Limitless Sword God Chapter 120

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Someone is there, so don’t go in!

The matter regarding Su Dong Hao came to an end, but the days of cultivation were not calm, as there were people from the Su Family inner sect who spread that Su You Rong was enraged and agitated by the matter, and desired to take revenge on Su Yun.

After all, Su Dong Hao was her beloved brother. She was also the one who sent people to capture Su Xin Yue.

Su Yun chopped off Su Dong Hao’s arm. Whether he was sick or he faked it, Su You Rong would not let it go.

After hearing this news, Su Yun dared not to let his guard down. Su Dong Hao and Su You Rong were not someone easy to deal with. In addition, rumours said that Su You Rong had been plucking Yang to replenish Yin. If there was no such thing, where did these rumours come from?

After a period of dripping blood, the [Hundred Demon Extermination God Array] was finally completed.

Calculating the time, it was almost time to obtain the Sprite’s Shadow. Coincidentally, the time could be used to avoid Su You Rong’s revenge.

However, Su Yun had yet to leave to look for the Sprite’s Shadow and Su Xin Yue and Su Xing Yang, who he had sent to Blossom Heart Valley to be healed, came back to the Su family.

In the hut, the two injuries they had sustained started to heal slightly. They stood in front of Su Yun.

“Why are the both of you back here again?”

Su Yun knitted his brows and said sternly, “It’s too dangerous for the both of you to stay in Su Family! Isn’t it better to stay in Blossom Heart Valley??”

“It’s good to stay at Blossom Heart Valley, but… Big bro, you’re still at Su Family, so how can we not worry?” Su Xin Yue bit her lower lip, peeped at Su Yun’s darkened face and said carefully, “If Big Bro goes to Heart Blossom Valley with us, then we won’t come back again…”

“I have to stay at the Su Family!” Su Yun said annoyingly. “You better hurry away and go back to Blossom Heart Valley. The Pill King will take good care of the both of you. Isn’t Blossom Heart Valley stronger than the Su family?”

“If Big Bro doesn’t leave with us, then we won’t leave either. If we stay in the Su Family, we might be able to help you! Su Dong Hao might have lost his arm but, with the medical skills of the Su Family, it is definitely not a difficult task to reattach it. When he recovers, he might seek revenge! Moreover, Su Dong Fang and Su You Rong will help him! How could we let you handle these people alone?”

Su Xing Yang said honestly, his eyes revealing a trace of determination.

This warmed Su Yun’s heart, but at the moment, he did not act on impulse.

He understood the both of them, and knew that forcing them to leave was impossible.

He lowered his head and pondered, suddenly he looked like he thought of something, raised his head and asked, “You two really want to stay in the Su Family?”

Both of them nodded their heads without hesitation.

“Good, right now I still have a plan, to let you both be safe, and even to help me!”

“What plan?” Su Xin Yue asked.

“To rely on the help of Prince Fu Su!”

Su Yun said softly.



To rely on Fu Su, although Su Yun did not interact much with him, Su Yun could see the hidden ambitions in the depths of his eyes.

As a man with ambitions, he coveted people who had astonishing and exceptional strength. Xin Yue and Xing Yang were inner sect disciples with good talent. If they were the one who initiated the goodwill to him, he would definitely not reject them.

With Prince Fu Su’s protection, even the Great Clan Elder would not dare to behave unscrupulously.


Xing Yang and Xin Yue could seize the chance to help Su Yun investigate a few secret matters.

What was the relation between the Su Family and Profound Sky Sect? What was the relation so that they had to painstakingly cultivate Su Qing Er? The Su Family painstakingly trained Qing Er just for the sake of sending her to them?

What was hidden in between all these? Could it be that it was just for the sake of having the support and connection with the Profound Sky Sect, a big tree?

All these suspicions were repeatedly asked in his mind that couldn’t be let go, but it was not the right time to ask and think about these.

Once everything calmed down, Su Yun made preparations and immediately left the Su Family.

In the heart of the Su family, walking a distance of roughly seven days of time towards the west, it was possible to enter a region on the borders of the Xi Ling region.

In the center of Xi Ling Region, there was an brilliant and active volcano known as ‘shedding flames.’

At the mountain pass of Shedding Flames Volcano, there stayed a mystical sect.

This sect cultivated the fire element of Scarlet Star Spirit Qi. They borrowed the high temperatures released from the lava of this active volcano and absorbed it. ‘Scarlet Star Spirit Qi’ was extremely pure, and the sect’s power was great. There was about over ten thousand disciples, and they spread all across Sky Martial Continent, becoming the first sect in the Xi Ling Region.

Hu Rong’s cultivation might not be as strong as the Heavenly Scale Fish King, and was not considered great amongst the elders from Exuding Fire Sect, but he could rely solely on his body’s ‘Scarlet Star Spirit Qi’ to drag the Heavenly Scale Fish King out of Tai Qing Lake alive. Just based on that, it could be seen that Exuding Fire Sect’s strongest aspect would be ‘power.’

Speaking of power, the Exuding Fire Sect was indeed the first in the Southern region.


The ones that relied on the volcanoes to cultivate did not know that there lies a shocking treasure on the abandoned mountain just right beside Shedding Flames Volcano.

Ka cha.

Sun Yun kicked away a rock in front of him, and began walking towards the deserted mountain road.

To save time, he did not stop riding his horse and rode all the way, leaving the Spirit Stallion to almost die of fatigue; that was how he was able to reach this place in just seven days.

He removed the Su disciple plate on his waist, wore his oppressive mask, donned on his black blademaster robes, took out the death sword from his storage ring, carried it on his back, hung his sword sheathe, and started walking up the mountain.

There was nothing in the deserted mountain. Other than the rocks, there were only soil and sand. Not even weeds were around.

“It should be around here!”

Halfway up the mountain, he stopped and looked around. He thought for a moment then pulled out the ‘hundred thousand blood demon technique’ from his storage ring and walked forward.

There was a small alley that looked like a concave in the middle of the rugged rock mountains. Following the alley about 10 metres, there would be a crack not too big, but just enough to fit a young man who walked in sideways.

The surrounding of the volcano was suitable for the growth of vegetation. But this deserted mountain was different, there was not much vegetation. Those that managed to grow died within a few days. Even the stones were barren.

There was only one reason and that was because this deserted mountain was built on top of a person’s grave.

An extremely powerful martial artist’s decaying grave! This person was in possession of the Sprite’s Shadow.

Who was he? Why would he have the Sprite’s shadow? Why did he die here? Su Yun did not know, all the news regarding the Sprite Shadow, were all just gossips.

At that time, for the sake of finding the reason for the disappearance of his gifts, he had been to every nook and cranny of the world, and came to know of secrets much more than the average person.

Arriving at the end of the alley, Su Yun threw in the hundred demon extermination god array first, before he walked in sideways, picked up the paper array, and continued walking in.

Passing through the crevice, it was entirely dark inside with a very weak field of vision.

The entire place was inside of the mountain, the entrance was originally very narrow, and he could enter by crawling on the floor, but the deeper someone goes, the bigger the space became, and at the end, it would suddenly open up to a wide panorama. Finally, an extremely huge cave that appeared before Su Yun’s eyes.


Su Yun was overjoyed. He looked at the huge space, took out Thousand Deep Sword, stepped on it, and flew.

When he arrived on the ground, he looked around, only to see on that, on the right bottom corner of the ground was a gigantic black hole.

Following into the black hole, there would be a great amount of abandoned dead spirits. The abandoned dead spirits were all the evil spirits that arose from the almighty martial artist’s hair. Their cultivation was probably at the fifth level of Spirit Intermediate Disciple.

Su Yun did not check exactly how many there were, but there should be quite a few. If he could pass through these abandoned dead spirits, then he would be able to arrive at the place where the almighty martial artist was buried. And then, he would be able to seek and attain the Sprite’s Shadow.

Su Yun took a deep breath in and stared at the pitch black hole and stepped into it.

He was at the sixth stage of the Spirit Intermediate Realm. It should be enough to deal with all these abandoned dead spirits, but if he confronted them directly, the abandoned dead spirits would most probably syphon and absorb all of his essence and turn him into a dried up corpse.

At the front of the hole, he dared not enter. Instead, he crawled on the walls looking for something.

After half an hour of work, a hole the size of his thumb was dug out.

Su Yun saw this and was satisfied.

He remembered the person who obtained the Sprite’s Shadow once brought this up to his friend when he was drunk. The abandoned dead spirits arose from the hairs and there were many of them, but as they were hairs and were spirits, they did not weigh a lot. It was as if they were the weight of feathers. With a gush of wind, they would be blown away. So the best way to suppress them was wind.

At this site on the walls, the man found a windhole on accident that connected right to the outside of the mountain.

He expanded the windhole and caused the wind from outside the mountain to blow in through the windhole and into the cavern, forming a refluence. With the help of the wind to facilitate the array, he could easily kill the abandoned dead spirits.

Su Yun dared not delay. He pulled out the Thousand Deep Sword and knocked towards the windhole again and again.




The small hole became bigger and bigger; the windhole became bigger and bigger, until the wind from the hole blew out and hit his body, with it’s range becoming even wider.

Perspiration trickled down his face, but Su Yun did not stop, he did not dare to use his Profound Spirit Qi, as any demons or animals were extremely sensitive to Profound Spirit Qi and could sense it immediately; so, pure physical strength was the most suitable for the job.


Suddenly, a horrible and weird sound sounded out from the black hole.

Su Yun’s body froze, he panicked and stopped moving, then he looked to the side.

The abandoned dead spirits had not appeared yet.

‘Means that they did not notice me, then, why did it shout?’

Su Yun’s mind was in a mess, he felt that something was amiss. After thinking for a while, he hurriedly picked up all the broken rocks and stuffed them into the windhole, picked up the Thousand Deep Sword, and carefully went closer to the black hole.

Nearing the black hole, waves of gloomy and cold Qi rippled out. If anyone came into contact with it, the hairs on their skin would stand erect, swell, and lumps would appear on their body.

‘Chi Chi Chi Chi’ (Laugh)

Subtle sounds came out from the black hole, following, the abandoned dead spirits wails started to sound out from the black hole.


The screams did not stop, it came out at random repeatedly; extremely horrific.

What was going on?

Su Yun who was standing at the mouth of the cave secretly took a breath, stared at the darkness in front of him, braced himself and carefully walked forward.

“Brat, don’t go in!”

Just at that time, Sword Elder’s voice came out.

Su Yun stopped in his tracks, and hurriedly retreated.

After he left the black hole, he asked, “Senior, what’s wrong?”

“There’s someone there!”

The sword elder replied, “And his Qi is extremely strong. He is meticulously hiding his Qi, but I am a spirit body, and extremely sensitive to Qi, I’m only afraid I am unable to catch on to his Qi! Do not go in. Quickly hide yourself, if you are found out by that person, then you’re dead!!”


Su Yun was stunned, but he dared not think too much. He looked around and found a big stone to hide in, then he took out the Limitless Sword Manual and covered the Qi on his body.

He never thought someone would actually come to this place.

Unless, he too, wanted the Sprite’s Shadow?