Limitless Sword God Chapter 142

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Important Matters, Small Matters

“What’s so funny?”

To see this look-alike master studying himself and laughing away, the prideful main house disciple was unhappy. He groaned.

“Laugh? Of course it’s funny!” The lookalike master rascal hugged his chest with both hands, cracking jokes: “I’m laughing at how you Su Family don’t know what death is. With such low cultivation levels, you’re still so arrogant. Aren’t you afraid of death? Aren’t you scared that the other sects would teach you how to be humble?”

“…” When the main house disciple heard, he was instantly enraged. His face was flushing red.

“What audacity you have, Three Items Deity Palace!!”

Su Dong Fang could no longer take it. He rode the single horned bull towards the figure 8 moustache master and moaned: “All you people from the Three Items Deity Palace are walking too slow. You’re blocking the whole way. Do you want us to follow behind your butt? If the other sects see, they might think we’re afraid of you. If this gets out, where can Su Family face??”

“Oh? Is there such a thing? Heh, I didn’t say I won’t give way to you!”

The figure 8 moustache master hugged his chest and said: “But, why can’t you tell it to use nicely? Why? Do you think the people from Three Items Deity Palace are easy to bully? Hehe, if that’s the case, we aren’t afraid. You wish to be the one walking head? Sure! But let’s spar first. Anyway, all the masters and seniors sent us here to fight. Originally, we’re saving our energy to place them on Exuding Fire Sect, but you Su Family are so arrogant. I think it’s best we spend some energy on you to teach you guys a lesson!”

The figure 8 master said casually, keeping his gaze away from su dong fang as though he was not respecting him.

Su Dong Fang was furious. With a moan, he got down from his steed and intended to spar with him.

Then, he heard a crisp, beautiful voice.

“Stop it!”

The voice soared to the sky like the cries of a bird. The breeze rang. It was soothing to the ears and it races one’s heart. It was intoxicating…

Everyone looked over to see Qing Er who had dismounted, and was walking towards them.

When the people from the Three Items Deity Palace saw her, their eyes lit up.

What a beautiful woman!

A lady in a snow white blademaster clothing, with no makeup on but was still as beautiful as ever walked towards the ‘master’ with swift and light footsteps.

When she was close enough, she stopped herself, cupped her fists and bowed. There was no resistance, no guilt, she gave him the basic respect.

“Su Family’s Qing Er pay respects to all cultivators from the Three Items Deity Palace!”

Instantly, a smile appeared on the face of ‘master’. He nodded, cupped his fist and said: “I’m Chu Qiu Ye from Three Items Deity Palace. Miss Qing Er, you’re too formal.”

“I see, it’s Senior Chu!” Qing Er smiled and said: “Senior Chu, this must be a misunderstanding. I hope none of you are angry. If there’s anything, we could definitely talk it out. Afterall, the Three Items Deity Palace and Su Family have some relationship. If there’s some conflicts because of such a trivial matters, then it’s not worth it at all!”

“Haha, this is not just about misunderstanding. Miss Qing Er, it seems to me that your people are trying to find some trouble!”

“What are you talking about?” Su Dong Fang frowned. He looked as if he was about to explode.

But Qing Er interrupted him and said gently: “Senior Chu, you must be joking. I have absolutely no intentions of that. This road leads to the heaven, anyone can walk. Please. All seniors from Three Items Deity Palace, continue your journey ahead. I’ll wait behind with no complaints.”

With that, Qing Er muttered to Su Dong Fang: “Master Dong Fang, let this matter go!”

“Why? Qing Er, I don’t fear him!” su dong fang raged as he whispered back.

“I can’t tell Chu Qiu Ye’s cultivation level. It’s definitely higher than me. On top of that, he has a treasured body. He would definitely be a lot stronger. Our army’s experts are still at the side of the clan elder. These people in front of us are not matchable to them. But if we alone confront them, it would only be our loss.” Qing Er’s brow knitted as she said.

“Maybe he might also be using the treasures, therefore you can’t see his cultivation level!”

“Whether or not it’s a treasure, it’s best we do not spar with opponents whose strength cannot determine! Only when we know, can we win.”

Su Dong Fang heard and his heart was blazing with fire.

But to save his reputation in front of the person he adored, he took a few deep breaths in, moaned and turned without saying another word. He went back to his single horned bull.

The Su Family did the same thing too.

When Chu Qiu Ye saw, he smiled again.

He looked at Qing Er with a calm composure, then cast a look to the angry Su Dong Fang, then laughed away, brandishing his hands, leading the disciples of Three Items Deity Palace on their journey.

When they arrived at the peak, it was already half an hour later.

The clouds encircled them as the wind blew.

Stepping onto the peak of Wu Shuang Jue, it was as though someone was walking on clouds and looking down at the earth.

On the Wu Shuang Jue peak stood four statues. In the middle of these four statues, was a gigantic battle array. Outside the array, all the disciples from all sects helped to draw the big array, while the clan elder in charge was resting on one side.

All the sects were as such. Sometimes, the closer sects would gather together to talk. Of course, there were those sects who were resentful of the others who would fight right away, the moment they met on Wu Shuang Jue peak.

But, the ones that made a move were the ones whose cultivation level were mediocre and were not taking part in the competition. The real experts tend to remain quiet and motionless.

They wanted to reserve their energy for the real battle.

A shiny jaded chair was obtained from the storage ring. Then, the Su Family carefully placed it in the middle of the big array. The jaded chair was the treasure. When one sat on it, they would attain the highest level of comfort. And it could also ease any fatigue and tensed ligaments or muscles, lift spirits and nourished the body. It was mainly used for the representatives of the sects.

Ten metres away from the jaded chair were ten similar Enchantment Arrays that could heal wounds and injuries.

The enchantment array was as tough as a turtle shell. It was about two metres tall and it covered the ground. Within the Enchantment Array were three healing arrays intersecting to form a spiritual healing array. If people meditated in the middle, they could accelerate the healing process. Even a fractured bone could heal in the shortest time possible. It could be said that this was the highest level of Healing Enchantment Array.

But these Enchantment Arrays required consuming extremely expensive ingredients before it would work. The main ingredient for this Enchantment Array was ‘purity stone’ and ‘purple pine wood heart’. A total of three thousand three hundred purity stones were needed, and each ‘purity stone’ was sold for two hundred spirit coins in the market. Whereas, the ‘purple pine wood heart’ was sold for a hundred thousand spirit coins. This means that a Healing Enchantment Array would cost over seventy thousand spirit coins. Even more ridiculous was the fact that these Healing Enchantment Arrays had an upkeep. Every time it worked, it would exhaust this amount of ingredients until they were all being used up. Needless to say, this was a type of array an ordinary person would never use. Only the bigger families, clans, and sects would use it.

“Master, the clan elder’s seat has been placed!”

“Master, the seven dragons flag is flying high.”

“Master, the Healing Enchantment Array has been set up!”

One by one, the voices emerged.

“Mmhmm, good!”

Standing in front, Su Dong Fang tilted his head and walked over to inspect these items.

Everything had to be done nicely on the surface. This martial meet had no rules. When they put on a good show, it could earn them some respect.

Right after, Su Dong Fang nodded his head with satisfaction: “Not bad. I believe the second clan elder will be happy. All of you go meditate and recuperate. Six hours later, the clan elders will arrive at the peak, then the opening ceremony would begin.”

“Yes, master!”

The main house disciples nodded and started meditating.

Behind the jaded chair were over ten easy arrays being set up. Although they could not be compared to the jaded chair, once someone sat in it, they would be at peace.

Once everything was settled, Su Dong Fang ran over to disturb Qing Er.

It was peaceful now, but a peaceful moment would not last long.

A bunch of disciples from Stellar Sun Mountain ran over vigorously.

The people from Stellar Sun Mountain had great energies. They cultivated True Divine Spirit Qi. each and every one of them were sturdy and strong with backs like tigers and waists like bears. Even the girls were at least 1.8 metres tall. It was, of course, pressuring when a group of giants came running here.

Qing Er and a few other female disciples were sitting together. When they saw this group of people coming for them, they were all doubtful.

“Su Family, get that bastard Su Shui Qiang old man out!!”

A leader who had an inch of head, meaty face and a build of at least 2 metres wide pointed towards the Su Family and shouted in his crude, hoarse voice.

“Screw you, Liu Yu Zhu. What the hell are you shouting for?”

Some of the main house disciples jumped out from their meditation plate and rushed out angrily as they cursed the sturdy build man.

Seems like these two went back a long way.

All the people of Su Family gathered around.

But Stellar Sun Mountain were not people who were lazy bums. When the disciples of the huge array came by, there were a total of a hundred of them.

The two sides confronted one another. There was only fifty of them from the Su Family. On this, they had lost half the battle

Su Dong Fang was slightly pale. He looked at Qing Er.

Qing Er shook her head lightly and retreated.

Previously, when they quarrelled with the people from Three Items Deity Palace, it was for a trivial matter. Qing Er would help to resolve it, but now it was not any trivial matter. It was a personal grudge. How could she help out?

“Shui Qiang, what exactly happened?”

Su Dong Fang took a deep breath in and asked.

“Are you the in charge of the Su Family?”

The sturdy man asked Su Dong Fang.


“Ah, that’d do. Today, I want you, Su Family, to make a stand on this bastard’s case!”

The sturdy man laughed then, with his hoarse, crude voice, he shouted: “Everybody, listen up! A few days ago, the bastard from Su Family, Su Shui Qiang, forced his way into Four-Walled City to settle some matters. At Four-Walled City, he met Wu Mei, he lusted for her beauty, and so he took advantage of the connections between Three Items Deity Palace and Stellar Sun Mountain to flirt with Wu Mei. He pestered her. Su Shui Qiang did not even look into the mirror to see for himself, fancy an ugly person lusting for Wu Mei’s beauty. Wu Mei did not bother about him, but Su Shui Qiang forced his way by using low lying methods to purchase forbidden medicine and drug Wu Mei. Luckily the seniors found Wu Mei in time, and saved her. Su Shui Qiang ran away and managed to keep clear. Even so, Wu Mei was traumatized by this experience. Day by day, she got more tired and exhausted. Judge for yourselves, for a person like him, should we beat him up? Should we kill him??”

The sturdy man shouted in all directions. All the other sects stood up and gazed over.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!!”



The people from Stellar Sun Mountain started shouting. Their roars were like thunder.

The main house disciple named Su Shui Qiang’s face turned green and white. He was speechless.

“Shui Qiang, is what he said true?”

The other disciples from the Su Family started interrogating.

Su Shui Qiang hesitated. Then, he said loudly with determination: “No… of course not?”

When the Su Family saw, they sighed a breath of relief.

“How dare you change your words?? Lying in broad daylight?” The sturdy man was angry now.

“If you say I have violated your sister, then you got to take out the proofs. If you can’t bring out the evidences, then you’re just making things up!” Su Shui Qiang gritted his teeth and said coldly.

It was this time, he must not admit. Even if he had done it, he had to pretend he did not.

Or else, his reputation would go down the drain.

Su Shui Qiang’s determination enraged the people from Stellar Sun Mountain. None of them could contain their emotions when they saw their opponent being so sly and shameless.

“Motherfucker, rascal, you’re looking for death!”

The sturdy man spit out and waved.

Immediately, the people from Stellar Sun Mountain dispersed and surrounded the su family.

“Today, I want to kill all the people from Su Family!”

The sturdy man pointed with his thick finger to the Su Family and bellowed: “Come on, the bastards of the Su Family, I’ll let all of you know that Stellar Sun Mountain is not someone you can mess with!”