Limitless Sword God Chapter 143

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It’s Impossible to Control Everything

Du du du!

Light knocks came at the door.

Then, Su Shi Long’s respectful and low voice emerged from outside.

“Is that Shi Long?? Come in quick!”

Su Tai shouted from within.

“Yes, second clan elder!”

Su Shi Long remained respectful. He opened the door slowly and carefully before entering.

Within the room, Su Tai sat peacefully in front of his tea table. He looked pale and had panda eyes, as though he was exhausted. There was fatigue engraved deep within his eyes.

Su Shi Long jumped at the sight of this: “Master, what happened to you? Why are you looking so bad?”

“Oh, nothing. Maybe I’ve just tired myself out yesterday!”

Su Tai forced a smile then, extended his left hand to place on his motionless right hand on his thigh. He reached into his storage ring and took out a black shiny pill and handed over it to Su Shi Long.

“Shi Long, you’ve done your part for our Su Family. You’ve been running errands for us which are all laborious jobs. To award you, I will gift you a pill to increase your cultivation level, to bestow you an advantage!”


Su Shi Long looked suspicious. He peeped at the black, shiny pill and asked: “Master, what pill is this?”

“Eat it and you’ll know!”

Seeing Su Tai’s eyes beaming and face solemn, Su Shi Long hesitated and thought twice about it. He clenched his teeth and swallowed the pill.

Gu dong!

The pill entered the stomach. Su Shi Long cupped his fists again.

“Thank you for your award, second clan elder!”

His voice was grateful, honest and respectful.

“Don’t thank him. Just thanking me will do!”

Right at this moment, a voice suddenly emerged within the room.

Su Shi Long was taken aback. He turned around quickly to see a man walking out from behind the screen.

This man was clad in a black blademaster attire. On his back hung a sword and a sword sheath. In his hands, there was a glittering long treasure sword.

It was as if his body did not have any Qi. As long as he hid his body, the people around him would not be able to detect his presence.

“You… You’re Su Yun?”

Su Shi Long looked clearly at the man’s face and his eyes grew big. With a whoosh, he stood up and was ready to attack.

“Don’t move!”

Before allowing Su Yun to speak, the second elder bellowed.

Su Shi Long turned to look at Su Tai, he was shocked, his eyes were filled with alarm.

“You have all taken my medicine. If you want to live, you have to help me do a few things!”

Su Yun muttered.




A compressed sound resonated from the southern side of Wu Shuang Jue peak.

Over there.

A huge group of people had formed a circle as though they were watching something.

Within this huge circle, two figures stood, fighting one another. Both parties had played their killing techniques. One after another, they were fighting passionately.

The fists whistled and the profound spirit qi rippled. There was also a wrecking Qi intertwined within it, rippling its way through.


A man close to two metres tall, who had a strong sturdy build blinked his eyes hard and stepped forward.


A circle of Qi rippled out from his foot into all four directions.

Dong dong dong…

The ground trembled. The white tiles covering the Wu Shuang Jue peak cracked with his footstep. The qi blew and the people lost their balance. Some of the disciples who had lower cultivation level fell to the ground. It was a terrible scene to look on.

The Su Family disciples opposing the sturdy man did not take precaution. With this Qi wave, all of their bodies started trembling uncontrollably as though there was a pulse of energy travelling within their bodies.

Good opportunity!

The sturdy man squinted. Pulling both his fists, he pulls out a total of thirteen forceful attacks which landed on each of them. The fists crashed onto their flesh and bones.

Bang! Bang!…

The Su Family disciples flew out of the circle like kites whose strings were broken falling hard on the ground. The True Divine Spirit Qi remained on their chest for a long period of time. Each of them puked out 3 mouthfulls of blood, closed their eyes and died.

When the Su Family saw this, their expressions changed. There was not one of them who did not take a breath of icy cold air.


“Master Ku has fallen!”

“Master Ku is the top expert of the main house disciples. He was a sixth level of Spirit Core Disciple. How could he… Not be an opponent for this rascal…”

“What should we do now?? What should we do now??”

The Su Family disciples were anxious.

Two Su Family girls ran over hurriedly to help Su Ku up to bring him to the healing tent to recover whereas the others turned their face over to look at the people from Stellar Sun Mountain.

Su Ku had failed, who else could manage this battle? As for Su Shui Qiang? He had long been unconscious ever since he got punched by this man and pulled to a side for medical attention.

The sturdy man glared at the disciples of the Su Family who were in fear and smiled slyly: “Hehe, Su Family? You have an undeserved reputation! You can’t fight any one!! How can people like you be deemed fit to join the martial meet? You better run back home to your mother!”


The people from Stellar Sun Mountain laughed out loud. All of their faces were full of ridicule.

The Su Family was enraged.

Su Dong Fang clenched his fist tight. He was about to stand up to make a move but was stopped by Qing Er’s calls.

“Master Dong Fang!” Qing Er called out softly.

“Qing Er, are you still going to tolerate them?”

Su Dong Fang gritted his teeth.

“Master Dong Fang, don’t do things in a fit of anger!” Qing Er muttered: “Master Bai Shan and master Hei Shui had yet to make a move, we shouldn’t also Although people from Stellar Sun mountain had come forth, this man is not the true expert. You’re our elite fighter in our Su Family. If you fight with him, the other competitors watching would analyse the way Su Family fights. When the real battle comes, our opponent would be familiar with our battle strategy. It will definitely be hard for us to get into the positions at the top!!”

“What does the position matter?”

Su Dong Fang turned around and looked at the people sitting in the big array. He teared. He could not listen to Qing Er’s words and wanted to head over.

Qing Er looked and was frustrated.

Su Dong Fang was the eldest son of the great clan elder. If he was injured even before the start of the competition, this would then be blamed on Qing Er. On top of that, Su Dong Fang would expose the Su Family’s attacking strategy. If Su Family could not get into the top positions, she would be lectured by the patriarch.

Deep in her thoughts, Qing Er sighed and fell silent.

Su Dong Fang pushed around the crowd and walked in angrily. In the circle, he walked up to the sturdy man.

The sturdy man studied du dong fang and nodded: “Not bad, but if you want to defeat me, you might still be losing out a bit! There’s no one more powerful in Su Family?”

“Stop bullshitting!”

Su Dong Fang bellowed: “Don’t think there isn’t anyone Su Family. I’ll let you have a taste of how strong the Su Family is!”

With that, Su Dong Fang actually dashed forward without even greeting!

Seemed like he was controlled by his anger.

Su Dong Fang took out his treasures immediately, a bottle of blue fan flew and with a few finger manuals, a large amount of wind blade rippled.

“Wow, how dare you take out your treasures? Good! Good good! Do you really think the people from Stellar Sun Mountain are good to bully? Cheh, I’ll teach you a lesson on how to write the word ‘death’.”

The sturdy man roared. Reaching his hand into his storage ring, a huge, grey long hammer appeared.

Lifting both his hands, the hammer crashed down furiously, whipping winds with it…



It was almost time.

It was nearing noon.

Su Yun looked to the sky and nodded to second clan elder who was sitting in the carriage.

The second elder noted. He pulled down the curtains and muttered: “Let’s set out.”


“Setting out!!!”

The person in charge on the side shouted loud and clear.

The army started to advance slowly.

Su Yun rode on his single horned bull in front of second clan elder’s carriage. He was leaving Wu Shuang city, heading towards the tall Wu Shuang Jue peak with this army.


Just as the army was about to leave the city, there was a series of hurried noises from behind.

The army stopped. The second elder used his left hand to pull the curtain up and placed his head out of the window to look back. He saw a Su Family disciple riding a purple horn bull towards here.

“He’s the messenger of the clan.”

One of the main house guards said.

“There’s a letter from the main house?”

The second elder looked towards Su Yun. But Su Yun had already rode towards the messenger.

“Main house had sent orders, please look through it second clan elder!!”

The messenger shouted loud and took the letter out from his storage ring.

“Hand the letter over to Su Family disciple, Su Yun!”

With that, the second clan elder placed his curtain back down.

When the messenger heard, he was slightly surprised.

But Su Yun had already arrived in front of him.

Although he was in a daze, but how would he have the courage to disobey clan elder’s words? He handed the letter which was sealed by profound spirit qi to Su Yun.

Su Yun waved his hands to erase the enchantment around the letter and opened it directly.

The Great Clan Elder was about to arrive at Wu Shuang city?

When he saw the contents of the letter, Su Yun’s heart dropped.

“Su Yun, what happened? Quick, hand the letter for me to see!”

Second clan elder raised his curtains and said carefully.

“Oh, it was heard that this time the Treasured Door will release two rare treasures, the patriarch had sent the Great Clan Elder to come and support us, and hope that we can achieve a good ranking, and obtain the two treasures! Great Clan Elder left a few days ago, and I think he will arrive here in a few days.”

Su Yun said and handed the letter over.

His heart was heavy. It was not easy that he got control of the entire situation. He never expected the great clan elder to arrive.

“What? The Great Clan Elder is coming?”

When the second clan elder heard it, he was overjoyed.


Su Yun smiled at him slightly, his eyes turned sly.

Second clan elder shivered as colours drained from his face. Then, he laughed for two times and stayed silent.

Su Yun kept his gaze and thought deeply. Then, he said: “Second clan elder, let’s follow according to Great Clan Elder’s instructions to stay put and wait for him here. When he has arrived, we will set off to the mountains together.”

“Uh… Hmm, okay let’s do that.”

The second clan elder nodded and immediately, he sent his orders to Su Shi Long.

All the main house guards started to become suspicious.

They did not receive second clan elder orders to kill Su Yun. So they did not understand, but since it was like that, they could not do anything.

Since when did an outer sect disciple, Su Yun build such good rapport with the second clan elder and all the administrators within the inner sect?