Limitless Sword God Chapter 112

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The Fish Hunt

What’s with this freak? Gui Mo Jue actually bowed and bent his knees to come and speak to you, but you actually don’t even know who he is?

Everybody gasped cold air, and the disciples from Blossom Heart Valley looked at Su Yun with ill intent: This guy is so despicable!

Gui Mo Jue was termed as the ‘Ghost Hand Doctor’, and was the most important and highest existence to the eyes of the disciples in Blossom Heart Valley. But on this day, this young man in a white robe, riding a Spirit Stallion, was actually so rude. How could they not be angry?

But not waiting for the disciples to explode, that person immediately slapped his forehead, and looked panicked: “Oh… You are that…. That Gui Mo Jue??”

The disciples: “…..”

Su Family: “…..”

But Gui Mo Jue respectfully laughed, and was not angry at all: “Yes, that is me!”

“Oh, I did not expect to meet you here!”

Su Yun withdrew his train of thoughts and said: “For what? You have all came to join in the Fish Hunt too? How is Pill King doing?”

“Young Master Tuo is blessed, Pill King is fine, and regarding this Fish Hunt, Heavenly Scale Fish King has done so much evil, and the people are in so much distress, that I could not take it. So I dispatched myself, as well as a few outstanding disciples, to come and give aid and rescue lives, to help those citizens who were hurt by the Heavenly Scale Fish King! And to help others on the way to eliminate the main cause of disaster, the Heavenly Scale Fish King!!”

Gui Mo Jue laughed. His senses and actions still maintained respect, but did not let others feel that he was weak.

Su Yun was embarrassed to continue riding the Spirit Stallion, he somersaulted down the horse, and went along to chat with Gui Mo Jue by foot.

Seeing that Su Yun had a good relation to Gui Mo Jue, the Su Family people were astonished and amazed.

“Never could I imagine that Su Yun this brat would be able to hang around with Blossom Heart Valley’s people!!”

The people by the side muttered.

Both of Su Yu Kong’s eyes were overflowing with anger, and some jealousy, as he stared at Su Yun. He snorted, turned, and walked away.

“No wonder Su Yun, this brat who was termed as trash in the past, could actually train and rise so much in power. It was because he got people from the Blossom Heart Valley to cure him!”


“Yea, think about it. He was actually hailed as an unparalleled genius when he was young, so why did he suddenly become talentless? No matter how much he trained, he could not even increase his cultivation? I am guessing that he suffered some sort of injury, and this whole time he gained so much increase in his cultivation, I reckon the Blossom Heart Valley people are the only ones capable of aiding him to cure his injury, that is how talent recovered! Cultivation amplification!”

“That is very possible!”

The disciples of the Su Family discussed.

Su Yun’s ears moved a little bit. He heard all these words and sighed in relief, secretly. His heart was relaxed.

If it was in the past, and he met up with the people of Blossom Heart Valley and the Su Family got to know of it, there would be trouble. But it was different now. Gui Mo Jue’s presence explained the reason why he was dedicated to cultivating his own progress.

It was believed that this news would travel to the patriarch, and there would not be any suspicion raised. At least the existence of the [Limitless Sword Manual] would not be paid attention to.

Unknowingly, they arrived at Tai Qing Lakeside as he talked to Gui Mo Jue.

Stepping on the loose mud, the wind blew lightly, sending waves of aroma that were enticing.

Su Yun breathed in and looked over.

The Tai Qing Lakeside was crowded, with an estimated head count of at least three to four thousand disciples!!

All the sects and schools gathered in twos or threes, with some as many as hundreds, and there were at least twenty of them.

Exuding Fire Sect, Stellar Sun Mountain, Smokey Wind Valley, Three Items Deity Palace, The Wang Family Estate, Relentless Heart Pavilion, Heart Blossom Valley, Divine Sword Sect…

All the big and small powers from the Southern region had gathered. It was bustling with noise and excitement. The only ones not up to standard were the disciples. The true experts were not on the site yet.

“So many people!!”

“I never thought the Meet for the Fish Hunt would attract so many powerful figures. People really do give face to the Tai Qing Monastery!!”

The Su family disciples were deeply moved.

Everyone swept their line of sight, only to see that, on this huge Tai Qing Lakeside, there was a huge, exquisite pagoda floating above. The pagoda was releasing circles and circles of golden aura, enveloping the entire lakeside. The thick and deep Profound Spirit Qi mixed with the wind and slapped everybody’s faces.

“That is a Subduing Demons Pagoda!”

Gui Mo Jue exclaimed.

“Is that the Three Items Deity Palace chief instructor, Dian Hong’s, artifact??”

Su Yun asked.


Gui Mo Jue nodded his head: “Dian Hong is using the Subduing Demons Pagoda to trap the entire lakeside, and prevent the Heavenly Scale Fish King from escaping! So many powerful tyrants have gathered over here, the Fish King would be so shocked and scared to fight, why would it not think of escaping? Having this treasure to suppress it, the entire Tai Qing Lakeside is locked, and the Fish King can only dream about escaping!”

“Why can’t everybody just instantly show their hands and kill the Fish King?”

At this time, a Blossom Heart Valley disciple at the side asked.

“Kill?” Gui Mo Jue shook his head: “This Heavenly Scale Fish King at best is an existence of the eighth stage Spirit Soul Disciple realm. Truthfully, other than those few Spirit Soul Disciples who could take action, the rest of the people could not even dream about injuring even half an inch of the Fish King. Don’t see and think of the huge number of people, truthfully, the number of people who have fought with the Heavenly Scale Fish King is only a handful. Even with Dian Hong’s treasure to suppress it, you have to carefully watch them fight the Heavenly Scale Fish King….I reckon that he will not come out of this unscathed!”

“Is the fish king so strong?” The disciple exclaimed.

“You think so? If not why would Tai Qing Monastery, a just and honourable sect, not find their way out? And have to ask help from all the powerful figures?”

Gui Mo Jue shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Su Yun remained silent.

When they arrived at the lakeside, all the sects were in position and about to bid farewell to the people of Blossom Heart Valley.

Su Yun planned to ride his stallion and stay at the back of the army, but the Su Family turned their heads occasionally and looked at him with eyes full of respect.

His power was great and profound, and he was well respected by the Blossom Heart Valley’s Ghost Hand Doctor. Who would still dare to call a person like him a garbage?

But they paid attention to him for awhile only before they turned their gaze away. Because in this peaceful Tai Qing Lakeside, a series of huge waves started to ripple through right now to see a crude and gigantic fish, embellished with gold scales, rushing out from the water and into the suspended ‘subduing demons pagoda’.

Dong! ! ! !

A heavy explosion resonated. The Profound Spirit Qi rushed in all directions like lightning and crashed into the subduing demons pagoda, which was emitting the golden Qi trap.

The golden Qi trap shook crazily and, and cracks started to show up. Seeing these signs, the Heavenly Scale Fish King was about to break free from the trap.

Everyone near to the lakeside jumped and retreated backwards. The crowd became chaotic.

Dian Hong, who was standing at the side of the lakeside supporting the subduing Demons Pagoda, turned pale. In one hand, he held a manual. Pointing to the pagoda, he used his body’s Profound Spirit Qi and sent it to the subduing Demons Pagoda to stabilise it.

The experts from Stellar Sun Mountain and Smokey Wind Valley attacked immediately to support Dian Hong, while some sent their Profound Spirit Qi to stabilise the Subduing Demons Pagoda and the golden trap to suppress the Heavenly Scale Fish King.

“People!! You can’t keep me in here, I’ll kill all of you in a while, kill all of you! And then, turn all of you into my food!! Ah ha ha!”

Heavenly Scale Fish King roared angrily.

The roars resounded like thunder.

The ground shook slightly as if the Fisk King had cast a mystical techniques and the floor tore apart.

“Demon, you can only dream about escaping!”

Right at this moment, someone shouted.

To see a group of people started to fly towards the lake from a mountain far away.

On a closer look, this group of people had pastel blue robes and wore Taoist temple headdress on their head. All the males and females had a mysterious dust and printed on their chests, was the Tai Chi symbol. They were the disciples from Tai Qing Monastery.

As for the leader, he looked clean. His eyebrows were in line, skin white and there was a mole under his eye. He was about twenty five or six years old. And he was the current head of Tai Qing Monastery Tai Shang Tuo. (TN: Tai Shang; A title for respected Taoists)

As the disciple clenched the mysterious dust around his fists, he flew quickly to land on the side of the lakeside. With a wave of the dust, he pushed a circle of Profound Spirit Qi towards the gigantic golden trap.

A flash of golden light flickered across the Subduing Demons Pagoda. The power grew and the strength of suppression suddenly increased by a lot.

Tai Shang Tuo’s cultivation was at the second level of Spirit Soul Disciple. Although he was not as strong, and would not be able to defeat the Heavenly Scale Fish King, today he had the help from many towering figures. He had no fear.

Tai Shang Tuo’s presence of Profound Spirit Qi immediately suppressed Heavenly Scale Fish King. Hong Dian and the others sighed a breath of relief.

Very quickly, Tai Qing Lakeside regained its peacefulness. The Heavenly Scale Fish King seemed to have dived down deep under the lake and did not create chaos again.

Everyone saw this and sighed a breath of relief.

“I didn’t expect this brat to actually be so strong!!”

“Even if it is an eighth stage Spirit Soul Disciple existence or not, there are only a few of us who can compete. Just now, that stroke, if it had pounded on the group of people, I have no idea how many lives would have been taken today!!”

“Luckily Master Dian Hong has foresight, and already prepared to lock down Tai Qing Lakeside. If not, we would have had a hard time already!”

Each and every disciple of the different sects were busy discussing.

“There’s no time to lose, let us begin!”

A clear voice rippled out, breaking the buzzing sound in the field.

The entire field immediately quietened down.

Only a red streak of light flying in the air could be seen, which suddenly stopping above.

Everyone looked, in the air, was a guy dressed in a smoky red attire.

This person had strong and boundless Qi, overbearing grandeur that shook people, especially his looks, dressed in red armor from head to toe, his entire hair was red, long and braided sideburns, huge bronze eyes, and had a fierce looking face, simply boorish!

Who was he exactly?

Who he was.

But they saw Tai Qing Monastery’s overseer open his mouth: “This is the seventh elder from Exuding Fire Sect, who has a high cultivation base. With him, the Heavenly Scale Fish King is considered exterminated!!”

An elder!!

The different sects below were all amazed. Who could have thought that even the elder from Exuding Fire Sect would be invited!!

The Su Family people relaxed themselves, and Su Guan Hai opened his mouth: “Since the Elder from the Exuding Fire Sect is here, then there is nothing here for us already. Everyone gather up later. No one has to be near the fight, just providing some assistance would be sufficient!! Remember, the most important thing is to preserve your life!”

“Yes sir!”

Su family people shouted.

The other sects started to line up

Hu Rong, who was above, stared at the people below and bellowed: “All my cultivator friends, I, Hu Rong will pull out the Fish King out from the water in a while. Please come together and attack. There is no special strategy. I think that, with so many people, there is no need for one! A small fry like him will not live long! Now, everybody, please get ready. Hu Rong is going down soon!”

“Please cast your techniques, Elder Hu!!”

The people below from all sects shouted.

With someone stepping up to the plate, how could they not be happy? So every sect agreed happily.


Hu Rong nodded and held his breath. He stared at the gigantic lake and dived down.

Hong Dian saw from afar, and quickly dispersed the Subduing Demons Pagoda.

The golden trap above the Tai Qing Lakeside disappeared immediately.

Plop, Boom!!!

Hu Rong fell like a red meteor into the Tai Qing Lakeside. In a split second, the peaceful lakeside suddenly turned into a roaring sea, waves surging forth again and again…

Everyone took out their weapons and waited…