Limitless Sword God Chapter 118

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Behead him

Clatter clatter!

The teacup was ruthlessly thrown on the floor.

An old man dressed in a luxurious long gown with long gray beard suddenly stood up from his chair, rushed to his servant, and shouted, “What did you say? Say that again!”

The messenger was so frightened he immediately kneeled on the floor, his forehead touching the floorboard and trembling. “Great Clan Elder… Second young master’s hand… Was chopped off by an outer sect disciple!!”

“Outer… Sect… Disciple…”

Seemingly from these few words that came out from the gap of his mouth, it caused a blazing flame of anger to ignite in his eyes. A gloomy voice sounded out from the Great Clan Elder. “Bring me that outer sect disciple immediately! Immediately!”

“Yes… Yes, Clan Elder!”

The messenger immediately retreated and ran out.

He did not dare to be one bit neglectful. Bringing the command coming from the Great Clan Elder, he assembled a group of disciples consisting of one main house disciple and twenty inner sect disciples, immediately departing to the outer sect area.

As for Su Dong Hao, he was immediately transported to the inner sect’s Spirit Doctor to be healed. The matter of Su Yun chopping Su Dong Hao’s arm off had already spread throughout the entire Su Family within moments.

It was much more shocking than when he accidentally killed Su Kuang.

Everyone believed Su Yun accidentally killed Su Kuang, but it was different this time. He purposefully chopped off Su Dong Hao’s arm.

In this way.. Wasn’t it like saying that Su Yun did not even put the Su Family’s Great Clan Elder in his eyes?

Kua cha kua cha kua cha kua cha…

A Spirit Stallion quickly brought two weak figures away from the Su family’s outer sect area.

Su Yun stood calmly outside the broken hut by himself as he watched the two leaving. Regarding everything that he had done, he was unexpectedly not panicked about it.

“Brat, wasn’t that a bit too impulsive?”

The sword elder’s voice suddenly came out.

If it was him, he definitely would not resort to such an extreme method; cutting off Su Dong Hao’s arm, it was practically taking his own life.

Even so, Su Yun had not run away, but actually stayed within the Su Family. What was he thinking?

“What is there to be impulsive about?” Su Yun calmly said: “If it was not for the plan, I would not have stopped at cutting off Su Dong Hao’s arm!”

Sword elder was frightened when he heard that. “You still want to kill him?”

“Whoever dares to touch my people, will all die!” A thread of red light flashed across Su Yun’s eyes, as his extremely selfish voice sounded out.

The sword elder only felt cold sweat, as though he watched a horror movie. ‘Exactly what kind of weirdo did I find to inherit my Limitless Sword Sect’s foundations?’

“Then… What are you planning for your next step?”

The Sword elder asked after taking a breath in.


Su Yun said.

“Wait for?”

“The people from the main house!”

He quietly sat outside the broken hut, his hand holding onto a piece of token, gently playing with it.

The sword elder did not understand, but he did not make a sound.

Not long after, sounds of heavy and urgent hoof sounds could be heard from outside.

The ground shook slightly. It sounded like muffled thunder, the power of the trampling sounds was similar to Spirit Stallions, but it was a higher ranked animal, a Single Horned Bull.

Su Yun raised his gaze, and saw a guard from the main house wearing a five colored glass treasure leading a group of inner sect elite guards rushing towards him.

The entire way they made chickens fly and caused dogs to jump, even the pedestrians along the road hid in panic. They were impressive.

The entire group directly rushed in, with an excessive number of twenty people, all of them being at least fourth stage Spirit Intermediate Disciples, while the main house guard was even more oppressive, at the peak of the eighth stage of the Spirit Intermediate Disciple; he was very frightening.

They surrounded the entire house including Su Yun, even water could not flow through, and immediately brandished out their weapons with murderous intent, staring straight at Su Yun.

A man wearing a garment with a hat came through from amongst the beastly people. Riding on a Spirit Stallion and arriving a while later, he took in a deep breath and began to solemnly and seriously shout at Su Yun, “With respects to the Great Clan Elder’s orders, outer sect disciple Su Yun slaughtered a Su Family disciple and have severely violated the Su Family rules, an action that Heaven cannot tolerate. He is to be arrested and detained in the main house for sentencing, to be carried out immediately!!”

Finishing his sentence, four inner sect guards immediately got off their horses, and walked towards Su Yun.

“Brat, what do you plan to do? Do you want me to help you kill our way out?”

Sword Elder solemn voice sounded out in his head.

“No need!”

Su Yun’s one hand took out Thousand Deep Sword from the Sword Sheathe, without a word, he immediately rushed towards the guards with the intent to kill.

“Hey, brat! You’re just of the sixth stage Spirit Intermediate Disciple, to defeat the inner sect guards would be strenuous enough; there is still the main house guard who is of the eighth stage Spirit Intermediate Disciple realm! How can you compete with them? Hurry up and run!”

“I just need to hold on for a while! If I run, then that would be the end!”

Just as Su Yun spoke, his sword tip brandished out towards the first inner sect guard and crossed swords.

He was up against a cluster of sword shadows, but Su Yun was able to dodge to the left and right with unparalleled agility; cleverly timing the gaps between the sword strikes to scuttle through, cunningly moving like a mudfish.

“If you run, then you’re finished? Hold on for a while?”

Sword elder was completely unable to comprehend his train of thoughts.

But, with the fight ahead, he had no idea how to continue asking, and could only quietly follow Su Yun’s body and channel Spirit Force, helping him withstand the inner sect guards.

Seeing that Su Yun actually dared to brandish his sword to fight, the man with the hat immediately clapped his hands. “Good! Su Yun dares to resist! Everyone, you can all aim to kill, no need to be merciful!!”

“Yes sir!!”

All the guards shouted. Soon, mystical techniques poured out from the guards’ weapons one after another. Thick Profound Spirit Qi formed a storm, trapping Su Yun, locking him down on all four limbs.

Soon after, all the guards rushed out from all eight directions aiming to kill.

With this, even if Su Yun had a Spirit Core Disciple cultivation, he would still be unable to resist.


A snow white sword flew down from the skies and landed in front of Su Yun. The Swift Wind Spirit Qi pressure emitting from the sword scattered out, like the ripples of water after a splash, sweeping away the spirit storm which trapped Su Yun, and forcing the inner sect guards to retreat.

All of the guards staggered backwards, seemingly being pushed back by a big hand, retreating more than ten metres back before stopping. They almost fell to the ground.


The main house guard respectfully shouted.


A snow white figure suddenly flew over, like lightning dropping down in front of Su Yun.

Everyone focused and looked. They saw a figure wearing snow white martial robes, long hair falling like a waterfall, a young lady with bright eyes and bright white teeth, with a ribbon on her head, upright cheeks, snow white skin, extremely beautiful. With a trace of gold on her snow white martial robes that matched her sole temperament, which accentuated her prominent grandeur. At the same time, the young lady’s face was extremely gloomy, with a menacing look in her eyes, as if she wanted to eat them up.

“It’s the Young Miss!”

The main house guard recognized her, and immediately dropped from his Single Horned Bull, and kneeled on the ground: “Ge Lin greets Miss Qing Er!”

“We greet Miss Qing Er!”

All the inner sect guards dare not to be disrespectful, as they hastily crawled up and kneeled on both knees, respectfully greeting.

“Who allowed you all to come here?” Qing Er’s phoenix eyes stared coldly at them, and she spoke in a low voice, “Get out!! All of you get out!!”

However, even when she said those words, all the guards did not move an inch.

“Miss Qing Er, all these guards are under the orders of the respected Great Clan Elder, and are here to apprehend our Su Family’s rebel, Su Yun!!”

At this time, the man in the hat walked forward, puffing his chest up and speaking in a higher tone, “I advise Miss Qing Er not to meddle in this, and hurry out of here. If not, and we were to take action, whether these guards listen to the Great Clan Elder, or listen to you… I think you are much clearer about this than us!!”

These words, only caused Qing Er to be even more unsatisfied.

“You’re seeking death!!”

Her Qi rose, and her figure blinked away, she immediately closed the distance between her and the man in the hat, and slapped him across the face.


The man in hat flew up into the sky, and ferociously fell down onto the floor.

Qing Er delicately scolded, “It was clear that Su Dong Hao raised his hands first, what does this have to do with my family’s Young master? The truth of the matter has yet to be investigated clearly. No one is to touch my family’s young master, if you all choose to not retreat, then I will kill all of you!”

When her voice dropped, Qing Er waved her hand, and the snow white sword in front of Su Yun flew into her palms.

Qing Er waved her sword, the sword tip aiming straight at the neck of the man with the hat. The sword tip was so cold and sharp it was like a needle placed on his skin.

The man with the hat trembled from head to toe in fright, his mouth opened wide, but not a word could come out.


Qing Er gave her final warning.

The man with the hat could not take it anymore. He fumbled to get up, both eyes fearfully stared at Qing Er, and retreated with his soft legs.

But… As he was about to escape, a humming roar from far away was heard.

Everyone hurriedly looked upwards to the direction of the sound, only to see monstrously strong people riding Single Horned Bulls; while in the middle of the Single Horned Bulls, was a Purple horned beast pulling a gigantic carriage, the carriage curtain entrance was swaying left and right, showing a vague figure seating inside.

“Great Clan Elder…”

Qing Er whispered.

Things were not looking good!

Su Yun raised his eyebrows, and looked towards the sky. ‘Why are you not here yet?’

“Young master!”

At this moment, Qing Er hurriedly looked back, she rushed to Su Yun and whispered, “The Great Clan Elder is here, it seems like this matter won’t be so easily resolved. Hurry up and run! Hurry and leave the Su Family! If not, you will die without a doubt!”

“Leave the Su Family?” Su Yun was stunned. “Then what about you?”

“Nothing will happen to me. Young master, hurry and go. I will delay the Great Clan Elder; if you continue to delay, it will be too late!” Qing Er’s face was filled with panic, teardrops almost falling out from the corners of her eyes.

This time Su Yun had caused a tremendously huge problem, one where even Qing Er was afraid that she could not protect him.

But, Su Yun merely smiled, and gently touched Qing Er’s milky smooth face, and said, “I can’t, and won’t, go anywhere!”

“You…” Qing Er was really angry and anxious, she stamped her foot, but was unable to say anything.

Very quickly, the carriage arrived. At this time, ten more main house guards came out, the strongest was actually at the first stage of the Spirit Core Disciple cultivation!

With this kind of lineup, there was no way Su Yun could contend if he acted blindly without thinking, and he would definitely be killed on the spot!!

A trace of a profound and oppressive aura filled the air.

The purple horned beast snarled, pulling the carriage right in front of the hut, the group of people immediately gave way….

A pretty looking servant maid anxiously ran over, requested the curtain to be pulled aside, an old man with head full of white hair and beard dropping to his waist bent his back and walked out.

The old man’s robes were embedded with purple lines with jaded girdled ornaments, on his waist hung a green plate forged from jade, the plate had a big ‘尊’ (zun – respect) word printed on it.

“Greetings to Great Clan Elder!”

All of the inner sect guards hurriedly greeted.

Qing Er’s face became pale, she knelt down, and cupped her hands with respect. “Qing Er greets the Great Clan Elder!”


The man with a beard that grew all the way to his waist nodded indifferently, his eyes contained no emotions.

He bent down with his extremely bright and shiny eyes and gazed at Su Yun, being expressionless, and directly walked towards him.

He arrived in in front of Su Yun, stopped his steps, and used an old yet imposing voice to speak. “You are Su Yun?”

However, Su Yun looked lifeless and stared blankly at the floor, without saying a word, without moving an inch….

“Outrageous!! The Great Clan Elder is asking you a question, why are you not replying?”

The main house guard at the side bellowed.


Su Yun still turned a deaf ear, so much that he did not even greet.

“Eyes with contempt for the law, daring and presumptuous, you are to be treated as a Su Family rebel!” The Great Clan Elder did not hesitate and coldly ordered, “Behead him!”


All of the soldiers shouted loudly, they stood up, and walked towards Su Yun.

“Great Clan Elder, don’t… Please stop!”

Qing Er anxiously cried out.

But the great clan elder was directly disregarding her screams, and persisted as before.

Su Yun had cut his own son’s arm off, and was still so rude, he was just a outer sect disciple, how could he be let go?

Just as Su Yun was surrounded, just as the imminent danger was approaching, a prominent cry suddenly shouted out.

“Hold your hand! I ask the Great Clan Elder to hold your hand!!”

The Great Clan Elder looked up, to see a group of figures dressed in long gowns covering the horizon, with a seemingly white mist covering their bodies which were actually Qi enveloping them, flying towards him.

The head who was shouting loudly was a bald and frail old man, seeing his anxious face, he seemed like he couldn’t wait to rush forward.

“Pill King??”

The Great Clan Elder was astonished.

Members of Blossom Heart Valley?

Su Yun secretly gazed upwards, with the huge rock in his heart being released, like a burden being lifted from himself.

“Just in the nick of time…”