Limitless Sword God Chapter 113

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The Battle with Fish King

Hu Rong dived into the lake and everyone started to become excited.

Su Yun and the others came down from their stallions and gathered around Su Guan Hai. Pairs of eyes stared tightly at the interior of the lake.

Su Yun took out his Thousand Deep Sword. His gaze did not set upon the lake for too long. His eyes would occasionally turn to look at the place he buried those beads yesterday.

But there were people standing over there, and they were the people from Stellar Sun Mountain.

Hua hua hua hua hua…

A ray of multi-coloured light emitted from the lakeside. Each expert from each sect casted their mystical techniques. Several were techniques that could temporarily increase their cultivation.

The Su Family gave their captain several items that could increase his cultivation, speed, and the strength of his muscles temporarily. Since Su Huang Ming died along the way, the Su family could only follow what the others were doing.

Right after that, everyone from all sects were ready.

And at this moment, the waves on the lake became fiercer and stronger.

Everyone breathed anxiously.


Hua la!

The entire lake cracked open, and a gigantic carp rushed out of the waters, falling hard on the shore at the side.


The entire field shook three times, and the dust and stones flew.

The disciples over there were flipped over, one by one, they all retreated.

Everyone looked over to see the carp covered with golden scales. This fish was a hundred metres long, its brain was huge and its pair of eyes were like two humongous pockets, dark and deep, terrifying as hell.

Its body was surrounded by a circle of dull golden light as though it was an armour protecting its body. Below its body, a huge white array suddenly appeared. With a flip, it did not care if it would be injured and used all his energy to withstand the array.

“Heavenly Scale Fish King!!”

Someone shouted.

“Ah, this Fish King is only so so!!”

Hu Rong flew from behind laughed coldly.

Everybody on sight breathed in cold air, This Hu Rong actually threw the Heavenly Scale Fish King out! !

“All of you people who have not experienced death, you dare to step into my territory, and still openly provoke me! Watch me tear every single one of you up!”

The Heavenly Scale Fish King’s teeth was completely covered in steel, as it opened its’ big mouth, releasing a thunderous sound. After that, its body starting to squirm as it started to move left and right and opened its mouth. Legs and hands appearing, and it suddenly placed its hands on the floor, whole body rising upwards, as the entire fish literally stood up.


The cultivators who had just entered the Spirit Intermediate Disciple realm had never seen such a fiendish monster before. All of their faces turned pale white and retreated in panic. Only the Spirit Core Disciples had calm and composed faces, prepared to fight.

What about the Su Family? This kind of clan that was inferior and made up of weaker cultivators, seeing this kind of existence, where would they find the guts to welcome the enemy?


Su Guan Hai shouted.

The disciples of the Su Family hurriedly retreated backwards. Only when they were about five hundred metres from the Heavenly Scale fish King did they stop.

A few other small clans, after seeing Su Guan Hai, also retreated backwards, as they were scared of receiving the ripples of Qi attacks from the powerful cultivators, resulting in them throwing their lives away for nothing.

“Tear us up? Ke, today I will use you to cook some dishes for drinking wine!!”

Hu Rong shouted, and immediately rushed forward.

Tai Qing Monastery’s lord beside him was relatively strong too, and went over to support. When the lord showed his hand, everyone else also attacked for the kill.

Exuding Fire Sect.

Stellar Sun Mountain.

Three Items Deity Palace.

Blossom Heart Valley.


Almost all the experts from the bigger sects helped to hold the array and got involved in this fight.

The scene was chaotic, as all sorts of mystical techniques were produced.

The Profound Spirit Qi in mid air was as complicated and messy as a pot-pourri, mixing into one.

Heavenly Scale Fish King continuously pulled out mystical techniques, but no matter where it struck, there would be someone blocking him.

“It’s so powerful, the Qi of those people mixed with the Heavenly Scale Fish King and formed a huge ball of Qi. People like us who have weaker capabilities might not be able to get close to it!”

Su Kang retreated back intelligently and looked at the agitated scene. He said as he widened his eyes.

“We don’t need to get involve in this! We can just wait. When the Heavenly Scale Fish King dies, everybody rush forward and pull down the weapons on Heavenly Scale Fish King’s body. As such, the Su Family will come out victorious!!”

At this moment, Su Yu Kong yelled.

“The Heavenly Scale Fish King’s cultivation is very high! Each scale on its body is invaluable. If you can get one or two, you will benefit from it!”

“Yes, items from this demon of the Spirit Soul Disciple realm are considered a rare item during auction! If you use it to exchange for medicine and treasures… You can probably exchange for quite a lot!”

The disciples of Su family’s eyes lit up, and their greed grew.

Su Guan Hai heard this and shook his head continuously: “Everyone, there are many experts on the scene and there is only one Fish King. since when will we ever have a turn to obtain the object on its body? We only need to facilitate this fight and then return back safely to Su family. Don’t be greedy or else we will end up with a conflict with other sects. In the end, we would be the one losing out!”

Su Guan Hai’s words were honest and logical. The only expert from the Su family’s group, Su Huang Ming, was dead, the group had already gone through the experience of Jaded Clause Wolves. Their power was weak. On the scene, at least eighty percent of the experts were stronger than the Su family. When it was the time to snatch the Fish King’s body, there would be some abrasion no matter what, but once there was a conflict, the Su family would never be at an advantage.

Although it was brutally honest, when spoken out loud, the inner sect disciples were unhappy.

Su Yu Kong frowned and said: “Captain Guan Hai, your capabilities are not too bad. Why are you so cowardly? Do you want us to stand aside and not help? Unless you wish for us to make an empty trip here? If that’s the case, I won’t stand for it!”

“Yeah, Captain Guan Hai. We’re merely small characters but we don’t wish to remain that way for the rest of our lives. If we make use of this opportunity, and gain some benefits. Use it to exchange for some treasures and spirit coins, our cultivation could soar to greater heights!!”

An outer sect disciple stated.

“That’s right!” Su Kang could not resist the temptation and nodded in agreement: “There are many successful figures who hold absolute power, it’s not because they worked hard but because they had many chances we did not have. Now, we have one, why don’t we make full use of it, unless we’re suppose to live like this for the rest of our lives??”

“Think about the treasures and bead pills. We could make a move!!”

The Su Family shouted in unison.

The outer sect looked forward to using the objects obtained from the Heavenly Scale Fish King in exchange for huge numbers of spirit coins to purchase good medicine and treasures to increase their power, so they could enter the inner nect. While the inner sect people hoped to use the objects of Fish King to present to the patriarch to be qualified to enter the patriarch’s faction.

Su Guan Hai listened, and thought deeply for a long while, before lightly sighing.

“Since it is like this, then I won’t say much, then, it is up to all of you! Hais…”

“He, Captain Guan Hai, wait for a while more before taking action. You had better give us protection, the loots will be shared with you all!”

Su Yu Kong laughed, after that he picked up his weapon, and headed towards the Heavenly Scale Fish King.

Upon seeing this, the other members swiftly followed Su Yu Kong, until only a few disciples remained by Su Guan Hai.

The Su family split up, but Su Yun pretended not to hear, as his entire focus was on the Fish King.

The fish king’s strength was profound and tyrannical. Every smash of his would ‘shatter the earth and flip the heavens’, the entire Tai Qing lakeside followed its magic as it wreaked havoc, madly striking around.

But, each and every strong figure from all the different sects and clans, was surrounding and attacking, actually beating down the Heavenly Scale Fish King, an eighth stage Spirit Soul Disciple realm existence, disallowing it to retaliate!


The Heavenly Scale Fish King was wounded by a few strikes, it’s scales broke open, and it’s skin was mutilated. Since its situation wasn’t looking good, it waved its huge stone hammer, forcing the surrounding people to retreat, turn it’s body, and rushed towards Tai Qing Lakeside.

Almost there!

Witnessing this, Su Yun who was far away, had his heart tighten, he carried the Thousand Deep Sword and ran over.

“En? Su Yun, you too have decided to join them?” Su Guan Hai asked.

Su Yun muttered something, but Su Guan Hai could not catch anything he was saying, as Su Yun’s gaze was fixed right at the Heavenly Scale Fish King.

That gaze?

Su Guan Hai was hiddenly surprised.

“Want to escape?”

Hu Rong realised the Heavenly Scale Fish King’s plan, and suddenly turned around, his figure exploding outwards, leaving an afterimage behind, but in a second, it released an unfathomable pressure that can not be estimated, unexpectedly forcing the Heavenly Scale Fish King’s enormous figure to suddenly be pulled back.


Heavenly Scale Fish King was caught off guard, and immediately got stuck on the floor due to the enormous Qi pressure. It’s stomach was cut open, its  weakness openly exposed!!

“Good chance!!”

Everyone rejoiced, and shouted out loud.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh.

Countless patient tyrants who were waiting from all directions suddenly took action together, striking towards the Heavenly Scale Fish King.

Every one of them releasing their killing techniques!!


Su Yun’s, who was heading towards the Heavenly Scale Fish King, heart shivered.

Unexpectedly, the Heavenly Scale Fish King did not manage to go into the water, could it be that… It was going to get killed on the shore by them?

If it happened like that, then…  The thing in the water… Wouldn’t it be useless?

A chill went down Su Yun’s mind, if it was like that, everything would be wasted.

No way, I have to think of something.


Suddenly, an extremely angry roar sounded out, suddenly the water from Tai QIng Lakeside flew out by itself, and the lake suddenly became dry, as a great amount of fishes and shrimps inside were exposed, while all the lake water, flowing and dancing as if it was alive, transformed into something like a long water dragon, and once it transformed completely, it flew straight towards the Heavenly Scale Fish King…


The water dragon flew onto the Heavenly Scale Fish King’s body, and immediately scattered, becoming an overflowing flood, flooding all directions!!!

Gurgle gurgle gurgle gurgle….

In an instant!

All the clans’ tyrants suffered a crushing defeat, they were caught unprepared!

Many rushed over to the lake and the scene was chaotic. It was filled with shrill screams, angry shouts and hoarse voices.

Su Yun noticed and his heart was shocked. He could not care about the wave that was coming right at him, his gaze went straight to the bottom of the lake.

He saw the stone he had thrown in yesterday was lying quietly amongst the mud at the bottom of the sea. It had yet to reveal anything.

“Hurry and run!!”

Su Guan Hai’s face was white, and turned his neck and shouted.

The Su family retreated hastily.

Su Yun exhaled and jumped onto the big rock and leaped into the air then towards the lake.

“Where are you going, Su Yun?” Su Guan Hai shouted.

“Captain, the water can’t drown this place, I’ll be hiding there to wait for a chance to kill Heavenly Scale Fish King!”

Su Yun jumped on the stones that had yet been covered by the lake water and shouted…

Very quickly, the lake water washed away. The majority of the water flowed back into the lake. But the sects around had been washed away in shock and disorder.

Yet, the Heavenly Scale Fish King made use of the retrograde flow of the lake water and returned back deep under the lake, hiding and not coming out.

Hu Rong and the others saw and cursed The Heavenly Scale Fish King for being so sly and cunning.

“Wait till I drag Heavenly Scale Fish King out again!!”

Hu Rong shouted and placed his head into the Tai Qing Lakeside again.

Four others from their sects who were strong in Spirit Soul Disciple waited in mid air at the side of Tai Qing Monastery.

Hu Rong entered the lake and not long later, ripples formed and huge waves started roaring.

Right at this moment, a huge amount of blood started to gush out from the lake.

When the people saw it, their faces turned awful.

“This sly and cunning Heavenly Scale Fish King has a lot of dirty tricks. It is already at its wits end, I’m afraid he might use all sorts of methods. We should not wait any longer. Everybody, let us get down under the river and chop this demon. What do you say??”

Tai Shang Tuo from Tai Qing Monastery shouted.


The others nodded their head and leaped into the lake.

Plop plop plop plop…

The sounds were continuously heard.

How would Su Yun, who was standing by the lakeside, dare to hesitate? He also hurriedly jumped into the lake!!

Once he was in the lake, he saw the profound expert, Hu Rong was already turning both his hands into power and tore an arm from the Heavenly Scale Fish King….

It seemed like the Heavenly Scale Fish King would not live any longer.

Su Yun heart trembled. He held tightly to his Thousand Deep Sword and stealthily swam over towards the rock that had fallen to the bottom of the lake….