Limitless Sword God Chapter 126

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I Will Find You Again

“I am, who are you?”

Su Yun frowned and asked.

Only to see the grey dressed lady taking an order badge from her waist, raising her pale white skinny hand, and emotionlessly said: “I am Second Young Miss’ personal servant girl. Second young miss has ordered me to invite you to go to her personal residence to meet. She wants to ask you a few things!”

As she said it, eight inner sect guards walked up from behind her, and surrounded Su Yun.

Su Xin Yue and Su Xing Yang anxiously stood closer to Su Yun, holding up their weapons, vigilantly looking at both sides.

“What do you all want?”

Su Xin Yue delicately asked.

“Second Young Miss has ordered, she requires Su Yun to proceed to her residence to meet. If Su Yun does not comply, it is a disobeyal of orders, and, under the Su Family family rules implementation, he will be killed on the spot!”

The lady in grey maintained her emotionless face and said.

“Family rules? Can your second young miss represent the Su Family?”

Su Xin Yue was angry, what second young miss was so tyrannical?

But the lady in grey nodded her head: “She can more or less represent!”

“You…” Su Xin Yue was flustered.

“Who is your Second young miss?” At this time, Su Yun suddenly asked.

“Miss Su You Rong!” The grey clothes woman said.

When the name came out, the siblings jumped in shock.

“Miss You Rong?”

“Great Clan Elder’s daughter?”

Both of the siblings had an ugly look on their face. They themselves already knew the reason on why Su You Rong sent people to find Su Yun.

“On what matter does Miss You Rong want to find my big brother Su Yun for?” Su Xin Yue looked at the grey clothes lady and asked.

But, the grey clothed lady did not speak anymore. She quietly stared at Su Yun with her dim eyes, as if she was waiting for his answer. Any other person’s voice, it was as if she could not hear them.

Su Xin Yue was not angry anymore, but she was getting increasingly worried.

The Inner sect guards behind her were not to be trifled with. If Su Yun was to reject, they would definitely take action, it was said that the inner sect guards were not scary, but if the matter was to be blown up, and it was affecting the main house, then things would get troublesome.

Su Yun and the siblings could not possible contend against the whole Su Family.

Even more, the Great Clan Elder could even use this as a pretense to bring up the old grudge and calculate them together.

Although Pill King temporarily aided Su Yun to settle the crisis, he had already formed a grudge with the Great Clan Elder, and as soon as information about him was obtained, he had no choice but to escape.

“I’ll go!”

After considering again and again, Su Yun suddenly opened his mouth.

“Big brother!”

The two shouted anxiously. Xin Yue even grabbed hold of Su Yun’s hand and clenched it tightly, fearing he might leave.

“Don’t go!” Su Xin Yue looked at Su Yun with her malt-like face. Her eyes were brimming with tears, but were filled with determination.

This incident started because of Xin Yue and Xing Yang. It had nothing to do with Su Yun, but he still stood by them.

In the two of their hearts, Su Yun was no longer just a benefactor. He was almost their everything, especially to Su Xin Yue, this man always appeared when she was in danger. He gave her hope. In her heart, he was someone that could not be replaced. If there was a choice, she would rather go herself than allow Su Yun to go.

But Su Yun extended his hands to pulled away from that soft, small hands and revealed a cheerful smile.

“Wait for me!”

Three simple words and that gentle smile were all it took to make her heart all fuzzy. Unknowingly, she could not refute what he said…

Without waiting for Su Xin Yue and Su Xing Yang to react, Su Yun said towards the lady in grey: “Let’s go!”

The lady in grey nodded and led him the way.


All these people rode with their spirit stallions, including the lady in grey.

Su You Rong lived alone in the inner sect. The great clan elder had arranged a huge courtyard. No one knew how high Su You Rong’s cultivation was. Once she moved into the courtyard, she had never came out once until someone exposed she was a lesbian. Then she slowly showed her face. But mainly, she exposed herself to get some contact with ladies.

Someone said Su You Rong’s cultivation level was enough for her to enter the main house. Of course, most of the things people said needed more investigation.

“Cough… cough…”

Right then, a series of dry cough rose from the side.

Su Yun looked over to see the lady in grey at his side was getting paler and paler. She covered her mouth and coughed non-stop. She looked like she was in pain.

Su Yun kept his gaze to himself and lowered his head to think.

One hour later, everyone arrived at the inner sect.

As compared to the liveliness of the outer sect, the inner sect was more solemn, more grand. On its clean paths, it was very rare to see people passing by. The ones that could enter the inner sect were mainly nurtured by the family. There was not a need to open a shop, nor work. They did not even have to worry about medication. The disciples of the inner sect only needed to cultivate, and cultivate. They must not stop cultivating.

And because of that, the inner sect was called the backbone of Su Family. Whoever was nurtured here were the real cultivators.

The lady in grey coughed continuously as she brought Su Yun to an isolated, huge mansion on the right.

The guards of the inner sect stood in front of the mansion, forming a row as a form of defense as if they had no intention of letting them in.

“Follow me!”

The lady in grey said and stepped into the mansion.

Su Yun was suspicious. He put on his guard and followed her.

Once he was in the mansion, it was dead silent.

There were pseudo mountains, ponds, and bridge in the courtyard. It was graceful. But not knowing why, Su Yun always felt it was gloomy here…

The lady in grey led Su Yun to an embroidered pavilion and stopped in her footsteps.

“Reporting, Miss. Su Yun’s here!”

The lady in grey bowed to the embroidered pavilion and said respectfully.

“Bring him in!”

A languid voice shouted out.

The grey clothed lady responded, walked to the front, and opened the door.

The door opened, and wave after wave of cold air blew out.

Su Yun’s gaze tensed up as he stepped forward carefully to see that, in the embroidered pavilion, there was a bed in the middle. A woman wearing a thin layer of mesh clothes laid on the bed and looked at Su Yun with her lazy eyes.

The lady was not at all pretty. In fact, she was slightly plump. She had a short hair, and, even though her five sense organs were quite all right, her skin was weirdly dark…

Her eyes were lifeless, as if she was someone who had not awakened from her dream. But what was shocking was the Qi on her…

It was very cold, as if she was like a piece ice, but her cultivation realm could not be told.

Su Yun put his guard up. He had just came back from the shedding flames volcano. After the battle, his Qi was still weak and was not suited for another battle. If the situation turned bad later, it was best if he escaped as a plan.

“You are Su Yun?”

Su You Rong indifferently asked as she waved her hands towards the grey clothed lady, only to see the grey her face blushing red. But she did not hesitate, walked over, and sat by Su You Rong’s side.

Su You Rong, with not a bit of politeness put her hands around the lady. Both hands roamed around the lady’s body, and, even more brazenly, she put her hands on the lady’s breasts…and private parts….

Su Yun frowned, and answered: “Yes.”

“Uhh.. En..En.. Ah…”

The grey clothed lady let out a few restraining moans, her whole body was trembling, as if she was enjoying it.

And it was as though Su You Rong had the feeling too. Her breathing was slightly hurried, and some vigor seemed to emerge from her dim eyes, as she took a deep breath and said: “What do you plan to do to resolve this issue?”

“Issue? What issue?”

“The issue of cutting my brother’s hand off!” Su You Rong shouted with more force, and the grey clothed lady trembled even harder from head to toe, as if she had reached her peak, finally, she released one after another reverberating moan, soon after her entire person had become soft and paralyzed.

Su You Rong then casually threw her on the bed, her eyes revealed a trace of arrogance: “If you wish to continue staying in the Su family, then you have to do something for me. This is a reminder of goodwill, you better take it in!”

“You want to kill me?”

Su Yun directly asked.

“I won’t.”

Su You Rong indifferently said: “But if I wanted to, many people are willing to help me do it!”

“Interesting.” Su Yun laughed: “But, I am unable to do anything for you. To cure an arm is not difficult, the spirit doctor will be responsible. I cannot do anything.”

“What you can do is a lot!” Su You Rong laughed: “I heard that you are close to Su Xin Yue, and she follows you obediently. If you can introduce her to me, maybe, I can advise my brother, or maybe my father, not to find trouble with you, You have to know, they are not magnanimous people. What you’ve done to my brother, it won’t end with just with Pill King’s words!”

A clear threat.

“I know.” Su Yun said: “But I wish that you will give up, there is no way I’ll do that.”

Speaking of which, he set his eyes on the lady in grey and said: “I didn’t believe it in the past, but seems like now, I have to. It’s true that this matter of using Yin to nourish Yang exist. Why will I push Xin Yue into this?”

“Hmph, since it’s like this, then then you’re seeking your own misfortune!”

Su You Rong’s words did not have much forceful meaning.

Su Yun looked around at his surroundings, his gaze focused: “You want to take action now?”

“Take action? Hahaha…” Su You Rong laughed out loud: “If you die here, I will not be able to explain myself. How can I be so stupid to kill people in my own territory? What’s more…I don’t wish to see you die so quickly and happily!”

Su You Rong raised the corner of her mouth and smirked, her eyes was full of cruelty.

Su Yun did not utter a word. He knew the conversation was breaking down, and he immediately turned, ready to leave.

“Hey, coming back to it, if you are not willing to gift me with Su Xin Yue, then… Su Qing Er shouldn’t be a problem right? She is just your female servant. Although at present she has gained some power, but in the end she still listens to you. If you were to give me Su Qing Er, this matter, I will consider it written off!”

Su You Rong’s voice sounded out.

In the next second, Su Yun suddenly turned his head, and his deep eyes stared straight at her, and he coldly said: “What did you say?”

Seeing his focused face, Su You Rong’s smile became wider: “I said, it’ll be the same if you give me Su Qing Er!”

“Is that so?”

Su Yun’s angry look suddenly disappeared, the corner of his mouth bent upwards, exposing a smile.

“Are you certain?” He asked uncertainly.

“What? You agreed?”

Su You Rong was stumped.

“Maybe… Give me a few days to consider!”

“He he… It seems that you’re tactful. I can even give you a few days of time, but you better not disappoint me.”

Su You Rong laughed coldly.

Su Yun laughed and waved his hand before turning to leave.

“I will… Come and find you.”