Limitless Sword God Chapter 130

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You are Too Slow

Su Yun’s expression was in disarray. He suddenly recalled something, and anxiously took out the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye from his eyes and hid them in his storage ring.

Swiftly, a few people walked over, while he sat cross-legged on his bed couch, and assumed a recovering meditative posture.

Knock Knock Knock!

Just then, knocks on the door sounded out.

“Su Yun!! Su Yun!! Hurry and open the door! Hurry and open the door!! The Great Clan Elder is here! Hurry and come out to pay your respects!!”

The old, yet crafty male attendant of the outer sect’s voice sounded out.

Su Yun opened his eyes, came down from his bed, and opened the door.

“Hey! Why are you so slow? If you neglect the great clan elder then you see what you’ll get yourself into!” The outer sect attendant stared and snorted at him with his arrogant words. Soon after, he turned around and bend down as he rushed to the great clan elder and smiled: “Great clan elder, this is Su Yun.”

Behind him, the Great Clan Elder, as well as the main house elites, stood in great numbers.

Seeing that the Great Clan Elder was staring imposingly at him, he looked around. After that he directly entered the house, and surveyed the surroundings.

Su Yun acted like he was puzzled, but his heart was actually stretched tight, his one hand secretly touching his storage ring, if anything were to go wrong, he had to be preemptive!

“Su Yun!”

Just at this time, the Great Clan Elder suddenly called out.

Su Yun cupped his fist with his other hand: “What orders does the Great Clan Elder have for me?”

The Great Clan Elder turned around and stared at him: “This night… did you go outside?”

“Great Clan Elder, why do you ask that? During this night, Su Yun was here training relentlessly, he had never gone out!”

Su Yun face looked puzzled, and asked: “Great Clan Elder, what happened?”

The Great Clan Elder did not reply, only his eyes had a flickering ray of light, attentively sizing up Su Yun from head to toe. Finally, he shook his head, and turned to leave.

“Ai, Great Clan Elder…” The attendant was baffled, and immediately followed behind.

He just left without saying anything?

Su Yun did not understand, but he once again cupped his fist in his other hand: “Great Clan Elder, take care!”

One line of people scattered out of their small houses.

Only after seeing that the group had walked far away, did Su Yun finally relax and exhale.

With the Limitless Sword Manual to suppress the Sprite’s Shadow and the Heavenly Crystal’s Qi, the Great Clan Elder would not be able to sense it. Thank goodness he managed to take off the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye in time. If the Great Clan Elder studied his Qi and noticed he could not sense it, he would get all suspicious. Right now, his performance was just right. He would not have suspected himself to have the ability to assassinate Su You Rong.

Su Yun closed the doors when the Great Clan Elder and the others left. He then continued cultivating.

For about two hours, the ruckus caused at the outer sect was slowly settled.

Su Yun did not bother. He did not leave any evidence before and believed they would not suspect him. But the only thing he worried over was if the Su Family would start suspecting the identity of Limitless.

Why did Limitless Sword Lord suddenly appeared at the Su Family? Why did he want to attack Su You Rong? And last but not least, they might link the disciples of the Su Family up with Limitless.

On top of that, when he obtained the Sprite’s Shadow, the lady once said she already sent two people to infiltrate the Su Family to look for the whereabouts of Limitless. Tonight’s chaos would only confirm their belief that Limitless was in the Su Family.

After tonight, he would have endless troubles. He needed to leave the Su Family as soon as possible.

The second day, Su Yun cultivated the hurricane sword technique as per usual. Of course, as he practised his sword, he used the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye to look out for spies in the surroundings. If there were spies from the patriarch or other people, he could only change locations in order to practice.

Ripples of ruthless sword Qi emerged as Su Yun brandished Thousand Deep Sword. The sharp Qi encircled around it.

He had yet to master the hurricane sword technique. When he used the Limitless Sword Manual’s controlling sword to activate the hurricane sword technique, the power was not strong enough. Su Yun could only maneuvered it manually.

The first key point was the Profound Spirit Qi’s track.

He stabilised his body and released the Qi in his body. The pure divine characteristics of his Profound Spirit Qi started to form lines covering him.

The intersections were messy and complicated.

“Rascal, the hurricane sword technique is invisible. Just like the wind, it cannot be caught. You must not fix into this pattern! The Qi tracks are set up according to the enemy’s weak points. Don’t think that the ripples of the storm are big and don’t need any flaws to capture! That is absolutely dumb. The Limitless Sword Sect’s sword technique talks about giving it their all, without saving any energy. Even if your enemy is weaker than you, you must not put your guard down!”

Sword elder started explaining.

“First off, the hurricane sword technique Qi track set up is guided by the enemy you’re facing. It isn’t set up without any how. Your enemy’s height, location of his heart, head, and lower body are all precisely captured before the Qi track is built quickly. Then as the sword orders, it will move forward.”

Su Yun heard and nodded seriously. Both his eyes focused and started setting up.

In his mind, he imagined an enemy. That was none other than the Blood Soul. He stared at the imaginary Blood Soul’s body and raised his hands up. All his pores were were shooting out strong, vicious Pure Divine Spirit Qi. As his spirit essence opened up, his Qi channels moved vigorously.

Within a few breaths, the tracks were formed. All led to the Blood Soul’s frail points.

“Slow! Too slow!”

Sword Elder said blandly: “Those good ones could form with just a thought! You’re too slow!”

Su Yun was not happy. He erased the Qi tracks and started a new one.

“Too slow!”

Erase it, and set it up again!

“Still too slow!”

Erase it, and set it up again!

“Rascal, can you do it or not?”

Erase it, and set it up again!

“Maybe I shouldn’t hand this sword technique to you. You current powers are still not high enough…”

Erase it, and set it up again!



Su Yun repeated it over and over again until the sun set. He was sweating profusely and panting heavily. Half of his Profound Spirit Qi was used up, but the speed of setting up the tracks were faster, but he still needed a breath’s time.

“Alright, if you can persist and pull through this, it is not hard to settle, but you need to understand why I’m so anal about the speed of setting up the Qi track. That’s because, during a battle, your enemy will move continuously. Your Qi will also move with him. If you set up the Qi tracks too slowly, you will not be able to catch up with your enemy’s rhythm. As such, this sword technique is useless. Understand?”

“Senior, your guidance is noted!” Su Yun panted, wiped off the sweat on his forehead and said: “Su Yun understands.”

“Let’s end you practise here. Go and cultivate your Qi!”

With that, the sword elder returned to his Limitless Sword Manual.

Su Yun took out three Qi pills from his storage ring and swallowed them. Then he meditated for half an hour to digest all the Qi pills. Once that had been done, he got up and returned to the hut.

When he got back to the hut, he recuperated his Pure Divine Spirit Qi in all his body.

There are several ways to cultivate Qi. First, was to continuously instigate it during battles and force the spirit essence to activate the Profound Spirit Qi. The Qi Channels will get wider and thicker with Profound Spirit Qi. This was considered the martial way of cultivating Qi, but because it was too difficult, not many people practiced this way. The other way was to complement it with some pills to nourish the body, such that it was suitable for the usage of Qi. This was considered as a knowledge way of cultivating Qi, and amongst the Spirit Cultivators, there were many who used this technique. Then, they would match it with a mystical technique to increase their powers.

Su Yun was not afraid of hardship. Actually, when he was cultivating his mystical techniques, he used the martial way of cultivating Qi. When he was tired, he then used the knowledge way of cultivating Qi. As such, he would not waste any time. With the support of Everlasting Stone, his talents were better than others by a lot. On top of that, he was two or three time more hardworking than ordinary people. How could his cultivation progress be slow?

Tonight, Su Yun dared not do it overboard. Afterall, he needed to confirm one matter.

He meditated, and unknowingly, it was close to 11pm (TL: 11PM-1AM in the olden days).

Su Yun opened his eyes, took a deep breath in, and looked at the moon outside. He then got up and walked out.

There were a few inner sect guards patrolling outside. The Su Family had met with such incidents again and again, so they had to strengthen their defense. And, the doors were closed shut at night, so it was difficult to leave the Su Family.

He looked over to his left and right with his Heavenly Scale Divine Eye to determine the strength of the defense set up all over the Su Family. When he found a flaw, he escaped the Su Family from the site and to the obscure mountain on the outskirts of Su Family.

Nearing to the mountain, he scanned his surroundings before he sat and waited.

The night light shone on his pale face. Coupled with the silence of the mountain, everything seemed eerie.

He did not know if Su You Rong would come. He could only say that he was testing his luck. If she came, it meant she did not suspect he was Limitless. If she did not come, because of her injuries, then he had to change his plan. Or, she could have suspicions about him.

No matter which situation, he needed to make a move soon, before he had nightmares.


Right then, a series of jingles rang. Su Yun raised his gaze to see a few skinny, yellow skinned ladies walking beside a luxurious carriage. The carriage seemed to be pulled by a purple beast. On the carriage hung four bells, each on one side. It looked amazing, and from the curtain at the back of the carriage, it could be seen that a lady was sitting in it.

Indeed, she came after all.

Su Yun sighed a breath of relief and let out a sly smile. He stood up and walked over.

The carriage stopped.

The beast let out a few grunts.

One lady in grey on the side walked over quickly and pulled open the curtains that was hung with bells. A pale, fragile, heavily injured Su You Rong appeared in front of Su Yun.

Looking at Su Yun who was walking over, Su You Rong was surprised. Her face sunk as she said: “Su Yun, I’ve come as I promised. Where are they? Why is there only you??”

“They did not come!”

Su Yun’s smile became increasingly cold every step he took closer to the carriage, his hand slowly moved towards his storage ring.

“You dare lie to me??”

Su You Rong raged: “Don’t think that my injury will give you the chance to kill me! Want to kill me? I’m extremely relaxed!”

Once she said that, two rows of servants from left and right rushed out, surrounding Su Yun.

However, Su Yun suddenly took out two swords from his storage ring.

The Thousand Deep Sword that proudly shows off its abilities.

And the sinister and pitch black Death Sword.

Both swords appeared, and followed Su Yun’s arm movements, directly flew into the air, straight towards Su You Rong.

Upon seeing this, Su You Rong’s face turned extremely pale, her eyes opened wide, her heart jumped, and her mind went blank….

“You… You are Limitless Sword Lord?”

Su You Rong cried out.

Sou Sou Sou Sou…

The sword tip rushed for the kill, not waiting for Su You Rong’s defence, and stabbed and penetrated into her chest.

Fresh blood splattered across the whole carriage.

Su You Rong’s body twitched, she did not managed to say anything, and instantly died….


All the servant maids were stunned, their eyes startled upon seeing the dead Su You Rong. Suddenly, their faces were masked with jet black Qi, one after another seemingly becoming crazy, rushing towards him with the intent to kill.

Su Yun kept his twin swords, and without being polite, he started to fight with the maid servants whose bodies and spirits were completely subdued by Su You Rong.

All the servant maids had their Qi absorbed by Su You Rong, and were extremely sluggish, for them to defeat Su Yun who was at the seventh stage Spirit Intermediate realm, it was naturally simple, but to defeat Limitless who wield the Limitless Sword Art, was impossible! Adding that Su Yun suddenly did a sneak attack and killed Su You Rong, this group was simply not his match.

Very quickly, all the maid servants also fell…