Limitless Sword God Chapter 144

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The Heavenly Sacred Mountain Throne

Half a day later.

Sounds after sounds of blowing horns. Afterwards, a luxurious looking carriage entered Wu Shuang City.

Both sides of the carriage stood revered experts dressed entirely in armor. Their steps were heavy and calm. All of them looked solemn and serious as their gazes fixed to the front, walking in neat rows beside the carriage.

While the beast pulling the carriage, was actually an extremely rare first stage Spirit Soul Realm existence of the Qilin beast!

A qilin beast! A first stage Spirit Soul Realm existence, Single horned scarlet scales, body like a lion, peak battle prowess, proficient in multiple mystical techniques, extremely strong physical power and endurance that could shock people, and exceptionally strong destructive methods, extremely loyal, as long as it yielded to someone, it would only view that person as its owner, and would never betray him, only death can release it, and a person to be able to cause this qilin beast to yield, would definitely be someone very capable.

Once the qilin beast entered Wu Shuang City, it constantly attracted the gaze of the people walking along the streets of the city.

On the carriage was a ‘Su’ word engraved, and matched along with such a strong spirit beast, it was a very impressive scene.

A few of the sect’s important people accompanied down and greeted the people in the carriage.

The people in the carriage also gave some face, as they pushed aside the cloth, and greeted them back.

when the people realised the identity of the owner of the carriage, they were surprised.

“Never would I have expected that the Su family would actually send their second in command here.”

One passerby gazed at the carriage that was gradually being pulled farther and farther away by the qilin beast, and exclaimed.

“This is considered nothing, every single sect and families are also sending their big shots, do you think only the Su Family is doing so, let me tell you this, the Immortal Sword Sect has brought two elders this time round!”

“What? Two elders?” That person was shocked: “ Is this year’s Meeting of Heroes so worth and important to the sects?? All the previous years meets did not have such big shots coming together!”

(TN: Changing Treasured Door to Congregate of Treasures Sect, it appeared in the previous chapter, as it is a wealthy sect.)

“Ah, then you do not know, this year’s Meeting of Heroes is different from the rest, rumors say that this year the Congregate of Treasures Sect is handing out two extreme treasures to be the prize for this year’s Meet, to act as an incentive, to reward those sects that are deemed worthy from the meet! That is why all the sects and families value this year’s meet!”

“What? Treasures from the the Congregate of Treasures Sect?? Quickly… quickly tell me, what treasures are they! Hurry and tell me!”

“Ai, how can I know that, The Congregate of Treasures Sect is so secretive, god knows what new treasures they have, the last time they took out two treasures that can increase the cultivation speed of spirit cultivators! Guai Guai, at that time because of those two treasures, all those big sects fought over it to the point that blood was spilled, and it was said that there were people who died due to them! Who knows what the Congregate of Treasures Sect wants to create now.”

“Weird, the Congregate of Treasures Sect have many treasures, but why are they giving them out? Why are they sponsoring the treasures as prizes for the Meet of Heroes? I wonder what is their true aim?”

“Only the ghosts will know, according to what they claimed, the founder of the sect settled on an agreement with someone at some point in time, the details of the agreement is unclear, but the Congregate of Treasure Sect must obey that contract, and the supply of the prizes for the Meet of Heroes is also due to that contract, actually come to think about it, this Meet of Heroes was also organized by the Congregate of Treasures Sect!”

“No wonder.”

“I can’t be bothered to speak to you anymore, all the elders of the different sects and families have entered the city, i reckon that the meet is about to start, i cannot miss this event that happens once every three years, i will take my leave first, i am going to Wu Shuang Jue Peak!”

“Ai ai, my friend, wait for me!”



At the gates of Wushuang City.

Upon seeing the carriage, Su Shi Long and Su Tai both went over and greeted to the carriage.

“We greet great clan elder!”


A deep and low sound sounded out from the carriage, the guard at the side quickly pulled up the curtain of the carriage, an old man with his beard reaching his waist, with a solemn expression walked out.

Stepping down from the carriage, the old man gazed around, until his eyes landed on the pale Su Tai, doubt flitted past his eyes, and he asked: “Su Tai, the matter that I handed to you, has it been done?”

Upon hearing that, Su Tai anxiously replied: “Reporting to great clan elder, that person is very cunning, on the journey he managed to change to a Single Horned Bull. we were unable to distance ourselves from him, it was a wasted chance and we had no choice but to give up, and find another opportunity…”

When he heard it, the great clan elder frowned: “Then where is he?”

“He went up the Wu Shuang Jue Peak!” The second clan elder hurriedly answered.

“Useless ingrates!”

The great clan elder snorted: “Such a small matter and you are unable to accomplish it, how are you going to handle heavier responsibilities in the future?”

“Su Tai knows he is wrong!”

Su Tai quickly blurted out.

The great clan elder did not speak anymore, staring coldly at Su Tai, he turned and entered his carriage, waving his hand: “Move out, to Wu Shuang Jue Peak, and join the Meeting of Heroes!”

“Yes sir!!”



At the lower part of the tall and magical peak that seemed to penetrate into the heavens, a man and bull were rushing up, causing a great amount of dust to fly out.

Su Yun grabbed onto the reins tightly, as he rushed up Wu Shuang Peak on the Single Horned Bull.

As he thought more about it, he felt that it would be better to leave earlier, the great clan elder’s power was deep and immeasurable, it was inevitable to meet him soon enough, and if he was to be seen with the second clan elder, it would rouse suspicions, and at that time, the two chess pieces, Su Tai and Su Shi Long, would be useless.

In fact, Su Yun could actually directly make the second clan elder inform the great clan elder that he was handled with, and then hid himself, and quietly control the second clan elder from the shadows.

But if it was like that, there would be many inconveniences which would lead to many incompletions, and although leaving the Su family would be a sooner or later matter, to rush things in the name of leaving the Su Family, to SU YUn, was not the best idea.

Although he would still be facing against the great clan elder underhanded moves, but the number of days where he had to suffer them were numbered.

After the meeting of heroes, he would be able to leave.

With the Sprite’s shadow in his possession, the recovery of the Heavenly Crystal, and having stayed for such a long period of time, what more was there to prepare?

Su Yun inhaled deeply, for some reason, his whole body was entirely free from worry.

His dream for so many years, have it finally come to realization?


Su Yun shouted out.

“What is it, kid?”

THe sword elder’s old voice came out. The past few days he had been constantly training, thickening the spiritual energy in his body, as compared to before, the current sword elder was much more powerful.

“Where is the Limitless Sword Sect located at?”

Su Yun suddenly asked.

“Limitless Sword Sect?”

The sword elder hesitated, and asked: “Why are you asking about this?”

“After I escape with Qing er, we would definitely suffer from the might of the Su Family from all the chasing, and i have already thought of a few places that we can hide, the Blossom Heart Valley, the Mu family and the Purple Star Academy were all possible places, but all of them are temporary shelters, i want to choose somewhere which is quiet and peaceful, the limitless sword sect has been in the martial world for a long time, yet i have never heard of it before, thinking about it, isn’t that the most quiet and remote place? That is why i asked that, i want to know its location, and bring Qing Er to avoid the danger and live in seclusion there.”

“Live in seclusion at the sect?”

The sword elder was stunned: “You want to live in seclusion? Then why are you training with all of your might?”

“To bring Qing Er away.”

Su Yun said lightly.

“Bring Qing Er away?” The sword elder was confused: “Why don’t the both of you secretly elope, isn’t that fine?”

“It’s not that simple!” Su Yun shook his head: “Qing Er is someone the Su Family plans to give to the Profound Sky Sect, she is always under observation, and i suspect, every time QIng Er came to visit me, she might be under the watch of the Patriarch already…if i was to stealthily take her away, we would definitely be caught and killed, the probability of that danger is very high.”

“Oh? Then… what is your plan? If you can’t secretly elope, don’t tell me you are preparing to tell the world that you’re eloping?”

The Sword Elder asked.

Su Yun laughed, but did not say anything.

“Still so secretive!” THe sword elder chided, but said: “Limitless Sword Sect is at the top of Sacred Sky Mountain! It has been such a long time, who knows whether anyone have found that mountain.”

“Scared Sky Mountain? Never heard of it.”

“In the past, that mountain was hardly known to others, a nameless mountain that was desolated! The name was picked by my sword sect, it was a natural sacred mountain to hone the sword, the mountain was shaped like a sword, a myriad of ambience, brat, if you have the chance you must go there and take a look, i want to know if the Limitless Sword Sect still exists today.”

“Sacred Sky Mountain is it… I will definitely go there…”


Wu Shuang Jue Peak.

Bang! Thud Thud!!

A set of thunderous sound echoed at the mountain peak.

At this point, the disciples from all sects gathered at the northern side of the peak of Jue to form a circle around the people who were fighting.

On one side, the noble Su Shi Great Clan Elder, Su Dong Fang from the Su Family stood.

On the other side, stood the expert from Stellar Sun Mountain, Chen Man Hu.

Su Dong Fang had a folding fan in his hand. He was agile. Whereas, Chen Man Hu had two huge hammers in both his arms, as he swung the hammers, ripples of wind blew.

The two exchanged their mystical techniques. The circle was filled with their Profound Spirit Qi. no one dared to go near for fear they might be affected

This battle continued for another half an hour yet victory was not named.

Just that.

Su Dong Fang was exhausted, it was as if he could not hold on any longer. On his face, he looked tired. All his attacks were not as strong as before. On the other hand, Chen Man Hu was getting stronger as he fought. He brandished his hammer ferociously.


The incoming hammer brushed against the fan and struck onto Su Dong Fang’s chest.

Instantly, Su Dong Fang vomited blood and fell onto the ground. The floor cracked and dust flew. He was completely defeated.

“Good!! Bro Man Hu is the best!!”

When the Sun Stellar Mountain people saw, they cheered.

“The Su family can’t even handle a single blow. How dare they spar with Bro Man Hu. ah, they sure know no limits!!”

“Now you know how powerful we are?”

The people from Stellar Sun Mountain got very arrogant.

Chen Man Hu kept his hammer and chided at Su Dong Fang who looked dissatisfied on the ground: “Rascal, you’re such a softie! How can you win me with such little powers? Hehe, you’re just looking for death. If I want to kill you, you definitely won’t be alive now!”

Chen Man Hu smirked and placed the hammer on his shoulders. Waving his hand: “Let’s go!!”


“Let’s go!! There’s nothing left to say to these garbages!”

“What a waste of time, let’s go!”

The people from Sun Stellar Mountain laughed and went off.


Su Dong Fang was still boiling with anger. He glared angrily at Chen Man Hu as his heart and brain were almost melted by the blazing fire.

On this triannual Meeting of Heroes.

In front of al the elite disciples in Su Family.

In front of the person he liked…

He was actually beaten into a sorry state and humiliated badly!

As the noble prince of the Su Family, Su Dong Fang’s eyes turned red.

“Master, get up!” Two girls from the Su family ran over with the intention to help him up but was turned down by him: “Leave me alone!”

He got up suddenly and stared at the backs of the people from Sun Stellar Mountain as they left. With a roar, he rushed up to them.

Qing er saw and instantly shouted eagerly: “Master!”

Then, before she could move, Su Dong Fang used the last reserves of his strength to rush forward and instantly slashed with a blade infused with aura, aimed straight at Chen Han Mu.

A sharp, ferocious Swift Wind Spirit Qi with endless anger rippled through.


Chen Man Hu turned his head weirdly to see a great deal of Profound Spirit Qi had formed into a wind blade, crashing towards him. Right away, he broke into a cold sweat. He retreated hastily but he was too slow.

Pu dong.

He did not managed to dodge it and was sliced cleanly by the wind blade.

Chen Man Hu fell to the ground. Fresh blood covered the floor. Laying in the pool of blood were two legs. It was numbing….