Limitless Sword God Chapter 163

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The Night Assault

Through a small alley, and over a secluded hall, they came to a parlor behind an elegant site.

It was a beautiful day and the air was clean. Su Yun saw a tranquil chamber made from bamboo.

“Quan Zi loves bamboo. This place is all made from bamboo.”

Mu Tian Hao said as he led Su Yun into the bamboo chamber.

“Old Master!”

The two servants with their hair tied up in knots paid respect to Mu Tian Hao and the others.

Mu Tian Hao nodded and asked: “How is young master?”

“Report Old Master, young master is injured badly. He had been in pain. We had changed the spiritual doctor three times and yet, he still did not look like he was recovering. He can only rely on medication to suppress the pain. After taking the medication, there was nothing else we could do.”

“Is that so?’

Mu Tian Hao frowned and looked depressed. He sighed a breath: “Open the door. Let me in, I’ll take a look!”

“Yes Master!”

The two servants replied and pushed opened the door leading into the bamboo chamber.

The outside of the bamboo chamber was calm and graceful. The inside of the chamber was not an exception either. It was nicely decorated with all sorts of bamboo and they looked extremely exquisite. In addition, there was a Soul Stone sealed on each of the decoration. The spiritual Qi floated in the air and surrounded the place.

And in the corners of the chamber, there was huge bamboo bed. On top of it laid a pale looking young lad clad in a thin layer of clothes.

The man looked extremely awful. There were several blue black patches on his naked skin and on those blue black patches, there were cracks. Within the cracks, the blood vessels burst. The blood circled around the blue cracks. Underneath the bed was a spiritual array. The spiritual array worked its magic continuously to release an energy to surround the young lad’s body to help him in recovery, and to prevent blood from flowing out.

But this could only help him temporarily. Just by the looks of it, one could tell how much pain he was in.

Beside the bed was a slightly plump old lady clad in yellow garments. The old lady kneaded the towel without a word. Her eyes red as she sobbed incessantly.

“Old Master!”

Once she saw Mu Tian Hao in the chamber, she cried out, unable to control her tears.

“Alright, alright. Don’t cry anymore. There’s a guest. Don’t be so embarrassing!”

Mu Tian Hao frowned as he said then he turned to Su Yun and pleaded: “Prince Su, Quan Er is sick. The normal spiritual doctors can’t heal him. Please diagnose him and save Quan Er, Prince Su!”


Su Yun knitted his brows and walked over. He studied Mu Feng who seemed to have fainted and frowned again. He reached out to his neck and lightly instigated Profound Spirit Qi.

Under the control of Su Yun, the Profound Spirit Qi penetrated into Mu Feng’s body. The moment it entered, it was blocked by all sorts of black substances. Pure Divine Spirit Qi had yet to fully penetrated into his body and it was completely obstructed.

Su Yun retreated back, his expression changed slightly.

“Prince Su, may I know what’s the diagnosis of Quan Er?” Mu Tian Hao asked.

Su Yun turned his head around and stared at Mu Tian Hao: “Patriarch Master, Prince Mu Feng is not sick, but injured right? Why didn’t you tell me straight earlier?”


Mu Tian Hao face turned ugly but very quickly, he muttered: “Prince Su, please don’t be angry. Now is not the time to pursue if Quan Er is sick or injured. What you must consider is how you can save Quan Er. Please help us, Prince Su. Save Quan Er!”

Mu Tian Hao avoided the important and focused on the trivial matters, as though he was trying to cover up for something.

Su Yun was not happy, but he thought of something and was suddenly enlightened.

The profound spirit Qi that rejected his own spirit qi, seemed to be from the Soul Stone? That meant, Mu Feng was injured from the Soul Stone.

Soul Stone energy? It was merely just Soul Stone techniques? If that was the case, then it meant…

Su Yun took a deep breath in and knew where his mistake was.

This was their family’s matters. It was better not to ask so many questions. It was best he took the Soul Stone powder and left as soon as possible.

He checked through Mu Feng’s body once again and determined he still had signs of life in him. Then he rose and replied blandly: “Patriarch Master, young master’s illness can only probably be cured by Electric Wood to repel his illness! Other than that, there’s probably nothing else!”

Electric Wood was a special type of wood. It contained a special type of current which had a strong suppression effect on soul stone. It could repel all sorts of soul stone energy in Mu Feng’s body.

“Electric wood?”

When Mu Tian Hao heard that, he did not have a big reaction. Instead, he shook his head and told Su Yun: “Actually, there are several spiritual doctors who told me Electric Wood could work, but Electric Wood is only produced in the electrical forest. To obtain one piece of Electric Wood is already impossible. Those spiritual doctors said they could heal Quan Er, but they said he needed at least a hundred Electric Wood! To get one hundred Electric Wood, the Mu Family would probably have to sacrifice tons of lives to get them from such a vicious place.”

“You can buy it from the market! Although it is very expensive but you should be able to get your hands on them.”

“Is it hard to get such a huge number of Electric Wood in such a short period of time. Quan Er might not be able to last till then!”

It was rare for markets to have Electric Woods on hand and it was also very expensive. With the Mu family’s powers, it was impressive of them to be able to get ten of the Electric Woods in a month. Collecting a hundred of them? They probably would not have collected all of them even after Mu Feng had been buried in the ground.

Su Yun heard and pondered for awhile before he opened to say: “It might not be difficult to collect a hundred of the electric wood. I can help you but you have to promise me one thing. If you can satisfy my conditions, I’ll get you the Electric Woods. How’s that?”

“Prince Su, you can boast all you want. Don’t turn against your word. What cultivation level are you at? How are you going to obtain a hundred of Electric Woods? No matter how powerful you are, you’re probably just slightly over Spirit Soul Disciple? Do you think I don’t have anyone who has a Spirit Soul Disciple in the Mu Family? They don’t even dare to boast such a thing, how dare you?”

The administrator clan elder, Mu Zuo could no longer take it and blurted out in dissatisfaction.

Spirit Soul Disciple? Su Yun was not even at the Spirit Intermediate Disciple.

He shook his head and refuted but he was not angry: “It takes techniques and not power to obtain Electric Woods. You can believe it or not, that’s up to you. If you don’t, then you shall watch Prince Mu Feng die. I’m fine with that!”

Mu Zuo: “….”

Madam Mu could not care anymore. She grabbed hold of Mu Tian Hao’s sleeves and cried: “Old master, old master!! You have to save Feng Er. He’s your son! You have got to save him!”

Mu Tian Hao frowned and looked at his son who was pale and in pain. He bellowed: “Stop bullshitting all of you. Since Prince Su has a method to save Feng Er with electric wood, then we shall give full cooperation to Prince Su!”

After that, he bowed to Su Yun and said: “Prince Su, thank you! If there’s anything you need, feel free to let me know. My Mu Family will try to cooperate with you!”

“I’ll make a list later. You just have to send people to prepare the items for me according to that list. But before that, you have to prepare a 100 grams of ‘Yin Yang soul stone powder’. I need it badly!”

“Yin Yang Soul Stone powder?”

Mu Tian Hao was taken aback and immediately, his face was twisted: “Prince Su, this Yin Yang Soul Stone powder is scraped from my main house’s stone. In the entire southern region, there aren’t many soul stones left. This stone only produces 5g each year and you, you, you want twenty years of goods!”

“As compared to your son’s life, what’s all these?” Su Yun asked.

Mu Tian Hao thought for a bit with his head lowered then he waved and yelled: “Fine, let’s do what Prince Su had said! But, please don’t disappoint us, Prince Su!”

“Don’t worry, when you prepare good things for me, I’ll prepare good things for you.”


Mu Tian Hao nodded: “I’ll go arrange now! Clan Elder Mu You!”

“Present, Patriarch.”

“Go and prepare. First, Prince Su’s lodging, then the list Prince Su had made up!”

“Yes, patriarch!:

Mu Tian Hao nodded and said to Su Yun: “Please take a rest here tonight, Prince Su before you set out tomorrow morning.”


Su Yun nodded.

The Mu Family did not mistreat the man who barged into the Electric Wood forest. They gave him top notched quality wine and meat and kept their rooms clean for him. If he needed anything, they gave it to him. On top of that, there were also two servants standing outside the house to satisfy Su Yun’s needs.

In the night.

Su Yun stared out of the window into the pitch darkness and took a deep breath. He sat down with knees bent and started using his Qi.

The things were sent over. Not only were there ingredients needed for tomorrow, the hundred grams of ‘Yin Yang Soul Stone powder’ were also sent over.

The Mu Family had proven their sincerity. Su Yun could take flight with this hundred grams of Soul Stone powder, but once he made that move, then he would have deceived the Mu Family and made enemies with them, which meant that he offended a huge family. He might still have to work with the Mu Family in future, and so he must not offend nor cheat them.

The Electric Wood forest was a type of special forest. In the Sky Martial Continent, there were 5 exterminated elemental grounds, but there were also 5 existential elemental grounds just like Electric Wood forest.

The Electric Wood forest looked like any ordinary forest, there was nothing unique about it. But once you entered Electric Wood forest, you would be surrounded by several currents. Within the Electric Wood forest, lightnings would be triggered and each tree would also possess strong currents. These currents were special. If someone with a Spirit Soul Disciple ranked touch the tree several times, they would be better off dead. Needless to say, the other ranked disciples would be far worst.

There were only four of such Electric Wood forest in the northern regions. The smallest one was this particular one which was situated in Sky Martial Continent.

Though Su Yun did not have much knowledge about Electric Wood forests, he browsed through one of such books before. He also heard about how he should go about walking in Electric Wood forest.

Nevermind, I should not think too much.

He took a deep breath in and shut his eyes slightly to soothe the Profound Spirit Qi and placed all his focus on his heart.

In there, an exotic, rainbow pearl was embedded in.

This was embedded in his heart on his way to the Mu Family.

It was just like an eye on his heart as it glistened with a miraculous aura. When the aura dispersed, it nourished all the Qi channels and spirit essence in his body. In that instant, Su Yun felt as though he was at his peak again.

“Monarch Occult Force!”

He opened his eyes and muttered to himself. Raising his hands to instigate Profound Spirit Qi, he saw the translucent Qi, becoming rainbow color that rotated on his hand, the five different types of Qi surrounding the Pure Divine Spirit Qi on his palm, it was magical.

With this, his profound spirit qi would be supernatural. No one would be able to defeat it. Those that he could not match up to, like the Spirit Core Disciples, would be like slaying dogs!

Su Yun thought.

Hua la!

Just at this moment, two shadows flashed across his window. It was very soft and right away, the two servants outside his house was on the floor.

Su Yun’s eyes congealed as he picked up the sword sheath from his bed. Moving his hand, he pulled out the death sword.