Limitless Sword God Chapter 119

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You also came

“Hold up!”

The Great Clan Elder shouted deeply.

The people from Blossom Heart Valley suddenly came to pay a visit, in a group, and what was more was that it was actually the famous Pill King Zhang Mo Shi from Blossom Heart Valley, who dared to cause trouble.

Pill King Zhang Mo Shi and Ghost Hand Doctor Gui Mo Jue brought a group of elite disciples from Blossom Heart Valley and flew over, landing in the midst of the Su Family.

The guards from the Su family all retreated a step.

The Blossom Heart Valley had a total of around thirty people, and all of the disciples were experts that had the cultivation of at least Spirit Intermediate Disciple realm and above. Full of active Profound Spirit Qi and charm, all were highly skilled doctors and practitioners.

“I am not sure why Pill King’s honorable self is here, and is looking for what matter?”

The Great Clan Elder opened his mouth and asked, dissatisfaction evident in his voice.


Zhang Mo Shi did not return any words, with his dignified face he walked at a quick pace to Su Yun, extended his hand out to his stomach and pressed lightly….

In no time, Su Yun’s eyes closed, and his entire body fell to the ground.

Everyone was startled.

Qing Er’s eyes were red, she quickly walked to the front, and asked, “Senior Pill King, you… What did you do to my young master??”

“No need to worry!”

The frail and bald old Pill King Zhang Mo Shi waved his hands, and casually turned Su Yun over, carefully inspecting and pressing onto the acupuncture points on his stomach; following that, he pulled out some pills  applied it on the body.

“Senior Pill King, what are you doing?”

The Great Clan Elder could not hold it any longer, he was anxious to kill Su Yun, to resolve the hatred in his heart. But why did the Pill King rush here?

But the Pill King simply said two words, “Treat illness!”

“Treat illness?”

“Yes, treat illness!”

Pill King stretched out his hand, pressed onto Su Yun’s stomach, on one side pressing the air out, on the other side explaining.

“I have an intimate relationship with Su Yun’s father, after my old friend passed on, he left this kid alone, I could not bear it, and before this, Su Yun and I accidentally met along the broken city, and he told me of his talent that was disappearing. After analyzing it, I found out his body suffered from a strange illness, and I succeeded in removing the illness, but my methods had a flaw that would cause him to periodically be deranged, and go around recklessly chopping people!”

“Recklessly chopping people?” The Great Clan Elder had his heart suddenly tighten, suspecting that something was amiss…

“Don’t tell me Master Su Dong Hao’s arm was all because of young master’s illness relapsing?” Su Qing Er added on.

Pill King heard and looked shocked. He asked, “Oh? There is an accident?”

The Great Clan Elder looked dull as if he had guessed something, but he opened his mouth to tell Su Yun’s and Su Dong Hao’s incident.

The Pill King heard and shook his head continuously. “The Great Clan Elder brought so many people here. I’m afraid it’s because of this, yeah? Actually, Su Yun is not to blame, it’s all because of his illness, which is uncontrollable. So, Su Yun is not guilty. Please forgive him on my behalf and let him go.”

“How?” Great Clan Elder moaned incessantly. “My son’s arms had been chopped off. Although it could be attached back, but am I to take the pain that he had gone through like it never happened before?”

“You have the identity of a Great Clan Elder, how can you be calculative with an outer sect disciple whose cultivation level is so low?” The Pill King was hot tempered. He said, “This man is someone I know, I will not let anything happen to him! I’ll report this to the patriarch later. The patriarch will decide the consequences of his sin!!”

“You…” The Great Clan Elder huffed and puffed and stared at the Pill King, then said coldly, “Since this man has got an illness and will chop people crazily when he relapses, then he is a dangerous man. I can let go of this incident that he hurt Su Dong Hao, but he is a threat to the Su family. I need to lock him up. Capture him and look after him strictly!”

If he is captured by the Great Clan Elder, could he still get out alive?

Pill king shook his head continuously. “No, no, no! I am here today because I have found the cure for this illness. Don’t worry, Su Yun will not chop people aimlessly and savagely again. I will be able to cure him today!”

The Great Clan Elder’s face turned darker as his waist-long white beard shook.

He felt that the Pill King was playing with him.

He could do nothing about what this man had said. He made use of illness and had all the authority.

After a while, there was nothing he could do! The Great Clan Elder flung his sleeve and turned. He said sarcastically, “Since Pill King has arrived, I will welcome the patriarch! I won’t keep you company! Cheh!”

With that, he left.

“Your humble servants will personally pay respects to Gui Elder. There’s no need to inform him!”

The Pill King shouted.

But the Great Clan Elder did not reply to him, he just left boiling in anger.

With the Pill King’s protection, Qing Er was overjoyed yet, at the same time, shocked.

The Great Clan Elder left with his troops. Qing Er turned quickly and looked at the nobles from Blossom Heart Valley. She knelt down immediately. “Thank you all seniors for helping, really thank you.…”

“Eheh! Doll, what are you doing?”

Pill King pulled Qing Er up quickly.

“Young Master is my everything. All of you saved him, that means you saved me too. Your grace and virtue will always be etched in my heart. I will repay you back one day!”

Qing Er said in gratitude.

“Hahahaha, doll, you’re too polite! Little friend Su Yun is in difficult times, how can I just stand aside?”

Pill King who had an odd temper, laughed.

Little friend Su Yun?

Qing Er was confused, in her memories, she did not remember if old master had any connections with the Pill King.

Pill King waved his hands and out came two strong and sturdy disciples from Blossom Heart Valley and brought Su Yun into the hut.

Once he was in the hut, the unconscious Su Yun opened his eyes suddenly and was wide awake.

“Young master!”

Qing Er jumped and was in a daze.

“Qing Er!”

Su Yun sighed and on his face hung a slight grin.

Qing Er hurried over and held onto Su Yun’s hands. She let out a relaxed smile on her exquisite fair face.

“Young master, it’s great that you’re fine!” With that, she turned and said to the Pill King, “Senior Pill King is indeed well deserved of his reputation. He could cure Young Master in such a short period of time, it’s a miracle.”

“Cure? Hahaha…” Su Yun laughed. “I’m not sick.”

Qing Er was confused. “You’re not sick?”

“This is just a small trick my little friend used.” Pill King laughed.


“Yes!” Gui Mo Jue said from the side. “Previously, when Master Su Yun came to visit me at Blossom Heart Valley, Pill King and I bestowed him a token ring. Master Su Yun used this token ring to contact me and asked me to come down as soon as possible to act out this show!!”

“Show?” Qing Er was stunned. She then suddenly saw the light. “Don’t tell me…”

“Yes! Little friend Su Yun was never sick. All the words I said before was just to stop the Su Family from investigating the incident of Su Yun chopping off Su Dong Hao’s arm. This is so the Great Clan Elder will not be able to find any evidence against him!” The Pill King explained.

Qing Er heard and finally understood. She also knew why Su Yun dared to touch Su Dong Hao.

He had these all planned before hand!

“Thanks for everybody’s help!” Su Yun got down his bed, thanking all of them with his fist wrapped.

“Just doing what I ought to. The method you told me earlier has solved a question I’ve had for years! What’s this small help?” The Pill King laughed.

“I was actually afraid you’d run away for your research after hearing the method and delay whatever was happening to me.” Su Yun laughed bitterly. “If that’s the case, even if I don’t die, I might have to skin myself alive!”

“Why would I?” Zhang Mo Shi said. “I’m a person with principles!”

Gui Mo Jue wiped off the sweat on his face.

“Hehe… Yeah, Su Xing Yang and Su Xin Yue are already on the road. I believe they will arrive at Gui Valley the next day. I hope the Gui Valley can take care of them for a while and heal the injuries they have! Other than that… If it’s possible, I hope the Gui Valley can take these two people in!” Su Yun blurted out. “They have offended Su Dong Hao and that means they have offended the Great Clan Elder. They can no longer stay in the Su Family. Only the Gui Family can take them in! To repay you, I will study and perfect the method for the ‘divine jaded heart pill’ and give it as a gift to the Gui Valley.”

“Seriously? That’s great!” Zhang Mo Shi jumped in joy and clapped his hands like a kid. All the dignity he previously had, had all disappeared into thin air. Suddenly, a ray of golden light emerged from his eyes. He smiled slyly. “As we’re saying, Su Yun, you have offended the Great Clan Elder too. Why don’t you join Heart Blossom Valley?”

“That won’t do!”

Su Yun shook his head. “If I really wanted to be a part of Heart Blossom Valley, why would I ask all of you to play a show with me?”

“Why? You still have attachments with the Su family?”

“Of course! My surname is Su!”

“Fuck, who’d believe that!”



Zhang Mo Shi helped dissolve the crisis, then he went to the main house to pay his respects to the patriarch and explained the entire incident. Although the Great Clan Elder had his own opinions on the incident, the patriarch could not offend Blossom Heart Valley because of Great Clan Elder’s useless son, and so, he let this matter off.

Once this matter was done, Su Yun explained to the Su Family the reason why his cultivation level increased so greatly: he was sick and had been receiving treatments.

After that, none in the Su Family dared to antagonize Su Yun. They knew the rascal was no longer the garbage they once thought he was… Now, he had the support of the Blossom Heart Valley. All the more, he could not be offended.

Main house.

Within the halls of spirit medicine.

Seeing his arm being attached back, and the unconscious Su Dong Hao on the bed, the Great Clan Elder’s face was horribly black, as if a storm was approaching from the sky.

“Pill King of Blossom Heart Valley!”

The Great Clan Elder clenched his fist and suppressed his voice. “You think you can protect Su Yun? Cheh, you’re just an outsider and you wish to be involved in the matters of the Su family? I will not let you off!”

Right at this moment, a person walked in hurriedly.

“Reporting, Great Clan Elder, the inner sect’s attendant, Su Shi Long, wishes to see you!”

“Let him in!”

The Great Clan Elder said blandly.

The man waved his hands and went down.

Just a moment later, Su Shi Long walked softly into the medicine hall. He looked respectful.

He first looked at Su Dong Hao who was lying unconscious on the bed before bowing to the Great Clan Elder. “Attendant from the inner sect, Su Shi Long, pays his respects to Great Clan Elder!”

“Yes!” Great Clan Elder nodded.

“How is master?”

Su Shi Long asked carefully.

“Nothing threatening right now!”

“That’s good!” Su Shi Long looked as though he sighed a breath of relief, then he wrapped his fists together, and said, “Great Clan Elder, Shi Long came here to confirm the list of members taking part in the distinguished meeting. As of right now, there are ten inner sect chosen ones and twenty chosen ones from the main house. May I ask if there is a need to add on any more?”

“Distinguished meeting?” The Great Clan Elder thought for a while once he heard the news.

“Counting the time, the triannual distinguished meeting is about to begin! All the sects, families and towering figures in the southern continent, and even the countries… Would be sending representatives to attend the competition. This is a chance for the Su Family to become famous! We must not delay!”

“Yes, because we can only send the disciples, I have already asked all the inner main house outstanding disciples to be transferred over! This year’s chosen disciples were much more outstanding than the one before. I believe we will be able to achieve good results!”

“Results? Results are secondary, the most important thing is to gather the treasures! Cheh, I also don’t know what kind of treasures would be used for the prizes of this distinguished meeting.”

The Great Clan Elder said and took the list of names from Su Shi Long. “Not too bad, these people are enough to secure victory.”

“Hey, great! Then master, I’ll arrange according to this!!”

“Ok!” The Great Clan Elder nodded and stated, “If you put the Su Family on the last five again, then you will bring your head to see the patriarch!”

Su Shi Long trembled as soon as he heard these words. He almost knelt on the floor. He stood at where he was, he did not know if he should walk or stay…

The last defeat Su Family underwent almost sent him out of the Su family. If he did not help the Su Family get into the good positions, this time round, Su Shi Long would be in deep trouble.

“Oh, right!” as if the Great Clan Elder thought of something, he opened his eyes slightly and asked, “Is Qing Er’s name on the list?”

“This…” Su Shi Long looked through the list quickly and shook his head hurriedly. “N… No.”

“Then put Su Yun and Qing Er’s names on top of it!”


Su Shi Long was dumbfounded. “Clan Elder, this… These contestants have to at least be a Spirit Core Disciple! Miss Qing Er is qualified, but Su Yun…I heard he’s only a Spirit Intermediate Disciple. If he goes… Wouldn’t he be seeking death?”

With that, the Great Clan Elder did not explain. He looked at Su Shi Long quietly with his peaceful eyes, as if he was looking through him.

Su Shi Long was frightened to bits. He shifted his gaze away quickly to look at the man lying on the bed. He shivered and finally understood. He cupped his fist and said, “I understand! Great Clan Elder! I understand and will act accordingly!”

As his words fell, he hurriedly retreated.

“Don’t disappoint me!”

Then came words from the Great Clan Elder….