Limitless Sword God Chapter 162

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Soul Stone Aristocratic Family


A melodious roar sounded out, it came from a purple horned beast the size of a small house that was slowly walking out of Blossom Heart Valley, on top of it, was a man dressed in a black blademaster outfit, holding onto a sword sheathe.

Behind, Qing Er was anxiously nibbling her lips, standing at the entrance, watching Su Yun leave, like a rock gazing out, even after the person had disappeared from view from the entrance, she still was not willing to go back into the valley, and stood there, staring like an idiot.

The sun gradually set.

Su Yun rode on the purple horned beast provided by Gue Mo Jue at full speed out of Jue Lian City.

Very soon, he left Jue Lian City and entered the Mystical Mountain Range.

Triple Yang Universe Pill.

It was recorded in one of the broken literary as the rarest pill on earth.

This secret book was not produced from Blossom Heart Valley but from a small sect called ‘Triple Yang Universe’. It was just that this ‘Triple Yang Universe was destroyed two thousand years ago, the sect had turned to dust and so, the method to cultivate this pill had been lost.

And so, it was purely by coincidence that he could obtain the secret manual of the ‘Triple Yang Universe Pill’.

The one time while he was still learning at Blossom Heart Valley was because he needed to learn how to complement medicine and pills. Su Yun carried a medicinal basket deep into the ruined city to purchase ingredients and coincidentally, someone was selling him the medicine manuals. One of which was ‘Triple Yang Universe Pill’.

Only, from the inscriptions from the manual of ‘Triple Yang Universe Pill’, looked like one ordinary ‘Qi recuperating secret manual’. Every page was filled with densely packed and numerous words, but in truth, each page had a record of the description of ‘Triple Yang Universe Pill’, in which one sentence of the page was the real sentence, and the pattern was to read from the upper right corner down to the lower left corner, every sentence of each page comes together to form the concocting method and theory of the miraculous pill.

Su Yun found the hidden pattern by chance when he accidentally dropped it after he bought the book, and when the book landed on the floor, it opened at a slanted angle, thus, revealing the clue.

Following the description on the book, the Triple Yang Universe Pill could turn the world, flip the Yin and Yang, dead or alive, flesh or bones, curing a hundred poisons, who knew which was real or fake.

But even if someone else had found the method and principle behind the pill, it would still be very difficult for them to comprehend, not implying that the abstract writings were difficult to understand, to even refine the ingredients of the pill, each and every ingredient was a precious treasure, to obtain them was simply a fantasy.

Su Yun initially had the thought to rely on the pill to remove the weird obstruction that stopped his talented cultivation, and after spending many months of research, he completely comprehended the meaning of the words, but regarding the ingredients, he could only give up.

Judging by his previous cultivation during that time, wanting to find the ingredients were extremely difficult, but not now.

Also, now it was a must for him to obtain the ingredients, it was a must for him to concoct the ‘Triple Yang Universe Pill’ that could cure a hundred poisons!

HIs heart was like a boulder, strong and unmoving.

Boom Boom! Boom Boom!!

The solid limbs of the purple horned beast produced the booming sounds, causing the earth to shake, Su Yun held onto the reins, his state of mind very rugged.

With the elite protection from Poison Immortal Valley, Qing Er would be safe for the time being, but the demonic poison in her body had no medicine for temporary relief or suppression. By just relying on his own prescription, at most she could hold up for several months. If he was unable to concoct the ‘Triple Yang Universe Pill’ before then, the situation would become increasingly dangerous.

After entering Mystical Mountain Range, Su Yun who was on the purple horned beast travelling on the mountain road, ran straight towards the Mu Family.

The ingredients to make ‘Triple Yang Universe Pill’ were unique. Usually, people would not be able to obtain it. The first ingredient had to do with soul stone.

Speaking of soul stone, it had to be the Mu family in Mystical Mountain Range.

As the ancient maker of the soul stone, the Mu Family had all sources of soul stone.

He himself had some connections with Mu Feng and saved him twice. If he asked him for the rare ‘Yin Yang Soul Stone Powder’, Mu Feng might help him.

Even if he was reluctant, he could use something for an exchange to obtain this ‘Yin Yang Soul Stone Powder’.

He never once stopped on his way.

Very soon, Su Yun arrived at the northern side of the mystical mountain range at Mu Chong City.

A pond that solely belonged to the Mu Family.

This was the holy ground of the soul stone master in the northern region. Over here, soul stone masters from all over the world gathered. There were both beginner soul stone cultivators and renowned famous masters here.

But whatever rank the soul stone master was, they were well loved by the Mu Family. The Mu Family held a noble status here in Mu Chong City.

Su Yun was still in his Limitless attire, but he never wore the mask. On the Purple horned beast, he rode over.

Although the Purple horned beast was considered an exquisite animal in ordinary people’s eyes and was only used by people who were noble and powerful but in Mu Chong City, this was something used merely for riding.

Were those who learnt the art of soul stone techniques still considered poor? Majority of them rode on Purple horned beast on the streets.

Nearing Mu Chong City, he saw the commoners all wearing fresh clothes. Many of them were wearing necklaces and rings. They were all covered and glowing in treasures, it was super eye-catching.

Su Yun looked to his left then right as he rode into the city on his Purple horned beast.

The moment he stepped into the city, the bargaining sounds near the lakeside rang in his ears.

The Mu Family was not like the Su Family. They were open-minded. Because the soul stone masters came here to gather, anything related to soul stone techniques were sold here. All the soul stone masters were rich, so it was naturally easier to earn spirit coins than any other places.

Though it was not his first time here in Mu Chong City, Su Yun could not be considered as someone that is familiar with this place. He took a while before he found where the yard of the Mu Family was.

A close to five metres tall, and seven metres wide stone door came into his field of vision. On the door hung a jaded carved word ‘Jade’ and two gigantic Qilin stood at the sides of the door, one on each side. Rumoured that these qilins were designed by the patriarch of the Mu Family. As a soul stone, if anything happened to Mu Family, they would immediately come to life and aid the Mu Family to kill anyone mercilessly, ensuring the safety of the Mu Family.

Two Mu Family’s disciples stood straight at the door and studied anyone and everyone that passed by their door.

As Su Yun rode his purple horned beast over, he cupped his fist and said to the two men: “Please help me to notify that Su Yun has came to visit Young Master Mu Feng!”

As soon as the two heard him, they came down from their stage and studied Su Yun before they bowed to him: “Young master, our Prince Mu Feng has caught an illness recently. He will not see anyone, please return.”

“Caught an illness?”

When Su Yun heard it, he frowned: “Your family’s young master is at least at the eighth stage of Spirit Intermediate Disciple, how can he catch an illness?”

Usually, the spirit cultivators would not fall sick. If he had so many issues, he probably sustained an injury or was poisoned.

Then, the two men’s eyes lit up but they did not explain to him. Instead, the cupped their fist and said: “Please return, Young Master. Our young master can’t see you!”

After that, they could not be bothered with Su Yun anymore. They turned and prepared to leave.

“Wait a minute!!”

Just as the two men turned to leave, Su Yun shouted. He took out a badge from his waist and passed it over: “I’m from Blossom Heart Valley. I was tasked by Pill King to visit Young Master Mu Feng. If Prince Mu Feng is really sick, then maybe I can heal him!”

“Blossom Heart Valley?”

The two disciples from the Mu Family looked at each other, suspicions drawn on on their faces.

If it was ordinary people, they would definitely refuse him, but if it was someone from the Blossom Heart Valley, then they absolutely would not reject him.

“I welcome this young master to wait for a while, I will go and inform the Old Master!”

With that said, the member of the Mu Family turned and ran towards the big door.

After a period of time.

The man ran out and paid respects to Su Yun: “My old master invited you to come in.”

“Thanks!” Su Yun came down from the purple horned beast and cupped his hands as he thanked him in gratitude.


With that, the Mu Family brought Su Yun into the house.

The Mu Family mansion was indeed otherwordly. The moment he stepped in, he felt as though he was in a fairyland as though all the spiritual souls were enlightened.

Su Yun raised his gaze to the left and right to see the trees along the sides and pseudo mountains and even the floor beneath his feet were embedded with soul stones. These soul stones decorated the vegetation which could reap benefits by bringing peace and calmness to one’s mind and allow the Qi channels to flow smoothly without much obstruction. The entire Mu Family estate must be decorated this way.

Indeed, they were the ancient makers of soul stones.

Su Yun was relieved as he peeped around

Over the bridge into the floral garden. He was in the hall of the Mu Family.

In this hall, the patriarch of the Mu Family and two clan elder administrators sat there. When they saw Su Yun coming through, they stood up and nodded in acknowledgement.

“I’m Su Yun, paying respects to the Patriarch and Clan Elder Administrators!”

Su Yun wrapped his fist and bowed politely.

“Su Yun?”

Mu Tian Hao looked at him suspiciously: “Is there a disciple of the Pill King from Blossom Heart Valley named Su?”

“I’ve never heard of it before.” Clan Elder Mu Zuo and Mu You shook their heads.

When Su Yun saw that, he knew he could no longer hide the truth. He smiled and said: “Honestly, I’m not a disciple from Blossom Heart Valley. I’m the friend of Pill King!”

“A friend of the Pill King?”

Mu Tian Hao heard and was stunned. Then he laughed out loud: “Hahahah, Little Bro, this joke isn’t very nice. I’m not belittling you, but master Pill King is a big shot and he knows all under heaven. You’re so young. How can you be his friend? This is unbelievable. Haha.”

At that point, Mu Tian Hao seemed to have lost interest in Su Yun. Instantly, he waved his hand and said: “Little Bro, please have a drink before you leave. I still have some matters to settle, I shan’t accompany you. Sorry.”

With that, he stood up and prepared to leave.

But in the next second, Su Yun took out the badge.

“This is the badge Pill King bestowed me. It can prove that I’m not lying. On top of that, I would like to pay my friend, Mu Feng a visit. If I go back without trying, how can I give up?”

Mu Tian Hao set his gaze on that badge and thought for awhile. He shot a look at the people on the side and they knew instantly what he meant. He walked over to accept the badge to present to Mu Tian Hao.

Mu Tian Hao took over and studied it. Within this badge, it was filled with pure, clean Qi and instantly knew this badge was not a fake one. He did not dare to look down on Su Yun.

“To be honest, Master Patriarch, I have some relationship with Young Master Mu Feng. If it’s convenient, may I take a look at young master Mu Feng?”

Su Yun inquired.

To obtain ‘Yin Yang Soul Stone Powder’, it was better he had Mu Feng’s help. Mu Tian Hao would probably reject him right away if he just asked for it.

“I believe Prince Su you’ve heard my servants. Quan er is sick, he’s not well to see anyone, so I hope you understand.” Mu Tian Hao said.

“Sick? May I ask Master Patriarch, what illness has young master Mu Feng contracted? If I have heard of it before, maybe I can help out.”

Su Yun was not very much confident about his medical skills. He only wanted to get the Soul Stone Powder and so he was willing to take the risk.

Mu Tian Hao and the other two clan elder administrators communicated with their gazes secretly. Finally, Mu Tian Hao nodded and said: “Since you’re the friend of Pill King, you must know something about medicine too. Alright, please follow me.”