Limitless Sword God Chapter 147

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A Hundred Swords Soar (Part II)

The Rainbow Dragon Boat slowly proceeded forward. On the both sides of the ship, a hundred drummers beat on their drums with all their might, the beats overflowing and filling the entire sky.

One flag after another waving along with the wind, on the flags was a huge golden imprint of the word ‘宝’, at the front of the dragon boat, one hundred people dressed in jade colored long gowns, their hair in coils, and entire body dressed in flickering golden and silver treasures, all standing straight together.

In front of them, was a middle aged man seated on a wheelchair with long sideburns, both of his legs were not moving, and as if they could not be straight, one of his hand held a feathered fan, another hand held a cup of spiritual tea, smiling and gazing outwards.

The scene was very majestic.

This was the real Congregate of Treasures Sect!

Just the dragon boat itself was a priceless treasure, all the decorations on top, all the arrays, was definitely worth a heavy price as well.

The people from the Congregate of Treasures Sect were a group of treasure lovers, they did not seek cultivation, did not seek power, did not seek position, as for money? That was not needed, they already had so much.

The people from Congregate of Treasures Sect were widely known to collect treasures from the whole world, their wealth was so attractive that people would drool just thinking about it, and to prevent any disaster, the Congregate of Treasures Sect would always gather on this huge dragon boat, where it would hover overhead in the sky, its whereabouts indefinite, other than the Meeting of Heroes, no one could ever find them.

As the big boat got closer, it hid the proud sun, and the entire Wu Jue Shuang Peak was covered in a dark shadow.

The boat came even closer.

Su su su su su….

Numerous shadows flew out from the dragon boat, and directly flew to the center of Wu Shuang Jue Peak.

The people from Congregate of Treasures Sect had arrived!


Just then, a melodious bugle horn sounded out from the summit entrance, it was deep and low and extremely oppressive, like a dragon roar.

Hearing that, many of the sect people hurriedly walked out from the big array, and gazed towards the summit entrance.

The road up to the summit entrance. It was constantly flickering with golden light, like gods descending down, causing people to ‘wow’ in surprise.

They then saw one after another of men and women dressed in golden long gowns entering the Wu Shuang Jue peak.

All of them were handsome gentlemen and beautiful ladies, every single one of them had thick and vast profound Spirit Qi, as if it was a vast ocean, like an endless sky, they were dressed to the nines, entire body flickering with gold light, even the treasures on them were full of gold color and luster. Every single one of them had a golden plate at their waist, on it was a golden dragon print.

In the middle of the crowd, there was a gigantic golden glazed tile sedan chair floating in the air, and a huge and wide statured person, dressed in a golden gown robe sat in it.

His sight was upright, eyebrows solemn, looked serious and powerful. His entire body was covered in a grandeur that could compare to the work of God, it was extremely tyrannic.

“People from the Long Ao Nation has arrived!”

Someone shouted loudly.

“That should be Long Ao Tian??”

“What? The Marquis of Long Ao Nation, Long Ao Tian? Why is he here? Why did the Long Ao Nation send him here?”

“Long Ao Nation total power in the southern continent could be considered the number one or number two, and have gotten who knows how many times of first place in the Meeting of Heroes, never did i expect that they would even send Long Ao Tian this time, it seems like they are trying to set a record. If it’s like that, if I want to achieve first place, and receive the treasures from the Congregate of Treasures Sect… it’ll be difficult!”

A pair of eyes gazed complicatedly at the incoming golden and splendid godlike convoy, everyone’s heart were filled with helplessness.

Long Ao Nation’s power, the strongest of the southern continent, with paramount supremacy, no one dared to fight them.

Shua shua shua..

Just as the Long Ao Nation was entering the field, the air was suddenly filled with a large amount of shadows, all of them were wearing robes, carrying swords behind them, their style was plain and simple as they stepped on the air as they approached.

“Swallowing Heavens sect!”

“The other powerhouse that is as strong as Long Ao Nation, the Swallowing Heavens sect? They are here too!!”

“Is this their famous sect skill ‘Traverse of Thousand Miles’? Travelling in the sky, one step is a thousand miles!”

“Not bad! Do not just see that the Swallowing Heavens Sect are all Dao warriors, they are actually the biggest competitor against the Long Ao Nation!! In all the previous meetings, the three contenders of the top 3 top powers were Long Ao Nation, Swallowing Heavens Sect and Profound Sky Sect, while the promising sects that could break into the top 3 were Immortal Sword Sect and Exuding Fire Sect! But Immortal Sword Sect would always be defeated by the Swallowing Heavens Sect in the past, I wonder if this year will be the same where they will suffer in defeat!”

One of the small sect clan elder told his disciples.

The disciples all nodded their heads in surprise, for the first time, everyone was excited to participate in the competition.

“Suffer in defeat? Is that so difficult? The Immortal Sword Sect will be champion in this year’s Meeting of Heroes! Everyone will know of us!”

A confident and loud voice echoed throughout the area, causing everyone’s heart to shiver. Everyone gazed up, to see a few colorful rays flying out from the horizon, and a few ladies dressed in blademaster clothe stepping on their long swords flying towards everyone. They were graceful and confident, looking at them caused people’s eye to have a hint of desire.

The person in the lead was the great clan elder of the Immortal Sword Sect, with the looks of about forty to fifty years in age, but in truth her real age was even older, dressed in green jade robes, looking very solemn, a red dot in between her eyebrows, the Qi around her body constantly revolving.

Beside her, was two beautiful ladies.

Everyone looked left, she was a beautiful and young lady, her expression was very solemn, her brown eyes was unable to conceal the blazing competitiveness inside. High in the eye on her sword, her gaze swept on every single person on Wu Shuang Jue peak, the battle intent in her eyes growing stronger and stronger.

While beside this beautiful lady, was a lady that was prettier, she was pure white, with long black hair, flowing along with the wind, her features were very delicate, skin as white as snow, her body disposition was exquisite and elegant, like an angel from heavens, attracting everyone’s gaze, no one could take their eyes off her.

Her expression was indifferent, looking at everyone with her gem like eyes, her pure white neck moving slightly, as though she was looking for something, finally, the angel’s gaze landed on a person dressed in white robes at the back of the group, her captivating lips moving slightly, and very quickly again moving away, her line of sight drooped away, and did not look at them anymore.

“Third elder, what’s wrong with you?”

Bai Yan Shan who was beside her asked curiously.

“Nothing.” Long Xian Li said indifferently.

A few of the Immortal Sword sect disciples found their seats, and began seating down.

With that, the entire place became more quiet.

Shen Hong’s solemn expression swept around everyone, and realised that most of the male disciples of the sects were standing there gazing blankly, their eyes all stuck onto Long Xian Li’s body, he immediately snorted, and directly broke the atmosphere.

Everyone broke out in cold sweat, after quivering, they hurriedly got back their senses, and kept their gaze.

“He he…”

The disciples of the Immortal Sword Sect all could not help but laugh. It was not their first time seeing Elder Long, as a result they were not as bad, they could keep themselves in check, as whoever who saw her would be instantly attracted, and their hearts would be stolen by her looks.

This kind of situation, Long Xian Li was already used to it, and did not find it weird. She just sat in her own seat, closed her eyes, lightly revolved her Qi, and ignored her surroundings as if she was cut off from the rest of the world.

Seeing her cold demeanour, everyone’s gaze started to turn back to the young lady in the yellow blademaster outfit.

One older and one younger beauty, both had their own implicit charm, it was sure that the beauties from the immortal sword sect thrashed the females of the other sects.

“Profound Sky Sect has arrived!!”

Just as everyone’s eyes were stolen by the two elders from immortal sword sect, a loud voice shook the entire Wu Shuang Jue peak.

Su Yun who was at the back of the Su Family, heart thumped faster upon hearing it, his eyes had a trace of evil contained within. He raised his head, and looked towards the summit entrance.

At the summit entrance, entered thirty odd figures, all of them were dressed in black robes with white outlines, all of them looked apathetic, their Qi was concealed, and people were unable to tell their depth.

They did not have the flamboyancy of Congregate of Treasures Sect, the oppressiveness of the Long Ao Nation, the free and easy spirit of the Swallowing Heavens Sect, the strict and powerful vibe of the Immortal Sword Sect. But what they have, was simply one word…



The people from the Profound Sky Sect, was only thirty plus people, small sects could not possibly send such self confident people, but, they actually had them!

It was so obvious that the Profound Sky Sect had utmost confidence in their own power!

In their eyes, this group of people was enough to obtain the championship in the Meeting Of Heroes that was held once every three years.

The people from Profound Sky Sect chose an area for them to stop to rest alone by themselves. Without sending a disciple prior to find it for them, but as it was not too late, one of them took out some sort of treasure, placed it on the ground, and a big array suddenly came out…

Su Yun’s gaze was always on the people of Profound Sky Sect.

Tian She… Tian She… Tian She…

Not here!

Even at this time they were sending out those useless heroes?

Su Yun’s eyes moved swiftly, his mind deep in thoughts.

“Young master, what’s wrong with you?” Qing Er turned her head and looked at Su Yun’s puzzled face.

“Oh… Nothing…”

All the strongest sects had arrived, and the Congregate of Treasures Sect was also present, that meant that the Meet would officially begin.

After everyone was seated, the master of the Congregate Of Treasures Sect who was seated on a wheelchair, lifted up his hand towards the golden bright ring of his finger and rubbed it.

The ring released a bright light aura, enveloping both his hands. He suddenly waved his hand, and two circle of jade light flew out from his palms, the balls of light rose into the sky, floating upwards.

the Congregate Of Treasures Sect master quickly made hand gestures, using high speed of hand arts, quickly forming two Qi arrays, sealing the two jade rays in the sky.

After that, someone spoke.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! A Triennial event, at Wu Shuang Jue Peak, The Meeting of heroes, everyone has come together for a competition of masteries and the championship. Today! It is my southern continent’s most prestigious Wu Shuang Jue Meeting of Heroes! Today, it is also the time for the sects and families around the southern continent to exchange and spar, I am the God Treasure King, I represent the Congregate of Treasures Sect to sponsor two of my sect’s treasures, to act as the prize for the winner, whichever sects can achieve the first or second place, will be entitled to obtain the treasures!”


God Treasure King said with a smile on his face: “Let me introduce, the two peerless and absolute treasures above treasures, a Star Level Treasure! A very rare treasure indeed!”

“A treasure that is close to Star Level!”

Everyone gasped, their blood all started to boil.

Although they could guess that the two treasures were very powerful, nobody expected that, the two treasures would actually be ranked at the Star level.

“On the left is the treasure called ‘Big Dipper’, it is a deity ‘sacred sage’ life treasure, it can relaxingly absorb any kind of attack, and contain the attack inside the treasure. When prompted, it can then release the attack stored previously, entirely onto the attacker… he he, maybe all these might not be enough, but everyone please do not be anxious, it still has another powerful use, which is something that cannot be overlooked! As long as the user wears it, the user will experience the treasures’ inner celestial cleansing power, resulting in an increase in eye power, that cannot be overlooked! Regardless of what mystical technique or array formation or concocting pills, that will help a lot.”

Cannot be overlooked?

A protective treasure that can even improve the user’s body?

With these words, all around discussions erupted, there was surprise, envy, hope, all sorts of words coming out.

Without saying, it was really a powerful treasure, to possess it, even if the user were to meet someone much stronger than him, he could still had a chance to fight.

The God Treasure King laughed as he looked at the audience’s surprise, his face expressed happiness, and he shouted loudly.

“This ‘Big Dipper’ Is just the second prize bestowed to the second most elite, everyone please hold your surprise, and watch for the number one treasure!”

The God Treasure King waved his hand, and the treasure floating in the sky vibrated, and flew out.

It was a rainbow crystal emitting and flickering with light, it was roughly the size of an eyeball, with the sunlight shining on it making it very beautiful and nice to look at.

“What is that?”

“I can’t feel any Qi from it! And I do not know what rank item it is.”

“LIsten up, all of the masters of the sects, these two treasures are both high ranked, and must be achieved! Also, this one can be considered even more priceless!”

All the Sect people all turned up their ears.

The God Treasure King started: “This treasure is called ‘Monarch Occult Force’, it is a treasure for enhancement, it’s capabilities is not complicated, as long as it is tempered in the heart, the user can utilise Profound Spirit Qi with all five types of Spirit Qi attributes power! Gold! Wood! Water! Fire! Earth! That also means, once the user wears it, he can utilise True Divine Spirit Qi, Scarlet Star Spirit Qi, Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi, Swift Wind Spirit Qi and Spirit Life Qi! Simultaneously holding the power of the five elements!!”

The voices subsided, and the whole field became quiet.

It was so silent that it was eerie, as though if a needle dropped, the entire field could hear it.

Everyone was stunned.

Not just the disciples, even the elders, were completely astonished.

In that moment, no one was in a right state of mind.

“Get it! You must definitely it!! Su Yun! It is meant for you! The days after these will not be so easy! Get it! You must get it!

In a flash, the sword elder’s exhausted his throat as he exploded out from the limitless sword art manual, shaking Su Yun.

Su Yun looked up into the sky, at the bright gem, his mouth muttering: “ Monarch Occult Force..”


Seeing everyone being shaken, the God Treasure King was lazy to beat around the bush, with a wave of his hand, the ‘Monarch Occult Force’ moved to its original position by itself.

The God Treasure King shouted.

“The Meeting Of Heroes will now begin, will all sects take turns to come up to battle! I will evaluate all battles, that will be set! The weak will be eaten, the winner will be king, who will have the last laugh, who will these treasures belong to!!”

Hearing that caused everyone to be awoken from their stupor.

Instantly, the burning desire for battle appeared in all the sect people’s eyes.

One of the expert of a sect did not waste any time. Instead, he immediately stood up, and jumped to the middle of the huge array, bowed with a cupped fist, and said: “ Color Rock Sect Chosen Disciple Zhang Ban Bao, I am here to receive the teachings from my seniors!”