Limitless Sword God Chapter 150

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Hundred Swords Soar (Part V)

Hearing the Great Clan Elder’s words, the people from the Su family all turned their gaze to Su Yun’s body.

Su Tai’s heart was afraid, afraid that when Su Yun dies no one would give him the antidote, after thinking for a while, he walked over.

“Great clan elder, this… is not appropriate, Bai Yan Shan is the directly handed down disciple of the great clan elder of the Immortal Sword Sect, her cultivation is of a profound mystery, and her entire body is filled with top grade treasures of the Immortal Sword Sect, her power is very strong, Su Yun is just an outer sect disciple, and came to the Meeting of heroes to watch…is considered a blessing for him even in three lives, to let him go up… isn’t that too early?”

“Early? What early?” The great clan elder was indifferent: “Qing Er has exhausted Bai Yan Shan’s great amount of energy, although Su Yun is an outer sect disciple, but his cultivation is not simple… and very quickly to the eighth stage of the Spirit Intermediate Disciple! To fight with Bai Yan Shan who is not at optimal physical strength… should be enough right?”

Enough your motherfucker!

Su Yun wanted to scream.

He had removed the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye, if the Great CLan Elder could not see his cultivation, it would lead to problems.

But as an eighth stage Spirit Intermediate Disciple, to fight against an expert of the Spirit Core Disciple? What kind of pressure would that be? Although he had the test previously from killing the evil and wanted people, but those were all done by fully utilising the limitless sword manual and the death sword’s power, all of it was depended on the mystical techniques, if all these were exposed to everyone, wouldn’t that mean exposing himself as the limitless sword lord? The Immortal Sword Sect expert was now on stage, would they let go of him? If he was not able to use any of the moves, how could he fight against Bai Yan Shan?

But it was fine.

Su Yun did not plan to win, to go and get it over and done with would be fine.

He cupped his hands and said: “Since great clan elder has said it like that, then Su Yun will obey.”


Su Tai and Su Shi Long did not understand.

Seeing Su Yun going to the side, and looking down at the battle array, he sucked in his breathe, sat down cross-legged, and began slowly revolving his Profound Spirit Qi, letting his Qi meridians warm up.

In the battle array, Bai Yan Shan was tyrannical and ferocious, every sword was aimed at vital points.

Qing Er’s sword arts weak, Swift Wind Spirit Qi enveloping the long sword, causing it to be very exquisite, but she was coping with the lack of physical strength, continuously fighting with ten experts, how could she be an opponent for the genius Bai Yan Shan? The two of them crossed swords for ten moves, Qing Er was at a disadvantage, she was very passive, unable to guard.

“That girl is strong! That other girl already cannot fight, and plans to surrender, but she does not give her a chance, every move she makes has the intent to harm, once she slacks off, she might lose her life!”

Analyzing the situation in the array, the sword elder shook his head as he spoke.

“This great clan elder really has some eyes!” Su Yun turned to look at the old man, and said: “He already knew of Bai Yan Shan’s personality, and intentionally planned so that Qing Er will not end well….such a cowardly man, how can he be a great clan elder?”

Su Yun really did not understand, was he doing it for revenge? This kind of person with power, really would care about such small things?

“Not good!”

Just then, a disciple from the Su Family shouted out anxiously.

Su Yun’s heart jumped, and turned back, only to see Bai Yan Shan’s long white fingers on her jade sword, with a dazzling row of sword images, in a moment circling Qing Er.

QIng Er desired to withdraw from the sword, but the Profound Spirit Qi was difficult to keep up, she was getting slower by the moment, her eyes looked at the sword which was about to pierce her body, without a choice, she could only use her sword to block it.


Qing Er’s body was directly hit by the Sword Qi, her entire being flew out, and landed heavily on the ground, her chest was heaving heavily, fresh blood spurted out, her face was extremely pale, and her body had a sword wound.

She stood up with difficulty, and after a second, Bai Yan Shan had already rushed forward, a sword aiming for the chest.

“Su Qing Er!” Bai Yan Shan overlooked her, her voice overbearing: “I always thought you had some power, but i didn’t expect you to be so weak, although you have defeated a few experts, but to me, you should more power to yourself, why did you lose so quickly? I have not shown all my power yet!”

Qing Er did not say anything, her pupils were misty, her eyes did not have much luster, it was obvious the injury was not light.

“Victory – Immortal Sword Sect!”

The God Treasure King stood up, and shouted loudly.

Bai Yan Shan nimbly kept her sword, turned around, back facing Qing Er, her expression was full of disdain.

In her eyes, Qing Er was already not worthy to be her opponent.

Qing Er could hardly stand up anymore, she staggered her way, her face becoming white and whiter. The blood trace at the corner of her mouth was flowing more and more, her frail body moving, in an instant a spurt of dark red blood came out of her mouth, and her entire being fell down.

That meant she had injured her Qi Meridians!

“Qing Er!!”

Su Yun’s eyes cracked, how could he care about anything? He rushed forward, hugged the girl up, and anxiously rushed her to the nearby spiritual medical treatment.

Some of the female disciples of the Su Family rushed over to check on her.

“Hurry into the spiritual array, quickly!”

“Where are the pills, the recovery pills?? Hurry up and let her consume them!!”

“Slowly, don’t panic!!”

All the disciples were clumsy.

Once Qing Er was in the array, the treatment began healing and fixing her wounds, her Qi was stable, and the blood had stopped flowing.

Su Yun’s luminous gaze looked at QIng Er who was in the array, seeing that her pale face had regained some color, and her eyes opened, she had regained consciousness, slowly but surely becoming more stable.

“Qing Er, are you ok?”

Su Yun rushed over, and asked.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, Young master, Qing Er is fine.” Qing Er said softly, she raised up her cold hand, grabbed onto Su Yun’s big hands, and blamed herself: “Sorry, Young Master, Qing Er have implicated you, I…I actually wanted to..”

“Don’t say anymore.” Su Yun cut her off: “Fighting situations can change anytime, how can you so lightly surrender?”

He stood up, looked to the left and right to the people of the Su Family: “Please take care of Qing Er, I, Su Yun, beg of all of you!”

FInished, he turned and walked straight to the great clan elder.

“Are you satisfied?”

He walked over, and asked softly.


Great Clan elder’s gaze did not change, and asked coldly.

After that, Su Yun did not say anymore, stared at the fighting array, his gaze ice cold.


The disciple from Swallowing Heavens Sect had his shoulder broken by Bai Yan Shan in one hit, and his entire body was beaten out of the aarray.

All the disciples from Immortal Sword Sect instantly burst out in cheers astonishing cheers.

All the previous time, whenever the Immortal Sword Sect met the Swallowing Heavens Sect, they would lose. No one would had thought Bai Yan Shan would be able to change that today, and defeat the opponent, who would not be excited!


At this time, Su Yun adjusted the sword sheathe on his back, patted his laps, his eyes solemn, he walked out.

The Great CLan Elder gazed at him.

He had already walked out of the Su Family area.

The people from the Su family all diverted their attention, as they stared in surprise at the figure walking towards the array.


“Who is he?”

“Is he from the Su Family? Does the Su Family still dare to challenge the Immortal Sword Sect? Do they know what is death?”

“Is he new? I have never seen him before! So good looking!”

“Hey, everyone look, look at the plate on his waist!! Su’s…outer? Su Family’s outer sect Disciple plate?? He is an outer sect disciple? He is Su Family’s outer sect disciple?”

“What??” They actually dare send an outer sect disciple to challenge? What are they thinking? Unless they still think of exhausting the power of Immortal Sword Sect?”

“Such a huge difference in cultivation level, what can he exhaust? His power is lacking too much, one move is enough to clear him!!”

Seventh stage Spirit Intermediate Disciple!!

He was just a seventh stage Spirit Intermediate Disciple, and he dared to go and challenge the big power Spirit Core Disciple!

That was like hitting a stone with an egg!

All the disciples and elders from the big sects were in an uproar.

Gui Mo Jue was the person in charge of Blossom Heart Valley, seeing Su Yun go up on stage, he was really astonished.

“Why did the Su family send Su Yun up on stage? His medical knowledge is beyond anyone, but in terms of fighting….he is lacking!”

At the Immortal Sword Sect on the side, Long Xian Li whose eyes was always shut suddenly stood up, her face was full of astonishment: Why did he run up?

“Xian Li, what’s wrong?” Shen Hong turned and asked.

Long Xian Li hesitated for a while, before bowing: “Great clan elder, Yan Shan’s opponent is just a seventh stage Spirit Intermediate disciple, he is a nobody, ask her to be lenient, and take it easy for him!”

“How is that possible? Shen Hong shook his head: “Now there are so many sects watching, regardless of who it is, our Immortal Sword Sect will give our all to challenge.”


Long XIan Li wanted to say more, but after thinking for a while, she held back.

On the Su Family side.

All of the Su Family disciples all held their breath as they stared at Su Yun.

They did not know what would happen.

Nobody could guess what an outer sect disciple can do.

THeir only hope was, that this outer sect disciple could hold on for a while, and not throw the face of the Su Family.

Great Clan Elder indifferently stared at the battle array, his face was expressionless, and nobody could guess what he was thinking.

“Hey! People of the Su Family! Do you all still have people? You even send one outer sect disciple up? Are you looking down on me?”

At this time, a coarse and rough voice sounded out.

Everyone looked up, the person who said that, was Long Ao Tian, the prince of LOng Ao Nation.

After his shout, the surrounding people all erupted in anger, all of them shouting out their heartfelt words.

“That’s right, Su Family, are you looking down on people? Why take out an outer sect disciple to this event? Even if you want to exhaust the opponent, at least send an inner sect disciple?”

The Exuding Fire Sect people shouted.

“Ah, everyone please don’t shout. This Su Family was already taken care of by our Stellar Sun Mountain and have no more people, all the experts dare not come out!”


All the insults and sneers came out.

Su Family, compared to all these sects, were considered not a strong existence, so even when they were made fun of, they could only be angry in silence and not rebute.

The Great Clan Elder’s expression was indifferent, but all the disciples had rosy red expressions, their fists clenched tightly.

Bai Yan Shan gazed at the person entering the array, felt that he was very familiar, after looking properly, she then realised he was Su Yun, who retreated from the marriage back then.

Now, he was very different, his face was not as pale as last time, his gaze had a lot of spirit, his steps were stable and strong, especially his Qi Aura, was even more threatening, like a unsheathed sword.

The change was definitely very big!


His cultivation was just too weak.

Bai Yan Shan shook her head lightly, and said coldly: “So it’s you, i didn’t expect that in a short period of time, you would had changed so much…but, your cultivation although did grow surprisingly fast, but you’re still to weak, you’re not my opponent, give up!”

Such a weak opponent, she did not even wish to engage with them, at least, someone of the same caliber as Qing Er.

Su Yun did not make a sound, raised his hand, and touched the sword sheathe behind his back.

A ice cold long bright sword was slowly taken out by him.

The sword tip was resounding, the cold Qi threatening.


Upon seeing this, Bai Yan Shan’s eyes contracted: “You’re not giving up?”

“Are you prepared?”

Su Yun raised the sword, and asked softly.

His voice was soft, and very slowly.

Not knowing why, Bai Yan Shan’s heart suddenly shivered, an unspeakable throb surfaced.


Su Yun moved.

He released his sword, the sword tip naturally falling down, and when the sword tip touched the floor, in a few steps, it was at Bai Yan Shan’s front, the distance between the two of them was less than an inch!

Bai Yan Shan’s pupils contracted, she suddenly felt Su Yun’s breath.

In a moment.


One after another of Profound Spirit Qi threads from Su Yun’s body exploded out, in a moment connecting to Bai Yan Shan’s body wishing to do harm.


All the disciples of the different sects all stood up, as shock appeared on all their faces.

“Not good!”

Bai Yan Shan’s face changed, her nerve throbbed, her body anxiously retreating!