Limitless Sword God Chapter 123

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The Power of Sprite’s Shadow (Part III)

The lady in green and the man had sensed an omen when he said that.

Especially when this man was covered by demon tattoos and was frightening. His bloody Qi could even put a man unconscious.

‘Is he a demon? If he is a demon, why does he have Qi in his body?’

The lady was in deep thoughts and she had her guard up.


A black ring flew over.

The lady in green and the green haired man were surprised as they looked over to the ring.

Sprite’s shadow!

This man actually threw the Sprite’s shadow.

The green haired man shook and was overjoyed: “Princess! It’s the treasure!”

With that, the green haired man pounced over to reach out for the black ring.

“Come back!!” the green lady roared, but it was too late!

Right at this moment, a razor sharp sword chopped right through.

It was a black sword with its sheath!

There were evil patterns imprinted on the sword and on top of the sword hilt was a ruby stone, glimmering like the eye of a demon. The aura was as terrifying as a storm which came in the form of sword.

“Hmph, how dare you attack with the sword sheath. How arrogant!!”

The man with green hair was angry now. He felt as though the opponent was looking down on him. Right away, he reached out his right hand for the sword sheath and the left hand towards the ring.


He held onto the sword sheath and stopped the sword!

But it was not over. Just as the green haired man stopped the sword sheath, a hundred demon shadows surged from the man that held onto the sword hilt like a flood. They extended their terrifying, vicious claws and caught hold of the man.


Screams of despair, anger, and wildness resonated.

The hundred of demons all screamed.

With a murderous intention.



The green haired man’s face drastically changed, his heart beating rapidly. The hairs on his body stood and he felt numb in his scalp.

He had yet to react but his body was already caught by the claws of the demons. The hundred demons scratched his skin and tore through his bones with their might as a destructive Qi leaked out from them.

Chī la…

The man with green hair was torn into pieces; fresh blood, flesh and his internal organs all spilled over.

A first level Spirit Soul Disciple! Was easily skinned alive by Su Yun!!


The lady in green frowned.

Su Yun snatched the Sprite’s Shadow in midair and turned his gaze to the lady in green. Even though he was covered in the blood of the green haired man, in his eyes, he could not contain his desire to kill.

“Then, what about you? Do you want it?”

He extended the ring towards the lady in green and asked slyly.

“Good!! Good!! Good!!”

The lady in green nodded continuously, her eyes were blazing with anger. “Good! You dare to touch my people! I don’t care who you are! I will kill you!”

Those vicious words seemed to have flipped a switch.

Su Yun suddenly changed his expression and dashed over. The hundred demons moved once again, their powers like rainbow as they attacked the lady in green like raging waves.

It was obvious that he wanted to kill her!

“Hmph! Do you take me as just trash?”

The lady in green boiling with anger. She moved slightly and disappeared immediately. When she reappeared, she was only over ten metres away from Su Yun. She muttered a few incantations as she moved her fingers ever so slightly and the air rippled around her. A group of vicious monsters surged out and rushed over to Su Yun.

The hundred demons waved their claws to catch hold of these monsters. In a blink of an eye, they tore them apart and started devouring them.

After eating the monsters, the hundred demons became much more powerful.

The lady in green eyes squinted with concentration. “What kind of methods does this person have. Who exactly is he… How did he manage to devour my energy? And why is he so strong…”


As she was deep in thought, an explosion burst out.

The lady in green darted her eyes around and looked over to see a long sword piercing right towards her from midair.

She quickly used a method to defend against it but in the next second, the man with a hundred demon tattoos suddenly sped up and rushed right in front…

The craziness beneath the mask of the man almost seemed visible.

Mask, blademaster clothes, sword sheath?

“Are you Limitless Sword God?”

The lady in green suddenly thought of something.

But Su Yun did not care about anything she said. The hundred demons moved once again, without any mercy, and dashed towards the lady in green…

Right now, he only wanted her dead!

Because she once said she wanted him to die!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…

A series of explosions rang, then several fireballs flew right at Su Yun’s body.

Su Yun retreated quickly, as he was set on fire. But, he felt no pain. His blood Qi extinguished the fire on his body before he looked over to the woman to see the people of Exuding Fire Sect walking through the black hole.

There were about over twenty of them, all in their golden blazing clothes and their treasure weapons in their hands. They looked mighty as they walked forward.

Exuding Fire Sect!

The leaders, which were Yang Gu and Hu Rong and all the other clan elders and their other disciples all looked outstanding!

The lady in green saw what was coming for her and then to Su Yun. She thought for a while and waved her hands. A ray of green light shone over her head and the walls above her head all turned into bubbles and disappeared into thin air. A route leading to the outside of the mountain was opened by this lady solely.

Without the wall of heart concealment, the mountain could easily be destroyed. After the lady created an exit, she jumped into the route and escaped.

Su Yun saw this, but he did not give up. His killing intent rose. He waved his hand and Thousand Deep Sword flew to him and ran after the lady.

“Flying sword maneuver? Is he from the Immortal Sword Sect?”

Someone exclaimed.

“He can’t be!”

Hu Rong shouted. “How can a person from immortal Sword Sect have such vicious Demonic Qi? He must be Limitless Sword God!!”

“Limitless Sword God??”

“He is Limitless Sword God??”

“Why would he appear here?”

All the clan elders were in shocked.

But no one replied to his suspicions. Su Yun’s focus was all on the lady in green.

Since the lady wanted to look for Limitless Sword God, and even sent people to the Su Family, then he did not need to show her any mercy. She wanted the Heavenly Crystal. How could he let her go?

Su Yun was ruthless when he finalized his resolution to eliminate her. He did not care about anything and rushed forth.

The two rushed out of the mountain and landed in midair.

Suddenly, the lady in green who was escaping, turned around and faced Su Yun. Her fair and long hands moved quickly, only to see her bursting forth hand signs of the mountain, river, beasts, stars, etc. The change was extremely fast, with profound mystery that was astonishing, and only after a few breaths, she had completed over a hundred hand sign diagrams.

Then, the lady raised and brandished both of her hands, releasing the seals which then disappeared, and after that, they reappeared on Su Yun’s body. The seals arranged themselves on him, with him as the center, before transforming into a magnificent little world, with Su Yun stuck inside, planning to trap him and the demons inside.

But those were not ordinary demon shadows, how firm was their mental state? How could they be affected by the lure of worldly temptation? The hundred demons were bursting with anger. The claws appeared once again and Demonic Qi was released. The Qi turned into metal chains to trap the facade and tear it apart.

“They actually can’t be hypnotised!”

The lady groaned. She would not be able to escape in such a short time, so she took out a silk scarf glowing in green colour. She brandished it lightly and the scarf rippled towards Su Yun.

Su Yun went close to the ripples, only to find out that, once his body touched the ripples, his flesh would rot rapidly and shrivel…

But, he still could not feel any pain. The hundred demon extermination god array gave him a formidable demonic disposition. He had let go of everything in his heart and what was left was his desire to kill. All the pain on his flesh was not in his conscious mind…

Seeing this rascal bearing the method she had placed and rushed over, the lady was shocked.

“So vicious!! Limitless!! Exactly what methods do you use!”

The lady muttered.

But he still remained silent. When he got near, he lashed out his sword and the hundred demons attacked all at once like an insurmountable surging wave that covered the skies.

The lady jumped backwards. She was unusually agile and had an intention of jumping over a hundred miles. She obviously only took a small step forward, but she was already at a far away place. It was impossible to catch a glimpse of her shadow.

Su Yun pounded into thin air and the lady mocked at him with a smirk. She said blandly, “I can see something. The Qi on your body is slightly weak, not strong at all. You seem to rely on some mystical techniques to have such powers. But… don’t be surprised. Although your powers can kill someone who is a Spirit Soul Disciple, it will be of no use to me. I am not someone you can offend! Don’t be arrogant thinking you can kill me! Hand over the Sprite’s Shadow obediently and I will let you off the hook!”

“Let me off the hook?”

Su Yun stopped himself as he revealed an odd look. The corners of his mouth curved slightly and he smiled.

“Rascal, let’s go!”

The sword elder voiced out.

“Oh? Senior, what do you mean by that?”

Su Yun laughed.

“You can’t defeat her! I made a mistake. Her power is much stronger than what I thought it would be!!”

“I know.” Su Yun nodded and smiled lightly. “But if I don’t kill her now, when she comes to Su family, she will definitely kill me!!”

“She only knows Limitless Sword God! Not Su Yun!”

“Isn’t that the same thing?”

The wildness in Su Yun’s eyes was getting stronger, and the slyness at the corners of his mouth was getting stronger.

When sword elder heard that, he was stunned, then he suddenly realised.

At this moment, it was not Su Yun who was illogical. It was because the methods he used on his body had caused him to lose his rationality so he only wanted to kill!

To kill…

Then he would not be able to escape!


The people from the Exuding Fire Sect were flying over. When they saw the two people at the peak, Yang Gu waved his hands hastily and stopped everyone.

“Great Clan Elder, I have already informed all the sect leaders! I believe they will be here soon!”

“Mmhmm!” Yang Gu nodded as he stared at the two in front and said, “The two seem to be fighting with methods. Since that’s the case, then let them fight till their deaths!”

“Why are they fighting with their methods? And why are they here?” Hu Rong asked.

“Not sure, but we will know it soon!”

“Great Clan Elder, we… Who shall we help?”

Hu Rong asked again.

“Help? We’re not helping anyone!! This is Exuding Fire Sect’s territory! They have trespassed. Doesn’t that mean that they do not put us in their eyes? How can we let them off? Wait till they’re done with their battle, then we’ll clear up this mess!” the Great Clan Elder moaned.

“But…Limitless Sword God, he…”

“Limitless Sword Lord once saved Madame Purple star and the young master of Mu family at the Purple Star Academy. He holds a noble position in Mystical Mountain Range. If we touch him, I’m afraid Purple Star Academy and the Mu family will not let this matter go!! The entire Mystical Mountain Range will see Exuding Fire Sect as their enemy!”

The second clan elder, Xu Zi Ying said worriedly.

Great Clan Elder face was black, and his eyes revealed he was unhappy. But without saying another word, his forehead undulated a burst of baleful look. Then, for the entire sky suddenly turned dark.

“What is happening??”

Everyone was surprised. They looked over to see Limitless Sword God waving his right hand as the black ring shone on his finger….