Limitless Sword God Chapter 137

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What is the Meaning of this?

A few days later.

Announcements were pasted all over the streets of the Su family’s main, inner and outer sects.

The opening of the Meeting of Heroes was about to begin.

And it was known, that the participants from the Su Family were going to leave, and head towards the competition location.

The person in charge of them was the Su family’s second Great Clan Elder, Su Tai and the inner sect administrator Su Shi Long.

At noon the next day, all the disciples would gather outside the outer sect. The disciples taking part in the competition were mainly the disciples of the patriarch and the inner sect elites. As for the outer sect, only Su Yun would be taking part in the competition.

Night time.

Su Yun was still seated on his bed, eyes closed and recuperating, waiting for daybreak.

He did not prepare much, from the way he saw it, as long as he could mingle, it would be fine. Originally it was meant for him to show his rank in battle, but he was disinclined to participate.

Du du du.

Just then, there were light knockings on the door.

Su Yun opened his eyes, came down from his bed and opened the door.

Only to see Su Xin Yue and Su Xing Yang whom he had not seen for a long time standing at the door, facing him and laughing.

Upon seeing this, Su Yun smiled: “What are the two of you doing here?”

“We miss big brother, so we came!”

Su Xin Yue laughed.

Su Xing Yan scratched his head, laughed foolishly, and did not say anything.

“Come in and sit!’

Su Yun turned, and went over his table to grab a flask, and poured the two of them some spirit tea.

“How is it? How have you two been doing recently? How is Fu Su treating you two?”

Su Yun passed over the tea, and laughed.

“Prince Fu Su is treating us very well!”

Su Xin Yue took the cup, and lightly said thanks, and continued: “The prince is very kind, and is treating us very well, everyday he would give us some treasured medicinal pills, and even allowed us to enter his private training area to train! He does not have arrogance, and treats everybody like brothers and sisters.”


Upon hearing that, Su Yun was stunned.

Usually, a spirit cultivator’s personal training grounds were for their own use only, and would not allow other people to enter, but Fu Su is so generous? And he even allowed inner sect disciples, who are of god knows how many ranks lower than him to enter…

“He only allowed you two to enter, or… Can everyone enter?”

Su Yun asked suspiciously.

“Of course he treated others the same. As long as you follow prince Fu Su, you can use his training grounds!” Xing Yang chided: “Big bro, you don’t know how great the training grounds prince Fu Su has. It’s spacious and huge! It’s almost the size of half of the outer sect. The boss had layered on a few layers of arrays that facilitate cultivation and it’s a lot faster to training there! It’s amazing!!”

Xing Yang got carried away and he looked overjoyed.

When Su Yun heard this, he fell silent.

“Not just that, when Su Dong Hao and others came to find trouble with us, they were all stopped by Prince Fu Su. If not for Prince Fu Su, I’m afraid we would had been killed by Su Dong Hao and the rest!”

Su Xin Yue mentioned.

They were considered the lower ranks in the Su family. How could they ever be a match for Su Dong Hao?

“Oh…” Su Yun remained silent before he nodded: “If that’s the case, then I suggest the both of you follow suit with Prince Fu Su. Train and cultivate well under his guidance. But, at the same time, do keep your guard against him! Don’t trust him too much. Understand?”

“Why?” Xing Yang did not understand: “The Prince is a good man!”

But Su Xin Yue was fast in her thinking. She asked carefully: “Big Bro fears that Prince Fu Su is trying to win us over?”

“I’m just speculating!”

“Maybe it’s not a speculation.” Su Xin Yue said: “When we first went over to the Prince, the others loathed us for having poor features and essences, and kept us outside. But the Prince knew we had good relationship with big bro, he agreed to it immediately. I feel that the Prince not only wants to win us over, he maybe wants to win big bro over!”

“I don’t want to be one sided about this.” Su Yun smiled bitterly and shook his head: “I’ve only met Fu Su once, how can we talk about winning over? Moreover, what’s the motive for him to win us over? We’re nothing… Never mind, let’s not talk about this. Just be careful!”

Su Xun Yue did not continue the topic, the three of them inquired more about their recent developments, and then Su Xin Yue entered another topic.

“Big brother, when you go to the Meeting of Heroes tomorrow, you have to be careful!”

“Careful? Careful of what?”

“Su Shi Long, of course!”

“Su Shi Long?”

“Big bro, don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten? Su Shi Long is one of the Great Clan Elder’s people. You chopped off Su Dong Hao’s arm for us, so the Great Clan Elder bears a grudge on you and has wanted to exterminate you since long ago. If it wasn’t for Blossom Heart Valley’s senior Pill King’s pleas, big bro, you’d probably be in deep waters. Although the Great Clan Elder can’t do anything to you, Su Shi Long can do anything to bootlick the Great Clan Elder! Big bro, you have to be extremely careful!”

Su Xin Yue said with a worrying tone.

Both of them coming by at night was most likely to remind Su Yun about this matter.

Su Yun thought for a moment then smiled without saying another word.

The three talked for 2 hours before Su Xin Yue and Su Xing Yang bade their farewell. Su Yun was to set off tomorrow, the two dared not disturb him for long.

After Su Xin Yue and Su Xing Yang left, Su Yun sat down quietly for a while, finally, a deep sigh came out of the house.


The sky was not bright yet, and a din stirred in the outer sect. Shouts and horse shoe sounds resonated.

Some disciples of the Su family were long waiting outside of the outer sect.

After noon, the disciples of the Su family then gathered around the door.

The outer sect housekeeper brought along several of the outer sect disciples and Single Horned Bulls to line up at the door. When the disciples that were taking part in the competition came by, they would choose a Single Horned Bulls to ride on.

The Su family did not provide any replacement tonics for the competition. All of them had to prepare on their own.

All the disciples who were participating used their best treasures, even their clothes were different. Some wore multicolored glistening gowns, some wore thick armor, and some hung big and small jewelry treasures around their bodies. All of them were fully armed to the teeth, increasing their battle power by a fold, leaving all the outer sect disciples drooling at their mouths.

“Guai Guai, what are all the grades of these treasures?”

“It’s so bright it’s blinding me!”

“Let us train well, and in the future we can definitely use these treasures too!”

“Ai, don’t think too much, wait till you join the inner sect then start talking, if you can’t even join the inner sect, why even think about all these treasures?”

All of the outer sect disciples were mumbling.

After changing into a clean set of white blademaster clothing, Su Yun walked out of the small hut and followed the main streets walking towards the outer sect big gate.

On the way, he saw countless groups of inner sect disciples walking together, while the main house people were walking with everyone following behind them, towards the big gate of the outer sect.

All of the disciples joining the competition had an awe-inspiring presence while walking with arrogance. Su Yun was alone mingling in the crowd, not saying a word.

“All of the competition participants, please follow me here to obtain your Single Horned Bulls, and after that wait for the clan elder and administrator outside the gate.”

The outer sect person in charge shouted loudly.

When the participants heard, they walked in an unorganized manner showing signs of languid towards the person in charge, the outer sect disciples behind immediately drew out the Single Horned Bulls, respectfully and cautiously handing the reins over to the participants’ hands.

The participants did not bother looking at the outer sect disciples, and only held onto the Single Horned Bulls and left.

Su Yun looked, and went over.


When he went over, the person in charge of the outer sect acted like he did not see him, and shouted loudly: “Next!”

The person behind walked over, each and everyone of them drew their own beloved harnesses.

The outer sect people were continuously given, but Su Yun was disregarded from the beginning to the end.

Su Yun frowned.

“I too am a participant of this year competition!”

He said.

But, the opposing party did not care, and acted deaf.


Su Yun raised his hand, and a long gloomy and cold sword was unsheathed from the sheathe on his back, and instantly like lightning it was aiming at the neck of the outer sect disciple that in charge of the mounts.

Everyone was stunned.

Only to see Su Yun grabbing onto the outer sect person in charge’s lapel, with one hand holding Thousand Deep Sword, his face was gloomy: “Do you want to give me the Single Horned Bull, or shall I cut off your head!!”

His voice was sinister, killing intent overflowing.

The disciples behind were stunned.

Under bright daylight, Su Yun dared to do such a thing?

“Su Yun! What are you doing? You’ve got the balls to dare come here and behave atrociously!”

Someone shouted impatiently.

Su Yun gazed up, and it was long time no see Su Dong Fang.

“Behave atrociously?”

Su Yun snorted: “Although I am an outer sect disciple, I am this year’s participant disciple of the Meeting of Heroes, these Single Horned Bulls that the Su family have supplied, all the participants are able to retrieve one, but this person is not giving mine to me, and is disobeying the Su Family’s orders, as an offender of the Su Family, I have the power to kill him!”

Finished, Su Yun immediately grabbed his sword, and was about to cut down on the Su Family Outer Sect person in charge.

Everyone had cold sweat, their hearts madly palpitating.

It was as the rumors say! Su Yun was really a fierce and spicy character!!


A few main house people saw this, how could they dare to hesitate? They urgently leaped out, brandishing their treasures, hitting away the Thousand Deep Sword that was aimed for the outer sect person in charge’s neck.


Thousand Deep Sword deviated from its original position, and dropped onto the floor.

Su Yun released his hand, retreated a few steps, and stared at theme coldly: “Good! Not bad, I did not expect all of you to disobey the Su Family, and become a traitor of the Su Family, very good! I will report this to the main house!”

Finished, he turned away.

“Wait, Su Yun!”

A main house disciple anxiously blocked him.

“This is a mistake, he did not say he would not give you your Single Horned Bull! This is a mistake!”

The person said.


Su Yun turned his head, and stared at the outer sect person in charge who was frightened to death, and asked: “Is this an accident?”

Seeing that Su Yun was looking at him, the outer sect person in charge became quick witted, twitched a bit and immediately nodded: “Yes yes yes, this… This is a mistake, a mistake. Master Su Yun, I have prepared to give you the single horned bull, how do I dare not to? Right? He he…”

The outer sect person in charge rubbed his hands and put on a smiling face.

“If that is the case, then everything’s good.”

Su Yun slowly sheathed the Thousand Deep Sword.

Seeing that Su Yun did not make the matter worse, everyone all secretly wiped their sweat.

After all these, who would dare to harm Su Yun’s face?

“Quickly!! Bring out Master Su Yun’s beast!”

The outer sect person in charge anxiously shouted.

“O.. Okay….”

The other person in charge immediately moved.

After a while.

Di di da da….

Sharp and clear hooves knocking on the floor sounds could be heard, and a tall saddled horse was brought over by someone.

Su Yun gazed, but.

Just one look!

His just recovered face immediately became gloomy again.

He once again raised his hand, unsheathed the Thousand Deep Sword, and coldly looked at the outer sect person in charge, and asked: “What is the meaning of this?”

The outer sect person in charge was scared, but could not explain, just at this time, a loud shout could be heard outside the Outer Sect big gate.

“This is my intention! You can go ahead and use it!”

Once the voice landed, everyone turned their heads to look, and sounds of exhalation came out.

“Second Great Clan Elder Su Tai has arrived!!!!”

“Inner sect administrator Su Shi Long has arrived!!!”