Limitless Sword God Chapter 159

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Fleeing the Su Family

The Martial Bone Mountain Range.

The entire place was abundant with fragrant grass, water from the mountain gushing down, after leaving the scope of protection for the realm opening of the Su Family, as the Su Family did not use the place at all, the entire place had a thick miasma.

At the foot of the mountain.

Su su su su….

The grass was stepped on, a young female dressed in pure white blademaster robes was dashing forward on the grass patch, elegantly using her toes to step on the grass, like a goose feather floating along, at a very fast speed, gracefully.

Once one crossed the plains, one would find themselves leaving the main road of Jue Lian District, and once leaving Jue Lian District, it would be hard for the Su Family to chase and search.

But, behind her, the sky darkened, violent winds blew, sand and rocks flew, the feeling could cause anyone to go tense, like the end of the world.

Only to hear a deep roar coming from the dark entrance from the back.

“Su Qing Er!!! Are you rebelling?? Slow down, follow me back to the Su Family for an explanation, if not I will cut you down on the spot!!”

Su Li Xiong’s thunderous voice bellowed out.

The cultivation was strong and profound, just a shout, could cause people to see stars, make their heart shiver, and the entire Qi in their body to drop.

Qing Er who was rotating her Profound Spirit Qi as she clenched her teeth. She kept raising her fragrant Qi as she continued to dash, not stopping to consider at all.

This day had finally come.

She had to leave the Su Family.

She had to leave this loathsome place.

She did not want to be a puppet anymore.

She did not want to become someone’s tool.

Did not want to continue like that.

Seeing that Qing Er did not have any intention to stop, Su Li Xiong became very angry, and increased his chasing speed, and in a short while, he had closed the gap towards Qing Er.


Qing Er’s speed at this time also slowed down.

She ran out to an empty plains, landed on an empty spot, and behind that empty spot, was a cluster of rocks, and the surrounding was dead quiet.

A man dressed in pitch black blademaster robes, wearing a broken mask, sat on one gigantic rock.

In front of the rock were two swords with their tips stuck into the ground, one sword was overbearing, heavy and oppressive, its surface layer looking like it was filled with demonic veins, another overbearing sword, the entire sword was slender and filled with luster of gems, very glossy, showing off its ability.

The male raised his head, a pair of ice cold eyes staring at Su Li Xiong who was coming over.

Hua la.

The surrounding dense Qi dissipated, Su Li Xiong immediately stopped, suspiciously looking at this man.

He wanted to analyze the Profound Spirit Qi that the person was releasing, to determine his cultivation level, but he surprisingly realised, he could not see through the person’s cultivation level.

Seeing the guy’s dressing, black colored blademaster clothe, a metal mask, a sword sheathe, Su Li Xiong could roughly guess who he was.

“You are Limitless??”

He asked in a deep voice.

The person jumped down from the rock, and walked towards the two swords.

“Young Master!”

Qing Er ran over, gasping for air, but her eyes was filled with worry, she immediately took out her sword, and cautiously looked over at Su Li Xiong.

The man in black exposed a consoling smile to Qing Er, and then turned his body, and looked at Su Li Xiong.

“Limitless? This name that you just called should be very foreign to you!”

He extended his hand out, took the mask off his face, a pale demonic face appearing in Su Li Xiong’s field of vision.

“You are Su Yun?” Su Li Xiong was surprised, his complexion suddenly becoming warped: “I never expected that you are Limitless!!!’

“Is that very surprising?”

Su Yun carried the half broken mask, his eyes permeating a red hot craziness.

Su Li Xiong’s eyes surfaced out killing intent: “That means, you killed the Great Clan Elder!! Good!! Very good! Su Yun! No! Limitless! Very good, you dare challenge my Su Family! I will make sure you die a horrible death!”

“Make sure I die a horrible death?” Su Yun corner of the mouth rose, gloomily looked at Su Li Xiong: “There is no need to rush for that, before that, I want to know the agreement between the Su Family and the Profound Sky Sect, can you tell me about it?”

Su Li Xiong’s face changed, but he very quickly calmed down: “What are you saying? I don’t get you! What agreement? What Profound Sky Sect? I don’t understand!”

“Ke, playing dumb? It’s ok! It’s ok! I have lured you here today not to force it out of you, since I cannot get anything from your mouth!”

Su Yun laughed, his hand on death sword’s hilt, his finger lightly touching the sword body.

Once Qing Er was back in Su Family, she had been feigning illness and rejecting the requests to see Su Li Xiong. Under the cooperation of Su Tai and Su Shi Long, she made use of this illness to force Su Li Xiong out of the main house and towards Martial Bone Mountain. This gave Qing Er an opportunity to obtain the treasure Su Yun had been harbouring in his thoughts on which was situated in the forbidden hall.

If not for that treasure, when she was at Wu Shuang Jue Peak, Su Yun would have taken Qing Er away.

“Oh? Did you lead me here on purpose? Interesting!” Su Li Xiong looked suspicious: “I don’t know when Su Tai and Su Shi Long turned into your slaves but if you want to challenge me, I can provide you with a chance!”

“Challenge you? There’ll be a day for that, but it is not now!” Su Yun looked over to Qing Er. She nodded and took out a treasure box from her storage ring with her long, delicate hands to pass it to Su Yun.

Looking at the intricately decorated colourful and glistening treasure box, Su Li Xiong’s face twisted.

“You think you can use this to run away from the claws of the Su Family?”

Su Yun did not say a word and kept the box away and placed it into the storage ring.

“Give it to me!!”

Su Li Xiong roared.

“Is that possible?”

Su Yun looked sly: “In the forbidden hall, there are several treasures the Su Family has placed but there was only one item which was set up within an intricate realm, ‘Exquisite Heart Jewel’! ‘Exquisite Heart Jewel’ is a treasure created by Long Xian Li. It can teleport. With a leap, it will travel millions of miles. It can teleport from the southern region to the western region instantly, but this treasure can only be used for a limited number of times. Every time you use it, it will exhaust a layer of the jewel. As of right now, it can be used three times!”

“Actually, compared to the Su Family, who has a pile of treasures, this is nothing, but this Exquisite Heart Jewel seems important to you. I don’t know if I’m right to say that.”

Su Li Xiong’s face twisted even more, as though someone had found his weakness.

“It used to be your wife’s. That means, it’s the only thing Prince Su’s mother had left for you?” Su Yun said softly.

“Enough!! Return it back to me!’

Su Li Xiong was raging. What else could he care about? He dashed right up ahead.

But just as he made a move, the floor glowed with rays of red light, then, a gigantic demonic head outline array surfaced up and activated.

The array essence of the big array was completely suppressed by the huge stone, and with such a meticulous method, there was not an ounce of Qi leaking. Once it was activated, millions of ferocious blood Qi exploded to form a protective barrier, separating Su Yun and Su Li Xiong.


Su Li Xiong’s big fist collided right onto the protective barrier. Instantly, there were cracks. The entire demonic head array started shaking. From this, he could tell how powerful Li Xiong was.

Su Yun’s eyes congealed. He pulled out the death sword and thousand deep sword as he stepped over to make a move but looking at this, the people behind Su Li Xiong moved and strong gusts of Profound Spirit Qi spiraled their way towards him. Right then, Su Yun’s face sunk.

This blood demon array was not a strong array. It was set up by the demon’s blood and was used to lock in on a target. The people within the array would be affected by the blood Qi and their powers would drop drastically.

But Su Li Xiong had been struck by this blood demon array’s influence, yet his powers were not weak. He could no longer activate the Heavenly crystal. If he only relied on sprite’s shadow, the mystical techniques he pulled out might not be fantastic as well. Moreover, after what happened at Wu Shuang Jue Peak, he had yet to recover fully.

Su Yun squinted and pulled Qing Er’s soft hands, preparing to leave.

“Su Yun! Are you running away now?”

Seeing that the blood demon array would take a while to break, Su Li Xiong knew Su Yun had planned for this big array to trap him in. Then, he stopped and shouted.

“If I don’t leave now, you want me to wait for you to come out before I leave?”

Su Yun turned around and said.

With Su Li Xiong’s power, he could break this blood demon array within half an hour’s time, and those standing behind him would run over to support him. If he did not leave this time, he might not have the chance to do so anymore.

“Hahaha, go! Go! Just go. Anyway, Qing Er can’t live for long. Hahaha.”

At this point, Su Li Xiong suddenly laughed sinisterly.

Upon hearing that, Su Yun stopped in his footsteps.

Those black eyes was instantly stained with blood red. He turned over and stared coldly at Su Li Xiong and asked viciously: “What are you saying?”

“I said! If you take Qing Er away, then she won’t be able to live long!”

Su Li Xiong smirked. In his eyes, it was full of satisfaction.

“Won’t be able to leave long? What does that mean?”

“Look at the back of her neck.”

After hearing his words, he pulled Qing Er and lifted her black, long hair. Looking at the pale skinned neck, he saw a green flower petal.

“Demon poison?”

Su Yun’s face turned pale instantly and retreated. He muttered.

“Oh?” Su Li Xiong was surprised: “You can actually recognise it’s a demon poison?”

“The demonic Qi is overflowing and it is concealed away. This unique Qi must be a demon poison!” Su Yun shut his eyes and took a deep breath before he glared deadly at Su Li Xiong: “Looking at the Qi that is coming from this tattoo, it has been three years! You’re vicious!! You

actually did such low lying things! Once the demon poison has been activated, you won’t be able to save the situation!”

“Hahaha, Su Yun! I’ve belittled you. I never thought you would be so knowledgeable in demon poison!! Not too bad. Three years ago, I have started ordering people to put the poison in Qing Er’s tea! Qing Er, do you still remember that I have always ordered you to drink the cup of tea after each practice? That’s right, in that cup of tea, it was spike with ‘Isolated Enchanting Demonic Poison’ ! In the long run, it can form a parasite in your body. If you want to remove it, it won’t be an easy task. Everyday, I will add an antidote to suppress this poison when she practice. If Qing Er leaves, without my antidote, she will die.”

“Wait a minute!!” Before Su Li Xiong completed his sentence, Su Yun disrupted him. He asked anxiously: “What are you saying? This demonic poison is called ‘Isolated Enchanting Demonic Poison’?”

Su Li Xiong froze: “Why?”

“Are you referring to the demonic branches of the nine demonic tree which you obtained from and cultivated them into the into ‘Isolated Enchanting Demonic Poison’?”

Su Li Xiong heart skipped a beat and asked: “How did you know?”


Su Yun sighed a breath of relief and laughed: “I can cure that!”

After that, he took Qing Er’s hands and turned to leave.

Very quickly, they were gone.


Su Li Xiong stood and stared at the two who disappeared in a jiffy. Suddenly, he realised and roared. The thick, ferocious Qi crushed the Blood Demon Array!

“Su Yun!! Qing Er, no matter where you run to!! I’ll capture you both! Imprison you both!! AHHHHHH!”