Limitless Sword God Chapter 131

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Notice to Arrest the Murderer

On the second day, the news of Su You Rong being murdered had travelled all over the entire Su Family and stunned them.

The Great Clan Elder grieved his loss. The Su Clan called everyone to gather at the main house, for a thorough investigation. The Su Family raised its alert to the second level. Even the patriarch was shocked. The majority of the main house and the inner sect’s guards searched all three houses in the Su Clan. The Su Family was closed for ten whole days. Everyone was anxious.

The weird, tense situation went on for ten days, yet they still couldn’t find out who murdered Su You Rong. The Great Clan Elder could do nothing but give up.

Su Yun too, sighed a breath a relief.

Only, just when everyone thought it was the end of this matter, a heart-dropping incident happened again!

Su You Rong’s corpse was gone!

When the Great Clan Elder, who washed his face with his tears, heard of this matter, he broke the entire house on the spot! He faced upwards and cried out in grief!

Although Su You Rong’s behaviour was rowdy and had caused quite a fair bit of trouble, blood was still thicker than water. How could he hold a grudge against his own daughter?

Everyone was curious.

Why would Su You Rong’s corpse disappear all of a sudden?

Su Yun was full of doubt too. They snuck into the inner sect just for this. Where Su You Rong stayed, the embroidered pavilion was also being ransacked.

The devilish method Su You Rong used to replenish Yin by using Yang. It was unclear how she acquired it.

Never mind, should not think so much.

After this incident, Su Yun wanted to leave the Su Family as soon as possible.

After the chaos had ended, he started cultivating.

Everyday, after he bought the ingredients, he would concoct a pill. Then he would go to the back to cultivate the hurricane sword technique together with the Limitless sword manual. When the sun sets, he would then return to the hut and cultivate his Qi.

Once he started cultivating, there was no intention to stop. As he cultivated his Qi, he could recuperate and relax his mind. It had the same effect as sleeping.

As for his meals, he ate very little. He mainly used the pills to fill his stomach. There were many impurities in the food and in turn, they create sediments in the Qi channels and block them. Of course, it was very rare. If he was craving for something, it should not be a problem.

Only, Su Yun was not eating a lot. He almost had to finish one bottle of pills each time to fill his stomach.

It was not very appetising either. If he had ingredients in the future, he could cultivate a fragrant ‘divine immortal pill’ at Blossom Heart Valley. Not only was the pill fragrant, it was delicious. It was considered one of the heavenly dishes on earth, but it took a very special process to produce the ‘divine immortal pill’. As of today, only the pill king knew how to. But the pill king had to concoct new medicated pills daily, so where would he find the time to make something so nice? He probably had many powerful figures visiting him, bribing him with a huge amount of gold but to no avail.

Such days continued. The hurricane sword technique got purer. It was the formation of the Qi tracks with just a thought mentioned by sword elder that was bothering Su Yun.

In the midst of the forest.


Ripples of Pure Divine Spirit Qi appeared.

A great amount of translucent white tracks appeared around Su Yun.

hurricane sword technique!

Su Yun cast the Thousand Deep Sword which was in his hands away, and followed the tracks.

Under the guidance of Pure Divine Qi, the sword danced at a speed ten times faster than it usually did. It was hard to catch up to it with the naked eyes. He could only briefly see several sword shadows twirling around and Su Yun spun continuously.

The Pure Divine Qi that exploded out of the Sword tip was like a whirlwind cutting around, sand and stones flying all around the place, dead leaves scattered everywhere, the formidable power in turmoil almost reduced the entire forest to a flat land!


Su Yun relaxed his hand, the meridians in his body and the Spirit Essence opened. All of the Profound Spirit Qi in his body erupted, quickly following his thoughts onto the locus in the air forming out, they criss crossed in a mess like a big spider web, as it slowly spread outwards.

The Thousand Deep Sword that flew out, the flaming stones followed the trajectory of the Qi and revolved around frantically causing electric lights to appear, becoming faster and faster, like a tornado forming with Su Yun in its eye, sweeping everything around it.

Sou Sou Sou…

Strong gales rose!

The immortal sword soared, its power as if it could slay an immortal, under the sky, the dauntless and dense Pure Divine Spirit Qi scattered from the sword blade, afterwards it revolved a round in the sky, shaking as it dropped, finally landing gracefully in Su Yun’s hand.

Ka cha.. Ka cha.. Ka cha….

The surrounding trees and boulders were all sliced broken, and all of them were well disintegrated.

Remnants of his Pure Divine Spirit Qi continued floating in the air.

“The Hurricane Sword Technique is so proficient and pure!”

At this time, Sword Elder’s compliments came out.

“But your Qi following the track deployment is still as slow as last time!”

Su Yun gazed at the Thousand Deep Sword in his hands, and could not help but clench it tightly in his hands!

He took in a deep breath, raised his sword up, and once again released his Pure Divine Spirit Qi, deploying and arranging the treks.

Slowly, he removed it, arranged it again, removed it, and repeated the proccess. Only after his body was completely empty of Pure Divine Spirit Qi, did he stop to take a rest.

Seeing this, the sword elder was quiet.

“Maybe you can try another method of training!”

The Sword Elder said.

Su Yun who was on all fours on the ground gasping for breaths and wiping his perspiration, raised his head and asked suspiciously: “Another method to train?”

“Correct, another method to train!”

Su Yun anxiously said: “I welcome Senior to instruct me!”

“It is also not a very high level method, it is relatively simple, you just have to go and fight in a real combat!”

“Real combat? You mean… To fight? To actually use The Hurricane Sword Technique to fight?”

“Correct!” The Sword Elder laughed: “You have already reached a bottleneck regarding the arranging of Qi, so if you continue to train, it will be very difficult for you to reach the last step, and enter the taking of form state, thus, you can only use real combat to force yourself. When a person meets danger, often they will force themselves to release their potential, and now, as long as you can force your last bit of potential, you can reach the state of Completion in one breath!!”

“Fighting… meaning utilising battles to train?”

Su Yun whispered.

“Your current battle experience is actually not high, when a person engages in a fight with someone, they gain experience that constantly training diligently can never achieve! Especially in a deathmatch!”

The Sword Elder said in a serious tone.

Su Yun was determined, his eyes swaying back and forth, he suddenly stood up and nodded his head: “I know what to do.”

Once he said so, he turned and walked towards the small house.

There was still quite some time before the meeting of heroes, so the representatives of the Su Family were giving their all to train.

If they could get the limelight in the Meeting of Heroes, then it would not only bring the Su Family a lot of benefits, they could also gain reputation in all of the various regions and sects.The benefits were countless. The most important thing, was that they could gain the uncommon treasures from the mysterious sect.

The participants from the Su Family trained insufferably day in and day out, as no one was willing to skive during this period.

Qing Er in the main house, was doing the same thing.

In the training area, a lady was currently holding her graceful long sword and flying in the air, her body was like a sharp tip of a spear as she was enveloped with Swift Wind Spirit Qi, everywhere she went, the Sword Qi would break through, the ground would be cracked from the huge amounts of sword scars, with the sword scars appearing silently. It was exceptionally terrifying.

Upon seeing this, The middle aged man standing at the side nodded his head.

“Very good, Qing Er, the overlapping violent Leaf Sword Technique has been completely grasped by you, this sword technique is a high level mystical technique, and is hard for ordinary people to grasp completely. For you to be able to do so in such a short period of time is very remarkable!”

The middle aged man complimented with an emotionless face.

“Thank you, Patriarch!”

Qing Er stopped in her tracks, and gasped for air.

“The meeting of Heroes will come soon, this will be your first test, to obtain the first! Rest for a while before you continue your training!”

When his voice landed, his figure had already disappeared from the field.

After hearing that, Qing Er who was gasping for breath slowly nodded her head, her delicate small head was covered in fragrant perspiration while looking bitter.

“I wonder how Young Master is doing now, is he fine?”

She looked at her light shivering sword, and after a while, she sighed.

Her heart was already so tired.

After half a day!

Su Yun was riding his Spirit Stallion, speeding to Jinghu Town.

Once he entered Jinghu Town, he immediately rushed in to the Notice to arrest the murderer!

Notice to arrest the murderer:  Many districts have put up announcements regarding the evil Spirit cultivator.

The notice list was formed by all sects and the city lord of the cities. They ranked the crimes the Profound Spirit Cultivators had carried out according to the atrocities.

The higher they ranked on the list, the more atrocious the crimes they committed.

The list not only introduced the murderer’s basic information. It would also allocate a certain amount of spirit coins. Those who managed to kill or capture the murderers and wanted men would be able to obtain the allocated spirit coins for the wanted men.

Many Profound Spirit Cultivators wanted to accumulate Spirit Coins, so they undertook the notice board. Some managed to earn some spirit coins, while others lost their lives for this.

Many hunters would stand in front of the list of the wanted men, and if they spotted a pushover, they would fight and snatch. Usually, one wanted man could only be undertaken by a hunter. After all, the reward was only a small sum. Of course, if a group of hunters could agree to team up and split the spirit coins, that would also work.

Su Yun walked over. At that moment, it was crowded at the notice board. They had gathered in a circle and sealed up the surroundings of the notice board.

He squeezed through the crowd, and finally arrived at the front of the notice board.

Jue Lian District Notice to arrest the murderer, First: Zhang Cha Xin, nicknamed ‘Heart Piercer’ one million Spirit coins, Strength: unknown, Mystical Techniques: unknown, Treasures: unknown, current position: unknown, To arrest within: unlimited. To be arrested by:  none, slot available.

Second name: Skeletal General of the dead, eight hundred thousand Spirit Coins, Strength: unknown, Treasure: ‘Demon Horde Messy Dance’ Mystical technique: Unknown, current location at the ‘Dark Skeleton of the Dead Mountain’, To arrest within: One year, to be arrested by: none, slot available.

Third name: Chen Ge Hao, five hundred thousand Spirit Coins, Strength: Spirit Soul Disciple, Treasures: Unknown,  Mystical Technique: ‘Extermination Epoch Blood Song’, Current Location: Moon Mountain Range for a generation, To Arrest within: Eight months. To be arrested by: Taken, no slot available.

Fourth name: Er Lang Wang, three hundred thousand spirit coins, Strength: Spirit Soul Disciple, Treasures: Unknown, Mystical Techniques: Unknown, Current Location: Grass Cage Plains District, To Arrest within: Three months, to be arrested by: None, slot available.


Fifth name: Tong Xue, nicknamed ‘Yin Sword’ fifteen hundred thousand spirit coins, Strength: fifth stage of the Spirit Core Disciple, Mystical Technique ‘Sinister Cold Sword’, Treasures: ‘Tong Yin Blade’, Current Position: Immortal Sword Mountain District, To Arrest within: One month, to be arrested by: None, slot available.

The notice board supplied the spirit coins rewards worth, based on the opponent’s power, there would be other people who would supply the location of where the wanted criminals were previously seen.

Su Yun swept the board with his eyes, his mind was in a daze, he did not expect that this Chen Ge Hao would have people signing up to chase after him, and unsure of what his power was.

The five names on the list were all expert murderers, and this was the only list put up this time on the board. Maybe after a few years, the list would change again.

There was a different notice board for each region, the notice board at Jue Lian District was indeed weaker.

“Hey, have all of you heard? Previously, a few men actually hatched a plan on Er Lang Wang. They headed over to the Grass Cage Plains District to find that bastard Er Lang Wang that was actually training his wolf cubs. Those rascals were attacked by hundreds of  thousands of wolf cubs. They were eaten alive!”

“What’s that? I have heard of a Profound Spirit Cultivator who went looking for Skeletal General of the dead! The Skeletal General of the dead is cunning and sly. He always trained the Profound Spirit Cultivator as his living dead soldiers. Who knew, when this profound Spirit Cultivator went ahead, he was actually captured, had his memories erased and he turned into a living dead soldier! The last time someone challenged him, he saw the Profound Spirit Cultivator, tsk tsk… So pathetic. He turned into such a state!”

“But, may this bunch of rascals be exterminated. Since when did this bunch of people come from in the spirit cultivating realm?”

Everyone discussed around the notice board.

Su Yun scanned across the notice board’s list of names. Finally, he found a target. He reached out his hand and picked up the fifth position on the list. Tong Xue’s ‘Yin Sword’ and peeled it off.

“Are you sure you want to obtain Jue Lian District’s target ranked fifth on the notice board known as the ‘Yin Swod’ Tong Xue?” the person in charge of the notice board voiced out from the side as he looked at Su Yun and asked loudly.

Everyone was shocked and looked towards him.

“Yes!” Su Yun replied expressionlessly.