Limitless Sword God Chapter 149

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Hundred Swords Soaring (Part IV)

Su Yun finally understood.

Previously the opponents were too weak, if Qing Er were to fight them, it would be too easy, but now it was different, the opponent was not only strong, but fierce!

The Great Clan Elder had actually chose a strong and fierce opponent for Qing Er.

Was his intention to take revenge on her?

“This old bastard!!”

Su Yun scolded secretly.

“What’s up?”

Just then, the Sword Elder’s voice suddenly came out.

“Senior, why are you out?”

“Haha, such an interesting meet, how can I miss it? I feel many strong Qi, so I came out. Ai, what were you scolding about just now?”

The Sword Elder asked, so Su Yun told him everything.

Upon listening, he became quiet, after a while he shook his head and laughed bitterly: “As a Great Clan Elder, his mind is so narrow minded, for your Su Family to be able to hold on until now, I can say that you’re powerful! As the head, you must first have the capacity to be far sighted, but this Great Clan Elder is so focused on vengeance, that’s such a failure.”

“I don’t care how narrow minded he is, as long as Qing Er can safely leave this place. She is the only kin I have left in this world. She’s everything that I have, so I hope that she can be peaceful and happy, if she were to be injured, even if I have to sacrifice everything, I will kill him!”

Su Yun said softly, his voice slowly revealing the devil in him.

“You ah you!” The sword elder laughed bitterly: “Is that worth it?”

“What can be more worth?”

He did not care about authority, or power, and even power, if not for Qing Er, why did he train with all his might?


Qing Er, wielding the Cloud River Sword, entered the fighting array.

A luster of glossy array barrier covered her entire body.

Everyone’s line of sight gathered at the body of the young and delicate lady.

Donning a clean set of blademaster clothe, a delicate face, autumn colored eyes, hair jet black as ink, her skin was so white that it looked like she had dabbed makeup on her entire body, her appearance was lovable, and it was very difficult to imagine, that this wonderful person was Su Family’s seeded player.

Was she really the expert the patriarch had delicately groomed?

All the people from the different sects felt puzzled.

Qing Er wielded her sword with one hand, slowly walking forward one step at a time. Her pair of jewel like pupils lightly gazing at the Long Ao Nation’s representative, who was covered in an overbearing Qi over his golden robes, sword in hand, he had a cold intent.

“Please advise me!”

She gently said.

But, this phrase was like a button for a bomb, the bomb was the opponent. Once she said that, the man in the golden robe moved, forming an insane golden wind, fiercely pressuring her.

This person did not had a shred of mercy, both his hands released golden light, it was actually his treasure, golden gloves!


It was mysterious and inexorable, just like a godly dragon roar!

His solemn face had golden lines appearing on it, like a mystical dragon spiralling around his face.

Hua!! The energetic and strong gale blew over!

Everyone watched with a tension in their hearts, holding their breaths, so much that their hands were covering their mouths, they did not dare to witness such an attack!


In the time of the electric light appearing, a biting cold light flew out.

It was like a meteor in the night sky, it shone and disappeared.

The spectators almost missed to catch the sword image, and saw a ray of Profound Spirit Qi suddenly bursting forth. It was soundless, fast yet graceful.

Only to see the girl sheathing her sword, the Profound Spirit Qi dissipated, and everything gradually vanished along with the sword.

All the movements, were completed in one breath of time…

The overbearing representative from Long Ao Nation body suddenly pulled out, and stopped there.

Everyone was stunned!

The entire place was quiet, there was no dragon sound, no sword sound, everything disappeared, and returned to the silence prior to the fight!

Just then, they saw the Qi on the person crumble, like a mountain collapsing, and fell down.

People who were sharp and attentive to look, could see that his shoulders had a long sword cut.

The sword cuts were very accurate, it was not fatal, yet had cut his Qi meridians, leaving all the Profound Spirit Qi in his body to leak out, and interrupting his Qi flow, cutting off his mystical techniques!

Qing Er swayed slightly sideways.


The person from Long Ao Nation immediately dropped onto the floor, all of skin suddenly split open, as a huge amount of blood flowed out, he was immediately inflicted with serious damage!


It was exceptionally quiet!

Quiet to the point of disbelief!

All of the clan elders stared tightly, and gazed at the lady sheathing her sword lightly, that absolutely clean person, all of them having different thoughts.

All the disciples were dumbfounded, their eyes were as big as a cow, all of them staring at her.

One move!

The entire fight was only one move! Two actions!!

That was an expert from the Long Ao Nation!! He was actually defeated just like that! Was that possible?

“Is that an expert from the Su Family??”

Long Ao Tian stood up, aggressiveness manifested between his eyebrows and he said: “Zhang Ming! Get ready!!”

“Yes Prince!”

One participant standing at the side immediately went out to prepare.

The Immortal Sword Sect side.

“Yan Shan!”

“Disciple is here!”

“Go and get ready! When she has been depleted, you will go up!”

“Yes! Teacher!”

Wu Shuang Jue Peak was in an uproar because of that fight, discussion were held without restraint, buzzing and talking sounds coming from everywhere.

The Su Family was already celebrating, after fighting for so long, and after a few disciples going up to fight, Qing Er was the first one to gain victory, and it was a complete victory of only one move! How could they not be excited!

“Although she has not reached the Spirit Soul Disciple stage, her sword arts have already reached the highest state, she is very natural like flowing water, from today on, she is not a normal existence!”

The God Treasure King nodded his head, his face was full of a satisfying smile, and he stood up and shouted: “Victory – Su Family!”

When he said that, the celebrations became louder.

“”Then let me come and seek advice from this sword arts!”

Very quickly, another person jumped into the battle array.

Everyone turned to look, he was an elite from the Exuding Fire Sect, his strength had already reached the sixth stage of the Spirit Core Disciple, while Qing Er’s cultivation level was still unknown, which might be hidden by some treasure that could hide cultivation.

As the expert groomed by the Patriarch, she had to hide her cultivation level, so that no one could casually do research on her, if not anyone could easily counter her.

“Please advise me!”

Qing Er bowed, her lovable face was filled with unswerving determination, as she stared at her opponent, and released her sword and flew over.

The surrounding Qi became dense.

The steps steadily got faster.

The sword tip was sharp and accurate.

Her sword was raised to the same height of her eyes, wherever she looked, her sword pointed.

Her attack stance was perfect, her defence did not have any loopholes!

Seeing this, Su Dong Fang’s eyes immediately grew an intense desire.

“This woman, why is she so dead set on following trash like Su Yun!” Su Dong Fang clenched his teeth and hands while thinking.



After ten exchanges!

The lady in the battle array was still standing straight with sword in hand.

On the floor, there was a disciple from the Exuding Fire Select, a disciple from the Three Items Deity Palace was also on the floor, fainted, with their entire body filled with sword cuts, his long spear was also lying on the floor.

From the opponent’s point of view, Qing Er did not have a trace of disadvantage even after facing so many opponents.


Everyone did not dare believe it.

Singlehandedly defeating the different sects famous experts!!

All the clan elders could not sit still!

No one could had thought that, a lady from the Su Family would be so strong.

“Ha ha, I didn’t expect your little maidservant is so strong!! That sword arts! Kekeke, Common people would bitterly train for at least ten over years to achieve that!” The Sword Elder complimented.

“But she had only trained for a few years only!”

Su Yun’s face expressed a smile: “I did not expect Qing Er to be so powerful, seems like I worried for her for nothing!”

“Strong is still strong. The other sects are holding their aces, she has continued battling for a few rounds, and have consumed too much physical strength! Let her continue! She will lose eventually!”

“Lose then lose! It’s fine, I do not wish for her to fight with all her might, whatever the Su Family gets is not my business!”

Qing Er clumsily held her sword, she was panting heavily, after fighting for consecutive rounds, she had consumed too much physical strength, and it was obvious she was unable to continue.

“Yan Shan!!”

Just then, a voice shouted, which resonated the entire Peak.

Only to see at the Immortal Sword Sect area, a female with a similar age to Qing Er walked out.

Her gaze was intense, in her eyes was a fiery blaze, staring tightly at Qing Er, one step at a time, she walked forward, in her hands was a sword, which was shivering.

Below the stage, Bai Yan Shan was watching Qing Er’s every move and action, previously there was an agreement made, there will one day be a battle between them, and today was the day that the agreement will come to fruition!

“Younger apprentice sister Bai has gone up stage!!”

“Yan Shan?”

“Older apprentice sister Bai all the best!”

“Younger apprentice sister Bai, you must win!!”

The disciples from the immortal sword sect were in an uproar, all of them stood up and started shouting.

Just then, Bai Yan Shan had already entered the array.

Seeing Qing Er panting, she did not make a move.

“I will give you some time, to let you recover, you can have some Qi Recovery Pills, and then fight with me!”

Bai Yan Shan said coldly, the fighting intent in her heart was so thick, she yearned for battle, and yearned even more to cross swords with a strong martial artist.

“No need! You can show your hand anytime!”

Qing Er said after taking a deep breath.

“Oh?” Bai Yan Shan frowned lightly. After thinking for a while, she asked: “You do not wish to fight me?”

Qing Er did not say anything, as she slowed her breath and lifted up her sword, in a prepared stance.

She had already defeated over ten experts from the different sects, and had already spent all her power, to compete with Bai Yan Shan now, there was no chance for her to win, what was the point of persevering? Also, she had agreed to Su Yun, to fight casually! There is no need to account to the Su Family.

Just that.

Qing Er was someone who was rational and fair, but in Bai Yan Shan’s eyes, she was thinking that Qing Er saw her as a nobody and was insulting and provoking her.

“I’m not worthy of you?”

Bai Yan Shan frowned her long and shapely eyebrows, fire spewing out of her eyes, without saying a word she rushed forward, the tip of her sword was eerie and overbearing.

“Have you forgotten about the agreement from the last time? Today no matter what, we shall see who is stronger!”

She shouted, her sword tip was aimed to kill.

She was aiming for vital parts, without the intention of being lenient! If Qing Er did not defend, she would die!

Everyone’s heart clenched, they did not think that Bai Yan Shan who was calm on the exterior was actually so ruthless…

Su Yun stared seriously at the fight, his heart wishing that Qing Er could leave the battle as soon as possible.

“Su Yun!”

Just then, a voice sounded out.

Su Yun raised his head, looked out, and realised it was the Great Clan Elder’s voice.

“Disciple is here!” His heart tightened, as he controlled his anger and walked over.

“Get ready!”

The Great Clan Elder said coldly.