Limitless Sword God Chapter 111

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Who are you?

Tai Qing lakeside was extremely large, and the opposite bank laid near to the mountain range. On this side, there was a field. Several rocks littered around the lake, and the soil was loose.

At night, the moonlight shone on the lake causing the clear and crystalline water to dazzle. It was a splendid view.

Only, the calm lake would ripple at times, which seemed like it was agitated.

Su Yun dared not go so near to the lakeside. Underneath the lakeside lived a powerful being and because of this powerful being, it had caused the atmosphere around Tai Qing lakeside to be excessively thick. Even the Profound Spirit Disciples found it difficult to stay near there, they felt like their bodies were being ripped apart.

He stopped about a mile away from Tai Qing Lake’s shore and took out his map to calculate the distance, before moving closer.

The Meet for the fish hunt would be held tomorrow, at noon. No one would come here in the middle of the night. He borrowed the moonlight and found his predicted region. From his storage ring, he obtained the seven smog shots he had concocted previously.

Su Yun had learned a lot, and it was complicated, but he was best in two fields.

The first was medical expertise. .

Second, magical and mystical techniques.

The medical techniques started in Blossom Heart Valley, as he was mainly healing people. He did not study much into the poison techniques in Blossom Heart Valley. Initially, the reason he spent so much effort to get into Blossom Heart Valley was mainly to make use of the strong and powerful medical techniques to solve the innate problem with his talent, but to no avail.

But after learning the demonic techniques, and during the time he entered the Demonic Dao, Su Yun swallowed his courage because he knew, once he entered the demonic Dao, he would never become a person, and there would be no return.

As such, he craved for energy and chased after it like crazy.

But no matter how magical, or incredible, his Demonic Dao’s mystical techniques were, they never managed to bestow him with any energy until he found out a method…

He felt relieved all of a sudden. If he did not choose to set up an ambush and kill the leader of Immortal Dao, and chose to endure silently and used this method to cure his own illness, maybe he would not have a chance to start over again.


About half an hour later, the black balls were all buried underneath the soil, and so, a simple Demonic Mist Array was set up.

“Great, now I will put the two together and my preparation is done!”

Su Yun thought and looked over to Tai Qing Lakeside.

The Heavenly Scale Fish King would escape into the waters. That meant that the Heavenly Scale Fish King would ultimately lay dead in Tai Qing Lakeside!

So, this thing must be placed underneath the lake.


Right now, the Heavenly Scale Fish King was deep in the lake. If he dove down, he would only be seeking death. Moreover… the thickness of spirit Qi present was not something he could defend against. It was simply impossible for him to get near.

As Su Yun pondered the situation over and over again, he could only become frustrated.

Everything was ready, yet he was stuck here. That made it even more annoying.

He laid down on the grass facing up, looking at the pitch black sky. His eyes were complex.


At this moment, a meteor flashed past the pitch dark sky.

Su Yun was shocked. He stood up hastily as an idea flashed across his mind.

“I could give this a try.”

He took a deep breath in and studied his surroundings. Quickly, he found a stone that was one metre long and 2 metres wide.

He ran over, pressed onto the big stone and pushed with all his might.


The big stone was lifted.

Su Yun held his breath and looked at the lake that was far away. He roared lowly and, using all the Pure Divine Spirit Qi, ran forward for about ten steps, then threw the big stone over to the lake…


The big stone was being moved by Pure Divine Spirit Qi. As if it was the meteor that flew past the sky, the big stone flew…

When nearing the lakeside, it started to fall to the ground. Finally, it fell about 10 meters away from the lake.

When Su Yun saw this, he was extremely happy.

This Spirit Qi would only be effective on human beings and not on objects. Heaven was really helping me!

After winding up a bit, he was able to throw the big stone at least one mile away. If he threw it with more Pure Divine Spirit Qi, he could definitely throw it into the lake.

He looked to the left and right to find a stone that was about the same size as the previous one. Then he pulled out thousand Deep Sword and carved a hole in the middle of the stone.

After which, he took out the ‘nine Evil Tooth Beast’ and ‘Devil Ape of Canyon’.

Of course, the two items were covered with the ‘Limitless Sword Manual’. Or else the Demonic Qi would leak out and attract the attention of the Heavenly Scale Fish King.

“Rascal, you… You finally took these two items away! I, this elder, almost got fumigated by this Demonic Qi!”

Sword Elder panted as his voice emerged from the sword manual.

Su Yun heard and laughed: “Senior, I have no intentions of taking them away yet!”

“What! You still want me to bear with this rotting stench?” Sword Elder was stunned.

“Please help me, Senior. I will revive the Limitless Sword Sect!”

“Stop bullshitting, you! I, this elder, won’t believe in you! You have to take those away!”

“This… This can’t be done! It’s the last step already. If Senior, you’d like to help me, I will be able to attain the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye and my powers will increase by a lot!!”

Su Yun stated.

“The last step??”

Sword Elder did not understand.

Su Yun nodded: “Senior, you just need to bear with it for a while more and that will do!”

“Just a while more? This… Alright!” Sword Elder sighed and agreed to it.

“Thank you so much, senior. I will repay you one day!” Su Yun said hastily. After which, he placed the two items into the Limitless Sword Manual and hurried towards the stone stuffing it into the hole.

Immediately, the skull and the heart were inside of the stone, wrapped with the Limitless Sword Manual to cover their Demonic Qi. Su Yun took out Thousand Deep Sword, cast an array over it, and dripped a few of drops of his blazing Demonic blood.

When the ‘Blazing Demonic Blood’ and the ‘Demonic Qi’ came into contact with one another, they would explode. Although it was not strong, it was enough to crush the stones!

When the time came, it all boiled down to this blood.

Everything was settled. Su Yun picked up these stones and kept them.

“Oh yes, how long exactly is just a while more?”

At this time, sword Elder’s voice emerged from the stones.

“The fastest would be… Tomorrow noon!”


“The slowest would be… To see how long the Heavenly Scale Fish King can last!”

With that, Su Yun started running.

“Darn it!! Bastard, rascal, you’re playing with me! Quick, get these items away! Quick!!”

The sword elder shouted angrily from within.

“Senior, I will repay you nicely!”

Su Yun said and used all his energy to throw the stones out.


Pu dong! The stones fell into the lake and rippled…



The next day.

In front of the ruined Hao Family Inn, the disciples of the Su Family walked out and gathered outside.

The people of Relentless Heart Pavilion had left long ago. It was hard to imagine that those drunkards could actually get up so early, making the Su Family feel ashamed.

Su Guan Hai and the other inner sect disciples stood right at the front of their army, scanning through the crowd.

Su Guan Hai’s expression was calm and humble, but no one dared to rush him. Although he admitted defeat to Jue Xing Shi, his power and control of Qi were enough to subdue many people at the scene, even the inner sect disciple Su Yu Kong was convinced.

Everyone gathered, Su Guan Hai paused for a while, before opening his mouth.

“The various clans and sects of Snow Tang City and Tai Qing Lake has already left, to advanced towards Tai Qing Lakeside! We will move out after an incense time, we will reach the Meet at around 9-11 in the morning, you all have to bear in mind that once we reach our destination, we will be gathered with the experts, a gathering of the dragons, I dare not be rash, so we will peacefully wait. Once the experts have lured the Heavenly Scale Fish King out, help one another to attack. Do not stir trouble, do not make a racket, and take it upon yourself to bring honor to my Su Family! Do not lose the face of our Su Family, understand?”


Everyone shouted.

“Good!” Su Guan Hai nodded his head: “Everyone go and prepare, we will depart immediately!”

After an incense stick’s time.

The convoy neatly advanced towards the outside of Snow Tang City, and met many experts from other clans on the way. In truth, the people that the Su Family dispatched for the mission were comparably weaker, as all the other clans had Spirit Intermediate Disciples, with Spirit Core disciples that could be found everywhere else too, and a few of them whose cultivation base could not be seen through, with power that could cause people to tremble with a thought, unlike the Su Family that had these Spirit Novice Disciple mingling with them.

Seemingly like it was the first time for them to fight a Spirit Soul Disciple demon beast, although the Su Family was merely there to ‘support’, everyone was extremely excited, and they believed that, when they walk out on the streets in the future, they could brag to other people that they had slaughtered a Spirit Soul Disciple demon beast in their past!!

Su Yun was at the back of the convoy as per before, without saying a word, without making a sound.

Su Guan Hai occasionally looked at him, but also did not say a word and led the convoy forward.

On the way, different sects and different clans were seen.

Exuding Fire Sect.

Stellar Sun Mountain.

Smokey Wind Valley.

Three Items Deity Palace.

The Wang Family Estate.



Even the discipes from Blossom Heart Valley and Immortal Sword Sect were here, it could be said that the Meet for the Fish Hunt was rather grand. The power of Heavenly Scale Fish King was great, but from this, it seemed like a dead fish now.

“Eh? Isn’t that Young Master Su??”

Promptly, a voice rang out.

The Su family looked over.

Young master Su? Everyone here had a surname of Su, who knew who were they calling for?

To see an elder whose hair was white leading a group of girls and boys donned in jaded clothes.

They were from Blossom Heart Valley!

The eyes of the audience lit up.

“Ah? He’s master Gui Mo Jue from Blossom Heart Valley!”

Upon seeing this, Su Yu Kong got off his Spirit Stallion immediately and walked over hastily to pay respects to Gui Mo Jue: “You’ve healed my father who was ill. I can’t believe I’d meet the master again. I’m so lucky!”

Gui Mo Jue looked weirdly at Su Yu Kong and he asked curiously: “You are?”

“I am Su Yu Kong?”

“Su Yu Kong?” Gui Mo Jue was still muddleheaded. He smiled bitterly, slightly frustrated: “I have treated several people in my lifetime and I can’t remember all of them, please forgive me.”

“Oh.” Su Yu Kong did not say a word.

Su Guan Hai kept quietly and stared at Gui Mo Jue, trying to identify who he was looking for.

Gui Mo Jue walked to the back of the army hastily and over to the Spirit Stallion whom rider was wearing white clothes and was thinking hard about something with his head down. Alongside the stallion, he wrapped his fist and said: “Young Master Su Yun, Gui Mo Jue is here to pay his respects!”

With that action, the Su family eyes were all wide opened.

The great Master of Blossom Heart Valley, who was also known as Gui Mo Jue for his crafty hands and godly medical abilities, was actually so respectful and humble to an outer sect disciple of the Su family?

How was that possible?

Even the disciples of the Blossom Heart Valley were dumbfounded. Only those who had seen Su Yun were not so surprised.

A young man gained compliments from the king of medicine, who would not be in awe?

Of course.

After Gui Mo Jue paid his respects, the person had yet to reply him.

As usual, he was thinking about something with his head lowered down as if he did not noticed someone was beside him…

“Su Yun!”

Su Guan Hai could no longer tolerate and so he blurted out.


Su Yun was confused, he looked up to see Su Guan Hai giving him meaningful looks, and winking at him.

Su Yun was shocked. He then turned to look over to see an elder whose hair was as white as his white clothes smiling at him.

Su Yun had not reacted. He seemed to find this elder familiar but he did not give much thoughts about it and asked casually: “Who are you?”