Limitless Sword God Chapter 129

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Lost Opportunity

With her life hanging by a thread, Su You Rong’s mental state was stretched to the extreme. She panicked and quickly released her whip, her right hand quickly reaching onto the storage ring on her finger, retrieving a treasure to protect herself.

A smooth and round bright jade colored mirror appeared in her palm, and she quickly blocked the incoming Thousand Deep Sword.


The Thousand Deep Sword smashed onto the jade mirror, crashing with an extremely heavy force. Su You Rong’s Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi resembled a big mountain that was crumbling, collapsing in a flash, and the mirror and her flew out together. They were flung in a perfectly straight line, crashing onto the hill outside. It was difficult to determine if she was dead or alive.

Although Su Yun just reached the seventh stage of Spirit Intermediate Realm, he used Xin Yue’s gains, swallowed a ‘Five Life Bead’, and using the powerful Spirit Essence and the support from the Everlasting Stone, his body’s Pure Divine Spirit Qi became increasingly thick and profound. Adding on the Thousand Deep Sword’s three devastatingly powerful might, this attack was something that Su You Rong was not prepared for.

It must be said that Su Yun’s choice of timing for his attacks were extremely timely, Su You Rong was presently naked, and other than the storage ring on her finger, she did not have any other treasure on her, leaving her unprepared. Her fighting ability had dropped, and she could not exert all her power, so much so, that her power to resist had dropped dramatically.

Su You Rong was flung into the air, following this, Su Yun made a prompt decision. He tossed the Death Sword and Thousand Deep Sword, his fingers were forming secret arts, releasing Pure Divine Spirit Qi, controlling both swords to fly and kill Su You Rong.

Xiu Xiu!

Both swords suddenly broke through the air, fiercely flying like a tiger, rushing forward.

Su You Rong’s eyes widened, she anxiously retrieved another treasure from her storage ring, and prepared to defend herself.

As the Great Clan Elder’s daughter, she definitely would have many life saving treasures in her day to day life.

Just at this time, a ray of grey light suddenly flew over, following this, Su You Rong’s naked body suddenly spread out as layers and layers of rock stratum appeared on her body.

They were just like skin, growing within moments, and were forming rapidly. Su You Rong’s movements were immediately impacted, she anxiously urged her Qi to attack the rock stratum, and at this time, the two swords flew over.

“Damn it!”

Su You Rong clenched her teeth and growled, and suddenly her body was inclined.


Both swords stabbed into her back, but they did not hit any vital parts, as fresh blood flowed out, dyeing the floor red.

The stronger the opponent, the weaker the huge rock spirit nucleus effect would be. If it was used against an opponent of the same level, Su Yun could relaxingly use it on the enemy. Unfortunately, Su You Rong’s cultivation was not low. It was unexpected, but she could struggle free from the growing petrification, what was more astonishing was… That she was actually so fierce, and could decisively dodge and protect her vital parts, taking the two attacks head on.

Su Yun’s face was cold, he flung his arms and gestured with his fingers, controlling both swords to turn back and return, once again flying to kill Su You Rong.


Just at this time, a loud and strict shout sounded out.

Following, a few figures were seen rushing over.

Reinforcements are here already?

Don’t care! I will first seize this opportunity, and worry later!

Su Yun’s eyes was filled with decisiveness, as his Pure Divine Spirit Qi was urged even more ferociously. He did not have any plans to stop.

Sou sou sou sou sou….

Just then, a large amount of energy struck forward, directly hitting the Death Sword and Thousand Deep Sword. Accompanying the energy was two quick and violent purple beam. They were not strong, but their agility and quickness was superior to the rest of the attacks. They were faster by a step, directly clashing with the body of Death sword and Thousand Deep Sword.

Although it was unable to completely stop both swords, with the impact of the beams, both swords that were flying towards Su You Rong in a flash, veered off their intended path, and flew straight to Su You Rong’s shoulders.

Su You Rong was once again stabbed and pushed to the ground. Once again, none of her vital parts were hit. Both swords were stabbed in a slanted angle into the floor behind her, causing the floor to explode, forming two big black holes. Turbulent Qi wisps, like a blade’s edge, were emitting out to the surroundings…

Su Yun frowned, he looked to the direction of the source from where the attack was released, and saw five or six experts rushing towards him, and the one leading them was Su Dong Fang!!

“LIttle sister! Don’t panic! Big brother is here to save you!”

Su Dong Fang shouted, following behind him were five people who rushed forward, closing in on Su Yun.

He was unable to succeed anymore, and if he continued to try to kill, even if he managed to kill Su You Rong, he himself would be unable to escape.

Su Yun’s expression sank, with a move of his right hand, Thousand Deep Sword flew out, and his body leaped upwards. Stepping onto the body of Thousand Deep Sword, he quickly flew, with the Death Sword revolving around him continuously, he flew towards the outskirts of the Inner Sect area.


Upon seeing this, one of the experts immediately shouted.

Inner sect Guards from everywhere rushed out under that person’s command, and chased after Su Yun.

“Please everybody, you must capture that assassin who tried to murder my sister!”

Su Dong Fang tore off the robes of his companion next to him, and anxiously covered Su You Rong’s body, and shouted out: “Hurry, call the spirit doctor and notify my father quickly, get him to hurry and invite a few elders to save my sister!”

Su Dong Fan bellowed.

“Yes, Prince!”

The people at the side nodded. They ran hurriedly without hesitation.

Su Dong Fang hugged the pale Su You Rong in his arms and asked hurriedly: “Sister, how are you? Are you alright? Your brother, I, just passed by this place and sensed the Qi so I came over to check it out. I never thought such a thing would actually happen! Brother came too late. It’s my fault… I’ve come too late…”

Looking at her, he blamed himself and looked distraught…

“Wrong?” Su You Rong’s face was twisted from the pain but she did not sympathised. From her painful face, she revealed a mockery laughter. With a voice so frail she said: “My… Beloved… Brother… You… Stop acting… Even if… Even if you’re acting this way, there’s no way you’re… You’re going to take that thing away from me… Hehe…”

A change flickered amongst Su Dong Fang’s complex gaze but his expression did not changed much. He asked in a daze: “Sister, what are you talking about?”

Su You Rong closed both her eyes and said nothing at all. Sweat the size of big pearls dripped down from her forehead.

“Send down my orders, you must capture the man who tried to assassinate my sister! I’ll never let him go!!”

Su Dong Fang turned and said to the people behind him with determination.

The man however, bit on his lower lip and said: “Master Dong Fang, that might be difficult…”

“Why?” Su Dong Fang’s expression sunk: “This is the Su Family. Can he still run away?”

“This… Of course he can’t escape anymore. Only… This man seemed to be Limitless Sword Lord. I heard his cultivation level is super strong and he even killed all the blood soul demons at Purple Star Academy. If we don’t send the experts from the main house we might not be able to hold him…”

“Limitless Sword Lord?”

Su Dong Fang heard and was shocked: “Are you sure it’s him?”

“The mask and accessories can be disguised, but to control the swords and kill the enemies… I’m afraid only Limitless Sword Lord can do it!” the person said as he smiled bitterly.

Su Dong Fang fell silent upon hearing it.

“Help me into the house, you useless bunch of things!”

Right then, Su You Rong shouted towards the servants at the side. No matter how frail her voice sounded, it was still filled with anger.

Would the servants dare to rebel against Su You Rong? They hurried over and carefully carried Su You Rong into the embroidered pavilion.

Someone brought helpful medicine and some made use of their Qi to help Su You Rong recover by 70 percent.

“It’s lucky that the important parts didn’t injured.Otherwise, that’d be the worst!”

Su Dong Fang sighed a breath of relief and said as he smiled.

Su You Rong shot him a look and said: “Brother, please go out. Can’t you see we aren’t dressed appropriately?”

So Dong Fang was taken aback. He was speechless. Dressed inappropriately? They were not just dressed inappropriately, they were literally not wearing anything!

But he heard from the people here that there were girls who Su You Rong liked and usually, there weren’t much restraint in their conduct and behavior. And so, he chose to turn a blind eye.

Su Dong Fang did not persist. He waited for a moment and left the room with the door closed.

Su You Rong who was in the room noticed, and immediately used all her strength to pull a girl at her side and planted a kiss directly. They kissed passionately with their mouths open and tongues intertwining.

The girl was resisting and struggling non-stop, but the servants around her quickly put her down to prevent her from resisting.

The colour of the lady’s skin was getting older and wrinkly. The life in her body was getting weaker and her hair started dropping. From a twenty over young lady, she turned into a fifty years old woman.

Su You Rong released her hand and the lady fell onto the ground. She did not have much life in her anymore.

After doing this, Su You Rong’s complexion was a lot better. Although still weak, it was much better than when compared to how she was previously.

“Bring her out!”

Su You Rong rubbed her mouth, and shouted demonically.

“Yes, young miss!”

The remainder of the servant girls stuttered.

“Young… Young miss, then tomorrow night, are we still going to meet Su Yun?”

The person beside her asked.

“Of course we are still meeting him!”

Su You Rong breathed hard. She was still weak. Her pain was not reduced yet. Even so, she held strong. She was very persistent.

“All of your essences are too weak, you can’t give me much energy. Qing Er and Su Xin Yue all have good essence. If I can suck their essence, I can recover just like before, or even become stronger! Don’t say that I’m injured, now that I’m injured, then I have to go all the more!”

“Yes… Yes, young miss.”




Like lightning, he got into the outer sect without a sound.

Su Yun shook off the inner sect people. With the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye covering his Qi, they could not find his tracks even if they used some tracking talismans.

After returning back into the hut, Su Yun immediately took off his disguise.

It had to be said that it was a pity this time round. Why did Su Dong Fang appear at that time? If he was not there, he could have easily killed Su You Rong. He might not have such an opportunity in future.

He did not know if Su You Rong would cancel on him tomorrow. If she was not going, he would lose his chance. And if he could not settle the powers in Su Family by tomorrow, then he would not have an easy life anymore.

Very quickly, a din was heard from the quiet outer sect.

The chaos in the inner sect shocked the entire Su Family. The Su Family’s outer, inner and core sects went into lockdown, and the guards of the inner sect started to investigate. The Great Clan Elder led a group of the Patriarch’s experts to the outer sect.

The outer sect people who were either deep asleep or cultivating were all shocked by the din. They all walked out of their huts and enquired what was happening. The illuminating gems lit up the streets of the outer sect.

Su Yun opened his window slightly and looked at the chaos outside. He was deep in his thoughts.

Whoosh! ! ! ! !

Right at this moment, the sky was glimmering with blue radiance. Then, a group of people appeared from the blue radiance and landed on the streets of the outer sect.

It was the Great Clan Elder and the elites from the Patriarch.

That was fast.

Su Yun was getting anxious.

All these people all were exceptionally talented. It would be hard for him to defeat an elite from the Patriarch. With so many elites now, and with the Great Clan Elder, he might not even have a chance to run away if they fight.

He had already removed all of his disguise. Even if they investigated him, he should be fine, right?

He thought deeply.

Right at this moment, the attendant of the outer sect ran hurriedly to Great Clan Elder’s side. He nodded and whispered something. A row of people then looked over and started to march towards him…