Limitless Sword God Chapter 141

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Wu Shuang Jue Peak

“Su… Su Yun, how can it be you??”

Su Tai cried out, his both legs could not stop shaking, his voice trembling: “Didn’t you head towards the Wu Shuang Jue Peak already?”

Although Su Tai was of the fifth stage Spirit Core Disciple, but he was sneaked upon by Su Yun when he did not have any treasures on him, not only did he lose an arm, but he was being controlled, even if he tried to retaliate it was useless, he was not in a joking situation.

But Su Yun casually sat on the chair, looked at the half naked second elder, and said: “Go to Wu Shuang Jue Peak? I was about to go, but I’m afraid I would die halfway there?”

Su Tai’s face changed, but he did not say anything.

He understood too.

It was definite that Su Yun knew that they would still still use underhand methods, so he simply returned back halfway, infiltrated the elegant pavilion, and directly found him to take revenge!

“The thing you gave me to eat.. What was it?” Su Tai suddenly asked.

“Didn’t I say it? Poison!”

Su Yun poured tea for himself, and said indifferently.

Su Tai face changed from white to green, and anxiously said: “Hurry and give me the antidote!!”


Su Yun laughed: “There is no antidote, but there is a pill to temporarily suppress the poison in your body, if you eat the pill, you can live a few more days, but if you don’t, I think by tomorrow you’ll die suddenly!”

Upon hearing that, Su Tai was completely dumbstruck, his heart went numb, and he clenched his teeth: “Under what conditions will you give me the antidote??”

“If you help me do some things well, I will give you the antidote, and let you have a chance to live!”

Su Yun said.

“Some things?” Su Tai hurriedly asked: “What things?”

“I will tell you in time to come! I have to see if you are willing to be obedient and help me!”

Su Tai was suspicious, he hesitated for a while, and then he asked: “Why should I believe you? What if you lie to me?”

“Lie to you? Are you afraid I won’t give you the antidote?”

Su Yun continued: “I can concoct a few pills to alleviate the pain in front of you, what’s more, I have no enmity with you, why should I kill you? I know, you want to kill me is entirely because of the Great Clan Elder’s request, isn’t it? If we removed the great clan elder from the equation, we are still people from the same family!”

“Yes yes yes yes yes…” Su Tai quickly nodded his head.

“Since it is like this, I have no wish to kill you, as long as you agree to help me, you can live, I can live too!” Su Yun patted his shoulders, and continued: “My end goal is to leave the Su Family, as far as whatever grudge or hatred, I do not care, if you think carefully, and get rid of her, I can help you concoct the temporary suppressant pill to suppress the poison, if you have not thought it through, I will just go to the Wu Shuang Jue Peak to participate in the competition, but I hope tomorrow our Su Family person in charge would be able to ensure that I climb up the mountain safe and sound.”


Since Su Yun had said it, what else could Su Tai say? Immediately, he agreed. Bearing the excruciating pain coming from his broken arm, he walked over to the lady to wake her up as Su Yun suggested, and sent her away. Once she was gone, he closed the door.

“Very Good!”

Su Yun nodded. He was not kind either. Straight away, he took out purple cloud pill furnace

From his storage ring and placed it in the room. Then he took out other ingredients and started cultivating a pill.

First, he matched the medicine.

Then, he corrected the dosage.


A drop of blood leaked.


Su Yun was unexpectedly so familiar with the steps, which confused Su Tai.

How did Su Yun learn how to concoct a pill? I heard he had a good relationship with the people of blossom heart valley, did he learn from the blossom heart valley? But he was just merely an outer sect disciple, why would he mingle with the people from blossom heart valley?

Su Tai did not understand.

Then, Su Yun who was concocting a pill was also in deep thoughts.

Now that the great clan elder wanted him dead, it seemed like he could no longer stay at Su Family anymore. He had to leave the Su Family earlier. Although this second clan elder was considered a clan elder, he was short sighted and had low cultivation. Maybe he could make use of him to leave the Su Family.

He had formed a good relationship with the Pill King from blossom heart valley. When he leaves Su Family, he could hide at his place for a while. After he prepared well enough, he would change Qing Er and his surname so that no one would know about them.

Never mind, Su Yun still could not make a decision.

After half an hour, the ingredients were all prepared.

Su Yun used his profound spirit qi to heal the wounded area on his wrist and placed the bowl of sticky ingredients that were mixed with his blood into the furnace. He then started to draw his array and patterns.

Everything was easy and familiar.

When the array was born, he started instigating it.

The fumes from the furnace was unusually thin and black. Su Yun opened the windows to let the fumes out. Under the instigation of profound spirit qi, no one would notice it.

Two hours later, the furnace rang. The pill was cultivated.

Su Tai noted and ran to the side of the furnace eagerly. He shouted: “Quick, open the furnace!”


Su Yun nodded. He switched off the stove and opened the furnace.

He watched Su Tai place his hands eagerly into the furnace to bring out the shiny, black pill then stuffing it into his mouth.

That look of his was like he had not been eating for several days and he had seen carcassess and corpses.

Gu Dong.

The pill entered his stomach.

Su Tai chewed and licked his lips. He said amusingly: “So sweet.”

“Of course!” Su Yun noded: “The good medicines are the ones that are bitter. The sweet kinds… are obviously poison!”

“Poison?” Su Tai turned green: “What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry!” Su Yun laughed awkwardly: “Actually, I came back for revenge. I didn’t prepare any poison. My intention was to kill you or Su Shi Long but I thought about it, it’s better to use you so I casually throw a pill in it. What you ate earlier on was a pill that was produced from blossom heart valley and it’s to increase your Qi. and now, the one you just ate was a real, legit poison.”

“Su Yun, you son of a bitch!!”

He roared.


A boundless grounds, a peak so tall that it soared through the clouds as if it wanted to make a hole in the sky.

The peak was extremely tall. All the mountains around it looked like stars.

The clouds floated around the mountains. Sometimes, some high cultivation leveled spirit birds

would make it halfway up the mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, a group of ten over army walked on the rocky roads of the mountains towards the peak.


At this time, a series of sword sounds resounded through the air. Then, a flying sword came through from afar towards the peak.

Each of the sword was enveloped by the Qi and on each of the sword, were people wearing luxurious blademaster clothes.

“Look, they’re the disciples of Immortal Sword Sect!!”

“Tsktsktsk, we climbed with much difficulty and the others could just fly up to the peak by stepping on their swords! Aye!”

“Who asked the Su Family to not know any maneuvering sword techniques!”

“Maneuvering sword techniques? I’m afraid only the people from Immortal Sword Sect would know it?”

“Cheh! Who says so. Other than the Immortal Sword Sect, Limitless Sword Master knows it too. The sword master not only know how to maneuver the swords, he could control the swords to massacre, he could do this a thousand miles away! The people from Immortal Sword Sect significantly pale in comparison when compared to Limitless Sword Master!”

The people from the Su Family gossiped. Looking at the easy and graceful poses of those flying in sky, they were all in awe and in shock. Many of them were jealous and hated themselves for not learning this technique of maneuvering the sword.

“Don’t care about them. Let’s go!!”

One disciples from the main house shouted towards these inner sect people.

The inner sect looked at him and advanced without saying much.

Su Dong Fang and Qing Er both rode on single horned bull. They walked at the most front of the army. The cultivation of the single horned bull was high and so they could walked the rocky surfaces as though they were walking on flat grounds. Although Wu Shuang Jue peak was tall, it did not take them long to arrive at the peak.

“Qing Er, is this the first time you’re participating in the Meeting of Heroes??”

Su Dong Fang rode on the single horned bull beside Qing Er. He smiled while asking.

Qing Er looked at the front with a casual look then she moved her pink lips: “Has master Dong Fang not attend one before?”

“Hehe.” Su Dong Fang smiled awkwardly and replied: “Three years ago, my father was the person in-charge for the people participating in the Meeting of Heroes. I had some luck to follow some of my seniors to partake in it. Now the seniors had become pillars of our Su Family. I’m hoping that we can become something useful to the Su Family after this.”

Su Dong Fang’s words were placed beautifully. He did not reveal his ambitious attitude but it made people feel that he was something incredible.

Qing Er looked at him and remained silent.

Even though she was quiet, Su Dong Fang did not give up. He was talking all the way eloquently, hoping to invoke some attention from the person he adored.

The Su Family rode their way up the mountain. That was the maximum speed they could go. If they continued this way, they would catch up with the sects ahead.

The disciples from Three Items Deity Palace.

These disciples each wore luxurious clothing. On their body hung treasures. Each step they took was heavy as they left footprints behind.

Three Items Deity Palace was famous for obtaining treasures. It was rumoured that they could instigate and control several treasures at one time. The more treasures they could control, the more powerful a martial artist was. Also, it was said that the Three Items Deity Palace’s female leader could control hundreds of treasures at any point in time and could instigate it together to produce a formidable power.

The unique point of Three Items Deity Palace resulted in a strict regimen for recruiting disciples. The conditions to become one was tough. First, one must possess an inborn treasured body, their sensitivity towards treasures had to be ten times better than a normal person. As such, Three Items Deity Palace would recruit disciples every year but each time, the number they recruited were very small.

There were very few in their sects. No matter how strong they were, their combined powers would not be as strong. The combined force of the Three Items Deity Palace was not strong in the southern region. They could not even be compared to the Su Family.

On their bodies hung the treasures the disciples either found them or were delivered by the sect. Each of them were covered in treasures. Most of the Qi they emitted were odd and unusual. If they were riding, their qi would scare the hell out of the animal. When it came to climbing to the peak of Wu Shuang Jue, the Three Items Deity Palace was not like the Su Family. They all chose to walk by foot. If they rode on an animal, the animals would be frightened by their treasure’s Qi and would abandon them to escape to a cave. That would spell trouble for them.

When he saw this group of people moving at the speed of a snail in front of him, Su Dong Fang was annoyed.

He casted a look towards a disciples from the main house. The disciples nodded, seemingly he had understood what his intention was. Then, he rode on the single horned bull over to the front.

“Move away, move to the side!! Don’t block the road. Stand aside. Wait for us to pass you first! Move away!”

The main house disciples shouted to the people from Three Items Deity Palace.

The road was so narrow. On one edge was the mountain walls, and the other, was the cliff. There was no way they could change the roads. They could only move aside to make way for the single horned bull to pass through.

When they heard the main house disciple’s shoutings, all the people from Three Items Deity Palace stopped their footsteps, turned and looked at the people of Su Family.

There were thirty over people from Three Items Deity Palace. But each of them were reeking of an odd Qi. All of them were experts.

“What’s the din about, what are you shouting at? This road is meant for people to walk on. Why should I give way to you?”

A muffled voice emerged from behind. Then a young man with a figure 8 moustache, whose body was skinny and tall walked out as though he was the master.

The man wore a cassia gown. He had bangles on his wrist and rings on his fingers. On top of his head, he wore a black hat and a plait flowed down his back.

He caressed his own mustache and walked out.

“Big senior!’

“Big senior!”


The Three Items Deity Palace people on each side shouted.

The man nodded. With his mouth shut, he walked towards the main house disciple.

“Eh? It’s actually the Su Family!”

The man saw the bunch of people with the plate hung on their waist, he suddenly laughed out happily.