Limitless Sword God Chapter 154

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Hundred Swords Soars (Part IX)

Talking about the Imperial Sword Technique, in the entire southern region, Immortal Sword Sect was the one to bear the brunt.

The Imperial Sword Technique of the Immortal Sword Sect was not as simple as just flying on the sword, after training to become skilled, while fighting, the user can do things without holding the sword, using the heart to bring the swords to dance.

But, to reach that kind of level, to completely break away from using both hands to control the swords, and purely using Profound Spirit Qi to control the swords, it was very difficult. What the Immortal Sword Sect’s Imperial Sword Technique discussed most, was bridging the Profound Spirit Qi from the body to the sword to fly, and not just depending on the Qi to control the sword, regardless whether if it was controlling the imperial sword to fly or to kill, it was like that.

But today!

They have understood, and have seen, there was an even more exquisite and terrifying Imperial Sword Technique existing on the same continent.

Purely using his Qi to control the swords, moreover today, the opponent was using the Imperial Sword Technique, not only on one sword!

But a hundred swords!!!!

Let’s not talk about Shen Hong, even Long Xian Li was stunned.

All the Immortal Sword Sect disciples were petrified. All the experts from the surrounding sects were all stunned.

The hundred swords soaring in the sky, dancing in the sky, what could be more spectacular? What could be etched so deep into the heart more than this?

Seeing Limitless drawing his sword, wearing the Sprite’s Shadow, the Death Sword became multicolored, flying towards Shen Hong.

In the next moment, all the hundred swords in the air seemed to have received some sort of instruction, their sword tips trembling, all striking towards Shen Hong!

Hundred flying swords!

The sword shrieks resonated through the air.

The magnificent multi colored swords in the air! The Stone Heart Sword that weighed like a mountain! The Inexhaustible Sword that was boundless! Heaven Spirits Sword that was majestic and powerful! The Soul Leaf Sword that was calm and peaceful! The intangible Invisible Sword that was formless and shapeless! The Emperor Absolute Sword that was tyrannical and overbearing! The Misty Sword which was faintly discernible and agile!

The swords moved back and fro, the sword Qi spreading out, following the jet black figure, using an unstoppable force, killing towards Shen Hong.


Long Xian Li’s bright pupils widened, watching the majestic scene unfold, finding difficulty in moving her body, her body unable to move.

All the hair on Shen Hong’s body stood erect, she bit her teeth, her face turning ugly and shouted out once. Pushing a palm out against the incoming ‘Cleaving the heavens, Beheading the Dragon’, causing the gigantic sword tip to be pushed away, and all the hundred swords scattering in the air, but this caused Shen Hong to become weak, all the Qi in her body disappearing.

If you were to say that she had become powerless, that would be shaming the name of the Great Clan Elder of Immortal Sword Sect.

“Enduring Blood Sword of Flowers!”

Shen Hong took out a treasure, an iron flower flying out of her hands, dancing in front of her.

During the dance of the flower sword, it slowly blossomed, the heart of the flower releasing a circling dense and powerful Wall of Qi, quickly covering the front of Shen Hong, acting as a defensive shield.

Dong dong dong dong dong dong

The hundred swords started striking, like a machinegun sweeping the place, violently piercing the wall of Qi.

The Wall of Qi shook violently, like a small boat in a torrential storm.

Shen Hong’s complexion was pale, clenching her teeth strongly and holding on.

Long Xian Li’s pupils dilated, as she anxiously shouted: “Where are the disciples of the Immortal Sword Sect!” With that, she rushed towards Limitless.

Long Xian Li’s Calls, caused the disciples to not fear anymore, together, they rushed towards Limitless.

But, Limitless’ speed was as fast as black lightning, while the hundred swords struck onto the wall of Qi, he had already landed beside the wall of qi, raised the Death Sword high, and cut down. Hua la!

To be able to absorb lifeforce and change it into Profound Spirit Qi, the Death Sword broke through the Wall of Qi like slashing through a window pane.

Shen Hong’s face changed, retracted a few steps, in a flash, a silver blue water sword appeared in her hands, as she wildly danced up, her Sword Qi wreaking havoc.

Only to see the sword images surrounding her, the hundred swords that have broken through the Wall of Qi surrounding Shen Hong constantly striking, hacking, piercing, chopping, knocking, Shen Hong blocked majority of them, but was unable to completely block everything, the clashing of sword sounds consistently sounding out.

Shen Hong’s sword dance was very fast, adding on the Qi from the dance, the speed of the water sword moving was impossible to catch with the naked eye, Swift Wind Spirit Qi becoming denser than normal.

Just that…

Surrounding her, was still a hundred swords!!

Even if Shen Hong’s cultivation was high, facing against such a condensed and gathered mystical sword technique aimed to kill, she was considered good, moreover, the current Limitless’ cultivation was extremely strong and dense, totally on the same level as Shen Hong.

Adding on the heavenly crystal, matching with the Sprite’s Shadow seventy two mystical techniques, why would Limitless who was Su Yun be afraid of Shen Hong?

Just as Shen Hong was unable to cope, the disciples of Immortal Sword Sect, along with Long XIan Li rushed over, attacking Limitless, a large amount of sword light rippled out, like a large steel mouth.

Limitless’ moves became lighter, his body was like a feather, floating away, in his hands the sword suddenly jerked.

Hua la!

A long crescent shape sword qi came out.


The sword Qi swept everything away, everyone tried to resist, but was blown away by this sword blow.

So Strong!

Long Xian Li charmingly tried to concentrate, her elegant body blinked across, her bright gem sword dazzling out a million sword images, rushing towards Su Yun.


The Death Sword resisted the white sword, with one big force, both the person and the sword were flung away. The figure exploded out, continue rushing towards Shen Hong.

In his eyes, all the other people were nothing, what he wanted, was just Shen Hong dead.

“Why does he want to kill Shen Hong? What enmity does Shen Hong and him have?”

Everyone was suspicious.

“Everyone, do not hesitate! Make your moves, and provide assistance to Clan Elder Shen! If this goes on, Elder Shen might die!”

Someone shouted.

“Right! I will come quickly to help the Immortal Sword Sect!”

“But, that is the Sword Lord, if we were to help Immortal Sword Sect, doesn’t that make us offending the Sword Lord?”

“Who dares to touch the Sword lord, means you are going against my Purple Star Academy!”

“Sword Lord saved my Mu Family Young Lord Mu Feng, who dares to touch Limitless Sword Lord, My Mu Family will be your enemy!!”

Purple Star Academy and the Mu Family representatives all stood up, and shouted.

Some of the people who were wishing to use this chance to strike up a good relation with the Immortal Sword Sect heard that, and immediately stopped in their tracks.

But that was only a small part, that did not mean they owed anything to the Purple Star Academy or the Mu Family, hua la la sounds resonated, only to see a big number of shadows flying out, rushing towards Limitless.

“Evil Limitless, do not think that you can hurt elder Shen!!”

“Eat my blade!!”

Their shouts all came out, ten over figures rushing out from everywhere, joining the battle.

“Fellow cultivators from the Smokey Wind Valley, Colored Rock Sect and relentless heart pavilion, Thank you!” Long Xian Li was grateful, and shouted clearly.

“If Elder Long wants to thank us, do it after we kill him!”

Lord Zi Xu from Smokey Wind Valley said, releasing a purple light towards Limitless.

Upon seeing this, Long Xian Li’s face changed, and anxiously said: “Everyone try not to hurt him! Just chase him away!”

When she said that, all of them felt a drop of perspiration from their forehead.

Lord Zi Xu looked towards Long Xian Li with astonishment: “Elder Long, what did you say? Chase? You want to let him go?”

Upon hearing that, even Su Yun was also startled.

Long XIan Li then realised she herself was spouting nonsense, she bit her lip, her expression a panic, and said: “Just do as I say.” Finished, she lifted up her sword and flew to Shen Hong.

Su Yun was surrounded, unable to escape from them, he could only control his hundred swords to strike at Shen Hong,

He took a deep breath, his fingers moved, and the black storage ring started shining in a black light.

Four tiger heads suddenly appeared around him, opening their mouths, roaring in all directions.


All the cultivators were astonished, they felt their Profound Spirit Qi around their body being struck, it was painful!

“The Tiger King Multidirectional Roar!! A Profound level mid stage mystical technique!! That is the northern region’s skill, how can he use it?”

The God Treasure King gazed at the LImitless Sword Lord, startled.

“Master, what do we do now? It is difficult to continue with the Meet like this.”

Seeing the mess that was happening, a disciple asked.

God Treasure King looked around, only to realise that when the sects saw the mess, but had no intention to retreat, and even had the burning gaze, his heart went cold.

He raised his head and looked, to see the two treasures still intact hovering in the sky.

“The meet is unable to continue! It will further be determined in the next few days! Quickly start the Dragon Boat, and protect me as i keep the treasures!!”

God Treasure King anxiously shouted out, casually moving his both hands, activating his strength, removing the seals and keeping the two treasures that were to be the prizes.

Just at this time, a tyrannical Qi pounced over.

“Hahahaha, God Treasure King! No one dares to challenge my Long Ao Nation, so it is reasonable to say that for This Meet the first and best goes to my Long Ao Nation, so the two treasures should belong to my Long Ao Nation! Right?? Quickly give me the prizes!!”

A crazy laugh resonated out, only to see the side of the Long Ao Nation all rushing out, Long Ao Tian who was at the lead exposed himself aggressively, bellowing out, forming a golden light, directly grabbing towards ‘the big dipper’ and the ‘monarch occult force’.

“Master Long do not be reckless! The Meet is not over yet! The placings have not been determined! Do not break the rules!!”

The God Treasure King shouted.

But, would Long Ao TIan care about all that? He directly rushed forward, extending his hand, grabbing onto the treasures.


The protection that had not been removed entirely blocked his hands, emitting a raging ripple.

But, Long Ao Tian did not have the intention to retract his hand, he released more QI, his power rising to its maximum, it was obvious he wanted to snatch the treasure.

“Good! Good! Good! Long Ao Nation people are powerful, without laws and constraints, openly seizing treasures, it has been an eye opener today! But, if you want to take the two treasures, you have to ask my Exuding Fire Sect if we agree to it first!!”

“Three Items Deity Palace is here! Long Ao Tian dares to be violent!! Hurry Stop!!”

“Disciples of the Stellar Sun Mountain rush forward with me!”

Would the other sects seat still? With Long Ao Tian leading, everyone was trying to seize the treasures.

Maybe the attractiveness of the ‘ the big dipper’ was not strong enough, but the ‘monarch occult force’ was definitely priceless, everyone yearned for it.

“Ai, the human heart, is so hard to be cleansed, they can speak of being devoted to righteousness that inspires reverence, but who is not for profits?? All these famous sects, are after all a group of hypocrites!”

Gui Mo Jue looked at the mess on Wu Shuang Jue Peak, shook his head, and led his disciples to leave.

While at the side, Profound Sky Sect and the Swallowing heavens sect sat there quietly, many of their disciples were unable to hold their anger, but Tian Du and ShiTian DaoRen sat there quietly watching everything, having no plans to join the mess.

Long Ao TIan ignited a war for the treasures, while the Immortal Sword Sect side was still as tensed.

After the The Tiger King Multidirectional Roar was released, Limitless immediately rushed out of the human pack, rushing forward, like a strong wind sweeping across the disciples of the Immortal Sword Sect, the death sword intensely piercing through.

Long Xian Li who was always beside Shen Hong protecting her immediately brandished her sword to block.

“No matter what, do not let him near Elder Shen!! Block Him!!”

Long Xian Li shouted, her expression very solemn.

Just then, that person suddenly released his hand.

Released the death sword!

The pitch black sword dropped onto the ground.

Did he give up?

Upon seeing this, Long Xian Li looked distracted for a moment, then her heart suddenly jumped.

“Not good!”

She turned her head and shouted.

Su Yun retreated a few steps, his hands doing some seals, his forefinger and middle finger intertwining together, shooting out a ray of Profound Spirit Qi.


The hundred swords surrounding Shen Hong suddenly opened up, all of the swords suddenly splitting and cracking into two, the surrounding swords became two hundred swords.

Shen Hong did not even have time to comprehend what happened, and the sword came cutting in.

Puchi Puchi Puchi

The void sword cut the protective layer of Sword Qi, cutting through her body.

Shen Hong was struck, her body was frozen, the water sword that was blocking the hundred swords also stopped.

In the next second, the hundred swords struck simultaneously, Shen Hong’s body was immediately pierced with all the swords!

“Elder Shen” Long Xian Li was stunned.

Puchi Puchi Puchi

The hundred swords retracted from the body, and flew back.

Shen Hong’s body spurt out a large amount of blood, her Qi Meridians were cut into pieces, every part of her body was covered in holes, the chance to live was already long gone, the silver blue water sword in her hands, slowly dimmed away, Clatter clatter, it fell on the floor.