Limitless Sword God Chapter 160

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Take Off Your Clothes

After getting rid of Su Li Xiong, they went straight to the outskirts of the Jue Lian region.

Neither of them took time to rest. Using all of their Profound Spirit Qi, they ran as though they were the wind.

The trees on their sides retreated back continuously as the wind blew in their ears.

“Young Master.”

At this time, Qing Er parted her cherry lips slightly and called out to him. She looked worried.

“Yes, Qing Er?”

Su Yun asked.

Qing Er pondered for a while and opened her mouth finally: “Young master, at the rate we’re using our Profound Spirit Qi to run away, we have also probably left a trail of Qi behind. We are trying to get rid of the patriarch, but with this Qi, they can easily track us down!”

“Don’t worry!”

Su Yun smiled gently: “I have it all covered. Within this period of time, all routes and our destinations. All of our plans, I have considered them before! Just a little more, and we’d be safe! Don’t worry!”

Seeing that her Young Master so confident, Qing Er became relieved.


She nodded obediently and never said another word again.

Very soon, the two reached the end of the main road. They were at a fork now.

Su Yun did not delay. He took Qing Er and dashed into the road on the left, straight into the forest.

“Before you made a move, I already contacted Xin Yue and Xing Yang to let them scatter a huge amount of Qi powder from the fork. The Qi powder is heavy and pungent. After an hour later, it will settle into something else. If it gets in contact with Profound Spirit Qi, it will interact and dissolve. Now, the route we are taking is scattered with this Qi powder. Su Li Xiong wants to rely on Profound Spirit Qi trail to track us down? It’s practically impossible!”

When Qing Er heard that piece of news, her eyes lit up. She looked at the person who was holding onto her hands with admiration. Suddenly, Qing Er felt that the Young Master was a stranger to her.

His meticulousness, warmth, wisdom, and that miraculous power.

He was Limitless Sword Lord? That one that killed the Blood Soul Master, saved Purple Star Academy and all the lives of Mystical Mountain Range. That formidable subject, the one that made all the criminals on the wanted list fear for their lives.

That person was actually her Young Master? The one that drank and gambled everyday? The one that gave no thoughts for his future, the one that only seeked for spirit coins?

Qing Er felt as though she was dreaming and it was not real.

In the past, she was always so tired. With her Young Master acting like that, she could not do anything. She could only earn some spirit coins in the main house for Young Master to spend. When the Master and Mistress died, she had to be responsible for Young Master’s life. It was tough for her, and she felt as though her future was bleak. But she clenched her teeth and persevered.

However, just as she thought there was no hope anymore, Young Master suddenly became a changed man.

What exactly happened?

Qing Er wanted to know, but right now, joy and happiness took over her heart.

“Master and Mistress, you can rest in peace now.”

Qing Er said silently.

The two dashed into the forest.

There was not much light, the forest was slightly cold. Other than the birds chirping and crying, there was nothing else.


Su Yun stopped his footsteps and Qing Er came back to reality very quickly to stop herself too.

Seeing Su Yun scanning the surroundings, he shouted: “Xing Yue, Xing Yang! Are you here?”

“We are!”

One voice emerged, but it sounded anxious.

Su Yun looked over to see three shadows walking out from a big tree.

Su Xin Yue, Su Xing Yang, and a face he had seen before.

“Prince Su Fu?”

Su Yun frowned.

Su Xin Yue and Su Xing Yang had a bitter face. They lowered their head and never muttered a word. On their face was painted guilt.

“Xin Yue, what exactly happened?”

Su Yun pulled the death sword out and asked solemnly.

“Big Bro!” Su Xin Yue lifted her head and gritted her teeth: “Sorry. Big Bro, when brother and I came over to prepare, Prince, he, he came over. He had been following us.”


Su Yun’s brows knitted even more. On his face, he was revealing a cold look: “Why did you follow the two of them? You noticed our actions?”

“No, your actions and trails have always been secretive! They have their mouths sealed too!” Prince Su Fu shook his head.

“Then did you send someone to spy on them everyday?”

Prince Su Fu fell silent but nodded and admitted.


Su Yun turned sly. He held onto his sword as he walked over.

Prince Su Fu did not panic. On his face, he had a smile: “I didn’t come here to make enemies with you, Su Yun!”

“Then, why are you spying on them?”

“In fact, I’m not against them either. Anyone who tags along with me, I spy on them. When they start acting weirdly, I’ll be notified first hand. It’s not that I have something against you, it’s just a form of precaution that I take. Xin Yue and Xing Yang had recently bought a large amount of Qi powder. This caught my attention, which is why this happened!”

When Su Yun heard that, he looked around suspiciously and said: “Did you come alone? Su Li Xiong is hunting me down now, why? Are you here for me?”

“Capture you? Hahah, what Su Li Xiong wants is none of my business! Su Fu never asks anyone. The reason I’m here today is because I just wanted to meet up with you, that’s all.”

Prince Su Fu laughed heartily.

“Aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you?”

“Yeah. But I have a way to keep my own life. Moreover, you need me to protect Xin Yue and Xing Yang.”

“Very confident. But you’re over confident. After I leave, Xin Yue and Xing Yang will not continue to stay in the Su Family. They will head over to Blossom heart valley.”

“As such, it’d be hard for us to meet again?”


Su Fu was speechless.

After a long while, he took a deep breath and said lightly: “Su Yun, wanna know something?”

“Know what?”

“On you, I smell a familiar scent.” He parted his mouth slightly and let out a cunning smile.

“What does that even mean?”

“Nothing of importance.”

Su Fu smiled and turned towards the outside of the forest, walking nonchalantly.

“Okay, now that I’ve met you, I should go!”

That voice sounded straightforward and casual.

Su Yun stared at his backview, deep in his thoughts.

Xin Yue and Xing Yang had already packed their luggage, they did not plan to continue staying at the Su Family, it was only because they wanted to help Su Yun that they stayed, if Su Yun decided to leave today, they would naturally leave too.

Although the two of them were not weak, if they were to meet someone of sufficient power, they would be in danger, so they still required help and had to depend on an external power or sect.

After losing the pursuers of the Su Family, Su Yun brought the three of them to walk a huge detour, directly rushing towards Blossom Heart Valley.

Not only would Xin Yue and Xing Yang be safe, Su Yun also needed Blossom Heart Valley’s power to cure the poison in Qing Er’s body.

How could he have known that Su Li Xiong actually used Demonic Poison! This kind of substance, only people of the demonic clan would have, why would he have it? Did he make it by himself? Or someone gave it to him?

Bringing this suspicion, four people rushed through a long journey, finally reaching Broken Rush City, and approaching to Blossom Heart Valley.

Since  Gui Mo Jue was informed about everything earlier, when the four of them reached Blossom Heart Valley, Gui Mo Jue and a few disciples of the Pill King were already waiting for them at the door.

“Master Su Yun! You’re finally here! Quickly Quickly Quickly, quickly come in! Ai yoh! Senior brother had been reminiscing about you the entire day, to the point that the worms in my ears are dying to get out!”

Upon seeing his savior, Gui Mo Jue rushed forward to the Spirit Stallions, giving a bow to the master of one of the spirit stallion.

“Master Gui is too polite!”

Su Yun jumped down the stallion, and returned with a bow: “How could Master Gui come and wait for me? How could I dare to trouble you?”

“Hey hey hey, don’t stand on ceremony, quickly follow me into the valley!”

Gui Mo Jue immediately said, and turned to lead the way.

Everyone followed along.

In the Pill King Pavilion.

“We greet Senior Pill King!”

Everyone greeted.

Upon seeing Su Yun, the Pill King’s eyes lit up. He who was doing research on pharmacology, stopped everything, and pulled Su Yun over to discuss.

Su Yun’s mind had countless of years of achievements, he could easily resolve Pill King’s previously unsolvable problems, but he was not willing at the moment, although people could speak about having the same results on their research, but nature and characteristics of each content are entirely different. It was like for one question, you can either do or copy which are two entirely different ways, for that, Su Yun was worried that he would not only not help Pill King, but destroy his research on pharmacology.

So Su Yun would always stop at a certain point, and leave the most crucial point for him to think about.

Of course, the reason to come to Blossom Heart Valley was not for this, so for Pill King, Su Yun pulled up his medical knowledge from his brains temporarily, and a group of people came over to the hall, and listen to Su Yun’s demands.

The matter regarding Xin Yue and Xing Yan was previously discussed already, Blossom Heart Valley had also agreed, the siblings can definitely stay, and although the Su Family was stronger, even if they had influence in the Jue Lian district, they would not dare to make a ruckus in the Blossom Heart Valley.

After the matters of the Blossom Heart Valley were resolved, Su Yun decided to ask upon the matter of Qing Er.

“I wish to ask Pill King, does the noble valley have Rising Spirit, Colored tail needle and the Clear Yin and Yang Mirror?”

“What do you want them for?” Pill King asked.

“To cure an illness.”

“What illness?”

“Demonic poison, the Isolated Enchanting Demonic Poison!”

“What? Isolated Enchanting Demonic Poison?”

The Pill King jumped in fright: “That is the Demonic clan’s extremely famous slow killing poison, if there is no poison to temporarily counter suppress the poison, even the gods cannot cure it! Young man, you’re poisoned?”

“It is not me!” Su Yun spat, looked at Qing Er and said: “It was the Su Family Patriarch that poisoned Qing Er! It had already been three years.”

“Three years?” The Pill King set his gaze on Qing Er, his face appeared a deep look, he thought for a while, and said: “Although my records of the ‘Isolated Enchanting Demonic Poison’, we do not have the method to cure it now, and what’s more she has already been poisoned for three years, I’m afraid that it’s harder to eradicate.”

Upon hearing that, Xin Yue and Xing Yang became very anxious, Qing Er’s face turned pale, her fair hands grabbed her dress lapels, her gaze drooped low, secretly biting her lips.”

“If… If Young Master is unable to cure me, it is ok.” She lightly said.

But very quickly, a big and warm hand grabbed her soft small hands, the warmth transmitting through the palms.

Qing Er raised her gaze, looked at that person, but his eyes was filled with unswerving determination.

“Trust me.” He gently said: “I can cure you.”

Finished, he turned back to look at Pill King, and asked: “Senior, does your noble valley have these things?”

“I do have it, but, you can cure the Isolated Enchanting Demonic Poison?”

“If the materials are not here, I cannot cure her, but I need to determine the level of integration the poison has with her body, I need to know how much time I have left!”

“Seems like you have some understanding regarding the poison!” Pill King said.

“Since it is a demonic poison, it is naturally weak to bright and light related things, like the Radiant flower, the Immortal Moving Tree all these kinds of things, are very good against demonic poison! Senior Pill King, I have to trouble you to prepare for me these things, we cannot delay with handling the poison in Qing Er’s body, I need to immediately diagnose her!”


Pill King did not beat about the bush, and immediately sent Gui Mo Jue to settle everything.

Qing Er looked at Su Yun worriedly, her desire to speak shut off again.

Following Su Yun’s demands, all the ingredients were sealed up and placed in a cloth in a house. Su Yun walked in alone, began drawing an array, of course, during the drawing of the array, Pill King and a few disciples of the Blossom Heart Valley could not help but come over to observe, and upon seeing Su Yun adeptly preparing the array, adding the lines, repeated sounds of exclamations could be heard from everywhere.

Very quickly, a lustrous and moist array was promptly completed, with a trace of intoxicating Qi resembling the mist of an immortal flowed out.

“Ok, everyone please go out, there will be some inconveniences in the process, so I am closing the door!” Su Yun told the disciples who wished to stay on to watch him, and promptly went over to Qing Er who was waiting outside: “Qing Er, come in!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

The pale Qing Er replied to him, and after the disciples and Pill King left, she walked in.

“Move to the center of the array!”

Su Yun went to close the door, and locked it.

Qing Er immediately followed his instructions.

“Get undressed!”

Su Yun turned and said very calmly.

“Huh?,” Qing Er heard that, was momentarily stunned, her face became very red, as she stared blankly at the man in front of her.