Limitless Sword God Chapter 152

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Hundred Swords Soar (Part VII)

Long Xian Li’s delicate and cold face, turned and flew towards Su Yun.

After arriving, she anxiously checked his entire body once, and upon finishing, she was surprised to find that Su Yun’s entire body had no injury or whatsoever.

“So Weird?”

“Elder Long, Young master is fine, right.” Qing Er’s eyes had tears in them, as she asked sorrowfully.

Long Xian Li’s mind concentrated, and once again carefully checked Su Yun’s body once, following that she suspiciously said: “Not only is he ok, even a trace of injury is not found after such a strong mystical technique, why is he not injured at all?”

Hua la la.

Just then, a group of Blossom Heart Valley people ran over.

“How is it? How’s Master Su Yun?”

Gui Mo Jue was very anxious as he brought a few elite disciples, and shouted in panic.

“Master Gui, you’ve come at the right time, please help me take a look at him!”

Long Xian Li could not find anything wrong, so she asked the professional for help.

On the other side, upon seeing that Su Yun was lying on the floor, Shen Hong did not move, nor did she make any other move. Instead, she snorted, and turned to leave.

“Immortal Sword Sect is so despicable!!”

Suddenly, an angry shout came out from the Su Family.

Everyone looked over to see a skinny, pale man standing. He glared and pointed angrily at Shen Hong: “The two disciples from the two sects are fighting, fists and legs have no eyes. If someone is fearful of death, and they admit defeat, why do you continue? Seeing your Immortal Sword Sect, when you lose, you start to intervene, not only stopping the results of the competition, you still beat him up! Good!! Good!! Your immortal Sword Sect is very powerful! Today, I Su Xiao have seen and recognized you!”

“Su Xiao, since when are you qualified to speak? Shut the fuck up!”

The Great Clan Elder turned and bellowed.

But Su Xiao was unafraid, he continued to shout: “Shen Hong, you have to give us a proper answer in front of all the almighties from all sects, don’t you?”

“That’s right! The people from Immortal Sword Sect has broken the rules and injured the disciple from my Su family!! This is unacceptable! I want to seek justice!”

“We want justice. The Immortal Sword Sect has to give us the justice!”

The people from the Su Family shouted, each and everyone of them were agitated.

The Great Clan Elder frowned tightly.

“How dare a small, puny Su Family oppose with my Immortal Sword Sect??”

When Shen Hong noted, his brows knitted. He was about to blow up anytime.

“Clan Elder Shen!!”

Before she made a move, someone shouted.

Shen Hong froze. She looked over to see God Treasure King being pushed in a wheelchair towards her.

It was not just him. All the other clen elders from other sects started standing up.

Shen Hong frowned even more and bellowed: “Is there anything you would like to comment, Treasure King?”

“Of course not! God Treasure King moaned: “But I hope Clan Elder Chen knows what this place is. This is the site of the meeting of the elites! Yet, you’re creating a din! And broken all the rules! According to regulations, I will cancel your qualifications for this meeting of the elites!”


The anger in Shen Hong’s eyes did not grow any lesser. She said sarcastically: “You’re merely a seventh stage Spirit Intermediate Disciple and you’re going to cancel the qualifications of the Immortal Sword Sect to take part in this meet?”

“Clan Elder Shen Hong! If you’re going to continue with this attitude, breaking all the rules. Even if I don’t cancel your qualifications, all the sects and almighties from all sects will not let this matter rest. I hope you understand! Or else, do not blame our Congregate of Treasures Sect!!”

The God Treasure King muttered.

Shen Hong heard and looked over to see the looks of all the sects.

Obviously, her actions this time were over the top.

Shen Hong noted and fell silent. Groaning, she turned to take a step and brought Bai Yang Shan back to the big array of the Immortal Sword Sect.

As to give an explanation, how could she even give any?

“You’re as useless as garbage!”

Once they entered the array, Shen Hong placed Bai Yan Shan down and started lecturing.

Bai Yan Shan remained silent while a few female disciples brought her into the array for treatments of her wounds.

“You’re an eighth stage Spirit Core Disciple!! So what if you have to waste half of your energy fighting with Qing Er? Your opponent was a seventh stage Spirit Intermediate Disciple. The cultivation level and realm between the two of you was massive! Yet, you’re in such a sorry state because of him?? Did I teach you nothing these past few years??”

Shen Hong was raging. She got louder and louder.

All the disciples surrounding them dared not make a sound. Bai Yan Shan remained silent too, she had yet spoken a word.

The God Treasure King arranged people to check on the battle array, after the sects all around calmed down, he then arranged people to go up once again to continue with the competition.

As for Su Family, they had yet to express their views on this.

The Great Clan Elder of the Su Family did not treat Su Yun as his family. He did not ask, nor did he care. If it was not for the disciples of the Su Family who stood up for Su Yun, everyone might have thought Su Yun had nothing to do with this group of people.

“Great Clan Elder, Su Yun… He…”

Su Tai muttered with worries.

“What happened to you?” The Great Clan Elder looked at him suspiciously.

“Why are you stuttering?”

“Su Yun is just a disciple from the outer sect, why are you worried about him?”

“Afterall, his surname is Su. haha.” Su Tai laughed it off.

The Great Clan Elder kept his gaze and replied blandly: “Go take a look at the situation. If I continue to sit back and watch, the other sects are going to call me a cold blooded animal. But, you should understand my meaning right? Also, let Bai Shan, Hei Shui prepare and continue the competition.”

“Ok.” Su Tai cupped his fist and quickly replied him. Then he walked over to Su Yun hurriedly.

Just as the chaos ended, Shen Hong’s anger also died down. The competition had to go on. She could not delay this triannual competition just because of a low lying disciple, Su Yun.

Most of the people from Blossom Heart Valley were taking care of Su Yun’s wounds. As the most important person to Pill King, Gui Mo Jue did not hesitate.

Only, after checking a round, Gui Mo Jue found out there was not a single injury on Su Yun.

“Elder,  what exactly happened to him?” Long Xian Li opened her peachy lips and looked at him with worries.

Gui Mo Jue shook his head continuously, his face sunk slightly: “I don’t know why, but… Although there is not a single injury on his body, he still isn’t moving. I don’t know why is he like this. Let’s place him into the big array of Blossom Heart Valley first. Our healing array is different from other sects, let’s see if we can determine anything then.”

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll hand it over to master.”

Long Xian Li stood up. A complex radiance flickered in her eyes. She sighed slightly and took out a green bottle from her storage ring and handed it to Gui Mo Jue.

“Master, these are some of the medicine from the Immortal Sword Sect. it should help him a bit. Please take it with you and feed it to him.”

“These are?” Gui Mo Jue asked with suspicion. He took a look at it and his expression changed drastically: “ Three Point Pills, Pseudo Jade Pill, Clan Elder Long, all these pills are expensive pills, you you are just giving it to him?”

“Hmm.” long Xian Li looked at Su Yun quietly. In her mind were all the memories that she had with Su Yun in that ruined hut. When she remembered how this bastard peeped at her body, she blushed instantly. She said softly: “This man was injured by my people. Is there something wrong with me passing some pills to him for healing? I hope you, master, can heal him before the competition begins. Long Xian Li will bid her farewell here now.”

With that, Long Xian Li turned right away and walked towards to the Immortal Sword Sect.

Gui Mo Jue was shocked. He was confused. On the contrary, Qing Er was looking complexed.

The outside regained its peacefulness again.

This was just a twist of events.

Although it was like the end of the world to some, but for others, especially to the big sects, it did not have much effect.

The meeting of the elites would continue.

No one cared about the one who was attacked by Shen Hong.

No one bothered about the one who came from the outer sect of the Su Family.

Qing Er teared silently. But she did not know, Su Yun was not injured at all. On the inside or on the outside, he was completely well.

But Su Yun, his heart was still icy cold, and still in pain.

He was not hurt but Sword Elder was severely injured.

Shen Hong’s cultivation was high. She was comparable to Long Xian Li! She might even be higher than Long Xian Li. In a fit of anger, she struck without thinking of the consequences. Sword Elder was just a spiritual body, how could he have defend against her attacks?

Suddenly, Su Yun who had been lying motionlessly on the ground, got up.

“Master Su Yun, you’re alright?”

Gui Mo Jue was happy, and asked worriedly.

“Young Master!” Qing Er was crying tears of joy, her sorrowful heart finally turned for the better.

But, without saying a word, Su Yun started taking his steps and ran out of the tent.

“Young master!!”

Qing er chased after him.

And those at the Immortal Sword sect looked over with glistening eyes.

“That bad guy is ok?” Long Xian Li said softly, then why did he run? Where is he going?

Her heart was not at ease, after thinking about it, her body moved, and quietly left.

On the road of Wu Shuang Jue Peak, Su Yun ran frantically for a distance, suddenly opening up a parchment from his chest.

He carefully opened up the parchment on the floor.

“Senior Senior!! Are you ok, Senior!!”

His pupils was vibrating, his lips pale white, as he asked with his words trembling.

“Naughty brat, didn’t.. Didn’t I tell you, I’m fine? He he… This old man’s life is tough… Cough cough cough cough cough cough.”

A frail voice emerged from within the Limitless Sword Manual. With just merely a few sentences, his voice shook and got weaker.


Su Yun clenched onto the sword manual as though his fingers were going to peel through the manual. His heart was boiling with anger.

“Young lad, you have done well! You’re the most motivated and scheming person I have ever met but the only thing there is not enough, cough cough, is that you don’t have much time. Shen Shen… Shen Hong, her talent is not comparable to your schemes and is not as patient as you, but, she was able to pressure you just based on the fact that she has cultivated for a longer period of time than you, she is older than you ah cough cough cough”

Sword Elder’s voice trembled as if he was about to disappear any time.

Earlier on, the attack was completely fended off by sword elder. Not a single injury was inflicted on Su Yun.

“Longer time than me?”

Su Yun’s heart turned cold. His eyes was painted with a tinge of red. His tightened his grip.

“I, I might not be able to hang on any longer, young lad. Before I go, can, can you promise me one thing”

The sword elder’s voice shook so badly, he could hardly be heard properly. The spiritual Qi within the Limitless Sword Manual grew weaker.

“Just say it, senior. No matter how small it is! Su Yun will try to make it!”

Su Yun clenched his teeth and pushed back his tears.

“Accept the offer to become the sect leader of the Limitless Sword Sect. From… From today onwards, you shall be the sect leader of Limitless Sword Sect. that’s all I ask of you. Bring glory to the Limitless Sword Sect.”

“No! Senior! You have to be the one to bring glory to the Limitless Sword Sect!! I reject!! You’re the only one to be the sect leader!!”

Su Yun stared at the limitless sword sect scroll  and shouted.

“Don’t be foolish, young lad!” the sword elder chuckled: ‘I’m already in such dire states. How can I bring glory to Limitless Sword Sect? You shall be the one to take over. You have the Everlasting Stone to help you. Once you cultivated the Limitless Sword Manual, you will be insurmountable.”

“Then what about you, senior?”

“Me?” The sword elder laughed lightly: “I have been in this position for too long.”

He had been hiding in the sword manual for thousands of years. Maybe, he had enough of it.

Amongst this loneliness, who would understand him.

The Qi within the sword manual dimmed. The spiritual energy from within grew thinner

Quickly, Su Yun held the sword manual in his hands as though he wanted to feel each and every ounce of the Qi but, he felt nothing.


The Sword Elder’s weak voice came out.

“Senior!” Su Yun seemed to be grasping onto the last thread of life, anxiously shouting.

“Ultimately, I’m just a spiritual body after I die. I will turn into a stone. Do you still remember the Sacred Sky Mountain I brought up to you once? If you can find the Sacred Sky Mountain, look for the site where the Limitless Sword Sect is, find my source of life and place my stone on top of the sword. Then I can turn into a soul and enter the sword. Maybe, we might meet again. Of course, I’ll let nature takes its own course.”

As the voice grew weaker, it started fading.

Su Yun stared into the manual in a daze. After a long while, he came back to reality.

Sacred Sky Mountain

The sword of life.

Sword Cobble.


Just then, a white cobble suddenly dropped out from the Limitless Sword Manual.

Su Yun frantically picked up the cobble and kept it.

This, would be the sword cobble of the Sword Elder.

He carefully kept the cobble into his storage ring, but his pair of scarlet eyes, had difficulty regaining the tranquility they once had.