Limitless Sword God Chapter 146

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A Hundred Swords Soars

“Su Qing Er greets the Great Clan Elder!”


Su Dong Fang and Su Qing Er stood in front of the great clan elder, and greeted him.

The great clan elder looked at the two expressionlessly. His gaze fell onto Su Dong Fang and Qing Er. He scrutinized them carefully before he opened his mouth.

“Why did such a thing happen? The two of you better give me an explanation!”

“This…” Su Dong Fang looked lost. He lowered his head and remained speechless.

Qing Er kept her mouth sealed. It was the best choice to choose silence because everyone here knew this matter started with Su Dong Fang. Why would she make things worse by explaining?

Seeing the two silent, the Great Clan Elder groaned and commanded: “Qing Er, tell me what happened exactly?”

“Yes.” Qing Er dared not delay. After clasping her hands together to pay respect to him, she used her crisp voice to describe what happened.

The frown on Great Clan Elder’s face got deeper, his face turned ugly.

Su Dong Fang on the side was pale. He buried his head and remained quiet.


After that, the great clan elder’s eyes was not even on Su Dong Fang. But instead, it was on Qing Er. In his eyes, it was filled with anger.

“Are things like what you’ve described?”

The great clan elder asked solemnly.

“It’s the truth and facts.” Qing Er replied.

The great clan elder stopped and after a few breaths later, his voice emerged with a tinge of anger: “If that’s the case, why didn’t you stop Dong Fang?”

“Stop him?”

Qing er was slightly surprised.

Was Su Dong Fang someone she could stop?

“Dong Fang fought with others, his blood was boiling. It was not hard to explain why he would do something so extreme. How can you just stand one side and watch him instead of trying to stop him? As the leader of the Su Family, how can you settle things like this?”

The great clan elder snorted: “Dong Fan will be punished for his guilt, but Qing Er, your guilt is even heavier!!”

After his words landed, he cupped his fists towards Qiao Chong Shan and said in all seriousness: “Clan Elder Qiao, I will be held responsible for whatever happened today. Now, I will punish rebellious disciples of the Su Family in front of you!”

After that, the great clan elder frowned and stared at Qing Er. Instantly, he slapped her hard.

What the fuck!

Su Yun was enraged right away. He wanted Qing Er to be the black sheep!

At that moment, Su Yun could no longer tolerate it. He rushed forward and stopped right in front of Qing Er. Instantly, he pulled out his Thousand Deep Sword and pointed it towards the great clan elder, hitting onto the incoming palm. He was reeking of Pure Divine Spirit Qi.

The thousand Deep sword was like a razor sharp metal pole!!

Great clan elder’s face sunk. He kept his palm and stared angrily at Su Yun, bellowing: “Su Yun, are you betraying me now?? Fuck off!”

“Betraying you?” Su Yun was looking sly. His eyes looked hazy: “Let’s not talk about other things, Great Clan Elder. Why do you have to touch Qing Er? What had she done wrong?”

“What has she done wrong? As the person in-charge, Qing Er hesitated in acting promptly and so, the entire Su Family made a grave mistake towards the people from Sun Stellar Mountain. Now, our relationship with them is strained. This dire consequences had to be Qing Er’s responsibilities!”

“Qing Er’s responsibilities? Then what about your precious son?” Su Yun was fuming. He could feel his heart burning. When he looked at the Great Clan Elder, his eyes was full of anger.

“I’ll punish Dong Fang too. But now, I have to answer to the Sun Stellar Mountain!”

The Great Clan Elder said.

When he said those words, the surrounding people were not content. Despite this, everyone knew that Su Dong Fang was the great clan elder’s son. Su You Rong was already dead, and now Su Dong Hao was injured. Since he was only left with Su Dong Fang, how could he bear to hurt him?

Only, Su Yun did not expect the great clan elder to cover him up. It was not enough to just scold or beat him up now.

“What has giving an answer to Sun Stellar Mountain has got to do with Qing Er? The person who sliced Chen Man Hu is your precious son, Su Dong Fang!!” Su Yun raged. Instantly, he pierced thousand deep into the ground and shouted: “Great Clan Elder, I, Su Yun will not care about what happened today but I have to say, if you want to touch her, you have to deal with me first!!”

His voice was barbarous, with not an ounce of hesitation.

When Qing Er heard his words, she became intoxicated. She looked deeply at this tall, sturdy silhouette. Her heart was thumping fast

“That was arrogant. Is he a disciple from the Su Family?”

“What a man. He is challenging the Great Clan Elder for his woman!”

“What’s his name? His woman is so lucky!”

“He does not know what death is but he’ll know it very soon!”

“Anyways, he won’t be living for much long!”

The disciples around them from all sects started discussing. They either gasped, complimented, exclaimed in awe or despised him.

There were all sorts of emotions spewing out.

“A rebellion! A rebellion! A rebellion!! Are you sure you want to battle against me!” The Great Clan Elder face was fuming red, his moustache trembled. His sunset hues eyes was instantly painted with an intention to kill. As he clenched his teeth, he enunciated: “Good! Since you’re challenging authority with me, then I’ll show it to you!!”

The Great Clan Elder bellowed. Without caring for anything else, he made a move.

At this time, if he did not kill Su Yun, how could he save his face?

Moreover, he had wanted to kill Su Yun anyway. This was a good opportunity for him to kill the person who murdered his son!!

“Just come on, ya think I’m scared of you?”

Su Yun was completely furious. The Sprite’s Shadow and the Heavenly Crystal were all waiting to make a move! At worst, he would have kill this old dude and bring Qing Er to flee with him.

Maybe it was a little too hasty, there was no time for preparation. But in such tense situations, he could not care less.

“Wait, Great Clan Elder! Please stop, if there’s anything, we can always talk!”

In a split second, a silhouette emerged from the side and stopped in between the two of them.

Seeing the incoming person, it was the second clan elder, Su Tai. Even Su Shi Long ran over hastily.

“What are you both doing? Get away!” The Great Clan Elder roared.

“Great Clan Elder, Miss Qing Er is brought up by the Patriarch. It’s also the Patriarch’s intention to let her attend this meeting of heroes. That… You can’t hurt her or else you can’t answer to the main house…”

Su Tai said carefully.

When the Great Clan Elder heard him, his face changed slightly. Moaning: “Then how do you think we should settle this? Don’t tell me you want me to tolerate these two outrageous disciples?”

“Well, of course not. Whether it is Su Yun or Qing Er, they both have sins, but they are also both contestants for this competition. They are representing our Su Family. There will be extreme battles waiting for them later. If you injure them now, then they can’t obtain good results during the competition. If the main house is trying to find faults, then that spells trouble! Why not wait for the competition to end first, and when we get back to the Su Family… Then we can settle this. How about that?”

Su Tai suggested with tactfulness but everyone could hear his underlying motives.

If the Great Clan Elder punished these two now, they would be at disadvantage during the competition. When he got back, he might be blamed by the Patriarch. In the end, he would be losing out as it was him who caused the Su Family not being able to obtain good results.

As to why Su Tai stood up.

The reason was also very simple. The Great Clan Elder simply wanted to kill Su Yun. But if he died, then who else was he going to ask for an antidote?

After listening to their suggestions, his face was red then white, he did not know how to put this matter to an end.

Then, he waved and said in a low voice: “Since that’s the case, then you shall settle this for me. Give an good answer to our friends from Sun Stellar Mountain!”

“Yes, Great Clan Elder!”

Su Tai bent his back and bowed, following that he walked towards Qiao Chong Shan.

“Clan Elder Qiao, the matter regarding your disciple Chen Man Hu, the one who will take responsibility will definitely be my Su Family, but as young people loves to fight, they are all hot blooded, and it is very common, and the matter is irreversible, the only thing we can do is to compensate you, my Su Family is willing to donate the Spirit medicine, and personally administer the treatment for Chen Man Hu’s recuperation, and furthermore we would like to offer some treasure to Stellar Sun Mountain as tribute, and hope that Clan Elder Qiao will be magnanimous, and to look over this matter, I, Su Tai, offer my apologies and am making amends to you Clan Elder Qiao!”

FInished, Su Tai bent and bowed down.

Receiving the apology, the opposing party all started to talk in soft voices, and Qiao Chong Shan’s face became slightly better.

“Then I shall not make things difficult for your Su Family. How Chen Man Hu was like previously, you all have better bring him to that exact same state, and that tribute? My Stellar Sun Mountain is not some greedy sect, you all better watch yourself! Hmph!”

Saying that, Qiao Chong Shan swung his sleeves, turned and brought his disciples away.

At long last, did the episode come to an end, did the Su family disciples finally exhale their breaths.

“Wasn’t it better if the great clan elder did that earlier?”

“Stupid, can’t you see? The Great Clan Elder cannot lose his face, that’s why he used Young Miss Qing Er to shoulder the blame, the Second Clan Elder is different, he is very slick and sly! Both elders way of doing things are very different!”

“En, that is true, but coming back to it, Su Yun sure have big balls, it looks like when we return to the Su Family, he will be subjected to punishments!”

“He doesn’t even know he is standing at the death’s door.”

The surrounding chatters were all soft and quiet as they discussed about the event.

The Great Clan Elder coldly gazed at all the disciples, and all of the immediately kept quiet, no one dared to make a sound.

Su Yun stared at the Great Clan Elder for a while, after that he sat beside Qing Er, and did not care about him anymore.

“We are leaving straight after the opening of the Meeting of Heroes!”

Su Yun looked at Qing Er seriously and said.

“So fast?”

Qing Er was stunned.

“If not for a few inconveniences, I would have already planned to flee right now!”

Su Yun exhaled, and said indifferently: “If we continue to stay in the Su Family, the matter will become even worse! Qing Er, go through the competition casually, don’t be too serious.”

“En.” QIng Er nodded her head slightly, and lightly replied.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong…

At this time, repeated low bell sounds came from far away.

Everyone heard the sounds, and started to see a sight to behold.

In the faraway horizon, there was a gigantic dragon boat, floating in the air, slowly flying towards them.

The dragon boat had nine thousand nine hundred and eighty one spiritual arrays appearing at the bottom as support, the surface layer of the boat seemed to be completely filled with bright and resplendent gem crystals, the entire thing looked like a long colorful dragon, splendid and dazzling to the eyes.

“That’s the Rainbow dragon boat from the Congregate of Treasures Sect! People from the Congregate of Treasures Sect are coming!”

Someone waved.

People from the Congregate of Treasures Sect?

Su Yun gazed up.

If they were here, it means that….

The competition begins.