Limitless Sword God Chapter 115

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Prince Fu Su

The ray of light shone down, like the gradually rising sun, shining onto everybody present.

Many of the sects were unsatisfied with the way the purple robed expert and Hu Rong were doing things, but they were merely just the outer or inner sect disciples of their clans and sects. Their position was not high, so how would they dare to refute? Especially Hu Rong, he was the elder of Exuding Fire Sect, a was a famous person, and all the sects and clans would definitely not fall into his bad books because of a few outer or inner sect disciples, as Hu Rong was literally the representative of Exuding Fire Sect already.

People with grievances had no choice but to tolerate in silence, as everyone there was a clever person anyways, having an investigation would not cause them to lose out, only their faces.

The jade umbrella released a bright light aura that cleansed everybody. From the front to the back, all of them were exposed to the light.

Su Yun stared at the light that was coming towards him, expression somewhat solemn.

“Boy, there shouldn’t be a problem right?”

Sword elder’s voice came out from within the Limitless Sword Art manual.

“Limitless Sword Art manual is able to conceal the Heavenly Crystal Qi, how can it not conceal the Heavenly Scale Fish King Qi?”

Su Yun frowned: “And the Heavenly Crystal has replenished. If I am caught by them, I have nothing to fear. At most, I will use the Heavenly Crystal to fight!! If I cannot fight, can’t I run?”

“That is right, but if it goes like this, you cannot stay in the Su family anymore, and your plan might get cut in the middle, no?”

“En!” Su Yun nodded his head: “So unless it is of a crucial time, I do not wish to use the Heavenly Crystal, and… There is a more important place that I will use it. At this time, if I can hide, then I will just hide!”


In the midst of their conversation, the light had already shined over, and immediately enveloping Su Yun’s entire body.

Jiu jiu jiu jiu jiu jiu jiu!

During this time, a row of weird, scuttling, pitter patter sounds suddenly sounded.

Everyone looked towards the Su family.

Su Yun’s eyes were opened big, how is that possible? Unless the [Limitless Sword Art manual] was unable to conceal the Qi?


Just as he thought he became exposed, he found out that everybody was not looking at him. Instead…they were looking at Su Yu Kong who was at his side…

Su Yun was shocked, he turned to look.

Su Yu Kong stood where he was, in a daze. Blood drained from his face as his lips trembled. His pupils constricted as he looked at everyone in daze.

The purple robed expert saw and flew over.

“The jaded fan had some reaction, it must be this man who stole my items for his own personal advantages!!”

Purple robed expert yelled. With a wave, the jaded fan flew over and floated between the people of Su family. It poured a circle of snow white Qi trap and caged the Su family within.

The Su family instantly turned into chaos.

“Kneel down immediately and hand over the parts of the Heavenly Scale Fish King! Or else, I will not let you go!!”

The purple robe expert was overpowering as he roared.


Su Yu Kong kneeled down immediately and said in a high pitched, shaky voice: “Sir… I… I do not take any parts from the Heavenly Scale Fish King!! I didn’t take any!!”

“Things have reached this stage, and you still dare to refute!? If it wasn’t you who stole the parts of Heavenly Scale Fish King then why are your hands stained with Heavenly Scale Fish King’s Profound Spirit Qi?”

Su Yu Kong was stunned. He looked at his own hands in a daze to see it being enveloped by a layer of Qi. the jaded fan quickly dissected and disengaged, flying in all directions.

“This… This…”

“What else do you have to say??”

Purple robe expert said coldly.

The people of the Su family was dumbfounded. No one expected Su Yu Kong to be so daring to steal the things the expert wanted.

Su Yun was shocked, even he did not know when Su Yu Kong had stained his hands with Heavenly Scale Fish King’s Profound Spirit Qi?

“I can’t believe it, the people of the Su family are so audacious. They even dared to covet the things the experts wanted!”

“Ah, the Su family sure is one of a kind!”

“If there are no experts, will this Heavenly Scale Fish King be killed? They sure don’t know any limits!”


All of the sects started mocking the Su family and looked at them with disgust on their faces.

After all, they were taking advantage of a chaotic situation for their own personal advantage, and stole the expert’s items. If this news travelled out, the reputation of the Su family would be tarnished.

“No, I really didn’t take it. I really didn’t. I can swear!!”

Su Yu Kong shouted hurriedly.

But it was of no use, the purple robe expert stepped up and kicked him over.

Su Yu Kong vomited a mouthful of fresh blood. His body shook. At this point in time, no one could help him.

“I’ll ask you again, will you hand over the body parts?” The purple robed expert asked coldly.

“I… I really didn’t take it..” Su Yu Kong shouted weakly: “ I… It was only when I saw the Heavenly Scale Fish King was being cut opened… I thought… I thought of obtaining its internal organs… It must be right then that I accidentally stained my hands with its Profound Spirit Qi and created such a misunderstanding… I… I really didn’t take it!!”

“How dare you contend this?? I will kill you right now!!”

The purple robed expert was agitated. He kicked straight at his head. From this kick, his leg could possibly kick open Su Yu Kong’s head!


At that moment, two voices rang.

One was Gui Mo Jue, the master from Blossom Heart Valley,

and the other, was Su Guan Hai from the Su family.

The two went up front and tried to persuade the purple robed expert.

“Sir, this matter requires further investigation. You can’t just decide who the culprit is with Qi!” Su Guan Hai stated.


“Sir, it’s just a dead item. Why torment other people for a piece of dead a item? Please, be gracious, Sir, and let this man go!!” Gui Mo Jue said.

“No way!”

Without waiting for Purple Robe expert to say another word, Hu Rong moaned from behind: “You’re just a tiny Spirit Intermediate Disciple and you dare rebel against me. If I just let this pass today, then how else am I going to face Sky Martial Continent?”

“That’s right! This person must hand over the body parts! Or else, you people of the Su Family can forget about leaving!”

The other experts bellowed.

Everyone shouted in anger. The people of the Su Family felt burdened, as if their hearts were pressed down by several mountains and were suffocating. They were on the verge of breaking down mentally.

This was the strong putting pressure on the weak.

Su Guan Hai knitted his brows and turned to face the purple robed expert, Hu Rong and others. He was not panicking as he wrapped his fist, neither obsequious nor supercilious, and said: “Sir, the situation was very sudden. Nobody expected such things to happen. Also, the disciples were closer to Heavenly Scale Fish King’s corpse, it is inevitable for them to stain some Qi. You can’t judge just based on that!”

“If that’s the case, then you let him hand over the body parts! If he can do that, I won’t let him die!!” The purple robed expert said coldly.

Compared to Su Yu Kong’s life, what he wanted, was pride and benefits!

Su Guan Hai turned slightly and looked at Su Yu Kong.

Su Yu Kong held a bitter face: “I…I really didn’t take it!!”

“Are you people of Su family not putting me in your eyes??”

The purple robed master was enraged. He chopped towards Su Yu Kong with his palm. It was obvious this strike was to kill him.

“Sir, don’t!!” Su Guan Hai rushed over to defend him.

But did the purple robed master have any intentions of giving mercy? His intention to kill was revealed, and he had no hesitation nor did he hold back!

The people of the Su Family looked with their eyes wide open, their hearts hanging on the edge of a cliff.

It was a matter of life and death!


A loud voice resonated. Only to see a yellow beam of light flying past and covered the palm of purple robe expert.


The two knocked against one another. A crazy and ruthless Profound Spirit Qi rippled through causing the people around to take a few steps back.

“Who is it!!!”

The purple robed expert remained still. Seeing that his palm had been stopped, he shouted.

The yellow lit man retreated about ten over steps before stopping.

They found out that it was yet another Su Family member.

This man wore a gold jaded crown, with two long tassels at the side, donning a yellow coloured robe. He looked clean and his face was slightly pale. He was not exactly tall but he was proportionate, and was full of taste. Especially around his waist, there hung two long swords.

The plate was carved a very big ‘Su’ word.

All the sects were shocked.

To be able to defend against the purple robed expert’s strikes and stand there… This person’s power was not too bad! He had to be at least at the fifth stage of Spirit Soul Realm.

“Prince Fu Su!!”

At that moment, a few inner sect disciples that were previously stunned, suddenly came back to reality and cheered.

“Prince Fu Su? This is Prince Fu Su??”

“Geez, he… He actually came!!”

“Now there’s help, this is great!!”

The Su family cheered in joy and was clearly overwhelmed.

Ten bodyguards from the Su family rode on their spirit Stallions from afar. They gathered behind the Su Family, but they did not get off the stallions. Instead, they stared tightly at the purple robed expert and the other experts.

The purple robed expert was even more angry now. He stared at the incoming people and yelled: “Who are you? How dare you stop me? Do you not want to live??”

The young master in yellow robe revealed a stiff smile: “Sir Zi Xu, don’t be angry. Your Smokey Wind Valley and the Su Family are considered close. There is surely not a need to rifle our relationship for a Spirit Soul Disciple beast’s corpse and a few items, right?”

“Then, what you meant to say is to let this matter pass?” Sir Zi Xun, whom was named by the young master in a yellow robe asked coldly.

“Of course not!” The yellow robed young master, who was also known as Prince Fu Su froze a smile and turned to look at Su Yu Kong who was still kneeling on the ground and said: “How about this… Let me settle this for you. What do you say? I will give you a satisfactory report.”

“Oh?” Sir Zi Xu looked at Hu Rong and the others to see all of them nodding and agreeing: “If that’s the case, I would like to see how you will handle this!!”


Prince Fu Su revealed his usual, ugly, stiff smile and headed towards Su Yu Kong.

“Prince!! Young master, young master, I… I didn’t take those things. I… I merely had the thought to take the things in the fish’s stomach. The others… I… I really didn’t touch at all!”

Su Yu Kong stuttered as he shouted and looked at Fu Su as if he saw somebody that could save his life.

“As such, if I let you hand out those items, you… Won’t be able to?” Prince Fu Su asked in a low voice. He reached out his face to caress Su Yu Kong’s face as if he was a caring mother.

Su Yu Kong was shocked, his eyes were filling up with tears and his voice shaking: “I…I didn’t take… How… How do I hand them over? You can’t… Expect me to make them appear like this right?”

“I understand!”

Prince Fu Su nodded and let go of his hands, patted on his shoulders and turned around.

Sir Zi Xu frowned.

To see prince Fu Su looking at him and continue to smile, which was unbearable to look at.


Keng qiang!

The two swords around Prince Fu Su was pulled out and like a yellow eel, he turned around smoothly. The swords were covered with a thick layer of Swift Wind Spirit Qi and he chopped towards Su Yu Kong’s brain viciously.


With two swords, and three segments!

Su Yu Kong’s head fell to the ground. His fresh blood and his brain juices spewed all over the floor and he… passed away immediately.

Everyone was stunned.

The surrounding was dead silent!

Prince Fu Su turned around calmly, raised the two swords stained with fresh blood and placed in his hands horizontally. He then walked over to Sir Zi Xu.

His strides were slow but with strength. He was calm, but was not smiling anymore. Neither was there hastiness.

He stood at the front of Sir Zi Xu and said lightly: “The Su family is not able to hand out the items. The sin that Su family carries, I, Fu Su, will carry upon this sin. If Sir Zi Xu still wants to investigate into this matter, then please use this sword to behead me!”

With that, the two swords pierced into the ground as the body of the swords trembled….