional work, were done as well. A total of seven black balls were created.

“I’ll rely on you all when the time comes!”

Su Yun held onto the spheres as he examined them. Then, he whispered something and threw them right into his storage ring.

When all was done, he laid on his bed with his eyes closed and rested.

He did not know how long it had been…

Du, du!

A series of light knockings rang from his door.

Su Yun opened his eyes and looked over at the door, he was confused: “Who would come and find me?”

He thought for a long while before he stood up and walked over to open the door. ‘Hua la’.

He saw a man wearing green clothes standing, looking at Su Yun with a bland expression and nodded slightly: “Can I take a rest here?”

“I have not taken a rest yet!” Su Yun did not invite Su Guan Hai who came suddenly into his room. Instead, he asked curiously: “What brings Captain here so late?”

“I would like to talk to you for a while!”

Su Guan Hai’s face revealed a dull smile: “Do you mind?”

Su Yun lowered his head and thought. After which, he gave way with his body and gestured Su Guan Hai to enter.

Once in his room, he looked around and sniffed. He then asked: “What’s this stench?”

“It’s the smell of my foot when I wash it!”

Su Yun said casually and went over to the table to pour him a cup of tea.

Su Guan Hai heard and hurriedly covered his nose.

Su Yun brought the tea over.

“Thanks!” Su Guan Hai nodded and took a sip.

Su Yun did not drink the tea. He walked over to his bed and laid down immediately. With both his hands on his head and said: “Captain Guan Hai, if you have anything, please be straightforward. I want to rest earlier tonight!”

With that, Su Guan Hai fell silent. Only about forty to fifty breaths were expelled before he opened his mouth: “I’m here tonight as I… would like to ask Young Master Su Yun about the issue of your talent!”

“Talent?” Su Yun was shocked but he laughed instead: “Hahaha, Captain Guan Hai, did you mix up something? You’re asking a legendary garbage about problems with talent? Haha, you’re too sweet…”

“When did you recover your talent?”

Without waiting for Su Yun to laugh finish, Su Guan Hai asked suddenly.

Su Yun’s heart dropped and stopped smiling to look at him.

His eyes flickered and asked in a low voice: “Is this really important?”

“I’m just curious.” Su Guan Hai said.

“Two years ago!”

Su Yun casually blurted, but he was on his guard now.

He seemed to have gained some attention. If this went on, then whatever he do in the future, he would be affected. Seemed like he needed to be careful so he did not steal the limelight again.

“Two years ago?” Su Guan Hai was shocked and he asked: “How did you recover it?”

“Do you know how my talents turned weaker and weaker?”


“Then why do you want to know how I recovered?”

Su Guan Hai fell silent.

Su Yun’s intention was clear: if you won’t say why you’re here, then why should I tell you anything?

He pulled up his blankets to cover his face and said: “Captain Guan Hai, if there’s nothing else, please leave. Although we’re both men, for two men to share a room in the middle of the night would invite rumors, yeah? This world is messed up!”

Su Guan Hai: “…”

Su Guan Hai looked at the cup of tea on the table and looked at it for a bit before he bit his lips and said: “To be honest, my talent is also injured!”

“Oh?” Su Yun pulled away his blankets and gazed at him in confusion.

“Seven years ago, because of an accident, my spirit core was injured. I was dispirited and listless. I drank ‘bitter flower’ soup continuously for eighty days before I recovered. Even so, my talent could not fully recover. I used to be one of the outstanding disciples of the Su Family, but now… I’m no different from a normal person.”

Su Yun nodded and understood why Su Guan Hai would visit him so late in the night.

He was known for being garbage. He had cultivated for seven to eight years without any improvements but, recently, his power increased rapidly. How could it not gain any attention?

“I understand now, but… I can’t help you! You might want to make a trip down to Blossom Heart Valley to try your luck!”

He did not understand Su Guan Hai’s true personality, so he did not dare to lay things down so blatantly.

Moreover, there was a difference between the talent being injured and this weird illness of his. His own method might not even be effective on him.

Su Guan Hai smiled bitterly: “I’ve been to Blossom Heart Valley but, as I’m hurt badly, I needed a Valley master to heal. I’m afraid even the king of medicines would not be able to heal me, but why would the Valley Master want to help a small person like me?”

Su Yun was silent.

Su Guan Hai looked at the person on bed, without hesitating, he stood up and cupped his fist: “Since Young Master Su Yun is helpless too, then Su Guan Hai will bid his farewell now!”

With that, he was about to leave.

“Oh right!”

Suddenly, Su Yun yelled.


“I would like to ask something.” Su Yun thought for a moment and asked: “Who are you in Su Family? Why don’t I have any impressions of you?”

In his memory, he had never heard of Su Guan Hai. Afterall, he had minged with the inner sect before, yet he never heard of this person.

Su Guan Hai heard and was surprised. He then revealed a gentle smile: “I’m the back up heir of the Su Family. I only returned back to Su Family a few years back. It’s natural that Young Master Su Yun has no impression of me!”

“Oh…” Su Yun never said a word again, but the questions in his heart were still unanswered.

Su Guan Hai did not say another word, he turned and left.

After Su Guan Hai left, Su Yun also had no intention to sleep. He could not be bothered to think about Su Guan Hai so, instead, he sat on the bed with his knees bent and started bringing up Profound Spirit Qi.

When this mission is over, he would look into the ‘Limitless Sword Sheath’.

With that thought, Su Yun garnered all of his focus.

Two hours later, it was way past 1 am (TN: 11pm-1 am, a system to subdivide time to two-hour slots in the former time). Su Yun stood immediately, donned his white clothes, and carried the death sword and sword sheath. He took off the Su Family’s disciple plate around his waist, checked the ingredients in his storage ring once more and hastily left the inn.

The disciples of the Relentless Heart Pavilion had just gotten sobered and, one by one, they returned to their rooms, leaving the servants of the shop to clear up the mess.

Ruins of what was left behind from the fighting the other day were still there, but the Su family and Relentless Heart Pavilion people were compensating for the inn’s losses. As for the shopkeeper, he was still willing to serve this bunch of guests.

“Eh? Guest, it’s dark outside. Are you still heading out?”

The servant of the shop asked.

But Su Yun left quickly without replying to him.

Once he was out of the inn, Su Yun used the Spirit stallion he bought together with the ingredients yesterday and rode out of the city.

As there were many sects staying over, the Snow City did not lock the gates. It was very convenient to enter or exit the city. He followed the map and rode. After an hour, he came to the field that held Tai Qing Lakeside.

Gushes of wind blew over, rolling the clothes and his hair.

Su Yun looked at the vastness of the Tai Qing Lake as if it was a huge mirror. A tinge of radiance flashed across his eyes.