Limitless Sword God Chapter 135

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Challenging Again

Seems like Shi Hong Dian was finally unable to remain calm.

Su Yun inhaled deeply, quietly took out Thousand Deep Sword, and stared intently at the figure.

Only to see in the depths of the dusky forest, a yellow armored, skinny human walking out.

The person looked like he was forty years old, his long beard was messy, bloodstains on his face, extremely sloppy, and both of his hands wore metal gloves, the gloves knuckles had purple gemstones embedded in it, looking very dazzling.

He walked over with heavy yet soundless footsteps as he scanned his surroundings with caution, as if he was taking precautions against something.

Then, the surrounding was quiet as hell. Not even a bit of wind breeze.

Su yun squinted his eyes. He clenched his hands even tighter, ready to make a move anytime.

But, in a moment time, Shi Hong Dian who was walking over, stopped in his tracks, turned his head, and looked over to Su Yun.


Su Yun suddenly felt uneasy,

Right at that moment, a huge amount of green gem-like objects on both his side. These objects were like a mouth of a ferocious beast and they were coming for Su Yun.

Su yun tensed up. Fixating both his legs, he jumped down from the tree.

The mouth took a big bite of the air.


He fell to the ground.

But in a split second, a silhouette appeared in front of him.

Then, with two strong gusts of wind that were so strong it could move the mountains, two fists punched over.

Su yun’s pupils dilated slightly and hurriedly blocked off with his thousand deep sword.


The two fists landed on thousand deep sword’s body. A tremendous power burst out and they both flew out, hitting onto a huge, crude tree before he stopped.


Su Yun coughed slightly and stood up slowly.

“Hehehe… Your reflexes ain’t too bad. You could still stand up after taking a strike from me. Although I can’t determine your cultivation level, I figure it isn’t low either.”

Shi Hong Dian walked over, face calm, smirking.

“Seems like you have identified my location right from the start!”

Su Yun wiped off the blood from the corners of his mouth and took out a pill from his storage ring then ate it. He looked at Shi Hong Dian with gleaming eyes.

“The moment that idiot disciple of mine died, your location is locked down by me. I have marked his heart that once he died, the fresh blood that stained you will follow you wherever you go. I will know where your location is until the fresh blood is dried.”

With that, Su Yun realized, the great amount of green coloured spirits around him were like souls that had surrounded him. There were about twenty over of them and were all at least a third level Spirit Intermediate Disciple.

After seeing that, Su Yun understood.

“You’ve obviously captured my location but you had not make a move. I believe you must be preparing to kill me!”

Su Yun kept his gaze and muttered.

“Well, of course!” Shi Hong Dian nodded peacefully as his moustache moved: “You’re a big prey and can help me breakthrough the fifth level of Spirit Core Realm. On top of that, my goblin powers would increase by folds. If I don’t prepare properly and prevent you from running away, wouldn’t I be losing out?”


Su Yun nodded and scanned his surroundings. Then he asked: “Are you relying on these fellas to stop me from running away?”

Shi Hong Dian looked down: “Is it not enough?”

“Of course it isn’t!”

Su Yun muttered. Suddenly, he brandished both his hands and pulled out thousand deep sword and death sword just like two rapid dragons. They circled around him and pierced the bodies of the green spirits.

In a split second, the aura that was released was just like a sword that just came out from the sword sheath, cold, sharp, fierce, piercing and numbed people, causing their hair to stand.

“What a strong swift wind spirit qi!”

Shi Hong Dian’s face changed. He had never seen such an odd maneuvering sword technique. He immediately operated on his spirits and made them form a line of defense.

The spirits then created a green coloured wall to fend off the piercing swords.

But, the wall was like a piece of wood. Ka sa, ka sa, ka sa…

It was pierced thoroughly. The spirits fell to the ground and lost their will to fight.

“Seems like this isn’t enough to stop you!”

Shi Hong Dian’s face turned sly. With a foot step, a ball of fire emerged from beneath his feet, and like a fire arrow, it rushed over.

The thick and vicious fist came through again.

The aura were boiling like an active volcano.


Su Yun had no fear. By moving his fingers, the thousand deep sword flew over and landed in his hands. Then, with a strong aura, all the pure divine spirit qi was being passed onto the thousand deep sword as it flew towards the two fists.


The sword and the fists collided just like a meteorite that collided onto earth, it sent ripples to all directions and the trees all collapsed. The entire absolute forest was being cleared to a treeless region.

The two gave their all and confronted each other.

Thousand deep sword, second phase!

Su Yun clenched his teeth. Without letting his guard down once. Even though his strength and cultivation level was lower than Shi Hong Dian, the thousand deep sword and his will to stay vigilant were suppressing the opponent well.


Shi Hong Dian screamed. All the pure divine spirit qi was being squeezed in and with the cackling sounds of metals hitting against one another, the thousand deep sword’s capacity to withhold energy had increased!

Su Yun only felt that his bones were being pushed to its limits. If they were to withstand it for another minute longer, they would fracture.

It was the goblin power for real. If an ordinary person experienced such powers, they would probably been crushed into a jam.

Su Yun thought and quickly made use of the third phase of the thousand deep sword.

Hua la!

The thousand deep sword’s radiance grew. The sword was overflowing with True Dipper Qi and floated towards Shi Hong Dian.

Shi Hong Dian’s arms were trembling as he was stunned to experience such startling powers.

But very quickly, he had a weird smile painted on his face,

The smile was very cunning, but Su Yun caught it.

Could it be?

“You wanna fight with me? Good! Great!! I’ll let you see what true power feels like!!”

With that, Su Yun felt all the energy in thousand deep sword collapse!!

Such an odd scene. It was as though a ray of exquisite, limitless energy penetrated into thousand deep sword and dissolved all its energy and swiftly, entering into his body.

He loosened his grip quickly and threw thousand deep sword away and retreated.

Swift power?

“Could this be your renowned absolute swift power?”

Su Yun frowned.

Shi Hong Dian’s fist was flowing in radiance, gushes of green light flowed out.

“When one person can’t even maximise his powers, what’s the point of fighting with me?”

Shi Hong Dian laughed. And it was taken that he agreed.

The thing about swift power was that it was unbreakable!

He had no intention of letting it go. Neither was he giving Su Yun time to think of how he could deal with the swift power. He waved his fists and punched forward.

Full of true dipper qi.

It was not any ordinary true dipper qi, great amount of green qi circled around the center.

It was swift power combined with true dipper qi!

Su Yun dodged hurriedly and rolled over several times.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Every time the true dipper qi struck ground, it exploded right away.

Su Yun only managed to climb up after several moments. He looked like he was in a bad state.

It was practically impossible to fend off a true dipper qi that was blended in with swift power. Any kind of defense would probably be dissolved by the swift power! Other than dodging, there was nothing he could do.

The huge rock spirit nucleus could not stone this person. After all, his cultivation level was higher. Stoning him was just temporary.

He had to rely on the storm sword technique.

He asked for this, to use this chance to practice sword, and practice qi.

Su Yun maintained calm and kept his gaze on Shi Hong Dian. Then, he stabilised both his hands and waited for a chance to attack.


Shi Hong Dian attacked once again.

Su Yun immediately pushed all the pure divine qi in his body to avoid the attack and dashed towards Shi Hong Dian.

His speed was crazy, people could merely catch a glimpse of his shadow. When he got near to Shi Hong Dian, the death sword which was encircling in mid air, and the thousand deep sword in his hand shook and pierced towards Shi Hong Dian.

“One sword without being pulled out of its sheath, the other sword without much qi and you want to rely on them to fight with me? Tsk, you really don’t know how to spell death, do you!!”

Shi Hong Dian was unhappy. He swung both his hands towards to ground and the energy dispersed. He was surprised to find the ground being covered by a stone array right in front of him.


When Su Yun heard that, he suddenly moved his finger.

Heaven Splitting Sword Technique!

The thousand deep and the death swords divided themselves into two and turned into a ray of sword shadow. Circling the stone, and aiming to pierce the back of Shi Hong Dian’s head.


Shi Hong Dian was shocked, then he fell back quickly. Pushing out huge amount of true dipper qi towards the two flying swords with the intention to bring the swords down but the swords were agile and light. They could move left and right to dodge the attacks.

“Don’t underestimate me!”

Shi Hong Dian could no longer avoid. He moaned and suddenly, he fixed his feet on the ground and stood in a horse stance. With a roar, his skin was shining with a layer of turtle-like armour prints.

Dang dang dang!

Two solid swords and two pseudo swords crashed into the body but it was hard to pierce through. Instead, sparks grew and they bounced back.

“Power is not all about attacks! It can also be used as a defense! Don’t think your speed is fast and I can’t do anything about it. You can’t even breakthrough my flesh and skin, how do you even think you’re going to hurt me?”

Shi Hong Dian looked at the swords that bounced off and mocked.


Right then, Su Yun who was running over suddenly stopped a few metres away from Shi Hong Dian.

He looked tense. And all of a sudden, he raised his robes and lifted his right hand, pointing towards Shi Hong Dian as if he was instigating something.

Shi hong dian was shocked. Without reacting, he could feel that he was being locked down by over hundreds of thousands of qi strands in a breath’s time.

Heart, brain, lower body, the Heaven’s Door… All the places that could inflict serious injuries were all being tracked by qi!

“This is bad!”

Shi Hong Dian’s heart stopped. He got up quickly and rushed towards Su Yun.

But at that point in time, the death sword rushed over and pierced towards Shi Hong Dian and the thousand deep sword was just spinning continuously towards those transparent qi track…

Inch by inch, it got closer.

Slowly entering…

The edge of the sword glistened in radiance and was almost a part of the qi…


Shi Hong Dian instigated a great deal of power to push the death sword away. Then, he raised both his fist and all the true dipper qi in his body and pounced towards Su Yun!

But! In a blink of an eye, the thousand deep sword was already in the qi tracks.


A ray of snow white light like a lightning shot along the tracks.

Shi Hong Dian did not see anything. He only felt his vision blur as hundreds of thousands of sword shadows encircled him.

It was like a blossoming lily!

Dang dang dang…

The skin that was being filled with true dipper qi was being sliced by the dense sword shadows. Sparks flew and a huge amount of pure divine spirit qi rippled out.

“Ah!!! Ahhhhh!!!”

Shi Hong Dian screamed in pain as he was being skinned alive. They started slicing his stone like skin, making flesh and fresh blood spew all over the place. After several breaths, the body was being pierced by thousand swords! He was turned into a blood man, and the defense on his body was crushed….