Limitless Sword God Chapter 157

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As the pill was swallowed, he tasted its bitterness and very quickly, the pill slid down into his stomach and was digested by the time it reached his waist.

A great amount of mist like substance emerged. They were like poison snakes, penetrating into the body, into the Qi channels and into the Spirit Essence. They then turned into silk and slowly faded away.

As he waited for these Qi to be completely dispersed within his body, all the Qi channels, and his Spirit Essence were glistening as though they were jade, especially the spirit essence, there was actually a black hole. It was as if there was a boundless world hidden within it and what was more amusing was that it was not as simple as any other spirit essence, it was completely black.

Right at that moment, the spirit essence stopped producing Profound Spirit Qi. All the Profound Spirit Qi travelling through the Qi channels were disrupted all at once. The Qi channels dried up and soon after, there was not an ounce of Profound Spirit Qi left.

The Spirit Qi could no longer hang on. The hundred swords spinning around Su Yun fell to the ground. Even the thousand deep sword which was dragging Su Yun fell to the ground instantly from mid air.


Long Ao Tian who was about to attack Su Yun felt the change, and was momentarily stunned.

In the next moment, this person’s Qi which was much more powerful than the Swift Wind Spirit Qi suddenly disappeared without a trace, if not for Long Ao Tian’s abnormal sensing in Qi, he would not believe himself for feeling that.


Just as the opponent’s Qi disappeared in the time it takes for a spark to ignite, a burst of attractive force suddenly erupted out!!!

It was like a big mouth suddenly appearing out from the darkness!


Su Yun’s back opened up a gigantic dark blue circle of light, the circle of light was like a vortex rotating violently, and everyone in the surrounding who was currently fighting, all their Profound Spirit Qi suddenly shivered, becoming increasingly difficult to control, it was impossible to suppress the pressure, finally everything from their bodies flew out, all of their Qi flowing towards Su Yun!!

Vanishing Spirit Pill!

Displacing the Qi, reversing the Spirit Essence! With the spirit essence at heart, releasing a distorted power that could absorb, and all of the surrounding Spirit Qi would be absorbed to be one’s own power! It was an Immortal Dao Secret Pill!

The Vanishing Spirit Pill ignored a person’s cultivation as it reverses the spirit essence, as the current Su Yun’s spirit essence was supported by the Heavenly Crystal, it was thicker than normal, throbbing intensely. But if the opponent’s power was stronger than his own by multiple folds, the spirit essence would be unable to shake his Qi.

ShiTian DaoRen, Lord Zi Xu and the rest who were fighting all retreated, anxiously checking their own Qi, stabilizing their Spirit Essence, pressing down on their own Profound Spirit Qi with all their might.


It was difficult!

Su Yun was like a black hole, a big, bloody mouth that was difficult to satisfy, crazily absorbing whatever Profound Spirit Qi that existed around, all the weaker cultivators having a hard time controlling the spirit qi in their body, they were directly plundered of everything. There were some who were weak with a deficiency in their Profound Spirit Qi, feeling an even stronger absorption, even people like Long Ao Tian had a difficulty in preventing the absorption, his strength slowly taken by Su Yun.

“How is this possible??”

Long Ao Tian looked in bewilderment and disbelief at Su Yun.

Suddenly, an image flashed across his mind. It was the scene where Su Yun swallowed the pill.

“Don’t tell me it’s because this rascal used a pill?”

Long Ao Tian set his gaze on him and suddenly, looking all sly, he released a boundless amount of Qi, dashing towards Su Yun fiercely.

“Stop it right now!!”

Long Ao Tian roared as the Qi exploded. Everyone standing around had a sensation to bow down to him right away.

Su Yun looked at Long Ao Tian calmly. Not panicking, he took out another pill from his storage ring and ate it.

Now, if he moved recklessly, the ‘Vanishing Spirit Pill’ would lose its effects. Long Ao Tian’s cultivation was strong and high. In a moment, he would not be able to absorb all of his Qi. If he did not move, he might have some energy left.

Only, this ‘Vanishing Spirit Pill’ effects did not last long.


The boundless True Divine Spirit Qi that only Long Ao Tian possessed, converted into a glistening golden radiance. The eye-catching radiance shot over. This scene, it was practically impossible to defend.

However, facing this crazy, and fierce strike, Su Yun did not have any defense strategy. Instead, he just looked at Long Ao Tian quietly. Not moving nor talking.

It was as though the incoming killing technique was not coming for him.


The glistening golden radiance of the overbearing fists struck onto Su Yun’s chest. This fist was like the sharpest blade, and the sturdiest stone. In the blink of an eye, it pierced through Su Yun’s chest, and crushed his heart into pieces. The fist penetrated to the other side of his body.

Fresh blood spewed all over the place as his flesh exploded.

Everyone around who witnessed this scene stared in bewilderment and in shock.

The Limitless Sword Lord was actually being pierced through the heart!

Long Ao Tian was overjoyed. He looked up.

Then, what entered his vision was a pair of disdained, disgusted, and dissatisfied look.


Long Ao Tian’s heart skipped a beat. This was bad.

Hua la!

All of a sudden, the vortex that was absorbing all the Qi on Su Yun’s body suddenly dissipated, all of the Profound Spirit Qi in their bodies which were in turmoil suddenly calmed down.

But with that sonorous sound, Su Yun flicked his hand and the death sword appeared in his hands. Moving his shoulders, he aimed at Long Ao Tian and chopped his way through.

He completely ignored Long Ao Tian’s attack, no matter how big the hole was on his chest! It was as if he was not injured at all!


Long Ao Tian stared and bellowed, forming a layer of golden armour around his body.

Dang!! The sword collided onto the armour but he was not wounded. It was plain to see that Long Ao Tian’s defense were strong.

But, the swords that landed on his body did not let it go. It started churning on Long Ao Tian’s body continuously and slowly, rays of red coloured radiance glimmered on his sword.

“This man is too odd! What exactly is he?”

Long Ao Tian jumped and quickly retreated. Once he was about hundred over metres away, he looked at the place the death sword was churning on was actually rotting. His skin was dried up and his blood vessels had burst.

“This force! Only the people from the Demonic Continent can use that!”

Long Ao Tian raised his head, looked up at Su Yun, only to see the hole in his chest, was slowly closing up, the surrounding skin was beginning to heal again. Instant regeneration, after a short period of time, it became as good as before, and recovered back to normal!

“When Limitless Sword Lord killed the Blood Spirit, he was using the baleful demonic Qi, from there, we can tell that he has some sort of relation with the Demonic Continent!”

Madame Purple Star saw everything, and quietly told the Mu Family who were beside her.

She also wanted the ‘Monarch Occult Force’, this kind of treasure that could use all five types of Qi. If she could find the reason as to how it works, it could definitely provide a good cause to the Profound Qi World, also, she had already experienced the disturbance at the school before, her power had become weak, and had not recovered from her injuries, how could she contend for the treasure? The Mu Family did not send any experts this time round too, and the two parties could only watch from one side, going up would be their deaths anyway.

“Sword Lord! I did not expect you to be from the Demonic Continent!!” Lord Zi Xu saw the terrifying power of Su Yun, and immediately shouted out.

But, Su Yun did not bother to respond to him.

‘Vanishing Spirit Pill’ allowed him to absorb all the Profound Spirit Qi around him, him currently, was filled with Profound Spirit Qi from top to bottom, his Qi Meridians were swollen, his Spirit Essence was also brimming with a thick and dense power, his state reaching his peak.

While the others on the other hand, majority of them had consumed a lot of energy from the fight, and upon being drained by Su Yun, they had become even weaker.

Su Yun scanned around his surroundings and waved his hands. The hundred swords started circling him quickly as though a lily was blossoming. The howling sword Qi wrecked havoc in all its directions.

No one dared to move forward. At this point in time, Su Yun’s power was at his peak. The wounds on his body had completely healed. It was as though he was back in good health. Without confidence, who would send themselves to the road of death? Instead, not only would they not be able to obtain the Monarch Occult Force, they might also lose their life.

Su Yun raised the death sword and glared at the sealed realm enveloping the ‘Monarch Occult Force’ before chopping his way through.

The black long sword rippled with thick black Qi and landed sharply.


A crisp sound resonated and the realm that was sealed to hold the Monarch Occult Force’ no longer held well. Cracks formed on the realm.

“This is bad!!”

Everyone who saw this could no longer take it.

How could Long Ao Tian just sit alongside and watch Su Yun steal the Monarch Occult Force?

And right now, the gigantic rainbow boat seemed to have been completely activated. The energy it was absorbing was growing stronger and a great deal of greyish white coloured substance reached out towards the ‘Monarch Occult Force’ like a hand, enveloping around it.

Su Yun looked sly as he slashed his sword down fiercely.

Ka cha!

The realm was completely crushed.

The colourful radiance emitting from the magical crystal fell from the sky

“It is mine!!”

Long Ao Tian screamed his lungs out.

“Leave the Monarch Occult Force!!” ShiTian DaoRen ran over.

“Darn it!!!”

Everyone went crazy at this point in time. One by one, they took out their magical weapons, used their mystical techniques and threw it towards Su Yun.


Su Yun still did not defend. He completely ignored this energy! He had gotten hold of the ‘Monarch Occult Force’. Holding it in his hands, he threw the death sword into the air and leaped onto it. Stepping on the death sword, he continued to instigate the death sword and shot into the horizon, leaving this place.

Sounds of martial techniques battered Su Yun’s body and made it riddled with holes.

But, no matter how badly injured he was, he would not die. Even when his bones were smashed and his internal organs spilled out, it was nothing to him.

“Is the device ready or not??”

Seeing Su Yun escaping, the God Treasure King was in a panic and shouted.

“Reporting to Master, It is almost ready!!”

The disciple immediately shouted out.

Just as the disciple said these words, Su Yun had already flown far into the horizon, leaving a black color trace of light across the sky.

If Su Yun did not leave, maybe the ‘Monarch Occult Force’ could still be taken back by the device, but now that Su Yun had left, the device was incapable of retrieving it. Even the God Treasure King could only gaze at the sky and feel powerless and incompetent.

After a short while of chasing, the tyrants who were unable to catch up to the fully powered Su Yun, could only give up.

A few seconds later, the seal enveloping the big dipper was being retrieved by the device activated earlier on. The God Treasure King stepped onto the gigantic rainbow boat angrily and brought all the disciples away from Wu Shuang Jue peak.

After risking their lives, all the other sects were not in good shape, they all buried their anger, keeping their grudges to themselves, and finally left.

The Wu Shuang Jue meeting for the heroes ended abruptly.