Limitless Sword God Chapter 151

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Hundred Swords Soar (Part VI)


Endless sword images circled around Su Yun’s body. Bai Yan Shan managed to evade in time, and avoided the vital parts, but her body was struck by a hundred swords, although they were extremely minute cuts, but many of these places were Qi Meridians, turning the Profound Spirit Qi in her body in a mess. Blood was flowing, her Qi was crumbling, her body injured… The situation was dire.

Only one move! The entire stadium was shocked!

“That’s impossible!”

Shen Hong immediately stood up, her face dark as she stared at the battle.

“What is that sword arts?”

Long Xian Li stood up, and stared in astonishment.

“Does the Su Family have such wild and strange sword arts? In a moment, that sword already revolved around 81 rounds!”

“What grade of sword arts is that?”

“An outer sect disciple of the Su Family have such capabilities”

“Why didn’t Qing Er use it just now?”

Discussions were held at ever corner of the arena. Surprise, astonishment, excited all the ears around.

“Good overbearing sword arts! Such a weird sword arts, I have never seen it before!  They were like Qi Swords, resembling the Immortal Sword Sect’s imperial sword technique just that it was an outer sect disciple of the Su Family, how could he know about it?”

ShiTian DaoRen from Swallowing Heavens Sect stared intently at the figure in the array, holding his chin and thinking.

“Imperial Sword Technique? Master, Isn’t that the magical technique that only the Immortal Sword Sect holds? How can other people have it?”

A disciple at the side asked curiously.

“Only they hold?” ShiTian DaoRen bitterly laughed: “Who said the Imperial Sword Technique is Immortal Sword Sect’s own god technique? In the past there were many famous sects with the Imperial Sword Technique, it is just that you have never heard of them before. Although today they have vanished without a trace, the skills they had might still be passed down in the Sky Martial Continent. Maybe someone had a lucky chance to attain it, and have practised these god techniques!”

“Oh is that destiny then?”

“You can say that!” ShiTian DaoRen nodded.

Everyone was flaring up because of Su Yun’s breathtaking technique, he was like a red hot iron piece submerged in ice water, causing the water to boil.

Su Yun leveled his sword, his glare ice cold staring straight at Bai Yan Shan, the abyss of his pupil getting increasingly deep and powerful.

This loathful, disdainful, icily arrogant eyes, was like a needle, piercing into Bai Yan Shan’s heart.

“Seems like I cannot look down on you!” Bai Yan Shan’s heart burned with flames, she secretly bit her teeth, endured the pain on her whole body, suddenly drawing her sword and rushing forward, full of Swift Wind Spirit Qi soaring up. Like lightning, her body movements was fluid and graceful like a flower, but this move was filled with terrifying killing intent.


The cold light attacked, the sword tip shook, as the swords changed thrice, but normal people could only see the sword image plainly, and unable to capture the incoming sword tip.


Just as the cold light was reaching closer, the man in the white robes lightly moved his sword to his front.


Bai Yan Shan’s sword was blocked in an instant, the sword tip hitting his sword body, and all the Swift Wind Spirit Qi was like water poured onto the floor, instantly scattering.

Bai Yan Shan was stunned, her heart was startled!

Comparing speed, I am actually losing!!

Despicable! Not so easy!

All the tyrants were focused, how could she be so easily defeated?

Just then, Bai Yan Shan clenched her teeth and started to revolve her Profound Spirit Qi. As the energy in her entire body started to react, she took her sword, leaking the Swift Wind Divine Qi, her intent forced into her own long sword, pointing straight at Su Yun.

But at the same time, Su Yun’s eyes suddenly turned grey, one ray of light rushing over.

“Huge Rock Spirit Nucleus!”

Someone outside the array shouted.

Bai Yan Shan’s body was immediately covered by a layer of limestone.

Whether or not it was dense, it still made her rigid.


Su Yun’s expression suddenly became fierce, he drew out Thousand Deep Sword, hacking towards Bai Yan Shan, without a trace of hesitation, like previously how Bai Yan Shan treated Qing Er, each move was meant to kill!

Buzz buzz buzz.

Thousand Deep Sword dropped.

Bai Yan Shan’s heart trembled fiercely, her face was deathly white and she hastily raised her sword to block!


The sword resisted!

Very good!

Bai Yan Shan’s heart felt a tinge of happiness, her left hand anxiously moved, staring straight at the open spot on Su Yun’s chest with the previous exchange earlier. Pushing her finger arts, and initiating her mystical technique, her Profound Spirit Qi expanded out.

But at this time, the sword close to her body suddenly erupted with a terrifying True Divine Spirit Qi, it was like a big hammer smashing onto her, the power was astonishing.

Bai Yan Shan was holding onto her sword with one hand, while most of her concentration was on her left hand using her finger arts, she did not expect that Su Yun would use this time to suddenly burst out a powerful attack, she had no time to defend, under the powerful force, her sword pierced into her shoulder.

A great amount of blood started to flow out.

Bai Yan Shan’s face turned pale, fear in her eyes.

True Divine Spirit Qi?

How can he release True Divine Spirit Qi? Was it because of the sword?

How can he have such fierce and fast reaction speed and power?

How is his Qi stronger and fierce than mine?

Isn’t he just a seventh stage Spirit Intermediate cultivator? How can he control me, a Spirit Core Disciple?

Why? Why?

Bai Yan Shan’s mind was in a mess, she was unable to believe that this person was someone she saw as garbage at the wedding.


Just then, the sword tip once again had a cold light, And a bigger amount of True Divine Spirit Qi exploded out, with the thousand Deep Sword in Su Yun’s hands once again slicing down.


Bai Yan Shan’s entire body shivered, she felt her own left shoulder was being cut out by her own sword.

She looked at the pupils of the person in front of her, his ferocious expression, his eyes!

Those eyes.

Bai Yan Shan seemed to have thought of something, and her whole body shuddered.

Why were those eyes so familiar?

Gloomy, domineering, bloodthirsty kind of eyes, where did she see them before?

Didn’t that person that time have the same eyes?

Unless this person was?


Just at this time, a powerful shout broke Bai Yan Shan’s train of thoughts.

She immediately regained her senses, only to see her opponent twist, his sword tip erupted with power, following, a pressure as heavy as Mt Tai pressed down on her.

The sword pushed down where Bai Yan Shan could not even defend, once that cut continued, her entire arm would actually be chopped off!

Bai Yan Shan was stunned.

Her mind was blank, she did not know how to react.

Hua la!

A yellow goose color figure flew out from Immortal Sword Sect, directly crashing over.

The person had a deep cultivation and a strong Qi. Once she was near, she raised her finger, and a cold aura from her fingertips came out, in a moment pulling Bai Yan Shan’s sword out of her shoulders before it could cut any further.


Thousand Deep Sword flew up, spinning a few rounds in the air, stabbing onto the ground, shivering continuously.


Everyone was shocked.

The two of them that were fighting, actually had someone intervening, this kind of matter had never happened before!

Su Yun retreated a few steps, he felt his arm frozen very strongly, he slowed down his breath, and stared at the person coming towards him: “Who?”


A deep voice sounded out.

He saw Shen Hong angrily standing in front of Bai Yan Shan.

Su Yun’s eyes had a cold glint, and asked: “In the midst of a battle in the Meeting of Heroes! Great Elder Shen actually came out and showed her hands! That is too inappropriate ain’t it?”

“What I want to do, who are you, a small person, to point out?” Shen Hong fumed: “And you!! Your hands are so ruthless! Your moves are all fatall! Or are you really trying to take a life??”

“Ruthless? Fatal?” Su Yun heard that, and laughed out loud: “Great Elder Shen is really amazing! Previously your disciple attacked My Su Family disciple Qing Er, was that not ruthless? Was that not fatal? Why did you not show your hand then, and now when I am the one doing it, and your useless disciple cannot contend against me, then you show your hand! Ah, Elder Shen’s eyes are so biased!”

“Such audacity!!”

The Qi surrounding Shen Hong’s whole body shivered, she was agitated and angry, immediately stepping out, rushing towards Su Yun!!

What kind of small person was he? To dare to teach her? How could she accept that!

Su Yun’s face changed, and anxiously retreated.

He did not expect that Shen Hong would actually make her move without saying a word when she was angry.

As the chief Great Clan Elder of the Immortal Sword Sect, Shen Hong had a very profound and dense cultivation, this move, the speed was so fast that even the afterimage could not be seen, her Swift Wind Spirit Qi was like a gigantic wave, covering everything, no one could run from it.

“Master, stop!!”

Bai Yan Shan’s face changed, as she shouted in panic.

“Great Elder Shen!! Hurry Stop!! The Meet must not be interrupted!”

The God Treasure King face changed, immediately standing up and shouting!

However! Shen Hong did not have any intention to stop, this movement, would not stop until she had killed someone!

Su Yun’s pupils became big, desiring to use the Heavenly Crystal and Sprite’s shadow to block, but he could not!

Shen Hong’s speed was too fast.

No one expected that this person’s heart would be so narrow, so arrogant, she did not care about anything, once she made her move, she needs to kill!

“Young Master!!”

Qing Er who was in the spiritual medical treatment array opened her big eyes, weakly stood up, tearing her heart and splitting her lungs to shout.

A thread of happiness was seen in Su Dong Fang’s eyes, the corner of his mouth curving upwards.

“Elder!! Hurry make your move, stop Shen Hong!”

Su Xiao who was at the side walked a few steps forward, and shouted at their Great Clan Elder.

But the Great Clan Elder did not move, as though he had not heard him at all.


In the time for a spark to ignite, Shen Hong already attacked.

She did not use her sword, to handle a weak and low disciple, all she needed was a finger.

A boundless power came forward, Su Yun felt that his entire body was being drowned out.

Fuck it, Fight to the death!!

Su Yun clenched his teeth, he could not use the Heavenly Crystal or the Sprite’s shadow at this time, but he could use the Ten Thousand Grief Pill!

With these pills, as long as he was not beheaded, he would be fine!

But, as fast as lightning, a voice came out.

“Brat, do not easily use that, you are just a outer sect disciple from the Su Family, if you were to use that unique pill medicine, you will attract a lot of attention! Let me block this for you!”


Su Yun was stunned.

He felt from the pit of his stomach, a burn was igniting, following that a golden light exploded out, pressing against Shen Hong!


A vast and violent rippled raged outwards, like a destructive storm, the Qi exploded out, sweeping out in all directions.

The battle array violently shivered, it must have been ravaged by the strongest power since the beginning of history, while all the people from all the different sects in all directions, regardless if it was an elder or a disciple, all retreated backwards, they were forced back and had difficulty in taking half step forward.

They saw Shen Hong, her entire body flying backwards, while she landed, she retreated a few steps, Her Qi and blood was in a mess, her face turning pale.

Su Yun was not well to do too, his entire person was lifted up and flown back, directly breaking the stone steps that he fell into.

“Young Master!!”

Qing Er forced the people in front of her away, frantically running over, pulling Su Yun up, her beautiful tears whirling, hugging Su Yun’s body, sobbing frantically.

Until she realised, Su Yun’s entire body, did not have any damage.

Those eyes, they were as dark as the abyss, but without a shred of anger.