Limitless Sword God Chapter 140

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This Fast and You Can’t Recognise Me Already?

Both of them were stunned as he approached, increasing in heart rate.

Even if the main house was surrounded by elite guards, and they were all strong and powerful, the two of them was still tense and anxious. It was as if they had confronted an undefeatable giant.

Tick tock tick tock tick tock…

The Single Horned Bull walked over slowly with Su Yun riding on it. He looked down and stared at the two of them deeply. In the abyss of those deep, dark eyes manifested evil, and the need to kill.

He didn’t even conceal anything, not holding back, but telling the two of them his intention!

“Outer sect disciple Su Yun, greets the two masters!”

He retracted his smile and said lowly.

His voice hoarse as if he was hiding billions of blades.

“You… How did you come back alone?”

Su Tai swallowed his saliva, his bead-like monkey eyes revealed shock. He asked as he trembled: “And… You… What’s all that blood on your body?? What… What exactly happened??”

Su Yun gazed at the blood on his blademaster clothes and muttered: “I’ve met some thieves along the way and I killed them! As to why I’m alone? Hmm, I’m riding on a spirit stallion, my speed isn’t as fast as the others. Also, it wasn’t easy for me to exchange my spirit stallion for a single horned bull at a city. After that, I rushed over. If I wasn’t coming back alone, is master expecting me to bring a few others back with me too?”

After he ended his words, he pushed his face forward and whispered so softly such that it could only be heard by these two: “Or maybe, master would like me to come back with three others, am I right?”


The two swallowed their saliva helplessly. Only to feel their back break out in a cold sweat. When the cold wind blew, they shivered.

Looking at the devilish, barbaric face, Su Tai started to fear this man’s cultivation was actually not that low.

He set his tone firmly, recovered to his own self and shouted: “Su Yun! How dare you not pay your respects when you see master! How dare you still sit on top of the single horned bull. Are you looking down on master?”

“Look down?” Su Yun pulled onto the ropes and smiled: “Of course not. It’s just that now the other disciples who are participating in the competition have left for Wu Shuang Jue Peak. I’m a representative for the Su Clan, how can I lag behind? I still can make it to Wu Shuang Jue Peak. I’ll bid my farewell first, two masters!”

With that, he whipped the ropes, rode on the single horned bull and galloped towards the peak.

The galloping sounds of the Single Horned Bull resonated. The man wearing white blademaster clothes which were stained blood red soon disappeared at the end of the road.

Seeing that situation, Su Tai and Su Shi Long sighed as if they were relieved from one’s burden.

Su Tai turned over. With a congealed face, he walked into the accord.

“Oh no, this is bad news!! Su Yun is still alive, oh no!”

Once he sat in the hall, the servant passed him a cup of spirit tea. He signalled them to leave. Then, he took a sip to relax.

Su Shi Long panted heavily and opened his eyes to ask: “Does Huo Fang and the others know?? Why haven’t they return?”

“Haven’t return?” Su Tai moaned: “Can’t you tell? Su Yun had killed all three of them. The blood stained on him were Su Huo Fang’s and the others blood!”

“Impossible!” Su Shi Long almost jumped from his chair. He bellowed: “They are the disciples of the main house! How can Su Yun possibly fight against them. Since when had he ever won over a main house disciple? And, it was one versus three?? Impossible!”


Su Tai looked confused, he shook his head: “I hope this is all fabricated too. But there’s one thing I need to tell you. Although, my cultivation is the lowest amongst all the clan elders but I’m also a fifth level Spirit Core Disciple. Even so, I can’t tell what’s Su Yun’s cultivation level!!”

“Can’t tell?” Su Shi Long was surprised. He dared not look straight into the eyes of Su Tai.

Su Tai nodded frustratingly: “He might have some treasure that could hide his cultivation level. Or… he had already surpassed a fifth level Spirit Core Disciple. I’m not sure but I know, the other three are most probably dead by now.

Su Shi Long slumped down on the chair, his mind in disarray.

But right after that, he regained his own mental state.

Then, he looked at Su Tai with a stern face and said solemnly: “Second clan elder, no matter what Su Yun’s cultivation level is, no matter how strong he is, so what? We have so many experts from the main house, it’s either we give up or we go through it to the end…” Su Shi Long touched his neck, in his eyes was filled with the desire to kill.

Su Tai saw and fell silent.

After a long while, he then said depressingly: “Su Yun offended the great clan elder, he deserved a death sentence. It was also Great Clan Elder’s idea to let him die outside! But, if we can’t kill him openly, then we shall do it under the table. Now that he had left for Wu Shuang Jue peak to gather with other disciples of the Su Family, we don’t have a chance to make a move!”

“What is second clan elder worrying about?” Su Shi Long laughed softly: “Although he bought a single horned bull and was much faster than spirit stallion but we have two purple horned bulls on our hands!! If we send two experts amongst the guards to ride on this single horned bull without halting, they might have a chance to intercept that Su Yun if he hasn’t met up with the other disciples and could use that opportunity to exterminate him! The experts in our guards all at least have a sixth level of Spirit Core Disciple. With the two and the purple horned bulls, they can definitely kill him!!”

When Su Tai heard that, his eyes lit up and immediately, he slapped on a board.

“Good. if that’s the case, then we’ll do as you say! If we don’t kill Su Yun, it’d be hard for us to report to the Great Clan Elder!! Quick, arrange for Bai Dian and Hei Guang to leave!! Quick!”

“Don’t worry, master. Leave this matters to Su Shi Long.”

Su Shi Long rose and nodded before he left.

When Su Tai saw, he took a deep breath in. the matter had been solved and he was much relaxed now. Then, he sat down gracefully on the chair and slumped downwards.

He was a person who loved to enjoy. To be able to sit in this position, he had gotten much help from his father who nurtured this Su Family, and so he managed to clinch this position.

Su Tai did not like to cultivate. Had a penchant for pretty girls and because of that, he had the lowest cultivation amongst all the great clan elders.

But, he was a smooth person. When Su Family needed some things to be settled, the patriarch and the Great Clan Elder had not much to complain about.

“Aye! Once Su Yun, this rascal has been exterminated, as long as I casually attain a ranking that is not too bad, we can head back to the Su Family! Then I can really enjoy myself once again.”

Su Tai stood up and went back to his own room.

Right now, nothing was more comforting than a good night sleep.

Ka cha.

The door opened.

The room was decorated with grace and elegance. In it, was an aroma that was intoxicating. The decorations within the room was luxurious. Each utility was perfected with an array.

And on top of the gigantic, fragrant bed, a voluptuous body had her back facing him, her face was tilted slightly towards him.

Obviously, this was the woman that was arranged to serve second clan elder.

When Su Tai saw her, golden beams shot out from his eyes. He rubbed his palms and licked his lips a few times.

“Hehe, the outer sect is still smart! They know my taste so well!”

Su Tai smirked and took off the treasures on his body as he walked hurriedly towards the bed.

“Beauty, I’m here!”

Su Tai ran over to the edge of the bed eagerly and massaged the back of the shrivelled hands of the lady. Then, he turned the lady over to shower her with love.

But, when the lady turned over, Su Tai was surprised to see her eyes were fully shut. There was not an ounce of energy in her. She had fainted.


Su Tai’s heart rate sped up as if he had thought of something. He stood up quickly and turned to leave.

But just as he turned to leave, two swords flew around within the room and chopped towards his neck in a split second.

Su Tai tried to wave his hands to instigate the treasures he had to fend off this sword but once he lifted his hands, he went pale when he realized that he had taken off all the treasures on him earlier on… Those colourful, luxurious treasures were all casted on the ground. It was just right in front of him… scattered just a few metres away from him…

Pu chi!

A wrist flew up.


A shrilling scream resonated.

Su Tai broke out in a cold sweat and screamed.

In the next second, the cold sword pressed onto his neck. One wearing a black blademaster clothe, standing behind an icy cold steel mask stood in front of him silently.


The steel masked man placed his fingers at his lips to gesture him to stay silent.

Su Tai noted and clenched his teeth, bearing the pain not making any sounds at all.

Bang bang! Bang…

A series of knocking came at the door.

“Second clan elder, what happened! Second clan elder! Second clan elder! Are you okay?”

Su Shi Long ran over with his guards. They knocked and shouted incessantly at the door.

“Shoo them away.” a low voice emerged from this man’s mouth. When he finished his sentence, the blade that was on his neck pressed slightly deeper and harder.

Su Tai’s face was pale as ever. He swallowed his saliva. How could he bear to hesitate? Quickly, he shouted with his shaking voice: “I’m okay… All of you, back down. I’m fine… Go away quickly!”


“Is that so?”

“But… That voice…”

“All of you, just go away!!”

The second clan elder bellowed.

“Uh… Yes, subordinate… Subordinate bid farewell to you.”

Su Shi Long and the others dared not interrupt. Hurriedly, they replied and backed off.

They probably thought that Su Tai might be doing something so they all smirked and then, all of them left.

The outside of the house regained its peacefulness.


The man behind the steel mask nodded. From his storage ring, he took out a pill. Without saying a word, he stuffed it into Su Tai’s mouth.

Originally, Su Tai wanted to keep his mouth shut so he would not eat this pill but he felt the sword pressing onto him again as if it wanted to cut open his throat so he opened his mouth right away.

Gu dong.

The pill entered his abdomen and immediately, he felt a burning sensation.

When the man behind the steel masked saw, he kept his sword.

“What did you feed me with?”

Su Tai brought his hand up to his throat and screamed painfully.


He picked up Su Tai’s arm which was lying on the floor and pressed it back on. Using Profound Spirit Qi, the flesh merged and form back but the tendons and bones inside was still broken.

“You can’t help me, I need a better spirit doctor!!”

Su Tai cried.

“I did this so that no one can tell I broken your arm. When the meet is over, you don’t need it!”

The man behind the steel masked loosened his grip.

Su Tai held onto the limp broken arm, gritted his teeth and looked at the man behind the mask. He asked: “You…Who are you?”

“Second clan elder, how can you not recognise me? It’s only been so long.”

The man behind the mask extended his hand to take off the mask, and off he went, revealing a sly face.

When Su Tai saw, he turned into a stone. He was completely dumbstruck.