Limitless Sword God Chapter 124

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The Power of Sprite’s Shadow (Final)

“Absurd!! You’re crazy!! You’re absolutely crazy!! Su Yun, can your body withstand such rapid increase in powers? Your body will just collapse!!”

Sword Elder shouted anxiously.

However, he could no longer stop Su Yun.

He clenched onto the Sprite’s Shadow as he secretly instigated his energy to bring it alive.

Like an electric current, the Profound Spirit Qi activated the ultra fine and strong ‘machine’.

“As time goes by, it will get harder for me to bear it but if I kill all of them quick enough, then I should be fine!”

With that, cracks broke out of the black ring of the Sprite’s Shadow. Then, sounds broke forth as though a water-lotus was moving in all directions. After a moment of work, it turned into a black lotus ring.

The flower was blacker than carbon just like a black hole. Even the petals looked sinister. But the weird thing was, there was not an ounce of Qi around it. It was just as if it was a dull ring. But right at this moment, it got even quieter, and calmer. Nobody would have thought it was the rarest treasure on Earth.

Su Yun looked at Sprite’s Shadow quietly. Not knowing why, the demonic disposition in him lessened by thirty percent and instead, persistence and resolution rose in him. He regained back some rationality and there was some life in his bloody red eyes.

“You really aren’t scared of death!! You prepared such a terrifying mystical technique and yet you still dare to instigate the Sprite’s Shadow!! Your powers are so weak! Don’t tell me you’re not afraid of your body exploding, instantly causing your death??”

The lady in green was surprised. She never thought that this man actually did not want to preserve his life!

The Sprite’s Shadow birthed a lotus flower as if a painting floated into the air.

As the sun set, a gigantic water-lotus mark appeared at the dome of the sky.


The water lotus Sprite’s Shadow suddenly disappeared.

And then, a black water lotus seal was imprinted on the back of the hand in which the Sprite’s Shadow was worn on.

“Nevermind! Rascal, since you have already decided to do it, then go all out! I believe you aren’t the kind to fall down so easily.”

Sword Elder blurted.

Su Yun nodded. His gaze was still on the lady in green.

Although the Sprite’s Shadow was activated, but its Qi did not change much. At such, people could not tell how powerful it was.

“Sprite’s Shadow… Hehe, let me see how powerful it is. If it’s just a piece of trash, then even I don’t want it!”

After which, the lady in green waved her silk scarf, which then formed several huge rocks that crashed towards Su Yun.


The water lotus mark on the back of Su Yun’s hand glimmered in black radiance. A gigantic water lotus seal emerged from the sky and left a black pattern with resounding sound waves hitting onto the huge mountains.

In a split second, Su Yun felt the Profound Spirit Qi in his body being sucked away and immediately, he was weak and frail. But then in a breath, Spirit Essence spilled out, and Profound Spirit Qi nourished his shrivelled body, he was once again energetic.

‘What was that? Unless, that was the power of Sprite’s Shadow?’

Su Yun suspected but did not gave much thought about it.

He looked at the water lotus seal on the back of his hand as all the wonderful mystical techniques took over his heart.

These mystical techniques were like paintings as they appeared in his mind. There were actually ninety-nine thousand eight hundred and eighty-one of them and each of the mystical technique was inexhaustible and formidable.

He took a breath in as he stepped on Thousand Deep Sword and stared tightly at the lady in green who stood far away. In one hand, he held onto the Death Sword, and the other hand which was imprinted with the water lotus seal was raised suddenly towards the lady in green.

Boom! ! ! ! ! !

All the Profound Spirit Qi in his body was once again sucked out and all his meridians were exhausted momentarily, even the surrounding Profound Spirit Qi of the hundred demon extermination god array were also sucked out, causing the array to weaken to some degree.

After that, all the energy went through the water lotus seal, exploding outwards.

A black lotus flower seal came out, flying towards the greenish jade robes.

Shadow lotus!

Amongst the eighty-one mystical techniques from the Sprite’s Shadow, the lethal blow definitely existed.

The water-lotus spread out as the petals wilted and flew in five directions.

What a thick destruction Qi!

“Is this… Sprite’s Shadow’s absolute lotus?? How is that possible? How did Limitless Sword Lord gain the lost mystical technique?? This is… at least a profound level of a terrifying mystical technique!” (*rank 5)

“Is Limitless Sword Lord good or evil? Why does he reek such terrifying Demonic Qi? And all he uses are Demonic techniques??”

“Don’t let your guard down! You have to be cautious!”

The people of Exuding Fire Sect far away exchanged words.

The lady in jaded robes used her silk scarf quickly. The silk scarf turned into a gigantic iron shield and placed in front of her.

The heroic iron shield acted like a heaven’s wall as it divided the Exuding Flames Volcano into two. Then, the tiny black water lotus petals came through….

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…

Each of the petal exploded and the seals of the black water lilies burst out like an electric current flowing in all four directions. The five petals pierced through the shield immediately, making the shield crack. The lady in jaded robes’ spell was destroyed!

The shield was back to its original form.


The jaded green robe lady’s chest rose up and down as colour drained from her face. She took a few steps back as she looked at the man in shock.

“I’m afraid those who are not a Spirit Star Disciple should not confront him!”

Yang Gu looked at Limitless Sword Lord solemnly and opened his mouth.

“Spirit Star Disciple?” (*Rank 5, 1 level higher than soul realm)

Everyone from Exuding Fire Sect were all dumbfounded, their scalp slightly numbed.

This Limitless Sword Lord… just how powerful was he?

“Good! Good! Limitless! You’re powerful!”

The woman in green leaned to one side, seeing the distant Exuding Fire Sect crowd, immediately understood even if she risked her life to kill Limitless Sword Master, it would take up most of her energy, and in the end, she would still be used by Exuding Fire Sect. However, she was reluctant to leave too, and stared at Limitless Sword Master for a while, and said, “Your body is unable to hold on, you forcefully activated the Sprite’s Shadow, and you’re using such a terrifying art, once the effect dies out, you will definitely collapse, you can only continue for a period of time, and when that time ends it will be so easy to kill you! Limitless Sword Lord! Do not be crazy, you are unable to withstand any longer!”

Once she finished speaking, she suddenly threw out her colorful silk, stepping on it, and wanted to flee.

“You want to leave?? Not so easy!”

Both of Su Yun’s eyes flashed blood red, the entire demonic tattoos exploded out, the hundred shadows covered the sky, the baleful aura evenly flying out from his body, grabbing onto the lady in green.

The colorful silk was stuck, as the hundred shadows released their strength, forcibly holding back the colorful silk from almost escaping, making her come back.

“Despicable! You think I, the princess, am unable to kill you?”

The lady in green’s vicious personality was forced out, her ten fingers retaliated back, messily moving around, only to see ten rays of green light forming out of her fingers, heading towards Su Yun.

Dong dong dong dong dong…

The Sprite Shadow’s power was once again activated, as the prints of the black lotus appeared again, enveloping all the green light.


It intercepted an attack from an expert so easily. How scary was the Sprite’s Shadow?

But that was not the end!

“Divine lotus Seal Concealment!”

Su Yun muttered as he lifted a finger.


Suddenly, a white Qi knocked into the blue dome of heaven and disappeared instantly.


Something was changing. A sudden turn of events occurred at the dusky dome of heaven. Then, a thick layer of clouds suddenly split apart as the gigantic water lotus seal lowered down from the clouds at the dome of heaven. The people from Exuding Fire Sect raised their head in shock and looked towards the dome of heaven to see the gigantic water lotus seal amongst the clouds, was actually the base of a mountain.

A boundless water lotus mountain fell from the sky towards the lady in jaded green robes.

The water lotus mountain was vast and without any borders. It was like a big piece of land as it landed towards the ground. The dome of heaven turned dark as the sun and moon were covered, all living creatures crawled out of the ground. All were in shocked and fear.

Such force could not be withstood by human beings!

The lady in jaded green robes turned pale as she widened her eyes. She stared at the falling mountains and shouted, “Treasure… It really is a treasure! It’s actually…. Actually this strong??”

What an astonishing attack! Even if she managed to ward it off, it might be to no avail and she would be at her wit’s end.

“Not good!! Flee!! I must flee!!”

Yang Gu’s face took a great change, and urgently pressed everyone.

“Quickly scatter! Hurry and leave this place, quickly!!”

“Everyone run! Hurry Run! It is dangerous here, get out of here!!”

When the words landed, The people from the Exuding Fire Sect were stunned, the strike was so imposing, it completely exceeded ordinary Spirit Cultivators in power, even mystical techniques were incapable of comparison.




What kind of mystical technique was that?

Even an absolute expert like Yang Gu was shivering deep down…

If he was confronting this attack, could he have resisted it?

“Despicable fellow!”

The lady in jaded green robes came back to reality immediately. She looked to her left and right to see that the water lotus mountain was over a thousand miles wide. There was no way she could retreat. The mountain crashed down. She gritted her teeth and secretly took out a Life Saving Treasure to prepare for her last move.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the water lotus mountain landed, it crashed, and with its enormous power, it crumbled the buildings, trees, stones underneath it…

The mountained weighed itself down but there was a pit formed on the ground already…

But at this point in time, on the ground.

The sequestered exuding flames volcano suddenly spewed a ray of soaring column of flame towards water lotus mountain!!

The moment the soaring column flame hit against the water lotus mountain’s base. It turned into a sturdy, red coiled dragon (TN: mythical creature). From the base of the mountain, the coiling dragon circled its way upwards and blocked the water lotus mountain.

The red coiling dragon was shaking. The dragon’s eyes looked tense as it screamed continuously as if it was using all of its might. But the water lotus mountain was finally stopped.

“Senior Sword Lord, Please hold your actions!”

Right at this moment, a loud sound resonated.

Su Yun frowned.

The lady in jaded green robe saw and immediately took out her treasure and used the silk scarf to wrap around her to turn into a cocoon. She then flew away immediately to a far away place and disappeared.

The target had ran away. Su Yun turned cold and muttered, “Who?”

“I come from the Exuding Fire Sect, Sect Leader Zhen Huo Huan,  Master Limitless Sword Lord, please stop! Stop your magical powers!!”

With that, a man with fire red tresses wearing a blazing red robe came from flew and landed in front of Su Yun.

The man’s brow and lips were red, skin slightly tanned. There was a bit of mercuric sulfide on his forehead. He looked handsome, prideful and what was even more shocking was he looked extremely young yet he had a noble temperament that could not be disobeyed.

The temperament this man had was only something that a powerful martial artist would have.

Su Yun frowned, with the blood red mask leaning on one side, coldly staring at him.