Limitless Sword God Chapter 125

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Should Demonic Beings be Hated?

Under extreme pressure, coiling dragon, although it required a lot of energy, was forcibly supporting the entire water lotus mountain.

The scene of the huge dragon supporting the mountain appeared in everybody’s sight.

Upon seeing this, Su Yun stopped the flow of the Profound Spirit Qi, cutting off the mystical technique.


The water lotus mountain dissipated.

The entire mountain disappeared in a short time, and the huge coiled dragon that rushed out from the exuding flames volcano abruptly disappeared as well, burning out in the middle of the air, transforming into nothing.

Everything became still, like a flower in the mirror, the moon in the water.

“We greet the Honorable Sect Leader!!”

From afar the Exuding Fire Sect people flew over, and faced the smart looking young man dressed in the blazing red robe and respectfully paid their respects.


Zhen Huo Huan nodded his head, turned his gaze which landed on Su Yun, cupped his fist with his other hand and bowed: “Honored Limitless Sword God, I have been looking forward to meeting you for a very long time! Nice to meet you!”

“Why did you block my technique?”

Su Yun asked in a deep voice.

Zhen Huo Huan repeatedly forced a smile: “Honored sir, this place belongs to Exuding FIre Sect, and is basically mine. Honored sir’s massive and remarkable power, if you actually used it here, even though you could stop that lady, I’m afraid my Exuding Fire Sect….will be buried along with her!”

The words were true. With the previous exchange, not only the Exuding Fire Sect, even the entire region, with the few towns and cities, would be buried under the water lotus mountain as well.

Su Yun listened, waiting for further words, but suddenly his expression changed, and some dim sadness flitted across his eyes. He quickly pondered over the short period of time, took a deep breath, and said in his low voice: “Even if it was like that, that woman was my nemesis! Since you have done what you did, you practically aided her in her escape, and have become my enemy! Does you Exuding Fire Sect want to declare war against me?”

“No no no, I definitely did not have that meaning, what I’ve done was protect my Exuding Fire Sect!”

“Since it was like that, if I happen to meet that person in the near future, I hope that your noble sect will be able to aid me to kill her!”

“That is for certain. The Qi around her body, it was bizarre…she must be part of that group. If it is that group of people, Sky Martial Continent people, I will definitely punish each and every one of them!” Zhen Huo Huan said.

“Oh? You know who she is?” Su Yun asked.

“Just a guess!”

Zhen Huo Huan said.

Su Yun bit his lower lip, still desiring to say more, but he felt his internal body was fully used up, and apparently getting harder to be composed. He breathed in deeply, and indifferently said: “Since it’s like that, then let’s just leave it as it is. I have some matters to take care of, so I won’t stay! I’ll take my leave now!!”

As soon as he said it, Su Yun stepped on The Thousand Deep Sword, and quickly flew out of Exuding Fire Sect.


The sharp sword flew like a shuttle, like it was penetrating through the day.

Seeing him leaving so quickly, Hu Rong and the rest could finally exhale.

“Honorable Sect Leader really has remarkable powers!!”

“If that huge attack actually landed down, god knows how many lives would be taken away!”

“Does Honored Limitless Sword God not consider all these lives?”

All the elders were discussing.

Yang Gu gazed heavily as he watched Su Yun leave the place, and he asked: “Honored sir, he was simply relying on his Treasure to increase his cultivation. Moreover, it was used up, he could not fight much anymore. Why did you treat him with so politely, why not…. Keep him?”

“Although he was using treasures to increase his cultivation, he is definitely not simple. You only saw the mask. Keep? I may not be able to keep him!” Zhen Huo Huan shook his head: “And what’s more, if we touched him, we would be going against the big powers of the Mystical Mountain Range’s sects, academies, and what’s more, the Mu Clan and Purple Star Academy will definitely not let us off, so he cannot be touched!”

“He appeared here. I’m only afraid of it concerning some secret. Even though we cannot hold him, we should at least ask him to stay to cooperate with us to investigate this entire thing!” Yang Gu was not satisfied.

“There’s no way he would cooperate with us!”

“Why is that?”

Zhen Huo Huan laughed out loud, but did not reply.




One high spirited ball of Qi dissipated inside the palace.

A little girl dressed in a red sword skirt, with two large snow white wolf ears, blankly looked at her two hands, her snow white fluffy big tail waving around on the floor, her bosom bursting and high, a young and tender yet charming look in contrast to her sweet and delicate face, a posture which was seductive yet adorable…

But within her ten fingers, there was a vague large amount of demonic and Blood Qi revolving, something she could not analyze causing her to be astonished and leaking a surge baleful aura.

“So much terrifying and outstanding Qi, why… Why is it like this?”

The little girl with her powdered face mumbled, watery and peach blossom sized eyes looked in surprise.

Suddenly, she thought of something.

“Don’t tell me…it’s that brat??”

“But… that brat is obviously a weak person, this Qi is so astonishing, even I cannot contend against it, but he can use such Qi?”

“Is it because he is borrowing the power of the Heavenly Crystal?”

“Impossible, how can the Heavenly Crystal be so demonic? Even more! Such a bizarre Qi, to force it into the body, I’m afraid there’s no way to endure it!”

“This asshole, don’t tell me he’s dead! Even before I have found that thing! Before I remove this link, he cannot die, but… once this link is removed, I will pull the tendons out of your bones!”

The little girl tightly clenched her little fists, her eyes holding a thread of hate. She clenched her white clean teeth, seemingly thinking of something that was unforgivable, and her face quickly became white.





A melancholic sound echoed.

Then, came a series of violent panting.

Su Yun held onto Thousand Deep and Death Sword as he walked out of the exuding flames volcano.

At this moment, he felt that his body was all shrivelled up. Each step required all of his energy, and was painful. Especially the qi channels and Spirit Essence… right now, he felt that they were very weak…

“Are the Spirit Essence and Qi Channels all dried up?”

Su Yun found his own spirit stallion outside the volcano and muttered as he climbed to it.

“Not just dried up.”

Sword elder’s voice emerged: “Young rascal, you’re brave. The Sprite’s Shadow is not a kind one. Once it has been instigated, it will not give up, nor will it save your energy!!”

“Not save energy?”

“Yes! It won’t save you any energy!” the sword elder said: “Do you remember when you instigated the Heavenly Crystal? The Heavenly Crystal and the Sprite’s Shadow are divine objects, if not, how can you use the Sprite’s Shadow to defeat the lady in jaded green’s attacks so easily?

In addition to that, you even force the sect leaders of Exuding Fire Sect to take action and make them fear you? When you instigated the Heavenly Crystal, weren’t you making enemies with the elder from Divine Sword Sect?

The reason is simple, these two are spiritual. The Heavenly Crystal can feel that your cultivation is weak. Once it discovered that, it limited the energy it provided, otherwise, you would explode, and your body would not be able to take it! It knew that it would be fatal, so it didn’t let you instigate too much energy. This was also the reason why I said that you couldn’t make full use of the Heavenly Crystal!

But the Sprite’s Shadow is different! It doesn’t take into consideration whether your body will be able to take it or not! If you use it, it will give its all! Giving its all to fight and release all its energy! It’s good that you used the hundred thousand blood demon technique to strengthen your body, and you have the Everlasting Stone to keep your heart spirit safe, or else you would be dead.

I’m afraid you would lose your sanity and go crazy! So next time, when you use this item, think it through first. At least wait till your cultivation is high enough to stabilize your body…”

After Su Yun heard that, he trembled. He never thought he had overdone it this time…

Promptly, he felt a warm current flowing from the Limitless Sword Manual again from his chest to nourish his shrivelled body.

“Your Spirit Essence and Qi channels are not just drying up, they’re almost eroded. Especially your Spirit Essence. The Sprite’s Shadow had almost seemed to forcefully suck its Profound Spirit Qi every single time.

As such, your Spirit Essence could not take it and is close to collapsing. If you instigate another mystical technique, I believe that all of the Spirit Essence on your body will be destroyed. Then, you’ll have to re-cultivate your Spirit Essence! Don’t be so reckless in future, this old man can’t help you every single time!” Sword Elder lectured.

Su Yun laughed and said guiltily: “Thanks senior. But… Once the hundred thousand blood demon technique has been instigated, it will not give up. It’s hard to stop it since I shared my mental state with the hundred demons!”

“How do you know of such vicious demonic array?” Sword Elder exclaimed.

Su Yun fell silent and right after that, he opened his mouth: “Senior, do you want to know?”

“If you’re willing to say.”

“The reason is actually very simple.”

A tinge of sadness flashed past his eyes: “I’ve… Once been a demonic disciple.”

With that, silence filled the air.

The spirit stallion carried a man covered in blood on its back to journey a rocky road. The crisp sound of the horseshoe sounded rhythmically.

“That’s unexpected…” The Sword Elder smiled bitterly: “I actually let a demon disciple become a sect leader for Limitless Sword Sect… I wonder, if my ancestors found out, would they kill me…?”

Su Yun leaned his face one side and the sunset hues fell on his disfigured yet cold iron face glimmering in the light.

“Demons? Should they be spurned by others?” he asked while biting lightly on his pale lips.

Sword elder was shocked. He had no idea how to answer him.

Su Yun forced a bitter smile: “Or maybe, you’re right.”



When they were back at Su Family, Su Yun’s complexion was a lot better. The Sword Elder swallowed a soul and his spirit force increased by a lot. After half a day of nourishing Su Yun’s body, his eroded Spirit Essence and Qi channels were almost recovered. On the journey, Su Yun had been taking pills while recuperating on the spirit stallion. He finally slowed down.

He raised his hands and looked at the closed black ring on his fingers. He caressed it and sighed.

“Seems like the Sprite’s Shadow is very different from Heavenly Crystal. It can easily be used anytime, unlike the Heavenly Crystal, which required plenty of energy.”

Su Yun talked to himself and laughed.

“But you must know how to control the Sprite’s shadow and keep it  from exhausting all your energy to use the mystical techniques!”

Sword Elder said.

Su Yun nodded as he took off his mask, changed his blademaster clothes and kept the sword sheath and death sword. He then rode on his spirit stallion towards the outer sect.

Once he arrived at the outer sect of Su Family, Su Yun returned to his hut directly. On the road to the outer sect, everyone looked upon him but no one dared to greet him. They were familiar with one another in the past. When they knew that Su Yun’s talent had increased, they bootlicked him. But now, all of them avoided him like he was a plague.

Seems like these people could not accept the fact that he chopped off Su Dong Hao’s arms.

After all, he was the Great Clan Elder’s son, and with a thought, he could order anyone dead. Who dared to offend him?

“Big brother!!”

Just at this time, two familiar voices shouted out.

Su Yun turned his head, only to see a group of people walking on the street towards him.

It was the patrol squad people.

He focused on them, only to see Su Xing Yang and Su Xin Yue running quickly towards him, their faces filled with happiness.

Upon seeing this, Su Yun dropped from his horse, and walked over.

“Big brother, where have you gone these past few days?” Su Xin Yue straightforwardly asked, her eyes scanning up and down, as though she was seeing if Su Yun was hurt anywhere.

“I only went out to complete some tasks, don’t be too worried!” Su Yun laughed. Seeing the group of patrol squad people, and seeing the order badge on their waists, he asked: “Today you guys are patrolling?”

“Yes!” Su Xing Yang nodded his head, and laughed out loud: “Never did I expect us to have this day, it feels like a dream!”

“Good job!”

Su Yun patted his shoulder, and said: “The most important thing is to cultivate properly. Entering the inner sect is not an easy task!”

“Big brother, you can relax, we will not let you down!”

Su Xing Yan and Su Xin Yue immediately nodded their heads.

Su Yun laughed, and then lightly asked: “Right, the favor that I asked you for you two…how is it? Did that person… Agree?”

“Yes, he agreed!”

Su Xin Yue lowered her voice, move closer to Su Yun’s lower lip, and said: “Originally Prince Fu Su was prepared to reject, but when the people next to him informed him that we are close to you, Big brother, he eventually agreed.”

“En?” Su Yun did not understand.

“We also found it strange. Prince Fu Su agreed to let us follow him because of you, so we didn’t dare to join him for a bit, because, if Prince Fu Su has anything against you, and wants to hurt Big Brother, we would rather face the Great Clan Elder’s revenge!”

Su Xing Yan was firm and persistent when he said it.

Once Su Yun heard it, he laughed, but his mind felt that it was weird. If that was true…where did he get this face, to make Prince Fu Su do such a thing upon hearing his name?

“Are you Su Yun?”

Just as Su Yun was talking to  Su Xin Yue and Su Xing Yang, a lady asked.

Su Yun turned his head to look, only to see a lady with a pale face and dried lips standing behind him. Her eyes were gloomy and dark, expressionless, quietly standing behind her, using an emotionless and empty voice to ask.

“You are Disciple Su Yun from the Outer sect?” The lady repeated her question.