Limitless Sword God Chapter 156

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Hundred Swords Soar (Part XI)

Once the Great Clan Elder died, the Su Family immediately turned into a headless dragon.

The second clan elder was smooth and evasive, he could not control the situation, his cultivation was too low, the surrounding ripples had caused him to be scared out of his pants.

Su Shi Long, even though he was slightly capable, he was still unable to even order the disciples from the main house, how could he lead the convoy?

So it all boiled down to only one person, only one could lead the Su Family convoy.

Su Qing Er.

After killing the Great Clan Elder, Su Yun kept his swords, and was preparing to leave.

“Limitless Sword Lord!!”

Just then, a voice sounded out.

Su Yun gazed over, only to see someone speedily rushing forward, plop he was kneeling on the floor in front of him.

It was Su Xiao.

“Limitless Sword Lord, let me follow you!!”

Su Xiao did not say anything, immediately kneeling down to kowtow, and said loudly.

“Follow me?”

Su Yun was startled, but quickly shook his head: “Staying in the Su Family is better than following me.”

“I wish to gain more power quickly! The Su Family is not right for me!”

“I cannot give you power!”

Su Yun said softly, and took his sword to leave.

“I have always been searching for you!” Su Xiao raised his head, his pale face shouting towards where Su Yun was leaving: “If not for you, I Su Xiao would had been unable to take revenge. If not for you, I would’ve already died! I want to be like you, killing those who appear to be righteous but are dirty and are scum in their hearts! I want to be like you and wield unlimited power!”

“I cannot give that to you!”

Su Yun stopped in his tracks, hesitated for a while, and said: “If you can persevere on, leave the Su Family, go out to the world and see, maybe then you can gain even more!”

Leave the Su Family?

Su Xiao’s eyes widened, keeping and repeating those words in his heart.

Su Yun did not directly leave Wu Shuang Jue Peak, although he had killed his lifelong enemy, in his head, there was another voice.

“Get it!! You must definitely have it!! Su Yun!! Get that treasure! In the coming days it would benefit you greatly! Get it! You must definitely get it!”

The Sword elder’s longing voice sounded.

“Senior, relax, I will definitely get it, and I will definitely find the Limitless Sword Sect!”

Su Yun said softly, his gaze looking up, at the heart of the countless sects fighting, a blaze igniting in his eyes.

WIth a wave of the death swords, the sword Qi started rippling out.

The hundred swords started to soar into the sky.

But just at this moment, a white figure suddenly appeared.

WIthout saying a word, a long white sword directly pierced forward.

“Su Yun!! You asshole!!”

Her voice was sobbing, with incomparable grief.

Su Yun was startled, he raised his gaze to the charming face in front of him, her dazzling eyes, his heart skipped a beat, he had nowhere to dodge.

She called me Su Yun? And not Limitless?

She found me out?

That pale white sword viciously stabbing over, when it was approaching his heart, but she realised he could not dodge. Instead, the master holding the sword, her heart fluttered, she hastily swung the sword to one side. The sword tip sweeping across the person’s underarm, not taking his life.

Su Yun was even more shocked.

Long Xian Li bit her lips, teardrops forming on her precious gemstone looking pupils, she resentfully stared at Su Yun. Those eyes were filled with pain and conflict.

Finally, she tossed the sword into the air, using the light lotus steps, she stepped onto the sword tip, her Sword Qi releasing, soaring into the air.

Without hesitation.

She was unable to believe, the person whom she respected, the person who consistently surprised her, the person she was unable to forget, was actually the same person who consistently plundered the treasures that the Immortal Sword Sect valued most, and the one who killed the Great Clan Elder. Su Yun!

She wished to forget everything she saw, and wished that everything was a dream.

Until today, she realised, she could no longer lie to herself.

She did not want to ask anything, did not want to hear any explanation, what she really wanted, was to quickly forget everything…

She realised, her own heart was in a mess.

Long Xian Li soared across the horizon, leaving in grief.

One of the the clan elders was dead, the other left, why would the disciples of Immortal Sword Sect stay? Several men moved Shen Hong’s corpse away. Under the organisation of the elite disciples, they started to pull out their flying swords

“Su Yun?”

Bai Yan Shan stood in a daze. She vaguely heard clan elder Long’s words. Her heart dropped. She was in disbelief.

Did I hear wrong?

Bai Yan Shan pondered.

Linking up all the things she had witnessed with her pair of eyes. That expression, that sword sheath. She knew, she did not hear it wrongly.

“You’ve actually become so strong. Unless, you’ve been lying to me all these time??”

Bai Yan Shan tightened her fist.

Suddenly, she felt so stupid. She was being fooled by this man all along. He was not the retarded one. He had always been a genius, he had always been the true genius in Su Family. Or else, how could he have gotten so strong all of a sudden.

It was such a breeze for him to kill Elder Shen, how could she defeat him?

Not only Elder Shen, there was also Blood Soul Master, Tie Wen Xin who died to his sword, such strong martial artists, they could all defeat her easily.

“And I still dared to mock him that he was trash in the past.”

Bai Yan Shan’s smile was weak, her heart was ignited with a desolate feeling of helplessness.

After so many years of diligent training, and realising what she had gained was still not the strongest, all along she was being stepped on by this man.

“Junior sister Bai, what are you still hesitating for? Elder Long had already left, Elder Shen was killed by Limitless. I am going to leave this place, and return back to report everything to the patriarch, let him avenge clan elder Shen, and kill Limitless!!”

That disciple rushed to the stunned Bai Yan Shan and shouted.

Bai Yan Shan looked at the direction that Long Xian Li had gone, with a complicated look in her eyes, she secretly clenched her fists tightly, turned and flew up onto her sword, and flew away.

Su Yun retracted his gaze, took a deep breath, stopped thinking about Long Xian Li, his heart focusing on the group of people fighting for the treasures.

Coming back to this, if not for the two treasures that had caught many people’s attention, killing Shen Hong and the Great Clan Elder would be much more difficult, as the other sects would come forward to help.

The two of them compared to the Monarch Occult Force and the Big Dipper, there was a huge difference, one had a possibility of being better in relationship, the other was a substantive treasure, how easy was it to choose?

Just that.

After killing Shen Hong and The Great Clan Elder, he had already exhausted a huge amount of his Profound Spirit Qi. To try and seize the two treasures, it would not be easy, also, all the experts who were preserving their power previously, still haven’t made a move. Their body’s state was optimal, the experts like Long Ao Tian, Lord Zi Xu, and ShiTian DaoRen. If he were to go up alone to fight for it, it would require a lot of energy.


Su Yun did not bother too much. His wild thoughts did not push him to hesitate one second. The hundred swords followed him and darted forward.

Long Ao Tian shook both his fists furiously, forcing all the experts around him to retreat. When all the experts around him retreated, he released a punch out towards the God Treasure King’s seal, his desire exploding onto the seal, taking the lead to take the ‘Monarch Occult Force’.

God Treasure King had already stopped releasing the seal, he constantly retreated, dodging the fierce and wild group of people.

Seeing everybody losing their mind for the treasure, violently attacking and killing, God Treasure King’s warm expression was already gone, disappointment and sadness replacing it on his face.

“Activate the device to keep the treasures. Get the Monarch Occult Force and  Big Dipper by hook or by crook.”

He turned his wheelchair, and rushed to the disciples behind him and said.

“The device?” The student was stunned and asked: “Master, Activating it would require some time, and it might not be successful, and might even explode, that would be very dangerous!”


“This group of people lust for benefits, I want to destroy those two treasures, so that they cannot get it, quickly activate the device! Quickly!” God Treasure King was insistent.

The disciples did not refute any further, quickly turning and stepping into the gigantic rainbow dragon boat, the drums pounding a beat, very quickly, layers of magnetic Qi containing a very strong and weird attracting power exploded out from the dragon boat.

Long Ao Tian who was still trying to attack the treasures upon feeling the Qi, his face changed, angrily asking: “God Treasure King, what are you doing??”

“Tsk! All you greedy people, you don’t follow the rules of the competition and force your way to steal the treasures. Now, I will take back all my treasures!! As for the meet!! We’ll talk about that later!”

The God Treasure King said sarcastically on the wheelchair.

Long Ao Tian heard and raged: “No one has challenged my Long Ao Empire! This meeting shall be mine. Now, these two treasures belong to me! How can you take them back??”

The God Treasure King shut his eyes as though he was reluctant to argue with him.


At this point, Long Ao Tian’s face was struck hard by a fierce Divine Qi and flew away.

Another strong, sturdy man took over his position and started attacking the ‘Monarch Occult Force’, with the intention to steal the treasure.

When Su Yun heard this, his heart sank.

If that was the case, how could he just sit there and watch the others fight as they reap the rewards after in which, clearly they were exhausted. Moreover, he made used of the Sprite’s Shadow and Heavenly Crystal to raise his strength. If the two treasures disappeared, he would be in danger!

I must quickly take the treasures away!

Su Yun’s heart concentrated, accumulating the hundred swords, surrounding him while continuously rotating, his entire body was surrounded by the wind formed by the sword, after that he crashed into the ‘Monarch Occult Force’!

“Limitless Sword Lord! Don’t tell me you wish to join the fray??”

“You’re treating everyone on Wu Shuang Jue Peak as air?”

“Don’t look down on us!”

The surrounding people snarled.

Killing people was not enough, Limitless still wanted to seize the treasures? If he really took the treasures away, how could everyone still have the face to be in the Martial World?

But, this man was as sharp as a sword with an irresistible force. Whatever the sword pointed at, it was invincible.

“Don’t think of blocking me!”

A thunderous roar resounded through and the Qi rippled. Those who were near to the sword aura only felt as though their bodies were being ripped apart.

“Humph!! Limitless! In the end you are still relying on Treasures! Who gives you the right to act so crazily?”

Long Ao Tian immediately rushed over, his fierce golden light transforming into a golden dragon, the might of the brilliant dragon illuminating the skies.

Many of the weaker martial artists shivered, feeling that their hearts were trapped by the power, it was hard to remove that feeling.

Su Yun turned his body and looked at Long Ao Tian, controlling his hundred swords, slashing towards Long Ao TIan.

Clang Clang Clang Clang!!

The hundred swords formed a long flow of swords, striking towards Long Ao Tian!!

Dong dong dong dong dong.

The golden light and the flow of swords clashed, a large amount of Qi Ripple exploding out, all the surrounding people were blown away, while the position of the ‘Monarch Occult Force’ in the air suddenly became empty.

Such a terrifying technique was not inferior to one of the Sprite Shadow’s seventy two mystical techniques, ‘Cleaving the heavens, Beheading the Dragon’!


On the battlefield, there were still a number of experts.

ShiTian DaoRen squinted eyes suddenly opened wide, staring at the ‘Monarch Occult Force’ that no one saw, he rushed forward.

“For this, countless people had died, to prevent it from causing more deaths, why not let my Swallowing Heavens Sect claim it, keep it in the sect, to prevent more deaths of the people!”

With that, the people from the ShiTian DaoRen dashed right in front.

“Cheh!! What hypocrites they were! It is obvious they want it for themselves, yet they still sound so generous!!”

Lord Zi Xu and Dian Hong from the Three Items Deity Palace both chided, and rushed forward as well.

All the experts stood in a circle, there was no victory.

Su Yun maneuvered his hundred swords and fought with Long Ao Tian in the air.

The two exchanged blows. It was exciting but at this point, the Qi emerging from the gigantic rainbow boat got thicker and denser. If that continued, then the treasures would be taken back by the God Treasure King.

The gigantic rainbow boat was specially designed by God Treasure King to hold the treasures. The top side was where all the disciples were, while at the bottom of the big boat was countless of spells, array arts, covered with many treasures, if the ‘Monarch Occult Force’ was absorbed back into the dragon boat, it would be impossible to obtain it back.

To barge into the dragon boat was equivalent to challenging the entire Congregate of Treasures Sect! An Attack towards the Congregate of Treasures Sect!

He must not delay any longer.

Su Yun panted and forced his Qi to attack Long Ao Tian fiercely. He only felt his Profound Spirit Qi getting thinner. Taking a deep breath in, he took out a shiny, black, pill from the storage ring. Without hesitating, he stuffed it into his mouth.