Limitless Sword God Chapter 127

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Hurricane Sword Technique

Returning to the Su Family Outer Sect area, Su Yun’s heart was constantly in a cold state. His mind was continuously thinking of Su You Rong’s words, and it was hard to recover from it.

His hand tightened on the reins he was holding, killing intent in his eyes gradually revealing.

The him of the past could not kill people. Only until after Qing Er’s death, when he lost everything and fled to the demon world, did his personality change.

To not have regrets, to prevent the people closest to him from getting hurt, those who should die, must be killed.

“Seems like I still have to take action, but Su You Rong’s rarely fought, even in the inner sect. It is still not an easy thing to eliminate her. I have to think of a way to lure her out!”

Su Yun lowered his head and thought. She was not like Su Mo Sha… On top of him being heavily injured, his spirit essence was in a weakened state, and since he did not have much defence, killing him was extremely easy.

Lure, how do I lure her out? What is she interested in?


Depend on a female?

Su Yun’s heart shivered as he thought about something.

“Hurry take a look, hurry take a look! The Meeting of Heroes competition’s name list has been posted!”

“Meeting of Heroes? The Meeting of Distinguished Heroes? The distinguished duel meeting that is held once every three years involving all the regions in the Southern part?”

“Che! What is there to watch? All these years, our Su Family was unable to attain any good ranking. This time? I think it’ll be the same!”

“Don’t think it’ll be the same this time, our Su Family contestants have relatively strong cultivation… Hey, wait a minute, who is this? Su Yun? Our outer sect’s Su Yun?”

“No way? Su Yun? He can participate?”

“He is just a outer sect disciple. Even if his talent has already recovered, and his cultivation increased, he should have only reached Spirit Intermediate Disciple realm at most. The Meeting of Heroes requires at least Spirit Core Disciple realm to be worthy of participation! Other than the inner sect, removing those peak elites, no one else is qualified. Why… Why did the family send Su Yun?”

“I think they feel that he is powerful?”

“Get out of here! Powerful? Anyone from the main house could pinch him to death!”

“It seems to me that, this time, the Meeting of Heroes is our Su Family’s disaster!”

“Just don’t get the last position. If not I would have no face to meet people outside!”

“Hey, that’s hard to say.”


The outer sect publicly revealed the plate, surrounding it were all of the outer sect disciples, young and old. Every one of them was looking at the public signboard announcement and discussed.

My name is on it?

Listening to their discussion, Su Yun immediately went down his Spirit Stallion, and walked over.

“Hey hey, quickly look, look who we have here!”

“It’s Su Yun!”

“Quickly move aside, move aside. If the Great Clan Elder’s people sees us, they will think that we are related to him, then we are dead.”

“Go go go…”

The crowd hurriedly dodged aside, as if they met someone possessed by a demon, and retreated.

Su Yun’s gaze swept across the group, but he did not make a sound. He did not even care about them, and continued walking to look at the announcement.

It was a list containing the names of the participants for the Meeting of Heroes.

Su Qing Er?

Su Yun?

He was stumped, utterly startled.

Qing Er was a seedling of the Su Family that was meant to be groomed, and would usually not join these types of public competition, while he was just a trash of the Spirit Intermediate disciple realm, why would the Su Family send him to participate in this Distinguished Meet?

This concerned the reputation of the Su Family! Are they not afraid of losing face?

Just as Su Yun was thinking, a voice sounded out: “You must be Su Yun right? We have been looking for you for a long time!”

Hearing that, Su Yun turned his head to see, and saw a few inner sect disciples dressed in armor with jade accessories walking towards him.

“Who are you?” Su Yun asked with suspicion.

“Inner Sect’s elite class!” The leader absent mindedly said, after that he took a few items from his storage ring, and passed them over: “Congratulations, you have been chosen to represent our Su Family to participate in the Meeting of Heroes. These are this year’s Su family’s participant order badge qualifications, and the meeting’s clothes. When you make your way there, someone will notify you where to go. I hope you do not disappoint the Su Family which has cultivated you with great expectations. Display yourself well at the Meeting of heroes and obtain a good ranking, that’s all!”

After that, the few inner class people yawned and lazily walked away.

Su Yun looked at the object in his hands. His eyes was glistening.

He placed the object in his storage ring, turned, and left quickly.



Deep within the mountain range, a ruined temple stood. Rows of warriors in black armour stood tall.

Deathly air surrounded the warriors, who looked dignified like evil spirits. They were covered in armours, with no skin or flesh. They held on to blades and swords yet they had no tendons or ligaments. They were a bunch of terrifying corpse like evil spirits….

Their deep eyes lacked lustre as it glistened with a ray of blood red radiance.

One wore blood clothes, with hair touching the ground. He slithered on the ground like a snake and sat in front of all the corpses. He looked at the skull spear with infatuation.

“Immortal skull spear? How can you use such a disgusting martial weapon?”

A matured voice emerged from the side.

The man whose hair was long like a snake turned to look at who it was. An ugly smile appeared on the shrivelled, pale face: “This is my enemy’s vertebrae. After I killed him, I used his vertebrae to make myself a weapon. How’s that? Isn’t it very pretty? Hehe…”

The lady remained silent. She did not look at the weapon. Instead, she looked at the man and said blandly: “I have a small issue right here, and I need to move slowly!”

“You didn’t manage to get the Sprite’s Shadow?” The man laughed slightly as he asked, before he placed his gaze back onto the skull spear.

“I’ll get it soon enough!”

“It doesn’t matter!” the blood prince smiled lazily: “Anyway, you have never been to my satisfaction.”

“You can stop working with us!” The lady did not seem to fear him, her voice was blatantly honest: “But… With just your strength, can you achieve everything?”

“Hmm, do you expect me to rely on you?”

The blood prince did not mind at all, neither did he fear the lady’s threat.

The lady pondered with her head down. After a long pause, she said: “Give me some time. I will contact you again!”

Finished, she turned and walked away.

“Wait!” right at this moment, the blood prince said suddenly.

The lady stopped immediately.

“Who stole the Sprite’s Shadow?” he asked squinting his eyes.

“Just a small ant!”

“Oh? Then may I ask of you, my respected princess, to kill this little ant? I’m tired of waiting.” The blood prince extended his long tongue and licked the immortal skull spear as he smiled slyly.

“Just wait.”



Su Yun’s cultivation was only in the sixth level of Spirit Intermediate Realm

He was actually arranged to attend the triennial Meeting of Heroes to fight to the death with a bunch of experts who were of Spirit Core Disciple in cultivation.

It was absolutely humiliating, he was seeking death.

Su Yun did not think the Su Family had thought highly of him. After thinking for a long time, it probably had something to do with the Great Clan Elder.

It did not matter anyway. Since the Su Family had decided to make him attend, he had to. If he could not fight, then he just had to surrender. Did the Su Family set regulations that he had to win?

Su Yun thought and returned back to the hut.

“Senior! Are you there?”

Once he was back in his hut, Su Yun took out the ‘Limitless Sword Manual’ and called out to Sword Elder.


Sword elder did not seem to be cultivating. Once he heard Su Yun calling for him, he came out immediately.

“I am already very familiar with the Snow Tang City’s Fallen leaves Sword technique. Can you teach me a Limitless Sword Sect’s sword technique?”

“You want to learn?”

Sword elder smirked: “Have you learnt all the sword techniques on the market?”

“How many sword techniques are there on this earth? If I want to learn them all, I’m afraid I will never be able to complete them!”

“Hehe, not bad. Seems like you’re eager to learn… Never mind, never mind. I’ll teach you. As for how much you can learn, that is all on you!”

“Thank you, Senior!”

Su Yun was overjoyed.

“This sword technique is not easy to master, don’t be so happy! When I teach you, you cannot neglect cultivating the [Limitless Sword Manual]. At the same time, you have to continuously upgrade your cultivation to be compatible with this sword technique. It’s best if you can link all three of them up!”

“Link them up?” Su Yun was stunned after hearing what the Sword Elder said.

The unique mystical sword techniques of the Limitless Sword Manual could link with all the other sword arts, or if he learnt the arts of the Limitless Sword Sect, it would not be the same as the usual sword techniques.

“Rascal, you gotta find a place first for me to teach you!”


Su Yun did not wait any longer. He quickly ran to the back of the mountain.

“This sword technique is called the Hurricane sword technique. As the name suggests, it is as fierce as a raging hurricane! Before I show you, you need to be one with the state of mind first, then you can place your emotions into the sword. Then, you can switch places with the sword. You’d be the sword and the sword would be you!’

“Another thing, you need to imagine a moving track with Profound Spirit Qi as the path, moving to be released! This is the crucial part. In the short period of time, you need to do it so the speed of setting up the Hurricane sword technique will be quicker.”

“The hurricane is invisible, and formidable. Don’t let the opponent catch hold of your sword. As such, you can be have all the freedom to use the sword.”

“The link between Profound Spirit Qi and the sword must not be broken. There must be enough Profound Spirit Qi as the backbone of support…”

Sword Elder explained patiently as Su Yun used the sword. He listened and asked questions.

After several hours, gusts of wind started to ripple from the sword at the back of the mountain.

During the day, he practically stayed there to cultivate his sword. When the sun set, he started making pills in the hut to increase his cultivation level so he could break through to the seventh level Spirit Intermediate Disciple.

A few days later, the Qi channels and the Spirit Essence had some movements again. With the nourishment of the Everlasting Stone, his Profound Spirit Qi was on the rise again. A long, dim ray of rainbow light penetrated the rough barrier, as if charging through the dome of heaven. Su Yun finally broke through to the seventh level of the spirit intermediate realm.

Although he would have no enemies as a seventh level in the outer sect and was considered an expert in the inner sect. In The Meeting of Heroes, this level was still considered weak.

He was not worried for himself. It was just that he still did not understand why the Su Family sent Qing Er for the competition.

Could it be they wanted to toughen her up?

In the darkness, it was ever so silent.

Ka cha.

Right at this moment, a light, crisp sound resounded.

Su Yun lifted his head and looked over to the door.

Only to see the door open on its own while a gust of chilly wind blew through.

He frowned as he looked at the silhouette outside and said: “Since you’re here, then please come in.”