Limitless Sword God Chapter 117

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Then I’ll give it a Try

The Great Clan Elder had been the one in charge of the Su Family for more than seventy years. He had a profound cultivation, and his age was several folds of any ordinary man.

It was said that, when the Great Clan Elder was younger, he accomplished something unusual in his cultivation, which led to him being unable to produce offsprings until he completed the technique. Only then would he be able to impregnate women. Hence, the Great Clan Elder looked so old, but his offsprings were only in their twenties, and some in their thirties.

Compared to other offsprings, amongst the offsprings that the Great Clan Elder had , the most outstanding one was Su Dong Fang. he was humble, respectful, and suave. His cultivation level was not low and could be called as Master. Hence, within the inner sect, he had a noble status.

As for the other offsprings, they were slightly weird.

The second eldest, Su Dong Hao, did not give much thought about cultivation. Instead, he had a penchant for demonic studies. Frequently, he would send people out towards the Jing Hu town to purchase the demonic ingredients that were on auction. Then, he would hide in his room. Nobody knew what he was trying to make.

Su Dong Hao had a pet peeve. He was indifferent to everyone, and even if Su Dong Fang and the others talked to him, he would walk away half way through the conversation. Even so, everyone was shocked to realise that he was extra obedient to one particular person.

And that was none other than the third child of the Great Clan Elder, Su You Rong.

Su You Rong was not good looking. She was only considered so-so, not pretty or ugly. She kept her hair short, and was slightly on the plump side. She did not have a pretty face and, even with makeup, she was not as pretty as other female Spirit Cultivators.

But what was shocking was that, although Su You Rong did not had poise nor looks, she actually liked girls!

For a girl not to like boys, and instead had feelings for the same sex, was definitely eye-catching.

And so, Su You Rong had gotten famous.

Of course, if she just liked them, then it was alright. The problem was, Su You Rong only liked the beautiful female Spirit Cultivators, and not just any normal female Spirit Cultivators.

Initially, Su You Rong made used of her identity and methods to hook up with one or two beauties but.. Once these beauties hooked up with Su You Rong, they would usually disappear after a while.

Some guessed they were dead. As to how they died, probably only Su You Rong knew the truth.

As such, nobody dared to offend Su You Rong. Su You Rong relied on the Great Clan Elder’s reputation and methods to attract the Spirit Cultivator beauties. But that no longer worked, and so, she turned to Su Dong Hao who listened to her obediently.

Su Dong Hao was overbearing. He forced things his way and bullied other people. Several times, he caused a commotion, but it was all suppressed by the Great Clan Elder.

Who knew that Su Dong Hao actually had ideas for Su Xin Yue and wanted her to serve Su You Rong.

“Big brother heard Su You Rong had been cultivating yin replenishing yang technique and rejected Su Dong Hao on the spot. Su Dong Hao was angry, and so he forced me into slavery. Brother swore he’d fight till his death, which is why he was beaten up so badly. Su Dong Hao never saw our lives as human lives. He wanted us dead, and so we had to fight our way through bloodily, escaping from the inner sect to the outer sect!”

Su Xin Yue’s face was pale and she bit her lips as she sobbed.

“Su Dong Hao is a son of the Great Clan Elder. The Great Clan Elder has such high status and power. With him, as long as Su Dong Hao cleared away all the evidence, he could kill anyone in the inner sect or outer sect!

Su Yun said quietly.

“Big Bro, we don’t dare to head over to the medicine hall. I’m afraid Su Dong Hao would find us there, so we came here to hide. Seeing brother’s situation… I’m afraid he can’t last for long!”

Su Xin Yue cried.

Su Yun comforted her and turned his gaze towards Su Xing Yang who was lying on the bed.

“Don’t worry about this, you may hide at my place. As for Xing Yang’s injuries, I’ll treat them!”

Su Yun checked Su Xing Yang’s body. Although his injuries were severe, it wasn’t fatal.

He took out medicine pills from his storage ring and fed them to Su Xing Yang, then went out to buy some ingredients on the streets. He was not afraid that Su Xin Yue would see the alchemy arrays which were all over the hut…

One hour later, two medicine pills came out from the furnace, its aroma filled the air.

Su Yun immediately took it out and fed it to Su Xing Yang.

Once the medicine bead was in his stomach, the bleeding on Su Xing Yang’s body stopped instantly. He seemingly looked better, with vitality returning to him.

Su Xin Yue saw and cried in joy, muttering ‘This is amazing!”

Dong dong dong!

Right at this time, hasty knocks came from the door again.

But it was not for long before the door of the small ruined hut was kicked down again. A group of more than ten people rushed in.

Su Yun stared at the door that was kicked down and anger filled his eyes. He scanned towards the people who rushed in calmly and asked: “Who are all of you?”

“Su Dong Hao!”

A voice emerged from the outside of the house. Followed by, a man in dark red long gown walked in.

He had green hair, was skinny, and his brows were slightly dark. He was not handsome, but his actions were incredibly overbearing.


Su Yun nodded.

Speak of the devil, and he appeared.

Suddenly, he moved and, as if he was a wild horse who got off its leash, he rushed towards Su Dong Hao and moved his hand to slap him with his palms as wide as a fan.

“Young master Dong Hao, be careful!”

The disciples from the inner sect reacted and rushed over hastily to help fend off the agitated Su Yun.

But Su Yun’s speed was too fast. Comparing the cultivation level, this group of people was no match to him. He slapped Su Dong Hao on the right cheek fiercely with his palm, sending Su Dong Hao, who had just stepped into the house flying out again. He vomited a mouthful of blood and rolled outside the house before he stopped.

Everyone stared in shock.

Even Su Xin Yue, was staring blankly at the spectacle with her small mouth gaping open.

“Su Yun… What are you doing?”

A simple and small outer sect disciple!

He dared to… Hit the Great Clan Elder’s son!

Wasn’t he sick and tired of living?

“You all want to take action too?”

Su Yun stared at the rigid inner sect disciples who were prepared to stop him and asked.

They swallowed their saliva, but before they could say a word, Su Yun’s leg raised up again, and ferociously headed towards them…

Slam Slam Slam…

They looked at the leg as it turned into a shadow, moving quick. A few of the fourth stage Spirit Intermediate Disciple were kicked out, falling onto the muddy ground outside the hut.

A series of screams and shouts were heard.

The leftover disciples of the Su family hurried over and helped Su Dong Hao stand up, his mouth was still covered in fresh blood.

“You dare to hit me?”

Su Dong Hao pushed the people who were holding him away and stared coldly at Su Yun.

“Rebel! Su Yun, you’re rebelling!”

The people at the side shouted in anger.

“You think I’m not qualified enough to hit you?”

Su Yun walked out and glared at Su Dong Hao as he spoke.

“Hehe…” Su Dong Hao smirked: “Seems like you don’t want to stay in the Su family anymore!!”

“Is that it?”

Su Yun moaned. He was about to take a step towards Su Dong Hao, but in a split second, someone held onto his arms.

Su Yun leaned to see a white faced Su Xin Yue looking at him, her eyes were full of helplessness and regret.

“Big Bro… Don’t pick a fight!” Su Xin Yue bit tightly on her lips and said softly: “He’s the son of Great Clan Elder. If you touch him, when the Great Clan Elder wants to find fault, you… You’ll be dragged into this. Please stop…”

Su Yun lower lips stammered: “Xin Yue…”

“Master Dong Hao!”

But he was cut off by Su Xin Yue.

Su Dong Hao raised his head and looked at her, without saying a word, but his eyes were filled with disdain.

“I can go with you! To attend Miss You Rong.” Su Xin Yue lips were practically cracked due to biting, she lowered her head, and said: “But… I hope you can let go of Big bro Su Yun and my brother, is that ok?”

Su Yun was stunned when he heard that, he stared blankly.

“If you are willing to go with me, then I will naturally not brood over such a small matter!” Su Dong Hao said coldly, but his eyes flashed a hint of murderous intent which could not be traced.

“Good then…”

Su Xin Yue lowered her head, nodded, and starting to walk in front.

But, she was held in place.

Su Xin Yue raised her head, startled: “Big brother…”

“Wait here for me, I can handle it!” Su Yun expressed a consoling smile.


“Listen to me! Wait here!”

Finishing his words, Su Yun immediately gazed upon Su Dong Hao and his people.

Those inner sect disciples who were lying on the floor stood up one after another, all of them stared at Su Yun with killing intent, brandishing out their weapons.

“What? You still dare to hit me?”

Su Dong Hao patted the dirt on his clothes, and said indifferently.

“I won’t hit you anymore!”

Su Yun sounded out.

“Then get lost, my target isn’t you!” Su Dong Hao said.

But in the next second, he heard the sound of a sharp sword unsheathing.

Su Dong Hao’s pupils became huge, looked up, and actually saw Su Yun raised up his hand, and took out a long green sharp sword from the sword sheath from his back.

Everyone stared in shock!

“Su Yun! What are you doing? Unless… Unless you want to kill Master Dong Hao??”

The inner sect disciples said in their shaky voices

But Su Dong Hao quickly regained color on his face.

He stared at Su Yun who was walking over to him and chuckled “Eh, an outer sect disciple dares to touch me? Good!! I want to see! If you have this audacity to do it!!”

“I won’t kill you! If I kill you, I definitely have to pay with my life. Now, I’ll just chop off your right hand and cripple you. I believe that’s enough!”

As Su Yun said, he raised the sword high up in the air.

The gloomy Thousand Deep Sword shone under the moonlight and a chilly ray of light penetrated…

“Eh, a bluff!!”

Su Dong Hao looked frivolous, and didn’t take it seriously. With a bland tone, he said; “You think you’d be fine if you don’t kill me? Honestly, as long as you touch a single strand of hair on me, you’ll have to die without a grave! In the Su family, nobody can touch me! Or else, they’d all die!”

“Is that it?” Su Yun’s eyes were sharp. He lowered the sword in his arms and with the edge of the sword, he chopped towards Su Dong Hao’s right arm.

Without any indecision, without any hesitation!!

He simply did not care about everything.

“No!!” Su Xin Yue ‘s heart almost jumped out of her throat as she shouted.

But it was useless!

Su Dong Hao disdainful eyes followed the sword tip, and suddenly opened up wide, the deep and calm gaze in his eyes suddenly disappeared into thin air and was replaced with fear…

He actually decided to take action?

How is that possible!!



A shrill blood-curdling scream penetrated through the entire outer sect of the Su family.


One arm dropped on the floor, followed by blood squirting out, hissing sounds not stopping.

Su Dong Hao’s Spirit Cultivation realm was extremely low, and basically could not endure such pain, so he immediately fainted on the spot.

All of the inner sect disciples were petrified, foolishly stuck in place.


Su Yun sheathed the Thousand Deep Sword and shouted.

Blood followed and dripped down from his fingertips….