Limitless Sword God Chapter 148

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Hundred Swords Soars (Part III)

“Even the small Colored Rock Sect dares to come up to fight?”

With that being said, a disciple from Smokey Wind Valley jumped into the battle array, and started fighting with Zhang Ban Bao.

Both of their cultivations were not high, at the second stage of the Spirit Core, but they were both chosen to come up to Wu Shuang Jue Peak to fight, how could they be classified as normal disciples?

Seeing the two of them do a few bouts of exchanges, their profound spirit Qi covering their bodies, and they started to crazily explode out to kill each other. Different mystical techniques were exquisitely performed and were combined together to attack. The fight was intense and in full swing, widening the spectator’s view, all of them applauding and cheering.

“All the disciples in the previous years were not as outstanding as this year’s, and this is just using up the normal disciples, I wonder at the end of the competition, how exciting it would be!”

The master of the Congregate of Treasures Sect watched the two figures fighting it out in the array, and nodded his head.

“Their power are certainly not bad, but their styles are excessively just for show, there are many loopholes, my Long Ao Nation can randomly choose someone and win against them in five breaths of time!”

Without waiting for the Congregate of Treasures Sect to speak, a thick and deep voice sounded out from behind.

The God Treasure King turned behind to look, to see the resting point of Long Ao Nation, The Prince of Long Ao Nation, Long Ao Tian sitting up drinking spiritual tea, said that while laughing.

When the elders of the Colored Rock Sect and the Smokey Wind Valley heard that, their faces became ugly, but they did not say anything. In terms of power, these two sects together were not strong enough to be the opponent of Long Ao Nation.

But they were merely just junior disciples, when the elite disciples take the stage later, that would be the more significant fights. Even if their power was inferior, but to the disciples discussing about power, they believed the disciples on stage were very powerful.

The Meeting of heroes on Wu Shuang Jue was actually a fight where the winner stays in, while the loser gets exchanged out. The disciples with lousier cultivation base and power would take the stage first, to exhaust the other sect’s disciples power, until the elite disciples have to be on stage, then they would continue exhausting their power, to aid their own elite disciples and give them an advantage, to create the circumstance where they can be the winner.

The more people the sect sent, the more power they had, as the Meeting of Heroes did not limit the number of people each sect could bring, but it had always been the bigger stakeholders winning, although people would look down on them, but everyone had to seize every opportunity they could, who could care for bullying?


Just then, a smothered sound from the battle array sounded out.

Everyone immediately turned to look, and saw a figure flying out of the array, fiercely dropping onto the ground, spat out a few mouth of blood, and just as he tried to stand up, he dropped and fainted.

“Winner – Smokey Wind Valley!”

The God Treasure King stood up and said.


The disciples of the Smokey Wind Valley stood up one after another, and excitedly shouted.

The elders were all relieved, and laughed.

But the people from Colored Rock Sect, their faces turned black, while two disciples ran out from their rest area, and retrieved the person who fainted.

There was a rule to go up on stage, if one sect lost, they had to wait two rounds before they could continue sending out a disciple up to fight. If two sects sent out their disciples at the same time, then that would start a three way brawl, but this did not happen much, although it was still fighting, but by showing consideration to the fighters of the other sects was the way they abided in.

Of course, there were those special circumstances, like if after two disciples from the first rate sects fought, other sects who were scared of them would not send anyone up to fight, so the sect that just lost could once again send another disciple up for another challenge.


The sound of a sword hiss sounded out, and a splendid looking sharp flying sword pierced into the fighting array, everyone was shocked, and when they turned to see where it came from, a man dressed in expensive blademaster outfit gracefully landed on the sword hilt, graceful like a goose feather.

It was a disciple from the Immortal Sword Sect.

“This senior brother, I seek for your advice!”

The disciple from immortal sword sect smiled, cupped his hands and said.

The Smokey Wind Valley disciple’s face turned fierce, and replied: “Watch out!”

The two of them started fighting.

Everyone’s gaze was fixed onto the attractive fight that was going on.

Moves after moves to kill, mystical techniques were casted one after another, as more and more started to emerge.

A few people who were confident in their own power started to to become more excited.

If they were on stage now, could they win against them?

At the Su Family area.

“Su Qing Er!”

The Great Clan Elder’s eyes was on the battle, as he called out deeply.

When Qing Er heard him, she wanted to go over, but Su Yun held her back.

“Relax, young master, everything is fine!”

Su Qing Er’s dainty smile, lightly called out in return, and released Su Yun’s hand and walked over.

Su Yun’s eyes swept towards the Great Clan Elder, and saw the Second Clan Elder looking straight at him, made a few meaningful eye signals, to let him see.

The Second Clan Elder and Su Shi Long’s lives were in Su Yun’s hands, how could they dare to disobey him? They nodded instantly.

“Elder, what instructions do you have?” Qing Er bowed and asked.

“Get prepared, you will be going up in a while!”

The Great Clan Elder said coldly.


When he said that, Qing Er was stupefied.

Not only her, even the surrounding disciples were surprised, as though they heard wrongly.

“This… Great Clan Elder, Qing Er is our Su Family’s seeded player, she will be left for the last few matches, how… How can we send her up straight away at the start?”

“Don’t we have many seeded players?”

The Great Clan Elder said indifferently: “There’s Bai Shan, Hei Shui, Bai Guang, Hei Dian, the four of them are sufficient. Therefore, Qing Er will go up first, and raise the prestige of our Su Family!”


Qing Er felt troubled.

“What? You want to disobey my orders?”

The Great Clan Elder’s face changed, and said.

Qing Er’s face changed, as she hurriedly replied: “Qing Er do not dare!”

“Then that’s good!” The great clan elder turned and looked at her, saying coldly: “Go and prepare to go up, the Smokey Wind Valley disciple will be defeated very soon!”

“Yes…” Qing Er nodded her head, not saying anything else, she went to the side, sat down cross-legged, and began warming up her body.

Su Yun’s eyes was harboring an intense and exceptionally strong grudge, but in the end he did not make a sound.

He could only be patient at this time.

“You’re Su Yun, right?”

Just at this time, a voice asked.

Su Yun turned to look, only to see a vaguely familiar face in front of him.

He was roughly twenty years old, donning on the Su Family plate, to be able to come here, he must be one of the experts of the inner sect.

“Who are you?”

Su Yun asked.

“Su Xiao.” He said softly.

Su Xiao?

Su Yun’s brain rummaged through a few memories, and there was an impression of him.

I have seen this person sometime ago while training at the Martial Bone Mountain.

“Do you need anything?” He turned and asked.

“Su Yun, this sword sheathe on your back… What is it for?”

Su Xiao gazed at the sword sheathe, his eyes had a look of confusion, and asked.

Su Yun heard his question, his heart suddenly became alarmed, looked at him and said: “What is the use of a sword sheathe? It’s to be used with a sword, what’s up?”

“Oh… Nothing much, I just felt that this sword sheathe is good looking.” Su Xiao expressed a smile, his pale face still showing a bit of confusion.

The current Su Xiao was thinner and frail than compared to before, his hair was past his shoulders, which covered up half of his entire face, which was exceptionally pale, no longer the attractive and intelligent look he once had.

Seems like the previous incident caused him to suffer a huge setback.

The surprising thing was, he was a outer sect disciple that quickly rushed his way into the inner sect, and was considered part of the elite disciples.

Seeing that Su Xiao was not going to speak further, Su Yun turned back, and continued watching the fights in the array.

When he shifted his view, he felt a cold gaze from the Immortal Sword Sect area, there was a person secretly looking over, and when Su Yun looked over, she quickly closed her eyes, her expression remaining tranquil and calm, but her long slender jade fingers on her knees, were shaking nervously.

“This woman, what is she looking at me for?”

Su Yun was very baffled.


Just then, the sound of flesh being cut open could be heard.

The Disciple of Smokey Wind valley was chopped straight through, and his blood flowed everywhere.

Loser – Smokey Wind Valley.

Qing Er looked at the Great Clan Elder, but he did not say anything, and so she did not do anything.


A figure flew out from Long Ao Nation.

Compared to the other sects, the people from Long Ao nation was already causing a stir, having a good fight was the nature of theirs, so there were many rumors spread that they were the southern continent’s strongest hidden danger.

When the representative from Long Ao Nation arrived on stage, without saying anything, the fight immediately begun.

Seeing him moving like a beast, without even releasing his treasure, he directly got close to the disciple from immortal sword sect, threw three punches out, exploding on the sword body, in a moment the explosion caused the disciple to retreat, he was caught in a disarray, and put in a disadvantaged position already.

It was only three breaths of time!

“The fourth breath!” at this time, the Prince of Long Ao Nation, Long Ao Tian suddenly said.

When the representative of Long Ao Nation heard that, his body suddenly erupted out, his speed became so fast, he suddenly appeared in front of the immortal sword sect disciple, and directly kicked him out.


The Immortal Sword Sect disciple was thrown out of the fighting array.

It really took them five breaths of time to defeat the opponent!

Victory – Long Ao Nation!

Hua la!

An expert from Swallowing Heavens sect entered the stage!

Everyone became very focused.

No one expected that very quickly the two first rate sects would send people to fight.

Long Ao Nation people and the Swallowing Heavens Sect people disliked each other, instantly using all of their strengths, the entire ground being shaken because of them. If not for the array that could help weaken the damage to the floor, definitely for sure, the entire Wu Shuang Jue Peak, would be destroyed by these experts from the various sects.

The two sects started fighting without end, but the Swallowing Heavens Sect used all their strength to gather more insider information, which proved to be helpful, as in this first match, they obtained victory against the Long Ao Nation.

Seeing that, Long Ao Tian frowned, but did not say a word.

After two small sects sent up their disciples and lost, he once again sent an expert to go up to fight.

The meeting of heroes was exceptionally intense.

Su Yun stared at the Great Clan Elder, his heart feeling very uneasy.

Didn’t he plan to send Qing Er up? Why is he still holding back?

All of the other sects were not sending their disciples out, as they were all watching. But if they did not send out anyone in the long run, they would be looked down upon by the other sects.

Finally, after a lengthy while, the disciples from Swallowing Heavens sect and Long Ao Nation began to become impatient after fighting for about five bouts.

A golden ray of light swept across, a dragon roar rose abruptly filling the entire mountain top, and landed in the fighting array.

A golden flower appeared in everyone’s eyes, they were not able to see clearly, but could see someone landing inside the array.

Long Ao Nation disciple.

“Please advise.”

When he said that, the disciple from Long Ao Nation instantly attacked.

Without a trace of holding back.

Without a trace of hesitation.

Without a trace of leniency.

Long Ao Nation’s tyrannical Qi directly erupted, all of the Profound Spirit Qi enveloping the disciple from the Swallowing Heavens Sect tightly, his entire being was being oppressed, he wanted to revolve his Qi for battle, but surprisingly realised his own Profound Spirit Qi was being directly suppressed by the opponents Qi, difficult to revolve.


A burst of sounds resonated out!

Only to see the disciple from Swallowing Heavens sect was directly punched into the air by the opponent, the whole body smashing into the ground, which caused the entire ground to break, and all the dust and sand flew out. The Qi wave from the punch erupted out as powerful as a whirlwind which swept in all directions, like the effect of a bomb.

Whether or not the disciple from Swallowing Heavens sect was alive or dead, no one knew.

Sou! !

THe disciple had no time to even draw a breath!

So Strong!!

Everyone could only think of that.

This was definitely a seeded player of Long Ao Nation!

“Qing Er!”

At this time, the Great Clan Elder shouted out.

Qing Er look distracted, as she raised her eyebrows to look.

“Enter the stage!”

His voice shouted out.